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Ian rushed out the door, and to the park that was nearbye, he sighed and sat on the swing the sun slowly beginning to set. The tears he was holding in were now falling down his face...he remembered Anthony's face, the fear in his eyes. How he's almost ripped his throat out. He sniffed, and wiped away his tears...before taking a deep breath.

He stopped and realized...he wasn't hearing voices anymore...and there was no anger, or pain or anything...it was gone. His eyes widened, it was still inside Anthony. And while it may have wanted his body, it knew that as long as he was around...Anthony wouldn't give up because for the longest time, Ian hd been the one encouraging him.

So it entered him, to drive a wedge between them...he clenched his hands tightly int fists before running.

Anthony sat there unable to believe hat happened, his bet frined in the whole world had just tried to kill him...no not him...that thing. He went over to the Ouija Board

" You're the thing inside of me and the man in the ceiling aren't you? You lied to me."

" Of course I did, it was so easy to manipulate you...to groom you, just as I did with all the others...poor, unwanted souls who needed a friend...thats what I was there for, all the while I drained them...sucking the life out of them, until I took them. And you Anthony..."

Anthony gasped as he was pinned down flat on his back by an unseen force.

" I've taken so much from you, and now thanks to Ian, I can just take you by force."

Anthony groaned, and felt his head spinning, he screamed as fire coursed through his veins, and pain raged through his body...before everything faded to black.

" Anthony?!, Anthony are you ok?" Asked his mother at the door, "Anthony" stood up and smiled, before going to the door.

" Yeah mom, sorry about that." Said "Anthony" Opening the door, Anthony's mom's eyes widened at the sight of his pitch black eyes...and she knew, everything started making sense...everything.

" You're not Anthony." Said his mother, He chuckled and shook his head.

" Took you long enough...what kind of mother doesn't know whats wrong with their own child. oh right I forgot who I was talking to. Considering the things you let Frank do to Anthony, and..." Anthony's mom slapped him, immediately Anthony looked up.

" Mom...what happened?" Asked Anthony, holding his cheek.

" Honey...why...what?" She began to breathe rapidly as a panic attack was beginning to ensue. Anthony immediately helped his mom over to the couch, and tried to help her through it. He knew it was slowly getting stronger and stronger...his mom closed her eyes and took a small nap.

Anthony sighed, and stood up...he held his head, as another blackout ensued...Matt looked at the thing in Anthony's body with wide eyes, Kevin glared at him remembering last week. He grabbed his little brother by the wrist and ran.

" Anthony "chuckled

"Ian isn't coming to save you this time." Said "Anthony"

" Wanna bet?"

Anthony turned and saw Ian's fist collding with his face, causing him to fall backwards. Ian immediately looked over at the two younger boys.

" Go, get your mom, and hide now." He ordered, Kevin immediately ran, Matt stayed rooted to the spot, as Anthony got up. He held his head, trying to supress the thing..or at least get it out.

Matt bit his lip, and ran to Anthony's room grabbing the Ouija board...it all started when they found this stupid thing.


Ian looked back, and immediately held his hand out.

" Matt give it to me, I'll get rid of it." Said Ian, " Anthony" smirked, and looked at his little brother.

" Matt, don't...Ian tried to hurt me remember? give it to me, I'll get rid of it, somewhere where no one can find it." Said " Anthony" Ian's eyes widened, as the five year old's eyes became hollow...he slowly made his ay towards Anthony.

" Matt, thats not Anthony, would Anthony really say not to trust me?" He asked, Matt looked up at Anthony...he thought back to before...Anthony was his big brother and ever since he could remember... Anthony had always been there for him, and taken care of him and Kevin.

He looked up, his brother's eyes were black...not the nice brown they usually were. He glared and shook his head, before quickly giving it over to Ian.

" Honey run!" Exclaimed Anthony's mom, seeing the thing in her son, about to hit Matt, when Ian rammed into him.

" Go!" Exclaimed Ian, Anthony looked up as Matt, and Kevin hid behind his mom, before they turned and ran off. He growled as his eyes returned to their dark color. It looked at Ian, and immediately wrapped Anthony's hands around Ian's neck.

" Screw taking over you, I'm going to rip out your throat!" Exclaimed the thing, Ian struggled to get the thing off...the board just a few inches from his fingertips. Ian kneed Anthony in the groin, making him let go of Ian, who grabbed the board and ran out of the house.

The two stopped infront of the house, Ian looked at " Anthony, and glared defiantly with his blue eyes.

" It doesn't have to be this way Ian, just give it back...and I can give you all that you desire...we can do what we want, take what we want...we can have everything...together Ian." Said " Anthony" Ian immediadely lifted his knee...the thing's eyes widened.

" Not interested." Said Ian chalantly, before breaking the Board on his knee, Anthony immediately fell backwards, he screamed, as a black smoke, whirled around and exited his body...before taking one last breath as the smoke evaporated.

Ian dropped the pieces of the board, and ran to his best friend's side...Anthony lay there on the ground, his eyes closed. Anthony placed an ear to his chest, and bit his lip as he didn't hear anything...he shook his head and immediately began to preform CPR.

" C'mon Anthony, breathe, c'mon." He whispered.

Anthony coughed, before opening his eyes...Ian smiled as he found they were their normal warm brown color again.

" You did it...you really did it." Said Anthony, with a genuine smile on his face, tears came to his eyes...it was over, it was all over. Ian sniffed, and chuckled before shakaing his head.

" Did you doubt I would?" Asked Ian, Anthony shook his head and embraced his best friend who hugged him back just as tightly. Ian sighed in relief, feeling tears fall...he'd done it...they'd won. Anthony pulled away and stood up, as did Ian. They went over to the pieces and dumped them in a nearby trashcan.

" Good riddance to that." Said Ian, wiping the dust off his hands making Anthony chuckle.

" Thanks Ian, for everything." Said Anthony, Ian smiled and wrapped an arm around his shoulder.

" Hey, you're my best friend...I'll always have your back." Said Ian, Anthony smiled they looked up as Kevin and Matt ran out of the house and glomped Anthony, who immediately hugged his brothers tightly.

" He's gone Anthony!" Exclaimed Matt happily.

" Yeah he is, and its all thanks to Ian." Said Anthony, immediately the two glmoped Ian, who chuckled as he regaled his brave tale. Anthony smiled and rolled his eyes affectionately, they went inside, and Anthony hugged his mother...and explained everything...

In the trashcan lay the Ouija Board...one of the letters glowed red...before dimming down