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Chapter 16: Finals anyone… Pt 5…

Back in arena…

"Are the two of you ready?" Genma asked as he looked at the two teens. 'We might have to restructure the arena for next year if things get even more blown up.' He thought as they both nodded. "Begin!"

"Try this Ixy!" Naruto shouted as he rushed her and sent a right hook into the shroud and to everyone's amazement, but not Ixy's, it shattered. "How?" Naruto asked as he skidded from her dodge.

"A strong enough hit can break it." Ixy stated. "Though there are times that even strength alone can't break it." She stated as she brought out the gun and aimed it at him. "Shoot!" She commanded and shot six orbs right at Naruto and was shocked when Naruto went up in smoke. 'Wonder if it is due to him being that weird term… no Gaara would have broke it then… or it might have been the strength of his maybe…' Ixy thought as she dodged to her right as Naruto rose up in an uppercut only to be reduced to smoke by another shot. "Naruto you know you can't beat me like this." Ixy stated as she flipped the gun into a sword.

"I do." Naruto stated as he and five others leaped into the air surrounding her and latched on and promptly exploded. "Take this Ixy."

"Not bad, not bad at all." Ixy stated as she sat next to Naruto. "By the way."

"Bang!" Naruto stated as he exploded.

"You move fast for someone that mimicked a fighting style." Ixy stated as she landed from the dust cloud.

"What does it take to knock you down!" Naruto shouted as he rushed at her again making her looked at him sadly.

"This isn't how you fought Neji." Ixy stated as her eyes widened. "Nice try." She stated as she ducked under a wild haymaker from behind. "But Vivio has tried that tactic so often on me I have a sixth sense about it."

"Really?" Naruto asked as the ground ruptured sending her flying only for her to land on a blue-black roadway. "What is that?"

"Wing Road. I can only use it when I need a firm place to stand in a fight in the air." Ixy stated as she looked at Naruto. 'He has improved. I should have watched his training with mom.' She thought as she took several deep breaths. "Hey Naruto don't hold back. If you do you won't win." Ixy stated as she back-flipped off the roadway and landed on the ground.

"Right back at you Ixy." Naruto stated as he rushed at her and she did the same.

In the stands…

"I think Ixy is actually enjoying herself in a fight." Subaru stated making the jonins look at her. "Normally Ixy has to hold back due to her own physical strength and power, save for some of her teammates."

"True, but out of her teammates Naruto reminds me of Vivio and Einhart combined." Teana stated making Subaru nod. "And that would mean that Ixy will soon be showing off soon."

"She hasn't enjoyed a fight since the Intermid tournament." Subaru stated making Teana mutter something.

On the cradle…

"Oh boy…" Vivio stated as she looked giddy. "I want to fight him too!"

"Get in line." Einhart muttered also with a weird smirk.

"Should we be worried?" Nove asked with a straight face.

"Naw, they all tend to do that when they see an opponent that they want to fight." Nanoha stated with a sigh. "It got so bad that I took them all on just to calm them down after the Intermid tournament fiasco."

"Oh… So that is the Belkan Kings in them wanting to prove themselves?" Nove asked getting a nod. "And what happens if he defeats Ixy?"

"Then double their antics." Nanoha muttered. "For some reason they don't mind losing to another member… but one that can beat them… the gloves are buried…"

Back on the ground…

"You can regenerate?" Ixy asked with a giant smirk. "I'm going to have so much FUN!"

'KIT MOVE!' Naruto heard and he dodged the attack at the last second. "Ixy are you trying to kill me?" Naruto asked as he then noticed the look on her face. "Ixpellia?"

"I told you to come at me with everything!" Ixy stated as she stood up from her last attack as she aimed at him with her gunblade in gun mode. "If you don't I'm not going to be able to enjoy this any more."

"You want me to go full out not knowing what you are capable of?" Naruto asked as he looked surprised.

"Why not, you already showed that you could bypass my Kaiser Shroud. That means that I shouldn't hold back on you, but I rather not kill you." Ixy stated as she settled into a stance that looked odd with her holding a gun.

'She has to have a weakness…' Naruto thought as he leaped back and summoned more clones to help him. 'What that weakness is… what is it…'

"More of those clones?" Ixy stated as she started to dance through them and creating a massive dust cloud.

"Sexy… Whoa!" Naruto shouted as he dodged a shot.

"I'm not letting you get that one off." Ixy stated as the smoke cleared with her sword swing. "You have to beat me with skill not abusing my personal tastes."

'Damn…' Naruto thought as he sighed. "I guess it can't be helped."

"What can't be helped?" Ixy asked as Naruto charged at her creating more clones in the process and intermixing himself into the group.

"Now this is interesting." Ixy stated as she looked about the group. "Thirty-five to one. My kind of odds." She stated as she started to defeat all the clones with shots and slashes leaving only four left. "I missed four?"

"No, I created more while you were killing the others." One of them stated as even more clones appeared.

"Endless Army…" Ixy stated with a smirk. "I'm really going to enjoy this fight."

'Kit dodge to the left!' Naruto heard but ducked under the swing and got blown back by a blast of wind that defeated all the clones. "How?"

"Sonic Slash." Ixy stated as she walked over to him. "It's over."

"Are you sure?" Naruto asked with a smirk.

"Yes, one the one behind me would have moved in for the killing blow if you were a clone." Ixy stated as she hovered her sword over his body. "As such we are in a checkmate situation. "I win because if your clone attacks I win."

"Proctor I give." Naruto stated with a sigh as the clone dispersed.

"If it means anything, you gave me a great fight." Ixy stated with a friendly smile. "I haven't let loose like that in years."

"I can see what you mean by killing me, I had to substitute with a clone a few times to prevent myself from getting killed." Naruto stated as he looked at her.

"I got a little too into the match." Ixy stated as she walked to the rest of the genin.

"Wait, Ixy, you are in the next match." Genma stated making her stop.

"Wha… don't I get a break?" Ixy asked as she blinked.

"Good luck Ix." Naruto stated as he walked off.

"It's Ixy!" Ixy corrected as she sighed. "Might as well make this short."

A/N: Naruto vs Ixy... Some might think that I overpowered Ixy, but she has had more training than Naruto has... But Naruto is powerful enough to break the Kaiser Shroud that Ixy has because Kurama is the strongest out of the bunch, which means he does have an edge over her... The next fight is Ixy vs someone in the running still, any guesses, and no it isn't Sasuke... Oh and ZERO, I update this story on Tuesdays, or close to it...