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Derek watched Peter come though the loft doors, with a big fat smile on his face and a smell that coved by something, a twisting pain in his gut told him something was wrong and he had to go and look go and find... find... find Stiles... his mind told him as he heard Peter sing, Cora walked over to Derek and looked at him "What had uncle Peter so chipper he's been like this for a weeks and that smell god it horrid?" she said, Derek winced…weeks this has been going on for weeks… he thought as he stood up

"I need to go out." He said

"Derek?" Cora said "What is wrong?" The wolf looked at her

"Don't let him out of your sight." He whispered as he walked out to the elevator.

He found Stiles coming out of a motel room, he pulled the car into the parking lot and watched as the young teen's eyes widen in fear as he see Derek step out from the car. Stiles looked towards his jeep and back to the motel room, he knew that he would never get to either in time so he stood still and then fell to his knees and started to feel burning in his eyes again that he thought it stopped, Derek walked over to him and knelt by his side the same smell that was on Peter was on Stiles, the alpha wolf picked up Stiles and carried him to the room he saw Stiles come out off.

Placing the teen on the bed of the bed and knelt in front of him, he saw the bruises on Stiles neck the ones that look like large hand marks, he looked up to the bed and saw handcuffs and then he looked down at Stiles' wrists, he picked up the teen's hand gently and pulled away the long shirt and looked at that the cut marks where the metal touched the skin "Stiles what has Peter been doing to you?" he asked, Stiles sniffed and looked at the wolf in front of him

"Can't you smell it?" Stiles whispers, Derek could smell what this room is like he knew what has been done there and the smell of fear and hate that lingers with unwanted sex

"Why did you let him do this?" Derek asked

"He really didn't give me a choice; he said I need to learn my place in the pack." Derek blinked at him and shook his head

"No no Stiles this isn't you place at the pack you are not the bitch of the pack are just like the rest of us." Derek tells him, Stiles looks at him his eyes red and puffy his skin paler than normal

"Derek." He whisperers

"He's using you to punish me."

"Punish you? I'm sorry did you forget the part that your undead uncle has been using me as a toy like those boy from of those porno?" Stiles said

"It's a wolf thing." Derek answers "He knows…" Derek stops and looks t him

"He knows what Derek?" Stiles asked

"He knows you're my mate." Stiles looks him and then let's Derek pull him into a hug

"Please make him stop." Stiles cries into his chest as he holds onto him.

The next day Derek found Peter cornering Stiles in the loft, he walked over to them and pulled Peter off him, the older wolf laid there laughing on the floor as he looked at Derek "I thought I could smell you on him, I wasn't sure at first."

"You need to stop this Peter."

"Really tell me why should I?" he asked, by now Scott and Isaac have turned up and Cora was coming down the stairs

"You have been raping him for the last week!" Derek growled, there was a stun silence around the loft no one talked or moved the only sound was Stiles trying not to have a panic attack and the left going down again

"I sure you find that Stile went to that motel on his own free will."

"No thanks to you, using his dad as bait!" Derek growled, this time his growls was joined by Scott, Isaac and Cora

"He's part of the pack." The older wolf argued with a sick smile

"I don't see you trying to fuck Isaac or Scott or the others!" Peter chuckled and looked at the other wolves that was closing in

"I will stop if that is what you want?"

"Yes!" Every one yelled again Peter's smiled look twisted and walked away out of the loft.

Stiles watched him leave though the window, the older wolf looked up at him with a smile on his face and winked, the teen was sure he would be back and it will be far worst then what he had been doing, he wondered if he should go home at all, he could always stay with Scott and Isaac as the pair now sleep together in the same bed he could have the spare room "Stiles." He heard him name being called and turned to see Scott looking at him with a kicked puppy look; he pulled his friend into a bone crushing hug and let Stiles cry on him for a while.

After hours of talking and more crying Stiles decide that he won't be scared anymore and went home to make dinner for his dad before he had to leave for the night shift at work. He got though the front door and walked into the kitchen "Hello Stiles." The teen froze as he felt the hot breath on his neck "It seems we have unfinished business my little bitch."

"Leave me alone Peter." Stiles said as his hand turned into tight fists

"Oooh I will after tonight don't worry…he curled his hand around the teen neck…this will hurt…he moved his mouth to Stiles' ear …a lot." He said as he bite down onto Stiles shoulder.