Chapter 3 : The First Meeting

NB : the word in this () is Chizuru's Unspoken mind.

( Hoaaahm, Finally the First Lesson is Over.) I stretched both of my arms upward .Harada sensei first lesson is Physic and I found it difficult because I was weak against mathematic.

( I have to study hard or Kaoru will be nagging at me )

" Argh, I can't understand a thing He taught." Ibuki Said while Ruffling his hair.

" I can't understand it either. I'm weak against math " I feel disappointed myself. Ibuki looks at me for a while and give a light punch in my back.

" It's alright." He said.

" Thank You, Ibuki-Kun." I smiled at him

" It's lunchtime. I think I'm going to go grab some food." Ibuki then leaves me with a reddish face.

" Is He got a fever?" I think to myself

" Oi, Chizuru!" A loud Voice is coming from the door.

" Heisuke-kun ?"

" C'mon follow me, I show you my secret base." He smiles and walks towards me.

" Your secret base?"

" Shhh..Don't spill it out or the other will find out. Let's go before Kaoru is coming to take you away. Ah, bring your Bento box too." He grabs my Hand and we walk away from the class.

" A rooftop? " I said

" Yes, That place is our secret base."

" Our? What do you mean by 'our' Heisuke-kun? Does it mean there will be another person who will come to the rooftop too?" I asked with full of curiosity.

" You'll find it later Chizuru." Heisuke answered me with a smile.

After a few minutes we arrive at the school rooftop and we find Okita senpai has already opened his Bento box.

" Good Job! You successfully kidnapping the princess , Heisuke." Said Okita Senpai with his usual smirk face.

"Okita senpai?!" I was surprised that the other person is Okita .

" Agh, Souji! Why do you eat my Bento box ? Eat your own! " Said Heisuke while pointing at him.

" I just took your tempura, it's only one Heisuke. Why are you so stingy? Ma..Ma...Chizuru-chan don't be afraid you may sit beside me." Said Okita

" Huh, O...Okay." I sit beside him and join lunch with them.

At the same time, Kaoru..

" Chizuru! Where are you?! Grr...Where the heck is she going. Don't tell me... Don't tell me you have a date with a boy from your class...Gaaaaah ( Flipping table*LOL kidding)"

Back with Chizuru at the rooftop with Heisuke and Okita.

" Ha~ah, I miss Hajime's Bento. Heisuke Bento's is so plain."

" Shut up! That's what you get when you steal other's food." Said Heisuke.

" Saitou senpai? "

" Hajime usually joins us at lunch time in this place. This place belongs to Kendo Club Committe secret base. Seems like he won't be able to join us this time. He's too busy with his Discipline Committee after all." Said Heisuke try to explain. He explained that Okita is The Head of Kendo Club Committe and Has won The first place in National Tournament last year. , Saito is the treasurer and won the second place in the National Tournament and Heisuke is nobody he just a member who close to them.

" Okita senpai is a National Champion ? Whoa, You're so cool Senpai. And Saitou senpai is a treasurer in different Committe too? Whoa, He is a busy person then." I said . I was amazed by their Charisma.

" Are? By any chance, Do you Fall in love with him at the first time. Chizuru-chan?" Okita asked me with his usual teasing cat smile.

" Eh.. No.. It's not like that." I was surprised by Okita Question and answered him with a reddish face.

" What?! You Like Hajime-kun?! Asked Heisuke with a bit cough. Seems Like He's a bit shocked .

" What.. No.." I feel dizzy and I can't find a right word to respond

" Poor Hajime-kun, He will be sad if he knows that you don't like him, Chizuru-chan." Said Okita. I found myself stuck between the man who love to tease me with his attitude and the man who exaggerate on everything.

And the Lunchtime is over ends that way. The Second lesson is art. I'm back to my class safely after all the ruckus Okita Senpai and Heisuke made. I Find Ibuki has already sat in his desk. I sit next to him and after a while, a beautiful lady come to our class and the boys goes to 'WHOA' at the same time and it goes the same for Ibuki. She has a pretty purple eyes , a long black wavy hair and a beauty mark under her right eyes. I think she is an actress at first, She is so beautiful.

( Compared to me, I'am Nothing) I sighed.

Her name is Kimigiku, She Teach arts which are painting and music. 3 hour lesson with her is more enjoyable than the first lesson with Harada Sensei. Even though he was so kind since I'm not good at mathematic thing I had a difficult time back then. And When the Class is over, All the Boys are Happily assisting Kimigiku sensei carrying her things to the faculty office. And I find myself all alone in the class. I'm writing the class log book to give to Harada Sensei when suddenly I get a text message from Kaoru.

" Chizuru, Heisuke drags me to view the Kendo Club Training. You can go home first. Be careful on the way home. If something happens to you, Tell me right away, Okay? And don't try to run away from dinner, I have something to talk about."

I sighed while reading Kaoru's message. He doesn't change at all. The way he texts me exactly look like father did.

" Ha~ah , Why do I have to live with two nagging and overprotecting men? I want my freedom." I sighed. As I'd finished writing the Log book. I'm heading over to the Faculty Office. The Office is located on the first floor down the hallway. My classroom is on the second floor. By the time I was walking to the Office it's 4.30 pm already and the hallway looks empty. The students might be having went home or went to the clubs. When I'm arriving at the Office, My heart beats fast as if it wants to be free from my body. And I find myself in a dilemma whether to open the door or not when suddenly. The Door opens, a teacher with black suit is looking at me.

( It's Him.)

" What do you want ? " He asked

( This Voice..Yes, it was his voice whose always appears in my dream.)

" Oi, What are you doing with a blank stare like that in front of the Office ?" He asked again with a slight annoyed tone. Finally, I regain my consciousness and trying hard to speak without looking at him. I found myself stunned by his eyes back then.

" Um..I...I want to ... want to return this to Harada Sensei." I said it with a lot of difficulty. I feel my cheeks turning hot like I'm using a hotpacks.

" Sigh...Oi , Harada. Your student is looking for you." He then walk away from the Office. I take a quick glance at him and then get stunned again whit his strong broad back.

" Oh, Chizuru? " I don't realize that Harada Sensei has already stood in front of me while I'm still looking at the other sensei.

" What is it, Is he scared you ?" Asked Harada Sensei. And Finally I realize his presence. With a bit shock face I answered " Huh...Um...No.. He... He's not scary at all. I ... I just.."I tried to speak with difficulty it looks like my tongue has tangled.

" Well , That's Hijikata Sensei . His nickname is Oni no Sensei after all."

" Ah.. No. He is Not Scary at all. I'm not scray of him." ( Wha.. What did I just say? Baka! )

" Heeeh? It's the first time i heard from a student that Hijikata sensei is not scary. He must be happy if hear this." Harada sensei chuckles. " Anyway, Thank you for the Log Book Chizuru. You can find him at the Dojo near the Auditorium. He teaches Kendo, if the principal is not present."

" Eh? Why...Why sensei tell me that?"

Harada Sensei smiling at me and said " I don't know either, I just want to tell you that ." He gives a small pat on my head and return to the Office again.

( He looks like a real big brother to me instead of Kaoru )

I walk away from the office and my feet lead me straight forward to the Dojo Harada Sensei mentioned. After a while, I find a Dojo not too far away from the Auditorium. I thought the building is not a Dojo at the first time. Honestly, It looks more like a warehouse than a Dojo. I figure it out because a loud noises are coming from the building. A Men Shouting and A sound of clashing wooden sword. Before I realize it, I have already in front of the Dojo's door.

( Wait a minute! What the hell am I doing ? I must be crazy if I enter while they are training seriously. Beside , Hijikata sensei is in this building too. He will scold me if he found out I was here. But, Kaoru is in the Dojo too and Heisuke too..). I let out a deep sigh. Seems like I have an inner fight between my mind and my heart. So, I decide to turn away to the back of the building. I find a pile of wooden barrels right under the Dojo's Window.

( I think, It will be a lot better if I take a quick peek from the window instead of entering the Dojo from the front door.) So, I decide it like that. I climb the barrels and take a peek from the window. My eyes scanning the room. I find Kaoru and Heisuke training together. I'm chuckling ( It's been a long time since I saw Kaoru wore Kendo's Gears and his excited eyes over something. It's good for him though.) Kaoru joined a Kendo Club when we were in middle school but for some reasons he quit and focused on his studies. All the Kendo Club members wearing a white kimono and black hakama and so are Kaoru. Then, My eyes Fixated on the man who only wears black. Black Kimono and Black Hakama. ( It's Hijikata Sensei ) I gasp. I can believe my eyes He looks so handsome in that outfit.


The Gentle tone of Hijikata Sensei ring in my head. Inside my mind, I saw a room with a candle to light up the room. And there standing a man with a long black coat. Even though I just saw his back, I feel so familiar with it. And then He says " I won't let you go even if you want to, so keep that in mind."

" What are you doing there, Yukimura-kun?"

" Huh?!" ( Oh no! What a bad Luck to meets Saito senpai in this kind of situation. He will think I'am a pervert girl who loves to take a peek.) I was so shocked that I turn to him and found myself lost my balance. I tripped over my own feet and fell down. But, In a bit second I feel that I fall down on someone's body. ( Don't tell me.) I see Saito senpai face just an inch between me.

" Yukimura-kun. Can you stand up ? You're heavy." He said without no expression at all. I hurriedly stand up and with a face as red as tomato I take a deep bow towards him. Saito senpai looks like he will enter the Dojo to train to by the Kendo Outfit he wears.

" Gomenasai, senpai!" I'm afraid to see his face and keep a bowing posture towards him.

" It's okay Yukimura, Just give me a logic reason for what have you done back then."

I straight up my body and try to explain to him why I make a crazy decision like that.

" I'm afraid I'll disturb their training if I came from the front door." I said with a reddish face. I'm averting his gaze . Saito senpai's gaze feels like I've been cut with an icicle. His gaze is so cold and intense. " Please, Forgive me senpai. I won't do the same thing again. I promise." I bow to him again.

" Sigh, It's okay Yukimura. Stop bowing at me. It doesn't look like you break the school rules . There's no rules about Taking a Peek after all. I guess I will add it later after this event." He said.

" I'm sorry Senpai. Please don't tell anybody." Without realizing it I bow to Him again.

" Jeez, Fine.. Fine.. I won't tell anyone."

" Th...Thank You Saito senpai." I said with a big smile. I feel relieved that I don't get a punishment and It feels like my secret will save with Saito senpai. He looks like a trustworthy person. After saying Goodbye to him. I'm going home and try to cook Kaoru favorite food for the Dinner. Kaoru is responsible for our Bento and Breakfast when father at home. And I'm responsible for our family dinner. I sometimes help Kaoru prepare the breakfast if I'm not too lazy enough to get up from the bed.

As I walk home I flash back every thing which I found it very amusing. And When I see The Image of Hijikata sensei when He's Teaching at Kendo club, I can't help myself from smiling so happily. It gives me butterfly in my stomach. I wonder if tomorrow will be a nice day and I hope I can see him again. When I was assigned to this school I was a bit disappointed with the Father. I really want to go to Shimabara High School with Osen-chan instead of Kaoru. But, When I meet Hijikata sensei in this school. It will be a different story.

Oni no Sensei = I just made it up from Oni no Fukuchou. Hijikata Nick name in HSK :P

Kendo Outfit Usually consists of a Kimono for the upper body and a Hakama for the lower body it looks like a pant for guy.

Baka = Is a japanese term for stupid

Gomenasai = is a japanese term to say sorry.

I'll try my best to finish the 4th Chapter soon. Kazama will appear in the 4th Chapter with all his . Please RnR :)