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Chapter 24: Dark Signs…

On board the Cradle several days later…

"I know Chrono, I did make arrangements for this. Vivio Takamachi is willing to use the Cradle to leave a marker on the next visit here." Harry stated as he sat on a bed.

{Still what is so important about the place?} Chrono asked getting Harry to sigh.

"How about proof that Al-Hazard existed." Harry stated getting a frown. "We also found out why Daphne's device is similar but highly different than a Mid-Childan device."

{And why is that?} Chrono asked as he sighed.

"It is Al-Hazardian. And the temple reacted to Otto, which means Nanoha and her family might be the same. I'm requesting an exploration team to be dispatched to the temple, with a diplomatic team as well." Harry stated as he sighed. "I had no choice but to leave a member on the planet, but as the Cradle can move through the null, I thought it was the better move."

{Understood, I'll get in touch with the Library and the Church to collaborate on this. What have the natives been told?} Chrono asked.

"Not much, they think we are from the other side of the planet… well save the few that we are taking with us." Harry stated as he looked at a few files.

{And they are being brought why?} Chrono asked as he didn't look happy.

"Hyuuga Hinata, her father paid Nanoha to help her with her confidence and get her stronger." Harry replied as he brought up her data. "Momochi Haku, Signum and Fate was asked to teach her how to fight with her sword, and Signum wants that sword studied as well. Kurama Yakumo, again asked by her family to be checked over by our forces as Tsunade, a medic of theirs that rivals that of Shamal, couldn't figure what was wrong; Shamal did and is worried about her. That is all of them." Harry stated as several other screens showed up.

{I can see the reasons for them.} Chrono stated as he sighed. {Just don't let them get too aquatinted with the ease of things.}

"Understood." Harry replied before looking at the ceiling as the screen vanished.

In another room on the ship…

"You are in the range of my divinity." Hinata stated as she rushed a blonde girl with two different eye colors.

"Your attacks just bypass my defensive shroud," the girl stated as she flickered to a new spot away from Hinata, "but it doesn't work if you can't hit me."

"You are just as tricky as your mother." Hinata stated as she was breathing hard. "I have to improve."

"Pushing yourself too far is just as bad." The girl stated as she looked at the door. "And I have to be back on the bridge soon."

"Why?" Hinata asked as she stood ready to fight some more.

"I'm the pilot of this vessel." Vivio stated as she smiled. "And you already lost, I don't want to hurt you."

"I haven't lost yet…" Hinata stated as she started to run at Vivio.

"You just did." Vivio stated as she frowned. "I never said it was just hand to hand did I?"

"Wha?" Hinata stated as a rainbowed colored sphere hit her in the back. "When did you?"

"Cast that, when I moved away from you." Vivio stated as she knelt down. "You are a great fighter, you have several ways to improve yourself, but the biggest thing you need is confidence."

"But I still can't beat…" Hinata started to say.

"My family is the worst to compare to." Vivio stated making Hinata look surprised. "Yeah, mom, if she wanted to, can destroy a planet. Well that is theoretical at the moment, she rather not try her ultimate move aimed down at a planet and at her full power."

"That's correct." Nanoha stated as she walked in. "We all are extremely strong, Hinata. With training you too can be just as powerful."

"Like Sakura?" Hinata asked as she got a nod. "Then I will try my best."

"That's the spirit." Nanoha stated as she helped the girl up. "Now I saw the end of the match, Vivio can I have Chris's combat data?"

"Yeah, I'll send it to you after I get to the bridge." Vivio stated as she left the room.

"Where is this Chris?" Hinata asked as she looked about the room.

"Chris is Scared Heart's pet name." Nanoha stated getting a laugh from the girl. "You have the drive to be stronger, and that is what I look for in my students. Just remember I don't go easy on them."

"I do." Hinata replied.

In the engine room…

"I so want to see if Graf Eisan can crack it." Vita stated as she looked at the shield around the engine.

"And it will be a draw." Hayate stated as she saw her bedmate looking at it. "In another timeline you did fight that thing, it destroyed Graf Eisen right as it started to crack and shattered."

"Wow, something just as strong as the Ferret's own shield?" Vita stated as she looked amazed. "I think I'll stick to fighting the ferret."

"Good choice, as I don't think the Demon on the ship would like you damaging her family's yacht." Hayate stated.

"Yeah… Good point." Vita stated as she paled.

In Suna…

"I see, so the deliberations for the new leader is still going?" Otto asked as she looked at the sky and sighed. "Why not chose one of his kids?"

"That would be for the best." One elder stated but frowned. "We will take that into consideration. You are dismissed."

"Okay, I'll wait for your reply." Otto stated as she bowed before leaving the chamber. "I'm lucky it wasn't Deed." Otto muttered as Temari walked up. "Hey."

"I was looking for you." Temari stated as she looked at Otto. "Why are you so determined to explore that place?"

"Can we talk somewhere more private?" Otto asked as she looked about. "I'll answer that, if you also answer some of my own."

"I know of a place." Temari stated as she dragged the girl away.

At a research facility on Mid-childa…

"Sir, there is an odd reading coming off the moons." A researcher states in shock.

"What?" Another one shouts. "Why were you wasting time looking at the moons?"

"Well they are approaching an odd state, all three are getting into an alignment." The first one stated.

"What, but they have different revolutions. Record it at once." The second ordered.

In space around the moons a soft blue glow started to develop.

A/N: So ends the first time Riot Force is on Naruto's world, note that it isn't the last time... But what mysterious event is happening on Mid-childa, and will it be dangerous or will it have an impact that is ignored... And if anyone asks who Yakumo is or why, any of those three were taken, will be answered... About the Constant Blue quips, will be answered later in the Adventures of Riot Force, how much later... only for me to know...