The Final Straw

Warning: Mentions of past event with Meg while Sam was possessed that have slight non-con elements but it's only in mention.

Chapter Four

Groaning at the dull ache in his head, Dean Winchester didn't bother to hide or muffle the low groan of pain that came as consciousness returned.

A quick memory hit him of fear for his brother after remembering that Sam wasn't in bed and the motel room door was opened and then it had all gone black for him.

Waking up with a headache, he blinked a few times only to see that night had fallen again and the only light in the room was coming through the window since no lights were on, the door was closed and it seemed like a chair was jammed under the knob as if to keep something out…or make it harder to get out.

Swearing under his breath about stupid demons, he went to move only to come to the equally fast and very frustrating conclusion that his arms had been tied behind his back and his ankles also seemed to be tied, leaving him unable to move on the floor. "Oh you have got to be freakin' kidding me with this shit," he groaned again, struggling in the ropes to see if he could break them or escape the knots only to become a little concerned at feeling how tight they were. "Sonuabitch!"

Dean cursed both himself and the demon he figured had followed them from Palo Alto to get the drop on them again but right then his immediate concern was for his younger brother who had already been hurt too badly over this mess and he would kindly rip someone's lungs out if they laid hands on Sam again.

The training he'd received allowed Dean to slowly feel the other presence in the room as he stopped fighting the ropes to take several deep breaths, fear for Sam's safety and anger at himself making it very hard to stay calm right then.

"Where's my brother?" he demanded, voice dropping into the pissed off deeper tone he got when dealing with bullies, assholes, or monsters.

"Funny…that's kinda what I want to know too."

Dean had been expecting to hear the sneering voice of whatever poor soul the demon possessed to track them but the quietly, slightly shaky but hiding his fear voice that finally did speak from the darkness had his head jerking around to make himself look through the inky darkness to see…

"Sam?" he stared hard to adjust his still swimming vision to the darkness before he finally located the long limbed body that was currently pulled up tightly into a corner. "Sammy? What the…"

The sound of his pistol cocking along with the way Sam seemed to be shaking as he sat in the corner with wide glassy hazel eyes staring at him both warily and fearfully told Dean this was not a good thing.

"Don't call me that!" Sam snapped, voice raw from screaming and the burn of the straight whiskey making it sound that much rawer. "Only…only Dean can call me that and…where's my brother?"

Shifting to his side carefully so he could look at Sam where he sat, it slowly began to dawn on Dean what must have happened and he gave himself another harsh curse for leaving his brother to wake up alone, scared, and uncertain if the ritual to cast out the demon had worked.

"I'm me, Sam," he tried to assure the confused and frightened younger man, wishing he wasn't tied up because touching Sam had always worked to calm him down but Dean suspected that given what his brother had just been put through that he was lucky to just be tied up on the floor of the motel room. "Untie me and I can prove that to you."

Sam stared at the thing with his brother's face and voice and nearly moved toward it on instinct but jerked back into the corner, drawing his legs up to his chin as if trying to protect himself from more cruel punishment. "Won't…won't be tricked again," he hissed, eyes wild now and his hands shook as he tried to keep the weapon steady. "You won't…won't hurt…"

"No, no one's gonna you again, Sam," Dean assured him, attempting to scoot a little closer on the floor but soon realized that was a mistake when his slightly move freaked his still in shock and barely with it little brother out.

"NO!" Sam screamed, scrambling out of the corner along the wall until he bumped into the chair he'd jammed under the door. "I'll…kill…let Dean go! Just let him go and…"

Sam wasn't sure what was happening or where he was. He'd passed out hanging from the ceiling of his old apartment after being tortured by a demon possessing his brother. He woke up in a motel with every wound cleaned and dressed.

Panic had set in shortly after his eyes had opened and he heard the muffled voice in the bathroom, not certain what was happening or if the damn demon was gone.

A look outside the motel room had showed him the Impala was there, the voice he heard told him Dean…or what was Dean's body at least was with him in the room but his brother never would leave him to wake up alone.

He'd dug for a pair of sweatpants to wear since he'd only been in sleep shorts but feared the demon's promises since this was also bringing back too many memories of when Meg had possessed him. He wanted to hide, to escape but he couldn't leave Dean but Sam didn't know what to believe by this point.

"Sam…listen to me," Dean groaned as his shoulder pulled a little as he struggled to keep Sam in his line of sight in the dark room. "Turn a light on so we can see each other and I'll prove I'm me," he urged gently, hearing the sound of gasping breaths and knew how close Sam was to hyperventilating. "Please, Sam. I can't hurt you while I'm tied like this. Turn the light on first."

The soothing tone of voice, the gentleness in it calmed Sam's breathing down without him even being aware of it and he stared at the body on the floor before slowly moving across the floor without ever dropping his gaze to finally find the table by the bed with a lamp on it, reaching up with trembling fingers to turn it on low.

He blinked glassy eyes, one still swelled badly, against the sudden glare but cautiously looked to see Dean watching him and he began looking around the room against as if needing a place to hide.

"Sam…look at me," Dean didn't miss the wildness or the pure fear he could see radiating out of his brother and tried to not let it hurt that he'd allowed Sam to be hurt to the point that his little brother, the boy he'd been looking after since he was six months old, would be so damn petrified of him. "Sammy."

Dropping his head to his chest, Sam's fingers still held the gun but it was no longer pointed at Dean…though it was too close to being pointed at Sam's own chest for his brother's comfort. "Shut up," the younger man murmured, fingers of his other hand reaching up to curl around his own anti-possession medallion. "Want De'n."

Finding it hard to breathe with as tight as his chest was getting the longer it went that Sam wouldn't look at him or listen to him, Dean tried to think of how to handle this and knowing he needed to get his brother to believe him because it was obvious to him that Sam was close to crashing again.

"The demon's gone, Sam. It left me in Palo Alto after he put my medallion in my hand while the laptop ran the exorcism ritual…sneaky move by the way, little brother," he smirked a little, hoping he could keep calm and not freak Sam out more. "Want to tell me why you had that on your computer anyway?"

"Teach you the ritual," Sam mumbled, letting his cheek rest on his knees when he drew them up again. "Your Latin…Dean's Latin sucks and won't practice…so figured play it while you slept and maybe you'd…he'd pick it up," he tensed at how unsure he was if what he was doing was right.

Dean sounded like himself, his eyes were green and not flashing black but Sam had been fooled once and didn't want to risk it again…he couldn't let the demon close to him if he was just pretending to be his brother. He couldn't let it hurt him again but he also didn't want Dean to be hurt either.

"Cute…a little too much like something I'd do but still cute," Dean rolled his eyes, wincing as that made his head hurt and he had to roll onto his back to try to stop the swimming his eyes were doing again. "You know shooting me won't help, right? Demons aren't affected by bullets…not that I am one since you got rid of it, Sam. You saved both of our asses back there when I couldn't.

"I wanted to, Sam. I wanted to help you and I fought that bastard as much as I could," he sighed, twisting his hands to see if he could get any give in the ropes when a sound made him turn his head to see that Sam was slowly scooting closer to him. "I'd never hurt you and right now don't blame you for being afraid of me after what I did…or what it did with my hands…but you know that I would've found some way, anyway, to make certain it didn't touch you like that."

Sam's head jerked up at that, not wanting to remember the demon's promises of worse to come or what it might have told Dean about Meg. "Shut up."

"Why didn't you tell me about what else happened during that lost time with Meg, Sam?" Dean knew he was pushing but he also knew he needed Sam focused on something other than his own thoughts and fears for the moment. "Is that why you wouldn't sleep unless we were in the Impala? You were having nightmares and didn't want to tell me about what? Why?"

"Caused enough…trouble by what happened when she possessed me. I didn't want you…Dean to be more ashamed of me and…" Sam's voice dropped to below a whisper, shoulders hunching more as he seemed to actually get smaller and once again Dean was reminded of how innocent Sam could still look when hurt or frightened. "Thought about throwing the…money away but then remembered what Dad always said about wasting money so I…hid it but won't touch it cause it's dirty money and…"

Dean rolled back to his side to let his eyes zero in on Sam's pale face, seeing the tears on his cheeks that he knew his brother couldn't feel. "Money?" he repeated warily, knowing his voice must have changed a pitch when Sam jerked back a little.

The demon while in possession had only been too happy to tell Dean a few things that his brother hadn't about that event with Meg but he'd assumed that the damn demon bitch had goaded the bikers in a bar until they attacked and raped his brother…which would be bad enough for Sam to handle.

Now he realized the situation was even worse and why Sam wouldn't have told him or wanted him or anyone to know. Being raped because the demon possessing you had instigated a fight was one thing but to have had that demon use Sam's body to sell sex while his brother was helpless in his own mind made Dean sick and vowed to one day make the bitch pay for that.

"Sammy, you should've told me," he wanted to comfort, to touch and just hold the shaking boy but knew even if he wasn't tied that it wasn't the time yet to touch Sam.

His brother would need to come to the realization that Dean was his brother and not the demon who'd hurt him before touching Sam in any way would be allowed.

"I wouldn't have been ashamed of you. You couldn't have stopped her. I know you tried and I told you none of that was your fault," Dean's breath stilled at the feel of Sam moving close enough that you could reach out to touch Dean if he wanted to. "In the top of the duffel bag, there's salt and Holy water. Test me with it if you want or say the ritual again to be sure but I'm swearing to you that I'm me. Ask me something."

"Demon would know everything you…he…damn it!" Sam's voice broke on an aggravated sob, slumping on the floor with his arms wrapped around his knees while staring into his brother's wet eyes and slowly moved a hand almost hesitantly to reach out a finger to touch Dean's cheek, frowning a bit more at the wetness there. "What's…why're you…Dean doesn't cry…ever," he murmured, wary as he watched the tiny smirk turn wry.

"I do but never in front of you," Dean told him quietly, making certain to hold Sam's eyes as he went on while hoping his voice stayed steady for this. "Dad always said emotions made you weak. I bury mine while you always wore them on your sleeve but when Dad wasn't around and I'd gotten you down for the night then I would because it wasn't as easy as I made it out to be, Sammy."

A little surprised that Sam didn't pull back or move away but kept his fingers where they were as he seemed to be listening, Dean took a shaky breath because this was treading into dangerous waters that he never wanted to go because he'd worked damn hard to never let Sam see the dark side of their lives when he'd been little or how hard it was to manage things when he was older.

"It wasn't easy to keep you as safe as Dad wanted when all you wanted was to be a normal little boy but I did my best to give you what normal that I could. It wasn't easy to stay six steps ahead of nosy neighbors at the motels who'd ask where Dad was and I always had to be prepared for CPS to pay a visit and make sure there was food for you to eat and money for rent and school lunches.

"All those nights I'd put you to bed after dinner and homework were done and I'd go sit someplace and sometimes I'd cry because it wasn't fair on you to not have the life all the other kids got to have but I'd suck it up and do it again the next day because that's what I did. I looked out for you and promised myself that you'd never see my break…not even after Dad when all you wanted was to help and I'd shove you away did I let you see me lose it," he suddenly swallowed the lump in his throat, wanting to look away but didn't as a flicker of something began to show in his brother's eyes.

"I left you alone in here today because I didn't want you waking up to your no chick flick moments big brother having a meltdown as I remembered feeling every time that thing inside me hurt you. I could feel it every time it hit you or cut you or when it would say crap to you that I could see pieces of that big heart breaking and I can't take it back, Sam. I can't take back the last two days for you and…"

Dean finally had to close his eyes or the scene he'd been trying to avoid would happen anyway and it was easier to do this, risk it all, if he didn't have to look into those too huge, in shock, wet puppy dog eyes that never failed to break him.

"I don't blame you for not trusting me or not believing it's me after what I did to you and…I get that it'll be a while before you can hopefully trust me again to ride with me or be anywhere I am. I get that, I really do. I don't like it because it's killing me to know that you're scared of me and I can hear Dad's voice telling me what a huge screw-up I am because I let some black eyed bastard get inside me and hurt you but promise me that you'll call Bobby or Ellen to come get you until you feel better and…you can even take the Impala since it's pretty much home to you," he bit his lip, suddenly wishing he could move enough to put space between them because Dean was determined not to show how much this was hurting him.

"I'm sorry, Sammy," Dean forced himself to open his eyes to look at Sam one more time, offering a shaky smile. "You need to be in that bed, kid. You're still hurt and we both know Bobby will bitch if you get sicker. Call him and…"

"I'm not calling Bobby cause I'm not going to Bobby's," Sam suddenly spoke, staring at Dean with his head at an angle like he used to when small and trying to make a decision.

Dean blinked at that, silently wondering how the hell the kid could be so hardheaded when he was hurt and thinking his brother was still possessed. "Well, you're not hunting on your own," he replied, figuring once he found a way to get loose that he'd call Bobby to at least meet Sam halfway or come and drive the Impala back to South Dakota until Sam was well.

"No, I'm hunting with you," Sam shot back, a little fire in his eyes are he slowly uncurled a little more with a wince as the stitches in his thigh pulled and he shivered. "I'm not going to Bobby. I'm not going to Ellen. I'm staying with you."

"You think I'm a demon, genius," Dean muttered, not immediately seeing or hearing the change until Sam moved with a definite grimace of pain to reach down to begin to untie the knots that held his ankles together. "Sam?"

His fingers were slow and stiff but Sam worked to untie the knots he'd tied, trying to work up the guts to meet his brother's eyes now. "You'd let me go?" he asked without looking up.

"If you went to Bobby or Ellen," Dean hated when he couldn't pin Sam's emotions down, especially when normally his brother was an open emotional book to him.

"You…let me take the Impala?" his fingers shook more but he felt them begin to loosen. "She's your car."

"She's also the only home you've known other than Bobby's place or Pastor Jim's. You'll still sleep better in the Impala than you will anywhere else so yeah, if you go to Bobby or Ellen then you're taking the car and I'll…make do," Dean grunted as he managed to sit up, not an easy task with his arms tied behind him but he wanted to at least sit up for this.

Sam felt the ropes loosen but took his time removing them as he worked on meeting Dean's eyes. "Do you blame me for Meg?" he asked quietly, hearing the sharp inhale and knew on instinct the muscle on his brother's jaw would be twitching if he looked right then.

"I told you that nothing that damn bitch did while possessing you was your fault," Dean had to be careful not to let his anger that Sam still felt blame for that cloud his voice. "Not when she killed that hunter, not when she went after Jo, not what she did or made you do and…"

"I shot you," Sam mentioned, hearing a groan and not sure if his brother was in pain or if it was Dean's more basic groan of frustration.

"She shot me," Dean corrected, wondering how the hell they'd gotten onto this topic. "Not you, Meg shot me. Huge difference."

Tossing the rope aside, Sam finally lifted his head enough that he could watch his brother's face from under his bangs and eyelashes. "Then why would I blame you for this?" he asked suddenly, tired and aching but not making another move to the bed, going to reach up to untie Dean's wrists but wasn't really surprised when his brother eased back from that.

"Because it was my hands that tried to cut your chest and back to ribbons?" Dean snorted, shaking his head. "Sammy, it was my voice you heard when it taunted you and…"

"And wasn't it my hand that held the gun that shot you in the shoulder and nearly killed you, Dean?" Sam asked softly, seeing the way his brother stilled when he said his name. "If you don't blame me for that or for hitting you at Bobby's before he broke the binding sigil she'd put on me then how cold I blame you for what the demon did to me?

"I know you were fighting it, Dean. I could see that. I know you didn't want it to hurt me and you tried to get me loose and it hurt you because of that," he slowly moved a little closer but felt Dean tense and knew what this was about and he felt a small burst of resentment bubble up. "No, you don't get to do this. You wouldn't let me blame myself for what Meg did so I'm not letting you blame yourself for this just because you think Dad would be disappointed."

Sam's body felt like crap and he knew he needed to free Dean's hands before he passed out though he also knew bringing their Dad into this right now was risky. "Dad got possessed by Yellow Eyes and nearly killed you. Did he apologize, Dean? Did he ever tell you that what he said while possessed wasn't true?"

"Sam, don't…" Dean didn't need those thoughts coming back on top of this, not expecting the hands on his shoulders that latched on tightly while Sam's eyes were clearly having trouble focusing again. "Sammy?"

"Dad got possessed by the very demon that killed Mom. He nearly killed you and got pissed off at me because I cared more about you bleeding to death than finishing it. He never once apologized for it, De'n. I have but you won't let me blame myself so I'll be damned if you'll blame yourself or expect me to or expect me to leave because you didn't see something coming," he declared, fighting back the shock to try to make his brother understand.

"If you hadn't fought back, if you hadn't freed my one hand then I wouldn't have been able to do what I did. You saved us, Dean. You saved us because it was you that taught me not to give up no matter how bad it was and even when I wanted to, even when it was hurting me the most and I wanted to quit I wouldn't because I knew you were still there fighting for me like you always have," he murmured, blinking fast and having to shake his head when little white spots began to float in front of his eyes.

Strong hands pulling him forward into a full hug shocked Sam back to alertness as he blinked at the feel of arms wrapping around him to hold and support. "Huh? How?" he stared into green eyes that were light if still a little unsure. "I hadn't…"

"I taught you how to tie those knots, little brother. There isn't a knot that you can tie that I can't get myself out of if I want to bad enough," Dean replied calmly, not willing to admit that it had taken him longer to free himself than he liked. "I still want you to use the salt and Holy water to reassure yourself that I'm me," he added, feeling the fever under his hands and swearing softly. "Bed, now."

Dean carefully pulled Sam to his feet, glad the bed wasn't that far away since his own head still ached and his legs felt weak from being tied but he eased his brother down to sit beside him, reaching for the blanket.

"Sorry, I hit you," Sam murmured, tired again and wanting to sleep but not before he finished this. "Woke up too fast and…is it gone?"

"It smoked out of me but we're making sure this crap can't happen to us again," Dean smoothed a hand back through Sam's hair, feeling a mild fever but had been expecting that. "I shouldn't have left you alone. I wanted to get the blood off and…lost track of the time."

Sam understood how his brother worked and knew Dean would carry the guilt of this well past the day when the injuries healed. "I wanted to believe it was you, De'n. I did but I was…" he dropped his gaze, looking up only at the feel of a hand on the back of his neck.

"I know, Sam. I don't blame you for being afraid when you woke up. You'd been through Hell," Dean kept his touch light but lightly squeezed his brother's neck like he'd always done to offer support. "I would've been more worried if you hadn't tried to crack my skull…but with my own gun, dude?"

"It was there," Sam yawned, a little worried about sleeping. "Can I sleep?" he asked, knowing the risk of head wounds.

Dean had gone to the duffels to get one of his brother's more worn and softer hoodies that would keep him warm but not pull on any of the stitches or wounds, but paused with his hand on the Holy water. "Yeah, you're eyes aren't dilated like they were. I think you're more in shock from the cuts and just plain tired so you can sleep and I'll be here when you wake up this time."

"You should sleep," Sam was just noticing he was on the only bed in the room and instantly didn't like that implication. "Dean, you are going to sleep, right?"

"Yeah, once I know you're alright I'll crash on the sofa or something," Dean shrugged, bringing what he had in his hands back to the bed but biting his lip a little to hold out the flask of Holy water. "Use this."

"Dean, no," Sam tried to refuse but found himself to too weak to ignore when the flask was placed in his fingers. "Dean…I don't need to use this or salt or anything to prove to me that the demon's gone. You did that because only you'd offer to let me take the Impala because it was home," he laid the flask down away from them before adding quietly. "Besides…I'd already used it."

Dean helped his brother get the hoodie on when he stared at Sam. "You…used it already?" he frowned a little at that. "When?"

"Coated the ropes in salt and holy water after I knocked you out," Sam sounded embarrassed by that, also a little anxious that his brother would be angry. "I wanted to believe it was you after that but…demons can be so damn…and I was…scared," the last word was a whisper.

"I know you were, little brother. So was I," Dean admitted quietly, grabbing for a bottle of water to begin getting liquids down his brother and then sat up with his back against the headboard to rest his head on the wall and smiled a little when he felt what he figured he would.

When Sam was small and frightened or sick, he'd always curled against Dean or used his shoulder for a pillow. This night wasn't any different as Sam waited until he thought his brother was staying still and slowly moved closer until he tucked a pillow against Dean's stomach to lay on it to fell back to sleep. "Stay here until I'm asleep?" he asked, voice getting slurred as sleep came again.

"I'm not moving, Sammy," Dean assured him, carding his fingers through Sam's hair carefully as he slowly felt the tension ease away and knew his brother was sleeping again.

Only once Sam was sleeping did Dean allow his own eyes to close, still hearing the sounds of his brother's muffled voice screaming in pain and knowing he'd be hearing and seeing that for a long time to come because while he was good at telling Sam being possessed by Meg wasn't his fault…he wasn't quite as good at believing his own words.

"It's not happening again, little brother," he promised tightly, firm on this because Dean was already planning a way to make damn certain no demon could do this to either one of them again…if he could just convince Sam to try it.

An hour later had Sam tensing as pain came back and his fingers reached out until they latched onto the amulet Dean wore, another habit his brother still had from childhood, and he let him hold onto it while just talking to him until Sam relaxed again.

Only then did Dean let himself sleep but knew he'd wake at the slightly sound or move from Sam, which is how it always had been as he considered the closest place to get done what he wanted.

Four days later:

"Think Bobby will bitch?" Sam asked curiously, staring into a mirror but still having a hard time not looking at the left over bruises and scars that were healing.

"Ow…I don't it…ow…since it'll keep him from worrying…ow…about us losing the medallions," Dean's fingers slowly relaxed the grip on the chair as the annoying noise from the needle gun finally stopped and he drew in his first full breath since the tattoo artist began his work. "Awesome," he grinned at seeing the finished work.

This latest demon deal had been the final straw for Dean since he wasn't going to allow or risk Sam to be hurt like he had been again.

Normally not big on tattoos, getting the anti-possession mark inked permanently onto their chests meant that no demon would be grabbing a hold of them again and that was what Dean was looking for.

He'd been surprised that Sam had only been slightly uneasy and had stayed by his brother's side while he was getting his done.

"Alright boys, follow the instructions on the paper to keep them clean and to avoid any infection and you should be fine," the older man who worked at the tattoo shop in downtown LA hadn't asked any questions about the odd designs his current customers wanted and actually found it hard not to smile a few times when the older boy gave his younger brother little words of encouragement to focus past the pain…and then he was the one making noise through his. "Three hundred for both."

Dean had known the price before hand and had cringed but reached for his wallet only to have Sam shove a plain white envelope into his hands before walking outside to wait. "Sam? What the hell is…holy shit," he had to be quick to cover his surprise at the sight of more than a thousand dollars and suddenly knew what it was from.

He paid the man, added a tip and hurried to find his brother sitting inside the Impala, fidgeting nervously. "What do you want to do with the rest of it?" he asked after getting behind the wheel.

"Don't care," Sam muttered, fingers tapping on his knee until Dean's hand clamped down over his to keep him still and he was shaking again. "Figured it was right to pay for the tattoos with that money since it was made cause Meg basically sold…"

"Stop," Dean ordered firmly, tossing the envelope onto the dash before reaching over to carefully turn Sam toward him. "Again, nothing I say or do will take that back but like I've said you weren't in control. What she did was wrong and it was something I know you didn't want or do but I also don't want it eating you up because I'm not ashamed of you over it. Now, what do you want to do with the rest of the money?"

Sam chewed his lip, but shook his head. "I guess keep it to use for ammo or stuff," though he really didn't like that idea he'd been trained too well to burn money like he'd wanted to since touching it for the first time after getting control back and remembering the bar, the pool table, the bikers…

"No, we're not using it for that," Dean had read his brother's face and also wanted the money gone, away from Sam and maybe use it for something to take the haunted look that still came into his brother's eyes away when he noticed a sign on a bus driving by with a smile. "Sammy…ever been to Disneyland?"

"What?" Sam stared at his brother, a little startled to see his calm smile and the glitter in his green eyes before he followed where Dean was staring and blinked. "But…I thought we were on the way to…"

Tapping a finger on the envelope of cash, Dean smiled while pointing again to the advertisement. "We're blowing this money on something fun for a change and…Dad always promised to take you. He didn't so I will," he knew he'd made the right choice the moment Sam's eyes lit up and he coughed to cover the emotions that came when he had an arm full of little brother.

"Thanks, Dean," Sam smiled, settling back but not before feeling the fingers on his neck.

"Yeah, well, I'm fairly certain there's no clowns there…only a mouse and a duck so we should be good," Dean smiled again at Sam's snort, starting the car and heading off with the hopes that he could at least give Sam a few happy days to try to take away from the dark memories his brother had these past few days and months. "I'll even buy you mouse ears."

"Shut up, Dean," Sam rolled his eyes, settling back in the seat to sleep. Feeling safe like he always did in the Impala even though he knew Dean wasn't letting him near the trunk for fear of it bringing back bad memories.

Glad the tattoos would protect them, Sam wished it would be as simple to stay safe from everything else in their lives and knowing that Dean would do whatever it took to do that because that was just how his big brother worked and he wouldn't have it any other way.

The End

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