WOMAN-TO-MAN: Are you for real?

"Edward, faster," I said panting under him.

"Bella," he moaned when he picked up his pace. I am meeting him half way. God! Why I didn't sleep with this man the first time we met is my greatest regret. Damn! Edward Masen is great in the sack! He showed me how great he is during the Memorial Day weekend. Yup. We shared a room and we didn't care how loud we were because all our friends were drunk! But the huge grin we were sporting the next day was a dead giveaway. Alice practically squealed our ears off.

"Just right there. God… I'm coming… Fuck!"

"Fuck! Bella!"

"Don't stop… ahhhh… Edward!" I came. And Edward followed while repeatedly saying how amazing and beautiful I am then we fell asleep. Hmmm…

This feels so good to be true; what Edward and I have.

Edward is so perfect in so many ways but nobody's perfect, is there? Sometimes I'm afraid to open my eyes when waking up in the morning because I'm afraid that this is all a dream and he'll be gone. But this is real and he is here, on your bed. Thank God for that!

"Good morning, Beautiful."

Hmmm… I love waking up to that sound. And to the feel of what his hands are doing to me right now. It's going down, down, down… ooohhhh… and in! Fuck!

"Oh I intend to, Beautiful." And he did. We did. What a great way to start the day.

"Go take a shower while I start on breakfast."

"Are you sure you don't want to join me?"

"Believe me, I'd loved to, but I know you have an important meeting to go to this morning. I don't want you to be late because I molested you in the bathroom."

"Oh shit! I forgot about that! What time is it?"

He chuckled, "Relax. I'd set up the alarm an hour early so that I could at least molest you on the bed instead."

See? Perfect!

"You're an amazing guy, Edward, you know that?" I kissed him deep.

He moaned. "If you say so. Now go before I make you call out sick." He slapped my ass when I turned to go to the bathroom and I giggled at that. Yup! Giggled!

Edward and I left for work together. He drove his Lexus and I drove my Lincoln. I know this sound pathetic but I really wish that this was an everyday occurrence. Everything that I do with him feels so right… so normal. You're planning to marry the guy already?! No I'm not! Uh-huh. Please don't run my day. My head went quiet. Thank you! I should probably see a shrink. Nah!

The day at the office progressed as usual. We got three new clients so my day was pretty busy, as usual. When I got home, I was contemplating on cooking or just ordering in but gave up and hit the shower instead. I wish Edward was here. I can't believe I miss him already. I must've really liked the guy. Obviously!

When I got out of the shower my phone is ringing.


"Bella! Where are you?"

"Esme? I'm home. Why? "

"Alice and I are going out to grab dinner and may be a few drinks. Do you wanna come with us?"

"No Jasper and Carlisle?" I asked surprised. It has been a long time since we had a ladies' night.

"They went to a sports bar and said that they will drag Edward with them."

"Oh okay. Where should I meet you?"

"Let's just share a cab. We'll be there in 30. See you!"

The girls and I ended up in Chelsea. I was informed during our cab ride that Rose was supposed to join us but Em surprised her with a trip to Aspen to get her off the pressure of the wedding preparation.

"So, Bells, how are you liking my cousin? You guys have been going out for weeks now so I guess everything is great?"

Great is an understatement, Alice Brandon. Try PERFECT. Oh he's so perfec!. But I'm not telling her that.

"Look, Al, she's blushing! You haven't blushed for a long time, Bella!"

"Damn, Es! I'm not blushing! It's just too warm here." They both looked at me skeptically. Damn blush!

"So tell us, Bells!" Alice demanded.


"About you and my cousin, Genius! How are you guys? Do you like him a lot?"

"Ally, I think you know the answer to that."

"Yeah and yet neither of you thanked me for setting you up! I had to endure both of your stubbornness and needed to use all my charms to get you both to agree, you know."

Alice is pretending to be pissed but I know better. She wants us to kiss her ass because she is right, as always and she wants us to acknowledge it. She wants to make sure that we know that she knows us really well and that she knows what's best for us. Ha! Well… yeah but Edward and I agreed to not acknowledge Alice's role in our blossoming "relationship" because we are just that stubborn! And we don't want her to get the upper hand. And I don't want to admit that if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be this happy.

Happy; easy to spell but hard to achieve. But it was easier with Edward that it scares me sometimes. He knows me inside and out and we've only just been going out for almost two months. Just thinking about him does something inside me and the anticipation of seeing him again makes me smile like an idiot! What if this feeling suddenly ends? Surely, no one can be this happy? The other shoe will always have to drop, right? Shit!

"Bella, are you okay? You look pale all of a sudden."

"Seriously, Bells, I was just kidding. You don't need to thank me so don't worry about it."

I shook my head to clear my mind. I really have to thank Alice and if Edward feels as happy as I am he would, too. "Honestly, Alice, thank you. Edward is an amazing guy. You must really love me."

"You know I do and I love him so I know you're a perfect match. But there's something bothering you, Bells. What is it?"

"It's nothing."

"You can talk to us, Bella. Whatever it is we wouldn't judge."

I took a sip of my wine and a deep breath. "This is really embarrassing… you guys would think that I'm crazy."

Alice scoffed, "Oh we know you're crazy!" Esme and I giggled.

"Oh shut up! Us crazies flock together!"

"I'll drink to that!" said Esme. We all did.

"Go ahead, Bells. What's bothering you?"

I sighed, "I just feel that… what Edward and I have… is too good to be true, you know?"

"Honestly… no, I don't know," Alice replied with a confused look on her face.

"He makes me feel so happy that sometimes I'm scared that it will all be… gone. I'm not used to this. My life has always been average, ordinary and now with him my life feels… extraordinary. Men don't make women's life extraordinary. They always screw up somehow. No one can be this happy, right? Something unexpected is always bound to happen."

"Oh, Bella, you're freaking out for nothing! Yes, something is always bound to happen but it doesn't always have to be a negative thing."

"Esme is right, B. And besides, everyone deserves to be and that includes you. So please don't freak out and let my cousin continue on making you happy."

"You're right. I'm freaking out… over thinking as usual. I am happy and I deserve to be happy so I will be happy!"


My girls are right. I should stop freaking out and let destiny work its magic on us.

Later that night, I found Edward waiting outside my apartment building. He gave me his killer smile and I took his hand then dragged him towards my building and let him make me happy. I made him happy, too.

Is it too soon to give him a key?

So sorry... I hope someone's still reading. Thanks!