Set one

One – Cyborg has several music stations that can tell anyone in the tower, or on the mainland if it's turned up loud enough, what kind of mood he's in. When he's happy, it's the Black Eyed Peas. When he's thinking or stressed, it's going to be Skillet. But if he's really mad or worried it's going to be some sort of death metal. When it's that option, Robin happily gives his teammates earplugs.

Two – Raven has plenty of books in her room, more than enough to start her own bookstore. She has what one would expect to find there; books written by Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe. But if you look close enough, past the well cracked spines of the tomes she always brings out into the common room, there are other books. Series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Raven, of course, would deny ever having any of these novels.

Three – Most people in Jump will tell you that Robin and Starfire are the cutest couple. However, Cyborg would like to point out that sometimes being the cutest, doesn't always mean being the best. Cyborg's seen how they care for each other, yes, but he's also seen how they hurt each other. How it pains Starfire when Robin locks himself in the file room. He's seen Robin fume when Starfire goes to unload her problems on either Raven or Beast Boy. They're cute, yes, but not perfect.

Four – Beast Boy sometimes goes on flying binges when they don't have any calls. He'll morph into the first bird that comes to mind, pick a direction, and fly for hours on end. Sometimes he forgets that he actually has to go back, and many times one or two of his friends will stay up waiting for him. It's not like he's running away or anything; more than anything, flying is addicting, and it's hard to put that feeling into words when so few can do it.

Five – Once a month all hell breaks loose in the tower. Starfire cries and shoots star bolts at the curtains. Raven simmers and the china breaks. The boys, wisely, have learned over the years to avoid their female companions during this time, especially after being threatened to have a certain body part removed on pain of death for taking the last soda.

Six – Caffeine is a funny topic in the tower. Robin can't survive without it; it takes at least three cups in the morning to fully wake him up. Cyborg doesn't drink coffee, but will indulge in the occasional energy drink while working all night on the T-Car. Raven drinks her herbal tea constantly, and Starfire never had a care to try it. Beast Boy, on the other hand, isn't allowed to have any. Coffee, energy drinks, and tea to some extent are out. Due to having animalistic traits, and seeing how animals react to caffeine, that situation has been avoided at all costs.

Seven – Robin knows he doesn't have a decent, or stable sometimes, relationship with Beast Boy. He knows it's mostly his fault, and he also knows that even though Beast Boy is an incredibly forgiving person, sometimes wounds run too deep to fully heal. So when he sees Cyborg joking and whispering with the changeling, having a friendship like that, he tries not to feel the sting of it, and tries harder not to feel the pit in his stomach knowing it's his fault he'll never have a friendship with Beast Boy like that.

Eight – Raven has a secret habit of checking in on her teammates when they're asleep. The first time it happened she was unnerved and felt like she was breaking some sort of code or trust. Now, however, she does it with the intention of keeping the nightmares at bay. No one ever did it for her, but for her friends and family, she would.

Nine – Starfire doesn't watch television often. However, there is one show she watches with attention, and she always makes sure Beast Boy is with her. After all, he's the only one that will patiently sit there and watch Doctor Who with her and cry unashamed at all the season finales, scream at Moffat, or debate on which Doctor or companion is the best. (Starfire loves 10 and Rose with a passion. Beast Boy is a firm fan of 11 and Donna. Both of them agree that Martha is the little black sheep of the DW show.)

Ten – If there is one room that all the titans avoid with all costs, it's the laundry room. None of them like to talk about the how doing the chore almost required calling the fire department, multiple band aides, or how many paper towels they went through that day.

Author's Note: So, I wrote something. Not sure how good it is, but whatever. Some points: I firmly think that Raven reads all kind of teen novels, not just boring old tomes. Robin actually feels guilty for how he acted towards Beast Boy during the Beast incident (but he's stubborn and won't admit it). Raven is actually pretty protective and attentive of her teammates. Starfire, I can she her liking Doctor Who, and Beast Boy is probably the only one that would be able to keep up and talk about it with her, much to their friends horror.