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Chapter 2: F4

Bulma was eating at her family's dinner table as her mom was rambling on again. Ever since she had saved that boy's life her mother was talking nonstop. The blonde haired woman was currently looking over some articles that her dear husband had printed out of their daughter.

"Oh look at our daughter The Princess!"

"That's 'alien' princess." Bulma muttered sarcastically as she continued to eat her dinner. The mild fame was interesting but she really didn't see it as an amazing thing like her mother did, especially since it didn't help their current living situation.

Her mother ignored her and went on. "There's no telling how many suitors you will have after this!"

Dr. Brief cleared his throat and added, "My darling Bunny do keep in mind that she's not actually royalty."

"Oh Nonsense there are so many lovely boys that will see her picture and be interested in her. Now trust me my dear, only go for the absolute best."

Bulma tried her best not to roll her eyes and was about to comment when there was a knock at the door. Bunny smiled brightly and said, "See there's opportunity knocking right now."

Dr. Brief wiped his mouth and got up from the dinner table. He went do the door and was surprised to see a tall bulky Saiyan in front of him. "C-can I help you?" He stuttered.

Nappa only grunted and stepped inside without permission. He looked around the small home and spotted the blue haired girl that was the reason for him being there. He walked right up to her and said, "By order of the Queen you will start school at Saiyan High tomorrow."

Bulma's mouth hit the floor while her mother clasped her hands together and said, "Oh this is wonderful news!"

Bulma closed her mouth and stood up. "Excuse me?"

Nappa crossed his arms and repeated the same words. He did it in a manner that warned not to make him do so a third time.

Bulma was floored. It was hard for her own parents to get her to do something she didn't want. She was not used to someone else issuing her orders. "Um I'm sorry who are you?"

"Nappa. Royal advisor to the Queen herself."

Bulma crossed her arms then said, "Uh Nappa there seems to be some kind of mistake-"

"There is no mistake. You are to go there tomorrow." He then looked her up and down and said, "And make sure you wear saiyan attire." He finished right before he left back out before anyone could utter another word.

Bunny squealed and said, "This is getting better by the minute."

"Mom!" Bulma screamed. "I don't want to go to that school! They beat a boy almost to death and then stood by as he was about to jump off the top of a building!"

Bunny only smiled at her daughter. "Oh they won't do that to you. You're the princess!" She ended with giggles.

Bulma looked at her dad pleadingly. "Dad? Can you please help me out here? Is there anything that you can do?"

Dr. Brief sighed. "I'm sorry my dear but I fear there is nothing that we can do."

Bulma sighed angrily and through her arms in the air. "Whatever. I have to go to work." She said as she got up and left out the house. She went outside and got on her air bike that her father had built her and rode off to her part time job. She worked at an alien restaurant that specialized in serving Earth inspired dishes. The money wasn't really good but it was dear to her because it was a part of the culture she never had the chance to really know.

Her best friend Chichi worked there as well. She was a year younger and her father owned the restaurant. She stormed inside not surprised that the place was empty. Very few aliens knew about Earthling food and didn't really want to try it. If one could manage to open a restaurant within the capital you would become millionaires overnight. There was only one thing that Saiyans loved more than fighting and that was food.

But unfortunately it is quite a ruthless business to do so. So in order to make it to the capital you had to have a successful business outside first. You had to create enough buzz that Saiyans would want to eat your food.

Bulma went straight to the back and Chichi looked her up and down curiously. "What is wrong with you?"

"My whole life is getting out of control! I can never do what I want to do and I'm tired of being confined!" Bulma yelled in frustration. All her life she had this free spirit soul that was aching to be free but she had too many obligations around her. So many times she wanted to just pack up her things and leave. There was so much of the planet she hadn't even seen, not to mention the other planets, but she couldn't leave her family and Chichi needed her too. Sometimes she would wonder if her parents would let her go on adventures if they were wealthy.

Chichi crossed her arms and sighed. "Well I wish you would have gained enough popularity to get us more customers."

"Speaking of customers, I won't be able to work the early shifts anymore."


Bulma leaned against the wall and closed her eyes. "I have been ordered by the Queen to attend Saiyan High."

Chichi's eyes became big. "Well that's great news! Hey maybe you could get us some Saiyan customers!"

Bulma rolled her eyes at her friend. "Chichi? Can you please not think about yourself at the moment? I don't want to go to that school. Those people are terrible."

"Hey, you're a fighter right? I mean you might not be physically strong but you definitely have a tough interior."

Bulma raised an eyebrow at her. "Is that supposed to be a compliment or something?"

"Look the point is, is that you can handle it. And maybe you'll find yourself a cute saiyan boy."

Bulma rolled her eyes at that. "You sound like my mother." Bulma said annoyed as she went to go put on her apron. She was done with this conversation. Tomorrow she would start Saiyan High or Saiyan Hell...depends on how you look at it.

The next morning Bulma was woken up to her mother ushering her into the shower. She barely had a moment of privacy as her mother kept barging in and giving her tips on how to get a saiyan man. How she found out those tips she had no idea nor did she want to find out. When she finally locked the bathroom door to keep her mother out she looked at the uniform that was left for her on the bathroom counter. Her father had spent the whole night gathering old saiyan armor to make something new for his daughter. It was white armor with baby blue spandex like material. The top was long sleeve with shoulder cut outs. It had matching shorts that seemed to be almost indecent but actually managed to cover her butt. She also had a bottom armor piece that was made of so many armor strips that it looked just like a skirt. She thought she looked odd in the armor because she was far from a fighter. She was an engineer. As a matter of fact she and her father had been working on something that could change the whole universe, but they had to be extremely careful of who they showed it to. If they chose the wrong person, then it could be taken away from them and they worked too hard to let that happen.

She looked back down at her armor and was pleased that she still looked good even though it was odd not wearing her Earth clothes. She placed her long blue hair in a high pony tail and had her bangs sweep across her forehead. She gave her reflection a wink and walked out of the bathroom saying to herself that she was Bulma Briefs and no one was going to get in her way...


Bulma entered the school and was not surprised to see many of the students point at her and obviously talk about her. She didn't care how strong these Saiyans were, she was not going to be intimidated by them.

'They're all just jealous because they look and act exactly the same and I was born different. Go ahead and laugh, we'll see who really gets the last laugh.'

Her class schedules were sent to her own personal scouter. She frowned when she looked at the more bulky piece of machinery over her eye. At home she had a more sleek version that didn't weigh down her ear but her father didn't want her sporting that just yet. As she made her way into the building she overheard different conversations about F4.

One boy was grinning from ear to ear as his comrades complimented him on his new armor. The breastplate was made of a very rare metal that was hard to find.

"Where in the world did you get that?"

"I personally know the person that made it. He only made 2 of them in the universe, and you'll never guess who owns the other one..."

"Who?" His friend asked.

He crossed his arms and arrogantly said, "Prince Vegeta."

Bulma stopped paying attention after that. She had almost forgotten that the prince attended the school. She had only seen images of him before and had never seen him in person.

"F4!" Someone screamed.

Bulma turned her head to the entrance of the school as the other students began to crowd around it. She could see the girls excitedly primping their hair and pushing up their breasts to give more cleavage. Bulma rolled her eyes at that. She was blessed with a very curvy body and didn't need to do any of that. Actually she found that guys looked more when you tried to cover more instead of show it all. A little bit of cleavage is always better than all of it...at least that's what her mother always said.

Then a hush ascended onto the crowd as the doors opened to reveal F4: Kakarot, Turles, Raditz and the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta. Bulma first initial thought was…

'Wow the prince is right in my eye sight...he's shorter than what I thought he would be. But he is kind of cute.'

Everyone in the room bowed as Vegeta walked by but then he paused his stride and looked to his right. "Stand." He said to a boy. The student stood up and Bulma recognized him as the one who was talking earlier.

Vegeta glanced at him once then looked straight ahead. "It is sad for you that you will never wear that armor again."

The boy looked confused. "Why is that your High-" Before he could finished he was knocked straight back as blood gushed from his nose.

Vegeta only smirked and lowered his fist. "Because it's stained with your blood." He then kept walking forward and Bulma was so shocked that she didn't get out of his way. Vegeta raised an eyebrow at her and said, "Do you have something to say alien?"

Bulma snapped out of her daze and looked at the Prince with fierce eyes. There was a lot she wanted to say about him being a complete jerk. She didn't like sharing either but that didn't mean that she would attack someone if they had on the same thing as her. In one single moment he destroyed every princely fantasy that her mother had built up in her mind. She had never met a prince before but if they all were like him then she didn't want to meet them. She would have loved to tell him off, but she was on his territory so he had to be respected even if he didn't deserve it. So she smiled the most fake smile she could manage and stepped aside.

Vegeta only grunted and kept walking by. A second later a saiyan girl approached her and said, "Oh wow he spoke to you."

Bulma blinked at her in surprise. "He doesn't speak to the other students?"

The Saiyan girl shook her head. "No, he really only speaks to the other F4 members."

"Why do you guys call them F4?"

The girl almost gasped and pulled Bulma to the side. "Actually it's a name that all the girls gave them years ago and it just stuck. F4, aka Fabulous 4, aka The Prince, Kakarot, and his two brothers Turles and Raditz."

Bulma just shook her head at the silly name. "I'm sorry my name is Bulma by the way."

"I'm Aspa. But I'm going to have to be nice to you and tell you all about what's going on here. Obviously you know who the prince is. He owns everyone and everything and takes great pride in that."

Bulma clenched her teeth at that. "He doesn't own the people. The people follow him." She corrected.

Aspa decided to ignore that and went on. "The 3 brothers that were behind him are well known fighters and also the sons of the head scientist on Planet Veg-"

"You mean Bardock?" Bulma said as she grasped Aspa's arm urgently.

Aspa frowned at her. "How in the Galaxy can you be more impressed with them and not the Prince? You certainly are an odd species."

Bulma laughed a little. "No it's just that I am a scientist as well. I've been engineering things since I was a little girl. It sure would be great to meet him."

Bulma could barely contain her excitement. Surely Bardock would be her family's ticket into the capital. And once they gained riches and favor then she could help Chichi out as well. Perhaps going to this school wasn't such a bad idea after all.

Aspa thought about that for a second. "It's not that easy to get an audience with an elite member like that."

"Well maybe if I spoke to one of his sons-"

Aspa practically laughed in her face. "Only you and every other girl in the school. Do you have any idea how many girls are going to have it out for you because the Prince actually spoke to you?"

"But he was completely rude!"

"It doesn't matter. He usually pushes people out the way or walk right over them. He actually stopped and spoke to you. This is a big deal. They are probably plotting your demise at this very moment."

Bulma couldn't help but feel a little bit nervous at that. She looked around and saw death glares from many of the students in the hall. But she just lifted her head. She was not going to show fear. After all she was the alien princess.

Aspa began to tell her about the other students in the building. She wasn't really one for gossip but she didn't mind so much since she didn't know anyone and one could always use a friend. It turned out that Aspa was in her first class and so she was happy to have someone to sit with. She seemed like a nice girl. After class was over it was time for a 'training break'. This was the part of the day that Bulma had no idea what to do.

"You sure you don't want to come to the training grounds?"

Bulma shook her head. "No I can't even fly."

"You can't?" Aspa asked shocked. "What kind of species can't fly?"

Bulma didn't feel like explaining that not every species in the universe was capable of shooting energy out of their bodies and levitate in the air. "Is there a pool or something?"

Aspa thought about it for a second. "Yes there is. It rarely gets used and you would more than likely be the main one occupying it. Saiyans don't care so much for swimming."

"Alright well where is it?"

Aspa gave her the directions to the pool area that was a little walk from the main building. She didn't mind it though. On her way there she had paused as she saw a man, in the middle of a clearing, upside down doing the splits. He only had on his spandex pants and his chiseled back glistened in the sunlight.

She exhaled the breath that was caught in her throat and he must have heard her because he instantly spun around and got into a
fighting stance. She instantly recognized him as Raditz from 4F. He looked her over once then relaxed as he deemed her as no threat.

She instantly wet her lips and then cleared her throat. "I'm sorry to interrupt you but I was looking for the pool."

Raditz looked her up and down then raised his arm and pointed in a direction. Bulma thanked him then started walking into the direction of the pool. She had seen many Saiyan men before but the way he looked at her was just...interesting. She felt like she was being analyzed which she liked because she was doing the same thing to him. She had never had a boyfriend before. Sure she had gotten offers but most were from extremely sweet aliens that she didn't even know she could match them in a biological sense or really perverted ones.

Not too many Saiyans came to the outskirts and those that did were always really obnoxious jerks. But she sighed as she took off her armor. 'It doesn't matter Bulma, he hangs around the Prince so he's probably a jerk just like him.'

Bulma spent the next week trying to avoid F4. She had heard stories of their famous 'death card' and she had come to the conclusion that they were the reason why Tien was about to jump that day. She wasn't afraid of them or anything but she knew that nothing would come with an interaction with them.

She and Aspa had become quite good friends. One day Bulma decided to bring her a present. Her father had taught her years ago how to make soda pop in their small science lab of a kitchen. She would treat herself to it every now and then so she decided to give it to her friend.

"What is this?" Aspa asked frowning as she looked at. She then shook some of it and Bulma immediately stopped.

"No don't do that. It will explode everywhere." She said laughing.

Aspa's eyes got big. "This is a weapon?"

"Haha. Only to your clothes. It's really fizzy so you can't shake it or it will get everywhere but go ahead and have some, it'll taste wonderful I promise." Bulma said as she was about to opened her own. Aspa opened her bottle and just as Bulma predicted it did spray out. Bulma and Aspa laughed a bit as it got the hands and faces a bit. But their laughter ceased when they heard...


They both turned around and saw none other than the prince of all Saiyans and his lackeys standing behind him. Aspa and Bulma slightly bowed to him.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes at the two girls before him and pointed down to his boots. "You silly fool. Look what you did."

Bulma and Aspa looked down and saw that the Prince had root beer stains on his clean white boots. Aspa gasped and began apologizing immediately. Bulma only raised an eyebrow.

'Isn't he going to go fight with them on anyways? Why is he complaining about a little soda pop when he's about to get mud all over it? You could barely even see it!'

Aspa become a stuttering fool. "I am so sorry your highness. I will buy another pair of boots I swear. My family has plenty of money."

"Tell me how can you buy another when the designer only made one pair in the universe and for me? These are priceless."

Aspa's eyes became large with horror. "Please forgive me! I didn't know what I was doing. I am a fool. A truly sorry fool that-"

Vegeta raised a hand to silence Aspa's pleading. He then got an idea as he smirked. "If you are really sorry...then lick it off."

Bulma's jaw hit the floor and then she almost felt like she was going to have a seizure when her friend stepped forward to actually do it. She meant to avoid him, she meant to be a humble and respectful servant to the crown, and she meant to not get caught up in any drama.

But she was Bulma Briefs and she had enough.

She grabbed Aspa's shoulder and stopped her as she stepped in front of her and got in the Prince's face. "What kind of person makes someone lick something off of their boot?"

Vegeta raised an eyebrow and said, "I am the Prince of all saiyans."

"You're a jerk is what you are!"

Vegeta dropped his smirk. "Watch your tone...who are you anyways?"

Turles who looked quite bored said, "It's the Alien Princess."

Vegeta chuckled at that. "Oh yes the peasant's royal. I have heard of you. Well I'll let your stupidity slide this once since a commoner like yourself might not know how to truly respect royalty. As a matter of fact you can start the road to my mercy by doing a simple task..."

Bulma who was heating up from head to toe, placed her left hand on her hip and began tapping her right foot. "And how am I to do that?" She asked with a sarcastic tone that went over the prince's head.

Vegeta grinned from ear to ear and leaned down and said, "Lick it off."

Bulma's eyes bucked. "Excuse me?"

Vegeta crossed his arms and sneered down at her. "You heard me. You want to jump in and save your friend, well this is how."

Bulma was shocked but then nodded her head as she gave him a sweet and humble smile. She bent down and Vegeta smirked with pride. Everyone else looked away in shame as the alien got down on her knees. But what no one saw was that Bulma was still holding her soda. She shook it really fast and let it explode right in Vegeta's face.

He stumbled backwards in shock and everyone looked at Bulma surprised as she tossed the bottle at him and flipped her hair back. "Lick that off jerk!"

She sneered down at him and walked away with a proud stride in her step. Vegeta was so in shock that he didn't even react until she was gone.


His friends were trying their hardest not to laugh, but they all couldn't contain it and almost keeled over. Vegeta got angry and started attacking all of them at once.

"Calm down Vegeta!" Kakarot said as he blocked a punch.

"Yeah you're getting us wet." Raditz said as they all laughed again.

Vegeta roared at that. "I'm going to kill all of you and then I'm going to kill her!"

Turles dogged a punch and then got kneed in the gut but not before he said, "You can't kill her, your mother had her sent here for a reason."

Vegeta stopped for a moment as an idea hit him. "You're right I can't kill her. So I'll just have to do something else..."

The next day Bulma was extremely confused as there was a crowd of students waiting by her locker. She had no clue what was going on. She was thinking that maybe someone's locker next to her was going to receive the infamous 'death card'. She sighed with annoyance at that. The prince was a childish annoying brat that-"

All her thoughts stopped at once as she stared into her locker and knew instantly that the card wasn't in someone else's locker...because it was in hers.

Authors Note: I am taking more from the Korean version because it's more available to me with hulu and netflix but there are some things that i liked in the Japanese version as well. But overall this is still a dbz fanfic so I will change the story to fit into character's lives. And I know some are wondering why I made Raditz the Rui or Jihoo character instead of Goku and it's simply because it didn't fit with Chichi being Bulma's friend. Sorry for those of you who know nothing of Boys over flowers, but I promise that this will be a great story. So next chapter, Bulma's and everyone's reaction to the card. And how far is Vegeta going to go? Review Please!