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"M-Mi-Mira-chan...could you repeat what you just said...?" Asked a speechless Macao for every single person in the Guild. Right, thy had to be having a group hilucination; there was no way that Mira was-

"Hai; Minna-san, I'm expecting and in a month or two will be having a weeding/baby shower," the idol of Fairy Tail said, and unlike the last reaction she got where everyone just froze, they now assumed the position of mass panic. Except for Makarov; he was still frozen in place, his face frozen in the look he usually had when he was staring at 'magazines.'

Or at least he was frozen, because a second after Mira's observation, he grew into his full giant form, growling out, "LAXUS! YOU BASTARD GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE AND EXPLAIN YOURSELF!"

It was a wise decision that her mate had chosen to hide himself on the roof and not be present for her announcement.

"Ar ra ra, that turned into a mess quickly," commented Lisanna, who was not surprised by her sister's announcement because she had been told several days ago. Elfman, on the other hand, had fainted and now looked like he was ready to be put in a casket.

"Really now," Mira sighed, walking behind the counter to continue cleaning dishes like she had before she broke her news. "If they wanted to express their joy, they could have done it in a less destructive way,"

"You still have to inform team Natsu and team Shadow Gear later since they're both on missions now,"

"You're right, and when Levy and Lucy get back I'll explain some more aspects of being mated to a dragon slayer,"

"Man I'm HUNGRY!" Natsu shouted as he recovered from the train ride back to Magnolia. Usually, the ride made him feel horrible, but this had time Lucy let him rest his head on her lap. And that made up for everything.

"AYE SIR!" Happy yelled, glad Natsu and Lucy were paying more attention to him than they were a week ago.

"You ate before you got on the train, flame-brain!"

"And that was an hour ago!"

"Are you two fighting?" Erza asked, turning around to glare at the arguing boys who stopped their rivalry for the sake of safety. Even though it was one of the days where she didn't wear her armored chest plate and arm guards, Erza still scared the hell out of Natsu and Grey.

"N-no," Grey stuttered, linking an arm or Natus's shoulder and raising the other as a first in the air.

"BEST FRIENDS OVER HERE!" Natsu shouted, hoping it would please the redhead demon.

"Right, right!"

"Hmm," Erza hummed suspiciously, but let it go when Natsu went to hold hands with Lucy. For the rest of the walk to the Guild, Erza lagged a little behind the others, observing how Lucy and Natsu's relationship was affecting the dynamic of the team. So far it seemed to be keeping Natsu out of as much trouble as he got into before, which was a good thing.

It also meant that he didn't want to pick as many fights with Grey or Guildmates anymore, since the majority of his time now went to Lucy. But he sometimes zoned out when they were under attack, staring at Lucy fighting instead attending his own battles. However, he also seemed to gain a strength boost whenever someone attacked the blonde wizard.

Overall, it seemed to be a good thing, but Natsu would need more training so that he didn't get distracted by Lucy anymore...

"Pardon me," excused the person she had just bumped into while in her observations. Erza being Erza, she didn't notice that the person had moved so that his cloaked self would cross paths with her, since the normal people were avoiding the rowdy group.

Erza did not reply, as she was too busy staring at the face that was obscured by the hood. The blue hair...that tattoo..."Jella-"

Jellal (A/N: I spell his name this way and not 'Gerard' because I like the Japanese pronunciation better) put a finger over Erza's lips to quiet her. "...follow me if you want to talk," he told her, then continued to walk down the road before turning into a gap between buildings.

Quickly, like a stampeding elephant, Erza marched up to her group that had been loitering a little ways a head, waiting for her to catch up. Hastily handing a startled Lucy the ties to the luggage wagon, Erza excused her sudden need to leave, saying she would most likely be back within several hours. Without another word of explanation, she took off in the way she had seen her long-time (how she wished they were more than) friend disappear.

Erza burst out of the other side of the alley way, emerging into a less populated street. "Jellal-"

"This way," he called from another alley opening to the left. Erza continued chasing him like this, getting closer and closer to actually reaching him until the chase led her to a small cottage half hidden from view and shaded by the thick overhanging tree branches, Jellal standing in the doorway.

"You can come in," the hooded Mage said, holding the door open for Erza.

Slowly she made her way into the house, cautious as to what was going on. She was surprised to see that the inside of the house was kept in much better shape than what one would assume out side.

The sheets of the four poster bed in the corner were folded, the pillow crisp, a pitcher of water with an empty glass next to it, pans hanging above a sink on the far right of the house where Erza assumed the kitchen was (she couldn't see the whole thing because a wall blocked her view), a couch and coffee table against the wall, and a book that was left open on the night stand, as though someone was waiting to return to it...

"I didn't realize you had a house in Magnolia," Erza said in surprise.

"I kept that fact a secret; only Meredy and Ultear knew about it," he responded, placing his staffs down by the door and removing his hood.

"Hmm...while it is nice to see you again, I'll have to ask what it is you wanted," the redhead cut right to the point.

"It's good to see you again, Scarlet," Jellal laughed warmly, causing Erza to blush slightly. "But what I wanted to tell you was that I'll have to leave the country for a little bit,"

"What!?" Erza twirled around to face Jellal, her face mirroring her surprise.

"Even though we were pardoned after the Tartaros incidents, Crime Sorcière is still active in hunting dark Guilds and mages." He explained taking her hand and leading her to the couch before both sat down.

"Our recent quarry is a powerful one, and to escape the new Council and us, they've fled the country. The Council has given up chase, unable to cross the border, but they said that if we were to extract these criminals then they would turn a blind eye to the illegal actions, but only if we remained unseen,"

"You're going to illegally cross the border and take out this dark guild?" Erza clarified, thoughts whirling around in her brain.

"Exactly," Jellal said, relaxing now that Erza knew he was going to be away for an undetermined amount of time. He loved her, he knew he did, and while she may share his feelings, he would never deserve her affections.

But he didn't want her to worry about him, so whenever Crime Sorcière had an especially dangerous mission he would drop by and silently say his goodbyes.

Erza wasn't stupid, and usually anyone who said as much would be eating her sword, but what Jellal had been doing and currently was doing wasn't meant to insult her. It was meant to say he loved her.

Erza wasn't like Mira when it came to romance or relationships, but she was pretty sure the blue haired Mage she had known since childhood was in love with her, herself returning the feelings. And she also knew he thought he didn't deserve her.

Now though, if he was going to go into a foreign country and possibly be executed as a spy, Erza was going to set him straight before he left.

Jellal did not expect the sudden full-on kiss from Erza. At all.

But his body reacted before his brain could, and once again he ended up on top of her, like that time on the beach before the Magic Games. Only this time, there was much less space between them.

When he recovered from his surprise, Jellal pulled his head away, gasping for air. "E-Erza, why did you-"

"First of all, I want you to know that that fiancé of yours is fake," Erza said, gray eyes boring into Jellal's guilty brown ones. "And secondly, the pre-conceived notion you have that you're unworthy of my feelings isn't for you to decide!"

Erza shifted her weight and used Jellal's shock to push herself on top of him, face right above his, her knees pinning him down on both sides of his waist. "It doesn't matter if you're worthy or not, I'm still giving them to you!"

Jellal swallowed hard. This was a mix of everything he'd ever wanted and all that he'd feared. Out of the confusion came a sense of gratitude, and a small smile crept onto his face.

Erza saw that smile and leaned down to once again kiss him, and this time they used their tongues to explore the other's mouth, biting and nipping each other's lips.

Jellal groaned, flipping Erza over once again and working his way down her pale neck.

Through the haze in her mind, Erza could feel the blue haired man unbuttoning her blouse, and push one knee in between her legs. With a gasp, Erza caught one of his hands. "J-Jellal...we can't; I'm on my-"

"Shhhh..." He placed a finger over her reddened lips, resting his chin over where her heart was erratically beating, and gave her a soft look. "Erza...if anything were to come of our meeting today, I will take full responsibility, but until then, and this is my own selfishness talking, I don't want to potentially die with the regret that I didn't get to fully love you."

Erza felt her cheeks tinge pink, but was more embarrassed by the tears pooling in her eyes at the brazen confession Jellal had just made. "...if we're going to do this, then you are going to come back, do you understand?"

The glare she tacked on, even with the tears in her eyes, would have sent a normal man running, but Jellal only felt his admiration for her deepen.

Neither said a word after that as Jellal moved off Erza only to pick her up and carry her princess style to the bed.

After everything was done and Erza lay asleep against his bare chest, Jellal kissed her forehead and whispered while stroking her red hair. "Thank you,"

"Are you serious, Mira-chan!?" Levy gasped, and besides her, Lucy's soul escaped through her mouth.

Mira giggled. "Afraid so; a male dragon slayer's hormones to mate will stop when their partner is pregnant, or if they have a child one year old or younger."

"So you don't have to worry about Laxus anymore?" Lucy asked, coming back down into her body.

"Not for a while, but I do have to expect some strange cravings in my first trimester," Mira replied, petting her stomach affectionately.

"I've heard some weird things like that pregnant women eat things like tuna fish croissants, and liverwurst casserole," Lucy stuck her tongue out like she could imagine the horrid tastes on her tongue.

"I'm not quite sure about that, but since I'm carrying a lightning dragon slayer baby, I might have a serious craving for electricity in the near future." Mira said, wondering what it would taste like. "But still, this is what I needed to tell you and why I had Laxus put a choke hold on Natsu and Gajeel, besides that I'm pregnant."

"Seems like we have some things to worry about in the future," Lucy mumbled as the three women made their way back into the drinking hall of the Guild.

"Do you have electric-proof maternity and baby clothes yet?" Levy asked.

"Not yet, but Laxus and I are combining the baby shower and wedding - which you are invited to both - so we're holding off on buying things until then."

"How you convinced Mr. Imma-Big-Bad-Dragon-Slayer to have a wedding, we'll never know," Cana greeted the group, taking her eyes off of the other two dragon slayers as they tried to put a beat down on Laxus. Again.

"You know Cana," Mira said creepily, making those in the near vicinity flinch and lose some color in their face, including the brunette card Mage. "When the baby comes, we'll have to tone down the amount of alcohol consumed in front of him, sooooo,"

Cana was much to scared to protest as Mira snatched away the wine barrel she had been drinking out of, and everyone else in the Guild knew there was only more of it to come as her mood swings increased.

"Oh yeah, I meant to ask earlier," Lisanna said to Lucy and Levy as they all watched Mira single-handedly break apart the three-way dragon slayer fight, the white haired woman still in the nesting mood. "Where's Erza? Did she come back with you guys?"

"I think we ran into someone she knows and she left her stuff with us so that she could go follow him." Lucy replied, looking like she was about to go save Natsu from the pregnant bartender, Levy right behind her.

It didn't take either very long to decide when Mira KO'd the two in a single punch, leaving the bar inhabitants to wonder who it was Erza had met on her way to the Guild.

"Really, for a pregnant lady, Mira can still throw a pretty nice punch," Natsu commented, walking home with Lucy, Happy staying at the Guild for a while to try and talk to Charla.

"Of course she can; she's basically super charged on hormones like you and Gajeel would be if we removed the necklaces," Lucy stated, unlocking her front door and letting Natsu follow her inside.

Lucy heard the door close, but thought it was strange that Natsu didn't answer. Putting her stuff down, Lucy turned around to find him standing right behind her, like more personal space is need close.

"Jeez you startled me! What are you-" Lucy didn't get to finish her question because Natsu pulled her lips to his, pushing her against the wall, sliding his hands up and down her figure.

Lucy returned the affection by massaging her fingers through his bright pink locks, running her tongue over his lips.

"What brought this on?" Lucy panted when Natsu let up, smelling that Happy was coming.

"We haven't had a serious lovey moment like this in too long," he replied, equally out of breath, letting Lucy right herself.

Lucy sighed exasperatedly. "Natsu, we did more than that just now this morning."

"Exactly; too long ago!"

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