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Chapter 0: A new beginning, and a new blunder…

Inside an apartment…

"You want to risk using a new form of transportation?" A woman with blue hair asked as she looked at a woman with orange hair.

"Subaru, it has been tested and there was no issue." The orange haired woman stated as she sighed.

"Tia, I don't know…" Subaru stated as she looked at the window. "Was it tested for people like me?"

"Didn't say; but we can't waste time on our vacation on a ship." Teana stated as she looked at the other woman.

"I'll concede, but…" Subaru stated as she held up a finger. "If anything goes wrong I get to say I told you so."

"Fine." Teana muttered as they heard the door open and a girl walked in. "Hey Ixy, last day of school?"

"Yeah, so are we going?" Ixy asked as she saw that her parents were waiting for her.

"Yeah, but Subaru doesn't like the way I planned to go to Earth." Teana stated.

"She has a point." A small figure stated coming out of the bathroom. "It was tested in a lab right?"

"Yeah, so what, Wirbelsturm?" Teana replied with a little venom.

"Whoa, you both have a point, but Master's cybernetics and my body might not have been considered when it was built. But if it does work, you can tell master what she wants to say." Wirbelsturm stated diplomatically.

"Okay, is that fair Su?" Teana asked.

"Yeah." Subaru stated as she looked at the window. "I just have a bad feeling is all."

Two days later…

"Take care." Hayate stated as she dropped them off. "And Ixy, keep a close eye on them."

"Why would I?" Ixy retorted. "I'm not wanting to get pointers from my parents anytime soon."

"What does it take to convert someone to skinship?" Hayate muttered as she drove off.

"She is at it again." Subaru sighed.

"Well she did try to get Deici into it and nearly freaked the base as she ran." Teana replied as they walked into the place.

"Reason for being here?" The guard at the desk asked.

"Four for the test of long distance transport." Teana stated.

"Oh yeah, the technical staff will be here shortly." The guard stated as he looked at the two older women in the room. "I can't place it but I think I've seen you on T.V."

"Uh… Really?" Subaru asked as she looked scared.

"Now I remember! You two are part of the Riot Force." The guard stated as he chuckled. "I'm Ian Gauss. I was a student of Captain Takamachi, is she as tough on recruits as she was when she started?"

"I don't think that has changed." Teana replied as someone in a lab coat walked up. "Hi Dr. Patil, right?"

"Correct." The doctor stated. "You brought exactly the amount I requested."

"So what will we be doing?" Subaru asked as she and the rest of the group followed the doctor.

"That is the most brilliant idea I had when I started here." The doctor stated as they stopped in front of two large doors with two large lights on the two upper corners, one on each side.

[Username.] a console asked making the doctor lean over.

"Padma Patil." Padma stated as one of two lights lit.

[Input command code.] the console asked as a keypad slid out.

"Sorry about this, the company is a stickler for security." Padma stated as she rapidly entered a code.

[Accepted.] the console stated as the other light lit and the doors opened.

"Welcome to the next step in travel." Padma stated as she pointed to a white room with a glass enclosure above it.

"Okay…" Wirbelsturm and Subaru looked amazed by the look of the project.

"This will be the first actual run without it being a test. This is to make sure it does what we say it does." Padma stated as she lead them into the room. "By the way, where are your bags?"

"Our devices are storing them." Teana replied.

"Okay, I'll be in the command room just wait in the white room." Padma stated as she went through another set of doors.

"Okay I have to admit this is more than what I thought it would be." Subaru stated as she was frowning. "But I'm still not one hundred percent sure that this will work."

"Normally you are the upbeat one." Teana stated as she looked at Ixy and sighed. "Why are you doing that?"

"Nove, told me to practice when I'm just waiting." Ixy replied as she was doing slow movements of light punches.

{Get ready, the sequence has been started.} Padma stated as they saw the enclosure comedown. {Don't worry there is air vents in the floor. The reason for the enclosure is the fact that the energy involved tends to get out of control.} Padma stated as the group heard a hum.

With Padma…

"So far so good…" Padma stated to herself as an alarm rang out as they were fading from sight. "That is not good! Bring them back before we lose them!" Padma shouted at another technician.

"We can't ma'am, at least one of them wasn't thought about." The technician replied.

"What do you mean?" Padma shouted as she ran over to the console. "A Cyborg? I thought that was a cover story?" Padma asked as she looked at a screen. "Record all the data, we have some explaining to do." Padma stated as she sat in a chair. "Just great, the one thing my sister keeps telling me, haunts me for the rest of my life."

With the three mages and unison device…

"This is what I was talking about!" Subaru shouted as they are falling from the sky.

A/N: I'll be revealing where the group ended up at in the next chapter... How long will it be before Subaru, Teana, Ixy, and Wirbelsturm be rescued... and where are they going to be and what adventures will be had...