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Chapter 1

"Mira, what are you doing?" a certain blonde mage asked, leaning over the counter of the bar to which a white-haired lady was behind, busily going over a check list. She was doing it with such a serious atmosphere around here, that the blonde wouldn't have been surprised to see her in her Satan Soul form. Unfortunately, Mira did not seem to hear, as she was busy muttering under her breath and flipping through pages on the clip board she held.

Now that the blonde thought about it, there were several other people acting strange in the Guild: first, Wakaba and Macao were holding court with Grey, Elfman, Jet, Droy, Alzack, Fried, Bickslow, and most of the other male members of the Guild, looking deep in thought and relatively serious, which was a first.

Second, was the request board was empty. Completely and totally empty! The blonde never thought she'd see the day that was possible.

Third, Master had yesterday forced Gajeel, Natsu, and Laxus to go on a mission together. The old short-giant had managed to scare Natsu and Gajeel out of talking back, but not his grandson. When Laxus refused to go, saying he was not going to babysit the other two Dragon Slayers, Makarov had pulled him aside and whispered something in his ear. Next thing anyone knew, the two others were being dragged out the door by the blond Dragon Slayer.

Fourth, was that the female population of the Guild was mysteriously absent. Cana wasn't at her usual spot at the bar, Evergreen wasn't trying to get Reedus to paint her, Laki wasn't making strange things out of wood, and even Lisanna wasn't helping Mira at the bar.

Quickly spotting the only other females in the building (a certain redhead at a table near the door eating cake, a blue haired bookworm and a young blue haired Dragon Slayer) she made her way over to the table to sit with them.

"Ne, do you guys know what's going on?" Lucy asked, looking at her three friends.

"Sa, but everyone is acting really weird," Levy commented, looking up from her book and staring at the crowd of boys who were now taking orders from Mira. It looked like they were her personal army or something…

Suddenly Erza looked up from her cake, saw the mini army, and broke out in a cold sweat. The three other girls looked very confused, but before they could ask, Carla hurriedly flew over to the table, holding something to her chest.

"Wendy!" the white Exceed shouted, landing in front of her partner. She held out the paper she had been clutching, and they could now see it was a calendar. "Look at this!"

"Nani, Carla – AH! Is it that time already!?" the little blue haired girl exclaimed, grabbing the calendar had looking at it like the key to her continued survival depended on it. "Lucy-san, Levy-san, Erza-san, gomen, but I really must be going!" and with that, the Sky Dragon Slayer was running out the door at full speed.

"I best go help them prepare Fairy Hills," the mighty Fairy Queen said, getting up, grabbing her cake and running after Wendy. Lucy and Levy sweatdropped.

"What was that about, Levy-chan?"

"Sa, but Lu-chan, can I crash at your place for a while?"

"Eh? Why do you want to stay at my place?"

"Well, the last time Erza said she was going to 'prepare Fairy Hill', it ended up with me getting caught in a bunch of traps, so…"

"In that case, sure…Oh! I almost forgot with everyone acting so weird; the bookstore got a new shipment of mystery novels!"

"Eh!? What are we doing here, Lu-chan!? Let's go before they run out!"

And with that, the only woman in the Guild was Mira, but she was too busy to notice anything. After all, it was that time of year in a few days, and she did not want a repeat of last year, only with two more Dragon Slayers added to the mix.

Either this was going to end horribly with the whole town in ashes, or (as her match-making tendencies pointed out) very good for certain couples.

˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ SEVERAL DAYS LATER ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚

"I wonder if everyone is done acting strange at the Guild yet," Lucy asked, putting down the last book she and Levy had bought a few days ago. They had gotten so many books, it had taken several days to actually read them all. During that time, the girls had holed themselves up in Lucy's apartment and only left the pages of their stories for food, showers, and sleep.

They had not been to the Guild in all that time.

"Hm, since we've finished all the books, we should probably go and see how they're doing," Levy said, stretching out her arms. Leaving the apartment and walking to the Guild, they discussed what they thought about the books in a very animated conversation.

Nothing outwardly seemed different about the Guild building, but as soon as they stepped foot inside, they had several different magic circles pointed directly at them, as well as magical weapons.

"KKKKYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAA!" both the girls screamed, clutching the other for dear life, frightened tears flying out of their eyes.

"Oh, it's only you girls – WAIT! Why are you two at the Guild?" Grey asked, lowering his fist and stopping his magic.

"We came to see if you guys had finished acting strange; why did you almost attack us!?" Lucy yelled at the male mages, letting go of her friend. Yes, the whole crowd that was in front of was entirely of male persuasion, with the exception of Juvia, who popped out of nowhere just as the girls arrived.

"GREY-SAMA! Juvia will help you protect the Guild! Where are the intruders?" the water mage asked, looking around eagerly for people to drown.

"Oi, oi; you girls shouldn't be here right now," Wakaba said worriedly.

"Eh? Why not, Wakaba?" Levy asked as Jet and Droy shed tears over almost attacking the Solid Script mage.

"Natsu, Gajeel, and Laxus are about to come back from their mission,"

"Juvia does not understand why that is a bad thing; and where are all the other women?"

"Right now, we've entered the Dragon Mating Season; all the women in the town and Guild have been evacuated to Fairy Hill," the pipe-smoker explained, rubbing the back of his head.

The girls were just confused. You could see the question marks floating over their heads as the pondered aloud what they thought they meant by Dragon Mating Season (even though the title was pretty clear…=_=').

"It means that the male Dragon Slayers are going to go about looking for mates," Macao summed it up. The girls recoiled in shock. "At this time of year, male Dragon Slayers, to prepare to fight for a potential mate or to….uhm….*cough*….spend time with their already mate, they get a ridiculously strong hormone boost and their fighting strength, smell, eye sight, and reaction time are increased. Since none of our Dragon Slayers are dating anyone or married, they'll be falling into the first category. A Dragon can and will have only one mate in their life time, so they'll be after the females closest to them…and because they are all romantically challenged idiots, that means every woman in the Guild,"

Lucy and Levy's jaw hit the floor, while Juvia was gripping onto Grey in horror at the explanation.

"W-w-w-w-what are we going to do!?" the blonde celestial mage shouted.

"All the females in town are supposed to be waiting it out at Fairy Hill, with about fifty traps at each entrance and landmines surrounding the premises, so we can't even get you gals in for safety," Macao stated, pensively rubbing his chin. "Just stay behind us and we'll protect you when they–"

He was cut off with the huge Guild doors flew open, revealing the shadows of three male Dragon Slayers standing at the thresh hold.

"Girls, get behind us! Whatever you do, DO NOT GET CAUGHT BY THEM!" Macao shouted, the men getting in defensive position around the three. Juvia had hearts in her eyes at the sight of a shirtless Grey about to defend her.

"Hm? What are you guys doing?" Natsu asked, not noticing that something was very different in the Guild. The other two did though, and their eyes swept the room before landing on the girls in the back.

"Oi, flame brain, don't take another step forward!" Grey shouted, ready to freeze the three if needed.

"Grey, your clothes…." Lucy trailed off, and Juvia now had a fountain of blood coming out of her nose.

"Wha – AW! NOT AGAIN!" the Ice mage shouted, now noticing he was in his boxers only.

"What the hell, ice freak!? Is this the way you great someone who just got back from a mission!?" the fire mage spat, holding up a fist. He would have launched at his longtime rival if not that Laxus placed a hand on his shoulder, stopping him.

"Natsu, take a look; what is different about the Guild?" the blond said, his eyes hidden by shadows.

"Hmm…Oh! Where are the girls?" the pink head said, swinging his head around wildly, trying to spot the Guild's female population. He eventually spotted three of them behind the other guys. His gaze narrowed on one of the three in particular. "OIIIIIIII~ Lucy! What are you doing over there?"

The blonde mage flinched, but didn't look away from Natsu. Levy was hiding behind her friend as she met Gajeel's focused stare head on.

"Why are you guys acting so strange, ne, Lu–" the fire mage was cut off as he felt like all the blood in his body was rushed through his veins. The colors in the room distorted for a second, then everything snapped into crystal clear focus. He could hear the blond stellar spirit mage's nervous heartbeat from the other side of the room, and now her scent was about the only thing he could smell. He focused his eyes in on her like a laser pointer.

Gajeel, having just had the same experience, glared down Jet and Droy, who were standing too close to Levy for his taste.

The sight of a shirtless Grey standing so close to the two girls was not very welcomed by them either.

Wakaba swore. "So it's started; don't let them through!"

"Lucy, Levy, Juvia, when they make a move, run to the train station and get on the next train to wherever the longest train ride possible is if you don't want to become mothers in the next few days," Macao stated, and the girls went pale and started shaking, nodding their heads. If one looked closely, you could see that they were also blushing. They gulped when they heard the Iron and the Fire Dragon Slayer give off feral growls, their eyes going completely red. They gave a smirk, having noticed the tint of red on the girls faces.

And then they were standing in front of Levy and Lucy (respectively), Gajeel hulling Levy over his shoulder, and Natsu picking up Lucy bridal style, before speeding out of the Guild Hall, amidst much high-pitched screams and curses from their kidnap-ies.

Wakaba's pipe promptly fell out of his mouth, and Laxus heaved a huge sigh at the younger two Dragon Slayers antics.

"Oi, oi; this didn't happen the last time!" Nab asked, having no understanding of what had just happened. The two Dragon Slayers had completely narrowed down their targets to a single person. Last time Natsu had been like this, he had been so horny that he had literally groped every woman he came across that was near his age and they had had to get Master to knock him out. They had assumed that Gajeel and him would do just that, but no, they had specifically chosen Levy and Lucy, getting their girl and ignoring the others.

"….you guys don't think they're going for the second option….right?" Reedus asked nervously, and everyone's faces drained of color. Laxus heaved another sigh at the doorway. When this happened last, he had attempted to kidnap Mira, but she had quickly subdued him with her magic. Then Freid and the Guild had worked to keep him out cold till the stupid thing was over.

"Someone contact Fairy Hills! Tell Mira the words fire, star, iron, and book and she'll know what you mean! Do it now!" Macao yelled, and Warren nodded, reaching out with his telepathy.

"Hello, hello? Mirajane, are you there?" he asked, feeling his mind connect to the female Guild members. The rest of the townswomen could not hear a thing, and simply waited for the wizard women to say something.

"Yes, Warren; I'm here, what did you need?" the blue-eyed bar tender asked, reaching him back.

"Macao told me to say fire, star, iron, and book, and that you'd know what was going on with that…. Ah, Mira? Hello? Are you still able to hear me?" unbeknownst to him, Mira had just let out one of the loudest squeals ever known to man, and it had rendered several people nearly deaf while the bartender fell to the floor with giant sparkling eyes, saying something about wedding plans, Godparent titles, and celebration parties….

"It is questionable if we are ever going to be able to hear ever again, Warren," Lisanna replied for her sister, holding her ears tightly as she had been right next to white haired woman when she had let loose the bomb also known as her voice. Suddenly said woman sat upright again, making a few people nearby jump in alarm. They had thought that she was down for the count.

"Did Natsu and Gajeel really just kidnap Lucy and Levy to take them to their lairs with the plans of making them the mother of their children!?" she rapidly questioned the other mage, and the girls with her all blushed a very deep red color. Cana did a spit take from whatever was in the barrel she was drinking from, then started laughing hysterically. Evergreen was holding Wendy's ears, even though she could still hear perfectly fine what Mira had said….

"Erm….yes? But they just suddenly grabbed them and ran, so the girls are sort of powerless right now and we need help saving them!"

"There is no need to fear; we will be on our way as soon as possible," Erza said, tapping a fist to her armored chest.

Mira sighed; true she did want the two couples to hook up as soon as possible, but the girls were probably not ready for that yet, so she wouldn't protest…too much anyway. Besides, she couldn't leave yet either, as Laxus was back in town. Well, maybe she could, but right now she would rather watch what was going on because she could go to Laxus anytime she wanted. But that was not the most important thing right now.

So Mira stayed at Fairy Hills with the other townswomen, boding her friends farewell and informing her charges on what was going on.

Oh, and threatening Warren to keep her updated on the situation.

˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ WITH LUCY AND LEVY ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚ˣ˚

"NATSU! I'M TELLING YOU TO LET ME GO! LET ME GO OR I WILL SUMMON LOKE AND TARAUS TO FIGHT YOU!" Lucy yelled up into the fire Dragon Slayers ear, but all she received was a growl for a response, and for him to tighten his grip on her.

Yes, Lucy did have some romantic feelings for the pink haired mage, starting when Mira and Cana had teamed up and told her that he had liked her first, but that day hadn't ended up so well and she had ended up hiding her true feelings for him, even as they continued to grow. But there was no way she was going to go into a relationship like this, with him hardly speaking more than a few growls. And she was NOT ready to be a mom, as Macao had put it earlier.

"Fine, but you asked for it," she hissed, and the two keys in her hand started glowing. Before she could get very far in the summoning though, Natsu garbed the ones in her hands and the others at her waist, then chucked them over his shoulder, continuing to run along on his way as if nothing had happened in the first place she now had hysterical tears in her eyes as she watched the glowing keys on the ground behind her get smaller and smaller. "LOKE! TARAUS!"

As if hearing her from the realm of the spirits Leo (hey, we all no he listens in on Lucy), popped into existence in a puff of pink smoke. "My princess Lucy; your prince had arrived to slay this repulsive Dragon," the spirit claimed, shifting his glasses on his nose.

Natsu did not like what he said apparently, and gave a guttural snarl at the lion spirit. Five seconds later, Loke was down for the count in a crater on the ground, his sould coming out of his mouth. Oh yeah, she had forgotten Natsu was sort of super-charged right now.

Lucy cried sad tears as she realized her spirits were useless right now. She could only brainstorm a plan until they reached whatever destination the Fire Dragon Slayer had planned for them.

Meanwhile, Levy was having a difficult time as well trying to flee her Dragon Slayer.

"Solid Script: Hammer!" she summoned a hammer and whacked Gajeel on the head, but he just kept on running like nothing had happened in the first place. He didn't even seem to notice her struggle in her position over his shoulder so that she could attack him.

Sometimes it really sucked to be so small. She should try an attack that didn't require a lot of physical strength on her part.

"Solid Script: Lightning!" she fired at the Iron mages' head, only to get the same result as the last time. Sighing, she gave up and started planning on a way to escape and get back to her friends and the Guild. Much like Lucy, she did love her kidnapper, but did not want to start their relationship because he couldn't control his hormones!

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