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Chapter 5: Date?

Bulma and Chichi had just finished all the dishes and was now sweeping and dusting the dining room of the restaurant. Bulma paused wiping off a random table as she watched Chichi grin as she swiveled her broom around.

"Well you seemed to have had a great time."

Chichi smiled at her friend. "Those Saiyans were wonderful!"

Bulma shook her head and went to another table. "Trust me when I tell you that the sons of Bardock are probably the only exception."

'They definitely are better than Vegeta.'

Bulma frowned as she realized for the millionth time that night her mind had gone back to the insane Saiyan. 'Alright, that's it! No more thoughts about him. He is the biggest jerk I have ever met and I will not waste one more ounce of brain thinking on him.'

"Well Kakarot was absolutely amazing and he was really cute.

Bulma came out of her thoughts at what her friend said. "Chichi he is a twin, Turles has exactly the same face."

Normally Chichi would say something about her condescending tone, but tonight she didn't feel like letting anything bother her. She rested her chin on the top of her broom handle and thought back to the Saiyan. "No there is something about Kakarot. I just can't put my finger on it."

Bulma couldn't help but laugh at her friends dazed goofily eyes. "Well either you are extremely flattered by how he demolished your food or you totally have the hots for him."

Chichi thought of denying it but she could feel her face burn with the blush that spread across it like a virus. "I can't help it. Did you see his interest when I was telling him about my life? He was hanging on every word I said. It was like we were the only two people on the whole planet. Honestly I think there's something there."

Bulma smiled at her friend and went back to sweeping. She didn't want to remind her friend that they were only there to get information about her and Kakarot probably wasn't interested. So she decided to let her have her sweet fantasy of the dashing Saiyan coming to sweep her off her feet, because he would more than likely never return.

'Stupid Vegeta. Now his idiotic actions are affecting my friend. It's his entire fault...and I'm not even supposed to be thinking of him!'



"I said you can go home like three times. Where was your mind at? Thinking of a guy yourself?"

Bulma angrily tossed her dirty cloth on a table and glared at her friend. "Hardly. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Bye girlie!"

Once Bulma got outside she got on her bike and peddled home, which wasn't too far from the restaurant. Once she got there she saw that her parents were seated at their table drinking some sort of hot beverage. She sat down at the table after she greeted them. Her mother quickly got up to make her a beverage as well. Bulma took a sip and was pleased to find that it was "Hot Coco" or as close to it as her mother could get. Her mother had told her it was impossible to get chocolate but the friddle root on Planet Vegeta was pretty close to the actual taste. Bulma thought the drink was absolutely divine as is and couldn't imagine something tasting better. Chocolate was one of the top things she wanted to try when she finally made it back to her home planet. That's if she could find it.

It was her dream to go there. As she looked around her family's small living quarters she reminded herself that the first thing she had to do was get her family a better house. Everything was always a few feet away and it bothered her that the kitchen, lab, dining room, and living room were all the same room. If it wasn't for her father's invention of capsulation she didn't know how they would survive.

Bunny noticed that her daughter was very quiet. As Bulma took another sip of her hot coco she asked her, "Did anything exciting happen with you and a good-looking Saiyan boy?"

It was a good thing no one was sitting in front of Bulma because she sprayed her drink right out of her mouth.

Bunny smiled as she got up to clean up the mess. "I'll take that as a yes."

Her father's eyebrow rose at that. "What exactly happened?"

"No it's not what you think!" Bulma waved her hands in front of her face.

"Well what happened dear?" Bunny asked excitedly.

Bulma couldn't believe she did that. The last thing she wanted was her mother going crazy about her and Saiyan boys. It was bad enough. But she couldn't tell them about Vegeta. That would just be disturbing. Besides her mother would probably read it the wrong way and think that she was already engaged to the prince. So she decided to only tell half the truth. "I...met with the sons of Bardock."

Her father became intrigued at that. "Oh really?"

"Are they cute?" Bunny asked excited.

"They are actually pretty nice guys."

Her father became serious and leaned across the table. "Did you tell them anything?"

"They know that I am skilled and that we own a shop. But I haven't shown them any of our inventions."

"So they know nothing of capsulation?"

"No Dad. Your secret is still safe."

"Good. We have to wait for the right moment. You might be friends with his sons but I wouldn't show anything unless you were right in front of Bardock himself. We don't want to miss the opportunity."

"I know dad."

"But that doesn't mean that you can't date one of the boys." Bunny added.

Bulma honestly hadn't thought of actually having a relationship with them. Sure having a boyfriend would be nice. Chichi made it clear that she liked Kakarot. Turles seemed amusing but he also seemed like a jerk. Raditz wasn't too bad though. Plus there were other Saiyan boys at the school that were giving her attention.

Bunny clasped her hands together. "Oh I can't help but to be a little excited. Our daughter is going to marry an outstanding Saiyan and then I can finally have a walk-in closet again!"

The doctor quickly cleared his throat to get his wife's attention.

But it didn't go unnoticed by Bulma. "Wait a minute, we had enough money on Earth that you had your own walk-in closet?" Bulma could hardly believe it. She knew that life for her parents had to have been better but their present house felt like a walk-in closet so it was hard to fathom.

Her parents looked at each other and her mother seemed to sadly put her head down as her father talked. "Well I was able to give her one. That's about it."

Bulma crossed her arms offended. "Dad you always do this to me. Every time you mention something about Earth you shut down the whole topic before I can get any information. "When are you going to tell me more? When are you going to tell me more about our lives there?"

"It's for your-"

"Yes my own good. I've heard that excuse before and to be honest I'm tired of hearing it." She said getting up, but her father grabbed her arm to halt her.

"Bulma you have to trust me, I will tell you everything when the time is right. I am not lying to you I am just trying to protect you."

Bulma glared at her father, but then sighed in defeat. At least he didn't lie to her. But the longer he took the more it fueled her to find out for herself.

Dr. Briefs let go of her arm and she went to her room.

Bunny exhaled tiredly. "She really wants to know."

"I know Darling, but if Bulma found out how important our lives were then she would want to know why we weren't recognized for it. Then we would have to tell her of the complete destruction of our planet. Even the Ox King doesn't fully know the extent of devastation that happened to our planet. And there is also the fact that we don't know which Saiyan destroyed it. It could be a boy at her school at this very moment." He said the last part very bitterly.

Bunny rubbed comforting circles on his back. She knew what he was about to say next. "Now dear, I know it's hard to imagine your daughter with a Saiyan, but we knew that could very well happen. We just have to hope that she gets with a decent one."

The Next Day

Bulma walked into the school smiling and nodding to her fellow class mates. She couldn't help but giggle at the fact that she was getting just as much attention as F4. She could tell that many had new scouters and scoffed at them. They didn't understand that it wasn't the device but the network that she hacked into. She could easily find anyone that she wanted no matter what upgrade they had.


Bulma turned around to the person who called her name. "Oh hello Aspa, my forgotten friend" Bulma said so sweet it seemed rather scary.

"Hi...so no hard feelings right?" Aspa asked kind of nervously. She knew that she would be on Bulma's hit list and decided to approach her instead of waiting for something to happen.

"Oh you are curious if I will take revenge on you for embarrassing me in front of everyone?"


Bulma stepped closer to her. "But I am. Please believe me when I tell you that I dug more dirt on you than anyone here."

Aspa became so angry that she punched a hole in a locker. Then she pointed a finger at Bulma and said, "We all saw you yesterday! You know I could kill you before you could even begin to give a voice command!"

Bulma laughed. "Like I need to say anything."

Before Aspa could say "You're bluffing" videos began to upload to everyone's scouter. They were before and after videos of Aspa's plastic surgery. Facial surgery was something that only aliens did. Saiyans were supposed to take pride in every aspect of their lives including the way they looked. So if you are Saiyan and had it done, then it was extremely shameful and very anti-Saiyan.

Bulma smirked. It was true that she did need to say a voice command to activate everyone else's scouter, but not Aspa's. She knew that Aspa would eventually approach her and that she would be the perfect pawn. With Aspa's information all she had to do was stare at her for a short period of time and it would release her videos. She had also realized that Aspa had a new scouter so it killed two birds with one stone. She could almost hear everyone's mind wondering of 'how she is able to do what she did, and what can they do to stop it?' The answer was simple...nothing.

Aspa released a scream of rage and Bulma had to tell herself to stand still. The Saiyan fury aspect was the only thing she hadn't gotten down. Aspa was about to lunge for Bulma, but came up short as someone came to Bulma's rescue. She blinked as Raditz stood tall and proud in front of her. Grabbing the girl and lifting her in the air. "You started a game and you lost. Leave her alone before you lose what little pride you still have." He ended by shoving her away. Aspa scurried away leaving everyone to the gossip of what just happened.

Bulma was now blinking at Raditz surprised. She had expected one of the other boys or girls to jump in front like they did yesterday. But this was even better. No one would mess with her if they knew that F4 had her back. "Thank you."

"My pleasure." He smirked at her.

Bulma couldn't help the blush settle on her cheeks. Raditz was definitely one of the best ones there. Perhaps her mother did have a good idea. But before she could flirt with him to see where this could go he ruined the moment by saying...

"The Prince wants to see you."

Bulma scoffed at him then rolled her eyes.

'He ruins everything!'

"Where is he?" She asked with attitude.

Raditz couldn't help but chuckle at her obvious attitude towards the prince. It made him feel so good inside. "He's in room 181."

Bulma didn't even bother saying anything else to Raditz she turned on her heels and went straight there. When she walked inside he was leaning against a table of some sort of lab like he owned the place. Okay, well he did, but he was so smug about it. "You know Vegeta if you really wanted to see me then you could have come to me yourself, not send one of your minions."

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders. "I don't do small tasks Woman."

"The name is Bulma jerk! Now what do you want?"

Vegeta smirked at her. He didn't know why it pleased him so much to know that he was the cause of her annoyance. "You are a pretty smart girl."


"I'm curious how smart."

"I am a genius." She said proudly.

Vegeta stood up straight from the table and walked towards her until they were a few feet away. He could tell that she wanted to take a step back but she was more than likely too proud to do so.

"Show me."


"Because..." He stepped around her and then whispered into her ear. "...if you are as smart as you say you are then perhaps I can do something about it."

Bulma's eyes narrowed and she turned her head to the side to see his face. She didn't realize how close they were, but she wasn't about to back down to him...almost anyone but him. Due to their closeness she whispered across his lips, "What's the catch?"

Vegeta paused for a moment and thought about devouring those perky lips but instead smirked at her then stepped away. "The catch is that I am interested in you. Hear me now Bulma; If you play your cards right then maybe, just maybe, I will let you be my Woman."

If Bulma were a cartoon she would have fallen to the ground and her foot would be twitching in the air. "Why in the world do you think I would want to be your woman?"

Vegeta actually laughed at her question. "Other than the fact that I am the best catch in the universe; I also can give you every little desire you want; Your father be known as one the top technicians in the universe, No more of living in that shack that you're in now, and You yourself would be a known scientist. These are just some of the benefits of being with me."

Bulma paused for a moment to analyze his words to see if she actually understood him correctly. "So let me get this straight...you are trying to bribe me into being your girlfriend?"

"I am simply stating the facts."

"Newsflash, if you wanted me then what you should have done was get to know me, befriend me, or even ask me out on a date. You don't offer me things up front!"

Vegeta raised an eyebrow at her. "Why not?"

"Because that's what you do to whores and prostitutes! You pay them for their company and I have no interest in being your concubine Vegeta!"

"You're telling me that nothing what I said interests you?"

"Of course it did. It's a very tempting offer but for someone who will lead a race of prideful people, you sure have no problem forgetting that I have pride too. Now if you'll excuse me I need to get to class." Bulma said as she left out.

She didn't feel like actually going to her class and went to her locker instead. She leaned against it thinking about Vegeta's offer. 'What are you doing? That was probably the best opportunity my dad would ever get and I totally blew it. Could I be his girl? Could I actually put up with him to get what I want? Am I that desperate? I can't be. There has to be another way...Vegeta makes me so angry! I should have thrown something at his stupid head! Bulma you are so stupid sometimes!' She thought as she hit her head against her locker.

"You know those aren't there to strengthen your skull."

Bulma looked up and saw Raditz standing next to her. Her first reaction was to say, 'stop stalking me' but then she thought of something else. "Hey do you think it would ever be possible to meet your dad one day?"

Raditz was a bit surprised and looked around before he answered, "He doesn't like meeting with aliens. It would be hard."

"Well if you could help me out then it would be a grand favor."

Raditz crossed his arms and leaned against the lockers. "And why would I do something like that?"

Bulma smiled at him playfully. "Because we're friends."

"Really? We just started talking to each other recently."

"Oh you don't remember? We go way back. We've actually been friends for a long time. You must have hit your head during your training and forgot."

"Is that so?"


"I can't recall. Perhaps you should remind me somehow." He whispered suggestively.

Bulma laughed and smiled at him again. "Perhaps I will."

Raditz chuckles once more and looked around again to make sure no one was around. "Hey you should come see me train sometime."

Bulma didn't really understand what the big deal was with training but it apparently was a huge thing. "Alright I will come see you tomorrow during training break."

"Alright see you then." He said smirking like he just won a fight.

Bulma walked away shaking her head. 'Well mother will be pleased.'

Later that evening...

Chichi sighed as she had no customers all day. She sent Bulma home hours ago. She didn't want her friend to see the disappointment in her eyes. She had really hoped that word would have gotten out with the Saiyans being there the day before, but nothing happened. It really sucks when you think things are going to get better but they only get worse. Usually she keeps the restaurant opened for another hour but she decided to spend the rest of her defeat at home. She locked the front door and turned the 'open' sign around to the 'close' part of it. She turned off the dining room light and just when she was about to turn off the kitchen lights she heard a knock at the back door. She looked at the camera pointed towards the outside that Bulma had installed and gasped when she recognized who it was.

She almost ran to the door and swept some fallen strands of hair back behind her ear and then opened the door. "Kakarot! Come in!"

"Hi Chichi." He said as he stepped inside.

"Come in and sit down. You must be really hungry." She said grabbing his arm and leading him toward the dining area.

"Actually, can I sit back here? I would love to watch you cook." He said nervously.

Chichi blushed. She thought that was one of the nicest things a boy had ever asked her. "Oh yea sure."

He thanked her and sat down at the kitchen table. He didn't want to sit in the dining area because he didn't want word getting back to his father. He didn't even really mean to come there. He was flying around and just ended up knocking on the back door. Sure he could always eat, but he truly didn't know why he was there.

"You must really love my cooking." Chichi asked fishing for a compliment.

"Yea it was great!" He said smiling.

Chichi sat down a plate of sushi that was already made and watched him eat as she cut up some vegetables. "I haven't met too many Saiyans but you sure are the nicest one I have ever encountered."

Kakarot swallowed the food in his mouth and nodded to her. He nor any Saiyan was ever considered 'nice'. He found he rather liked it, or perhaps he liked it coming from her. He wasn't sure. "So you run the shop and your father owns it. What does your mother do?"

Chichi sat down another plate of food and smiled sadly at him. "My mother actually died when the planet was taken for the Empire."

Kakarot stopped during mid-bite and couldn't help the guilty feeling wash over him. She was happily cooking him food and had no idea the he killed her mother. He looked down at the table. "I'm sorry."

Chichi was really touched by his sympathy. She didn't think Saiyans had such qualities. If they didn't then Kakarot was surely a rare jewel indeed. "Thank you."

Kakarot for the first time in his life didn't feel like eating. "You must really hate Saiyans."

"No. I mean, my father has some bitterness toward you guys, but I think it's best to keep hard feelings in the past. Living with such hate...it's no way to live. I'm just thankful that my father and I survived."

"I am too." Kakarot said sincerely.

Chichi felt the heat rise in her cheeks once again and turned away. "Thanks. But you should eat some more. I thought you were hungry."

Kakarot looked down at her food and found his appetite again. "Yes I am. And this time I will pay."

"You don't have to."

"I insist." He said finding his smile again.

She in turn found one for herself and went back to cooking. 'Could this get any better?'


Vegeta circles Turles as he is ready to attack again. He had been training ever since that odd meeting with Bulma. Now he was taking out his fury on the guy in front of him. He punched him straight in his jaw sending him backward a couple feet. Turles quickly recovered and blocked Vegeta's next move and they were now in a strength hold.

"So what are you trying to do? You just want to bed her right?"

Vegeta got the upper hand and threw Turles's body to the other side of the room. "Of course I want to bed her! But she keeps challenging me. I'm not sure how to win this game." He said as he sent a blast to his opponent.

"My brother doesn't think she's playing one." Turles said as he reflected it back at him.

Vegeta reflect it back with more force causing Turles to fall to the ground. He then crossed his arms and powered down. "I am no fool. I know he wants her for himself so therefore I don't care about his opinion."

Turles caught his breath and did his best to ignore the pain in his body as he sat up. "Well did she tell you what she wanted?"

Every time he thought about her words he would become more annoyed. It still didn't make any sense to him. She said he offended her pride, but if anything he was rewarding her for having pride in the first place. It was all ridiculous. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "She said something about a date."

"Then ask her out and be done with it."

Vegeta scoffed. "Dates are a stupid alien concept."

"But Sire she is an alien."

Vegeta rolled his eyes and left out the room even more annoyed than when he first entered. He was going to do something about it tonight...

Briefs Home...

Bulma was brushing her teeth and could hear her parents talking outside the bathroom door. They were trying to figure out why their daughter was so quiet that evening. She just didn't want to give them any hint to the fact that she had a date with Raditz tomorrow. She didn't tell them for 2 reasons; 1) she didn't want her mom to go insane and 2) if her parents could keep information about Earth then she could keep information about her own life.

She sighed at that. It was so hard to find information on Earth. She didn't understand how an Empire that uses technology wouldn't keep records of the planets they have been to. The only information she could find was information she already had. Bulma stopped brushing her teeth when she heard the doorbell ring. She rinsed out her mouth and stepped out just in time to see her mother faint into her father's arms.

"What is going-" Bulma's eyes became large as the last person she could ever expect was inside her home.

There was Vegeta dressed in black pants and a black shirt smirking at her. His presence and his attire were extremely shocking but nothing could prepare her for the words that left his mouth.

"I am here to date you."

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