'Welcome to Darcy House, Lizzy,' Darcy said with a wide smile as he assisted his new bride from the carriage.

The journey to London after their joint wedding breakfast with Charles and Jane that morning at Longbourne had been fraught with sexual tension and teasing touches, and Darcy was keen to escort the new Mrs Darcy upstairs for a pre-dinner 'nap' as soon as possible.

Lizzy tried to avoid blushing as she was introduced to the staff of her new London home; she knew they had expected their master to marry a society heiress and she was sure rumours of her humble origins had already been circulated by the numerous disgruntled ladies of the ton who had hoped to marry Darcy themselves. Despite this, she was relieved to have a few days in London to become accustomed to being Mrs Darcy before they travelled onto Pemberley and she began her new duties as mistress of such a grand estate.

The prospect of a few days alone with Darcy helped her smile, as well, through the introductions and warmed her cheeks prettily.


'These are your rooms, Lizzy. They haven't been in use since my mother passed away so the decor is not the latest fashion, but you can of course decorate them however you wish.'

'I shall have to take your word for it dearest, as all I can see at the moment is the ceiling and your superb jawline. Do you plan on sweeping me into your arms every time we're alone?'

'Of course, Mrs Darcy,' replied Darcy and once they reached the center of the room placed Lizzy on her feet and standing behind her began trailing kisses down her neck, 'how would you like to try a new position, my most beloved?'

'I would have thought after a few days of abstinence you would not have the patience for something new?'

'Oh, but this will let me to take you hard and fast without taking the time to undo all those pretty little buttons and stays, and then once we're sated we can undress and take our time with one another.'

'I'll follow your lead, William, after all my mother did urge me to please you in all ways.'

'How wise of Mrs Bennet.'

Guiding Lizzy by her hips, Darcy walked them over to the bed and reaching the edge of the mattress took his wife's hands and placed them firmly on the mattress so that she was bent over the bed. Leaning over her body, he continued to kiss Lizzy's neck and wrapped his arms around her so that he could squeeze and fondle her breasts through the silk of her wedding gown.

'I've missed you so, a week is far too long to be without you. Have you missed me, Lizzy?'

'So much.'

'Have you been practising as we discussed?'

'Yes, though I imagine I will rarely need to in the future.'

'Perhaps, but I might insist on the occasional demonstration - I would not want such sweet skills to go to waste,' and pulling Lizzy's skirts up to her waist and then coaxing her legs apart, Darcy slid his hand up and found her hot and ready for him.

'You are so wet my love, is there something you want?'

'Darcy, stop teasing, it has been nearly a week! Or perhaps I should carry on with my practicing and leave you to your own endeavours...'

'Not so quick,' Darcy replied and held onto Lizzy's hips as she attempted to squirm away, 'so feisty and impatient. Please my love, let me please you,' and rubbed her gently between her legs.

'Oh William, I want you now. I can't wait any longer.'

Darcy quickly unbuttoned his trousers and pulled himself free, 'Climb up onto the bed and spread your legs further...yes, like that.'

Bracing one leg against the bed, Darcy pushed into Lizzy while continuing to rub her softly and quickly began thrusting into her; the softness of his fingers contrasting with the fast, sharp thrusts of his hips as she moaned beneath him, 'You are so beautiful. So hot and wet for me.'

Darcy could feel his control slipping, so slowed his hips and increased the speed of his fingers until he could feel her tighten around him, 'Yes, that's it Lizzy, come for me.'

'William!' Lizzy screamed as she came hard and was held in place from collapsing onto the mattress by Darcy until he climaxed behind her and then rested his weight on her back.


Lizzy's wedding gown was quite ruined by the time she had called her maid, Hannah, to help her change for dinner. Darcy's plan to satisfy them both and then undress was a failure, no sooner had they finished than her husband had gathered her into his arms and lay with her in the middle of their great four poster bed; and it was only natural when soft loving kisses became more passionate, and several rounds later they discovered her dress to be in quite a poor state of disrepair.

Darcy seemed quite unperturbed at his failed plan though.


Hannah tried not to look too alarmed at the number of missing buttons from Mrs Darcy's dress and the tears in her petticoats, and simply nodded when Mrs Darcy smiled sweetly at her and requested her red evening gown.

Hannah was even more bewildered when Mr Darcy entered his wife's dressing room and took a seat to finish watching her dress, and she was startled when her master abruptly told her that Mrs Darcy would not need her later this evening.


'You quite terrified Hannah, William. Whatever will she think of you?'

'That her master is very much in love with his wife - and she will need to resew a great number of buttons on your clothes in the future.'


'I like you very much in red, dearest. I shall try not to tear this dress...I cannot promise though. Now, let's see how quickly we can get you out of it,' Darcy said after he and Lizzy entered their bed chamber.

Darcy managed to remove her dress without too many buttons being lost in the process and Lizzy soon find herself naked in bed with her amorous husband kissing and stroking his way up and down her body.

'Are you so insatiable, Mr Darcy? It has been less than two hours.'

'I'll always want more of you, my love.'

'I hope so, William. Now, we are quite alone with no family around to discover us and no servants to shock I think it's time you showed me to how please you.'

'You've already pleased me by becoming my wife.'

'A very clever answer, dearest, but how else can I please you?' Asked Lizzy as she stroked her way down his body and began to tentatively take him in her hand.

'If you insist...let me show you,...yes just like that.'

'Am I pleasing you, now?

'Yes,' a breathless Darcy replied.

'And how pleased are you when I do this?' Lizzy asked and began kissing her way down his chest while still stroking him in her hand until she was close enough to take him in her mouth.


'Very pleased then?' Asked Lizzy and returned to pleasuring Darcy with her mouth, unsure of how to best please him, but hoping enthusiasm would compensate for her lack of knowledge. After a few moments of moaning from an unusually passive Darcy, Lizzy suddenly found herself being pulled from him and turned around so that was straddling his face facing towards his legs.

'I am a fortunate man to have married such a creative and passionate woman, and yes I was very pleased my love, but it would please me even more to please you while you please me. Learn forward Lizzy and take me in your mouth. Yes...like that, now wrap your hand around me...perfect.'

Initially embarrassed to be so intimately exposed to Darcy's gaze, Lizzy soon lost herself in the pleasure his mouth was bringing her and the moans she was invoking from him until she was overwhelmed in pleasure and came hard. As soon as she finished, Lizzy found herself turned around and on her back, with Darcy quickly inserting himself between her legs and pounding into her hard until he came as well.


'Thank you Lizzy, that was a very special treat.'

'You are not shocked then? I was warned to lay still on my wedding night and wait for it to be over...' Lizzy asked teasingly and laughed at Darcy's affronted expression.

'I'm glad you decided against such advice!'

Lizzy smiled and laughed again, to which Darcy frowned and told her, 'As a rule men find it rather disquieting when women laugh at them in bed.'

'Forgive me, but I cannot help but laugh when I think how strange it is that we are married when our first meeting went so poorly.'

'I was very foolish to not instantly throw myself at your feet, but I soon realised what a goddess you are and I thank God every day that we met. You make me so happy, Lizzy. I love you, I'll always love you.

'I love you too, William.'

Darcy sat up straight at this declaration and smiled joyfully at his wife, 'Do you really Lizzy? Don't tease me, your love is what I most want.'

'Yes, really I love you, but perhaps you need a demonstration?'

'I think I would like that, what do you have in mind?

The End.