When Stiles woke up he groaned and tried to roll onto his side, he could feel warm hands on his arm as he turned and flashing Peter filled his mind. His eyes open as he sat up and looked at the room his eyes searching for the wolf but he could only see Derek standing neck to him "Stiles' it's okay it's only me." He whispered, the thin teen looked at him blinking

"D…Derek." His voice was horse and dry, it made Derek wince as he picked up a glass of water and handed it to him

"Here drink this." Stiles took it and downed the whole drink he didn't realised how dry he was until the cold water touched his tongue "Easy easy." Derek said as he rubbed his back, the feeling of Derek's large hands on his back soothed his mind and made him sigh as he put the glass down.

Derek looked at the teen closely waiting for him to say something, but apart from saying his name Stiles hasn't said a word "I know what happen was horrid he should have not done what he did Stiles I am so sorry I didn't protect you my beautiful mate." He said as he buried his face into his neck and breathed in his scent

"Derek, I'm sorry." He whispered as he started shake as he put his arms around his neck and held him

"You shouldn't have to be sorry, what he did to you is wrong." The older wolf tells him,

"Y…You're not going to leave me?"

"No one of us are Stiles we want to stay with you and help you." He tells him "Through everything." Stiles smiles weakly at him and then the smile faded.

"Did you know male wolves can get pregnant?" Derek froze "Especially after they are first bitten." He said is voice was flat as he looked at him

"I didn't until Deaton told me." Derek finally answers him, Stiles nods at him

"He said he would, he said the final insult would be me getting pregnant with his child and you would want nothing to do with me." Derek shook his head

"No no he's lying to you Stiles, I would never abandon you, this…" he stopped and touched Stiles stomach making the teen wince a little not from pain but form shock "This is our child Peter will have no right in his or her life." He said, Stiles looked at him with tears in his eyes as he warped his arms around him and held him close as he cried.

"Make me your please Derek." He cried as Deaton walked into the room, Derek looked down at Stiles as he gave him a pleading look "Please." He whispered

"I...I don't want to hurt you." Derek tells him, Stiles held onto him tighter and cried as the wolf looked at the vet

"From what I know wolves who are mated and the one has been attack they always look for comfort a sign that their mate still wants him or her, this is normal." Deaton said

"Are you sure it's safe?" he asked

"Safe? Yes it is, he needs to be told that the man before him is his mate and will claim him as his own making the child with him yours." Derek nods and looks back down at Stiles

"Close the door." Derek growled making Stiles look up at him, Deaton rolled his eyes and walked out

"Clean up after your done!"