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Chapter 4: Face Off

Bulma was standing there with a smug expression that only he should be wearing in his own school. She strode past him as if she owned the room he was in and flung her long hair over her shoulder. She then smirked at him as she crossed her arms and said, "Checkmate."

Vegeta frowned. He didn't understand the meaning of her phrase, but all he knew was that he didn't like it. He knew that he didn't like her. And he definitely knew that he had enough. He was the Prince of all Saiyans and she was nothing but a commoner that had forgotten who he was and who she was. And he was about to remind her. He slammed the door giving them the privacy that was needed as he glared at her with a barely contained fury. His tail began to twitch behind him rhythmically as he looked at his prey and gave her a maddening smirk.

"You're dead."

Bulma was about to respond, but the wind was knocked out of her as she was slammed against the wall. Vegeta had his hand around her neck and he was squeezing pretty tightly. Bulma couldn't help the panic that rose into her face.

Vegeta saw this and laughed. "Ah, there it is. There's the fear that I've been longing to see. Tell me, how does it feel to know that you have chosen the wrong path? How does it feel to know that I can end your life? How does it feel to be afraid of the Prince of All Saiyans?"

Whether it was his words or his actions that turned her fear into anger she didn't know. But at that moment she didn't care who he was.

She found her tongue through the attempted strangling and said, "Feel this."

Vegeta staggered back as pain surged through his body after Bulma kneed him in his 'royal parts'. For one, no one had ever dared, two, he wasn't expecting her to retaliate, and three, he couldn't believe he opened himself for such an attack.

Bulma rubbed her throat as she glared at him. "How dare you attack a woman!"

Vegeta forgot about his pain and glared back at her. "Are you mad? I am the Prince of All Saiyans!"

"So I've heard you jerk! You just man handled me! I demand an apology this instant!" Bulma screamed furiously.

Vegeta was completely shocked. Never in his life had a woman demanded anything from him. Never in his life had a woman attacked him. Never in his life had a woman dismissed his title and faced off with him as if they were in charge.

Never in his life had he wanted a woman as badly as he wanted Bulma Briefs.

He was surprised with himself really. In a matter of seconds she was able to turn all of his anger, frustration, humiliation, and hatred into pure attraction. She challenged him and he felt like he needed to make her obedient through other means.

Bulma placed her hands on her hips and started tapping her foot. She didn't understand why Vegeta was only staring at her. "Well? I am waiting." She didn't care that she was possibly pushing it too far. Everyone else had started to respect her so why didn't him? This was his game and he was just angry that she had beaten him. She was not going to give in to him.

Vegeta was looking her up and down analyzing her. This whole time he was trying to figure a way to get back at her but he never stopped to think about why she was trying to get back at him. Was it possible that she meant to challenge him? That she was trying to get his attention? Perhaps she wanted him and this was her way.

Vegeta's eyebrows rose slightly at his own revelation.'Of course, she wants me. She's an alien and this is the only way she could get my attention. She's not a Saiyan so she would have to go to such extremes.'

Vegeta smirked and then crossed his arms. "I have to hand it to you woman, you had me fooled."

Bulma blinked at him in confusion. "Wait what?"

Vegeta stepped towards her like a predator about to feast on his prey. "I have to admit that this whole fiasco was quite impressive. No one has ever gone to such lengths."

Bulma was a bit confused by his actions but she just went along with it because she assumed that like all the other Saiyans, Vegeta was beginning to respect her. "Well, you kind of gave me no choice."

"Yes I see. You are not a Saiyan so you had to go to such lengths to get to me."

Bulma realized that once again her back was pressed against the wall. She didn't even notice that she was walking backward. Her eyes widened a bit when Vegeta placed both of his hands on either side of her head. She swallowed her still sore throat and said, "Um...what are you doing?"

"I'm giving you what you want; my acknowledgement of you."

Bulma placed her hands on his waist attempting to shove him away, but her little pressure didn't even faze him. 'Good grief this man is made of stone!' She had never touched a Saiyan before and her curious hands lingered and apparently that was a green-light to Vegeta.

Bulma's eyes became large as she felt the Prince of All Saiyan's lips upon hers. She squeaked in protest and he must have taken that as a moan or something because he placed his hands on the sides of her head to kiss her more deeply. Her shock was replaced with anger as she thought he was trying to embarrass her like she had done to him. She tried pushing him away again but that didn't work. She then tried stabbing him with her nails, but he only groaned. She would have kneed him again but he had her pinned against the wall too tightly to move. She then saw his tail twitching behind him and grabbed it hard, making sure her nails bit into it.

Vegeta gasped out loud and let go. Bulma was about to yell at him but then she found herself on the floor this time.

"Blast...You must really want me badly." He panted and was about to lean down to kiss her again, but he paused when she slapped him.

"HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND? I've been trying to get you off of me!" She screamed as she scooted away from him.

Vegeta blinked at her then narrowed his eyes. "You don't have to play hard to get Woman."

"I'm not playing anything you idiot! Stay away from me!" She said turning towards the door.

Vegeta shook his head in disbelief. He then grabbed her wrist before she could leave out. "This isn't funny Woman. You want me, I know you do. It all makes sense. That is why you have chosen to act out against me."

Bulma looked at him like he was insane. "I came against you because you came against me! Why in the world would you think that I would ever want you?"

Bulma's slap earlier did nothing to him, but that question right there just did. "Why? Why? Every woman in the Empire wants me. I am Vegeta the-"

"OMG If you say that phrase one more time I am going to kill myself!"

Vegeta was taken aback. "You are the one that is insane. Every woman would kill billions just to be in my presence and you are saying that you don't want-"

"YES! You are nothing but a spoiled brat! A Jerk and a bully!"

Vegeta's kai rose with his anger. "And I am a prince! You are a low level commoner. Not worth a Saiyan coin in a fight. You are a foreigner that would be lucky if you live to see the age of 30. You will more than likely never get anywhere in life so the fact that I even know your name should make you rejoice. All the other alien trash on this planet would envy you for the rest of their miserable lives."

Bulma's chin lifted higher in the midst of his cruel words. "And these are the words of a man that I am supposed to admire? Ever since I met you I couldn't stand you. How you treat others is enough alone to make me want to puke and even die before you become ruler. Listen very well, I will never like you, I will never want you, and it will be best if you kill me now because I don't care if you are the next king, I will never bow to you."

Vegeta punched the wall, causing a huge hole so he wouldn't punch her. "Is that a challenge?"

"No it's a fact." She said as she finally turned away from him and walked out of the training area.

Vegeta watched her go and had to resist pulling her back to him. He stood there going over everything that had just happened. He didn't believe her words; or rather he didn't want to believe her words. How could a woman, especially a woman of her standards not want him?

And the kiss...

He had never felt such softness. He had never tasted anything sweeter. She even pierced his tail! She had to have known that it drove Saiyan men crazy. He couldn't recall one Saiyan girl that had done it as perfectly as she did. But he could have sworn she was enjoying herself. The way she touched his abs and scratched him brought shivers down his spine.

So where did it go wrong? Ok, well after she touched his tail he pinned her to the floor and...

'Of course! She must be a virgin. She wasn't ready for such a thing and that's why she freaked out. It's not because she didn't want me, it's because she was afraid to have sex. That's the only thing that makes sense.' Vegeta chuckled at his revelation. 'This woman is more interesting than I first thought. Perhaps this is why Father enjoys alien women so much. Very entertaining indeed. I will have this woman and will enjoy the journey along the way. But first I need more information in order to win this game.'

With that thought in mind Vegeta sent for the sons of Bardock. They were there in a matter of moments. Raditz saw the hole in the wall and raised an eyebrow. "So I take it that it didn't go to well."

"It was fine. The woman wants me."

All three brothers were a bit shocked. Turles was the first to speak. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure. We would be mating right now, but the wench is a virgin."

Raditz frowned at that. He didn't really know Bulma but there was something about his story that didn't make any sense. "Wait a minute. So you're telling us that she did all this because she wanted you this whole time?"

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders. "What other reason could there be?"

Raditz for some reason couldn't help the jealousy that rose up inside him. "Perhaps because she despises you?"

Vegeta narrowed his eyes at his disrespectful tone. "She might say such things, but a woman like her means the opposite of what she says."

Raditz resisted the urge to spit on the floor at such an assumption. "I disagree."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at him. "Why do you care and since when do you disagree with anything I say?"

Turles looked up at the ceiling and sighed. 'I knew this was going to happen.'

Vegeta then chuckled at Raditz's obviously jealous expression. "Oh I see, you want the woman yourself."

"So what if I do?" Raditz said annoyed.

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders again. "I don't mind you having a crush on her, but the woman wants me so it's best if you not get in the way. You don't want to embarrass yourself."

Turles could tell that his brother was about to explode so he needed to get this little meeting over with. "Why did you call us here your Highness?"

"Because I want you and Kakarot to find out what you can about Bulma and report back to me. I was going to include Raditz in this venture but It would probably be best if he stays away from her." He said in a warning tone.

The three of them bowed to him and then left out. Once they were far enough away from Vegeta, Raditz stopped his brothers and said, "Before you go to the prince tell me everything you find out first."

Kakarot looked at him confused. "Why?"

Turles rolled his eyes. "Brother do not battle with the Prince, especially over a woman."

"I'm not. I am only curious."

"You're about to be dead too. Come on Kakarot let's get this over with." Turles said as he and Kakarot walked away.


Bulma was in the kitchen of the restaurant washing the vegetables and telling Chichi everything that happened. Even as she told the tale she couldn't believe it herself.

"He did what?" Chichi gasped out.

"He kissed me...and he wanted to do a whole lot more. Trust me." Bulma said as she grasped a vegetable too hard and broke it in half.

"But what did you say to make him...I mean I thought he hated you?" Chichi asked confused.

"I thought he did too! But I guess the whole thing just turned him on...such a creep." The more Bulma was around Saiyans the more she felt she didn't know about them. They were all just an extremely weird race. They bully you until you die or either you fight back and then they praise you and/or lust after you.

"So...does this mean that he wanted you the whole time?"

"I don't know. I mean I've heard girls talk about the Prince, from what I hear he gets girls all the time. If that was his intention, he's never done anything like this to get a girl."

"But has he ever been with an alien girl?"

"I don't know. But come on Chi everyone should know that you don't get a girl by bullying her."

"Yea but you said that everyone respected you more after you stood up to him, maybe it just impressed him in another way."

"Perhaps." But Bulma was still confused by the whole thing because she could have sworn that he was furious with her. Who in the world goes from choking a girl to wanting to screw her?

"So how was it?"

"How was what?" Bulma said snapping out of her thoughts.

"The kiss; you didn't tell me if it was good or bad or-"

"Because I didn't want it that's why!" Bulma snapped.

"Alright, alright." Chichi said raising her arms in protest. She was about to say something else but stopped once she heard the front door jingle. "Oh we have customers!"

"Good, so we can stop talking about this." Bulma said getting back to her vegetables.

Chichi narrowed her eyes. "Oh I'm not done. We'll talk later."

Bulma nodded. After she finished washing the vegetables Chichi came back for them to switch places so that she could cook. Bulma was really only good at grilling and making cold dishes. Chichi handled the more complicated dishes. At one point Bulma was in the back getting some more plates when she started thinking about what had happened earlier with Vegeta. She found herself touching her lips at the memory. She hadn't stopped to really think about the kiss in general. His lips were surprisingly soft. And the way they moved across hers were so brutal but yet so softly at the same time which really didn't make any sense. And the way his hands cradled her head so gently and still forceful. His touch was just as confusing as he was. One moment aggressively mean but the next surprisingly gentle. Who was this guy to make her think such crazy thoughts? She should hate and despise him. But if she's daydreaming about him does that mean that she actually wanted him too? And why did he have to feel so darn good?


"Huh?" Bulma was snatched out of her thoughts so suddenly that she almost dropped the plates in her hands.

"I've been calling you for like 5 minutes. You have visitors and they are Saiyans!" Chichi almost screamed excitedly.

Her stomach started doing butterflies as she thought that Vegeta could be at her work place right now. 'No! You hate him! He attacked you!'

She frowned inwardly at herself for being disappointed to see Kakarot and Turles instead. 'Get a grip Bulma!'

"Oh what are you two doing here?"

Turles crossed his arms. "We heard that-"

"Hey can we get something to eat? It smells great in here." Kakarot interrupted.

Before Bulma could say anything Chichi appeared next to her grinning excitedly.

"Sure you can! You two can have the best seats in the house, closest to the kitchen! And don't worry about what to order or even paying for it. It's all on the house and I'll cook everything myself! You have to try everything on the menu it being your first time here!" She hurriedly said as she ushered them to the table.

"Sounds great!" Kakarot said happily. Chichi bowed to him and then grabbed a speechless Bulma and dragged her to the back of the kitchen. Once they were gone Turles scowled at his brother.

"Kakarot we are not here to taste alien food." Turles said eyeing the small establishment. At the moment they were the only customers in the place.

"But it smells so good." Kakarot said sniffing the air.

Turles growled "We are supposed to just gather information."

"But we are. We found out she works at a restaurant."

Turles just rolled his eyes. When it came to food there was no way of stopping him. That seemed to have always been a number one priority in life.

Bulma in the meantime was glaring at her friend who was rapidly trying to gather ingredients.

"Chichi what are you doing?"

"Look Bulma, this is an opportunity that I can't pass up. So please treat them like they are your best friends. And hand me that spatula behind you."

Bulma turned around and handed it to her. "They are probably spying on me."

Chichi whirled on her. "I don't care! Will you please stop thinking about yourself for a moment and think about the restaurant. We have been dreaming of the day that Saiyans would walk in here and it finally happened! This could be our big break. Now go greet your guests properly and I will start cooking."

"Fine." Bulma didn't want to argue with Chichi. When it came to her cooking that was always the number one priority. She straightened herself and walked out to the dining room and sat down across from the two Saiyans. "So what brings you guys here?"

Turles snorted in amusement. "You know why we're here. You have already proved your intelligence so please don't insult mine by pretending that you don't already know."

Bulma leaned back and relaxed at his words. She was glad that they could skip the awkwardness of pretending she didn't know the truth behind their visit. She had decided that she liked Turles's boldness. "Do all Saiyans talk like this or is it just because your father has raised you to be so smart?"

Turles smirked at her words. "If you knew Kakarot then you wouldn't say such things."

Bulma glanced at Kakarot who was too distracted by reading the menu and saw that he wasn't paying any attention to the conversation. "I see. So what is it that you want to know?"

"Well I suppose we can start with the basics. What planet are you from?"

"Earth." Bulma didn't notice that Kakarot suddenly stopped looking at the menu and looked back to her. "I was really young when it became a part of the Empire so I don't remember much about it. That's why I started working here because the food here is all Earthling food, but with Saiyan ingredients of course. It's the closest thing to the culture that I never got the chance of knowing." Bulma said smiling.

Kakarot went back to staring at the menu but this time with a sad expression and Turles knew exactly why. Most planets that 'became' part of the Empire were actually purged to get the resources and then rebuilt for the Empires advantages. Earth was one of those planets. And the reason that he knew that was because his brother Kakarot was the one that did it. But no one knew how powerful Kakarot was as a baby, so it wasn't just a purge but devastation. There were very few survivors and the human race had become almost extinct. After the purge Kakarot was recognized for his strength, but as he got older and was aware of the damage he had caused he wasn't very proud of it. It was pretty clear that Bulma didn't know the entire truth of her planet's demolition because she would more than likely be more defensive and angry about it. It was good for her to work here, because she was right, this was the closest she would ever get to Earth culture. All that was left of Earth was a giant ball of dirt that was used only for Oozaru training. There were no more resources.

It was on the tip of Kakarot's tongue to apologize to her. He didn't know she was an Earthling and had never met one on Vegeta. As he got older he didn't really like the idea of fighting someone that couldn't fight back. So taking innocent lives was always something he had tried to avoid at all costs. His brothers and Vegeta would tease him about it quite often, but he didn't know why he was different. He finally looked back to Bulma. "Is everyone working here an Earthling?"

Bulma nodded. "Yes but its only Chichi, her father and myself. The only other Earthlings I know about on this planet are my parents."

Kakarot nodded and Turles gave him a look that read 'Keep your mouth shut'. Kakarot frowned at him and looked back to Bulma. "What do you know about your planet?"

Bulma pursed her lips a bit as she thought about it. "I really don't know much about it. My parents and Chichi's father only told me what it looked like. I found out that it was a training area now but I really don't know much." But she had planned on finding out more. The reason why she was good at hacking was because she was trying to find out more information about her home planet and her people. She was curious about the other humans that were out there and how many there were. She had heard about purging missions and knew that a lot of people died but she still wanted to see her planet and possibly be able to make real earthling food one day with real ingredients.

It was at that moment that Chichi came out with the first tray of food. "My Saiyan friends I present to you sushi! I have heard how you guys eat so just consider this a pre-appetizer to the other ones. Dig in!"

Kakarot wasted no time and dug in. Both he and Turles were surprised to find that they actually liked it. The rest of their time there was spent listening to Bulma as Chichi brought them foods they had never heard of like, burgers, fried chicken, sweet and sour pork, fries and many more. They left out stuffed and the Earthling girls seemed very pleased that they were pleased. When they left Turles told Raditz to meet them at the Prince's training area. Raditz wasn't too pleased seeing as he wanted a special meeting beforehand but Turles wasn't interested in his brother's games. Usually Prince Vegeta hated being interrupted but he didn't mind this time.

"Well, what have you learned?"

"She works at a restaurant called Chichi's that is owned by Earthlings." Turles said looking at his twin brother.

Vegeta chuckled at that. "Earthlings huh? Well it seems you missed a few Kakarot." He laughed knowing that it upset his sentimental nerves.

Kakarot frowned at Vegeta and added. "Bulma works there because she is an earthling."

Vegeta's laughter left the room at that. Raditz who was silent before spoke up. "Does she know-"

"She doesn't know anything." Kakarot said.

"And she won't." Vegeta spoke. "If she found out then she more than likely would despise every Saiyan on this planet."

"Including you." Raditz added.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes. "Yes and you as well. Now we have to make sure that she doesn't find out."

"How are we to do that?" Kakarot asked.

Vegeta turned his attention away from Raditz. "Tell your father. Tell him everything. He knows that someone as brilliant as Bulma does not need to be an enemy to the Saiyan Empire."

Turles nodded. "Yes there is a reason why aliens aren't put into jobs of power. They could turn on us at any moment."

The three boys left to seek out their father. They told him the whole tale and he shook his head at the end of it. "I had heard rumors that scouters were being hacked but I had assumed it was a teenaged exaggeration. If this is true then Vegeta is right. The girl cannot know of the status of her planet. I will see to it that any 'staggering' information about Earth will be unattainable for Bulma. It really is a shame that she is an alien. I would be curious to see what her mind is capable of otherwise. Tell the Prince not to worry. And Kakarot..."

"Yes Father?"

"Don't go back to that restaurant. It's bad enough that you are emotional when it comes to your first purge. You don't need to make it worse by going there."

Kakarot nodded to him and then his father dismissed all of them. Kakarot couldn't help but feel guilty. He could tell that Chichi was excited for him and his brother to be there. He knew that the restaurant business was the only one that aliens really had a chance at being richly successful in on Vegeta. And if any restaurant had the capability to being successful it was Chichi's. But he couldn't do anything for her.

Kakarot wasn't the only one that was dwelling on this information. Vegeta had been meditating on everything that Kakarot and Turles had learned. They found out that not only Bulma was a genius but her father as well. So that means that they probably had dreams of becoming some type of great scientists. But there was no way his own father would let them be over anything. Not with their home planet being a wasteland due to Saiyans.

But even though he couldn't give Bulma that, he could still make her believe that he was going to...and in turn win the game.

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