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"Alice! I can't believe you did that! What the hell were you thinking?" I yelled at her furiously. She has no right to do that! This is my life! My life, my decision! Fuck!

She sighed. "Because you're my best friend and I love you so much. Trust me, please. He's a good man, Bells. Just one date. I swear. Then I will leave you and your love life alone."

So I did. She promised me one date then she will leave me and my heart alone.

I can't believe I'm doing this! Why can't I ever say no to Alice Brandon?

I'm now in a cab on my way to West Village to meet the guy for drinks and dinner. I have put on a green wrap dress and black peep toes stilettos. I'm glad my sense of style has improved so much since college or Alice would've dragged me shopping again. It's not that I hate shopping but –

Damn! I'm going on a date!

I'm trying to distract myself by thinking of random things but it still goes back to this date!

Breathe, Bella. It's just one date.

I know but I haven't done this in a long time.

Exactly! So you know Alice is right. It's time.

Is there really a perfect time for this?

I groaned to myself. I'm losing my mind! I am reasoning and arguing with myself at the same time! I'm going crazy and it's because of this "just one date" that Alice has set up with Edward Masen.

Edward Masen. Alice's cousin from her mother's side. Why I never heard of the guy before, I didn't bother to ask. Well, I forgot to ask. When Alice got me to agree on this date, my rational mind left me. I don't even know how the man looks like because she wants it to be a surprise. She assured me that the guy hasn't seen a picture of me yet. She also assured me that the guy has two eyes, two ears, a nose, and mouth.

"We're here," the cab driver said as he parked in front of the restaurant.

I didn't even notice. I gave him the cash and got off the cab. Once inside the restaurant, I went straight to the bar. I'm early. I wanted to be early so that I can get some drinks to calm the nerves. I ordered vodka with cherry and drank the whole glass like a thirsty man out of the Sahara desert.

"Whoa! Thirsty much?" asked a guy on my right. I didn't even notice that someone was there. I faced him but my abrupt movement knocked a glass of water on the bar that's near him. I watched as the water spill from the glass and slid through the bar down to his dress pants. He leaped from his seat and knocked his bar stool backward which made a loud crash on the floor. He stood just in time to miss the water from reaching his crotch.

"I am so sorry," I said reaching out for his bar stool but he beat me to it.

"It's okay. It was an accident. Downing a glass of vodka does that to people, you know," he teased.

I looked up to him and I think I stopped breathing. Wow. He's beautiful. And he's staring back at me with a soft smile on his face. I don't know how long we stood there staring at each other but when a lock of stray hair slipped out of my bobby pin, I had to blink. He reached out his hands to my face then pushed said stray hair behind my ear. I stopped breathing again. It felt so new and familiar at the same time. It felt natural. He stepped towards me and leaned forward.

"May I buy you another drink?"


He helped me to my seat and ordered our drinks.

"So, are you waiting for someone?" he asked.

"Yes. My friend. She's … introducing me to someone," I answered hesitantly.

"Blind date?"

I snorted, "Yup. And I don't know how she tricked me to say yes."

He chuckled, "Did you arrive early to take advantage of the bar?"

"You're one of our kinds, too?" I teased and he laughed.

We fell into a comfortable conversation after that. We talked about books and movies and music. Surprisingly, we have the same taste in everything, and I mean everything. You know why? Because we're both eclectic. Go figure.

We neither talked about work nor personal stuff. I don't know why but for me it seems like it wasn't necessary. It feels like I know him already.

When we were about to order our third drink, I had to excuse myself to freshen up. I knew Alice will be arriving with my date anytime. I would love to call her to cancel and just continue having drinks and probably have dinner with – Oh shoot! What's his name again? Did he even mention it? Damn! I hate to sound stupid when I ask for his name when he already gave it. But maybe he hasn't? Whatever! I need to go out there and ask for his name.

I stepped out of the ladies' room and walked in determined strides back to the bar, unfortunately, he's nowhere to be found and in his place is my best friend. Did he leave? Without even saying goodbye? May be he's not that into you. I pouted to myself. Whatever!

"Bella!" Alice called waving at me to come over to her. I put on my game face and smiled while walking over to her.

I gave her a ug, "Hey, Al."

"Look at you, Bells, you look so hot!"

"Oh shut up!"

"But you do! So tell me, how many drinks have you had?" she asked with a raise of her brow.

"How did you – "

"I'm your best friend, Swan, I know how you look like when you drink."

"But I freshen up," I tried to defend myself.

"I know and you look amazing. He won't even notice. I'm just saying I know you."

"You're creepy."

"And you love me, anyway," she said in a sing song voice.

She linked her arm to me and pulled me toward the dining area. I hesitated but decided to walk with her since my man was already gone. My man? Really, Swan?

"Edward's here already. He went ahead with Jasper to wait at your table. I asked him to freshen up. He's as nervous as you, you know. He tried to back out but – "

I stopped walking and cut her off, "Alice, come on, you can't force the guy to date me! I don't want to come off as desperate!"

"One date, Bells, please…" she begged dramatically with a pout.


"Yey! Oh there's Jasper."

Jasper greeted me with a kiss on both cheeks. I wanted to sit on the end of the table facing the bar but Alice and Jasper took that spot. He said that Edward went to the men's room. We chatted and placed our drink orders while waiting for him. It was taking longer than normal for Edward to arrive I thought he bailed.

"Our man is so nervous, he's drinking at the bar. Let me go get him," Jasper said before standing up.

I was going to look over at the bar to sneak a peek for my guy but Alice spoke, "Bella, I promise you he's a great guy. He's just a little off because he's nervous. Here they come."

While Alice stood and greeted her cousin, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath trying to calm my nerves. You can do it, Swan. It's only one date.

"Bella, meet my cousin Edward," Alice chirped.

I looked up to the man standing to my side. My man. Edward Masen's my man. He was still distractedly looking at the bar. He was looking for me and that thought made me smile. Alice pulled at his arm and he finally got to look at me. Shock was evident on his face but it was quickly replaced by amusement and pleasure. We stared at each other for awhile.

"I was waiting for you," Edward said, reaching for my hand.

"I know. I thought you left."

"I wouldn't."

Jasper cleared his throat, "I'm guessing you know each other?"

"No," we answered at the same time.

"Right. So, Edward, meet Bella Swan. Bella meet Edward Masen."

"Hello, Bella."

"Hello, Edward."

Alice squealed, "This is so perfect!"

After a few minutes Alice and Jasper left us to our date. Saying that Edward and I were happy with how this blind date turned out would be an understatement. We were beyond happy. This is the best blind date ever!

So even when it was over, it's still perfect.

"Can I see you again, Bella?" Edward asked when we were outside my apartment building. The date went pretty well. Edward and I had ice cream after dinner and walked around the neighborhood. We talked about anything and everything under the sun... or the moon. I had a great time and I think he did, too.

"I'd love that," I replied without hesitation.

He smiled. God he's so beautiful!

He leaned forward and kissed me. It's a slow, sweet kiss. It's the best first kiss I've ever had and I don't want to stop. But we had to. A neighbor of mine needed to get in and we're blocking the door.

Edward and I said our good night and I walked inside. I saw him left when I was about to get in to the elevator. I smiled to myself. Best date ever.

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