Ninety-one – Starfire has over ten different types of tamagotchi; many of their names are names from her home planet, but as she learned the real names of her friends, her new additions were given those special namesakes.

Ninety-two – Several years into dating one another, Raven began to see a pattern emerging between her and her green skinned beau. After particularly hard missions, either she or her boyfriend would creep into one another's bed, and would watch the other sleep, just to reassure themselves that the other was still there.

Ninety-three – Beast Boy was never a real book reader. When he was younger, he mostly stuck with books about animals. As he got older, Rita got him into the "Animorphs" series. Raven got him the entire series of Harry Potter one year, and he read all of the books in a span of two weeks. But there are a collection of books he takes extreme care with; several books in Swahili that he only reads when he feels the need to drift away.

Ninety-four - Raven has a guilty pleasure that she only indulges in when the others are deeply asleep. That's when she'll creep down to the common room and turn on the cooking channel.

Ninety-five - The vacuum is an evil, body sucking, and sock snatching thing. Between Cyborg needing to fix it every time they use it, Robin and Raven yelling at it when they work with it, and Beast Boy and Starfire using forks and such to get the socks back, they have invested in over five other vacuums to avoid using it.

Ninety-six – The first time they went ice skating as a team was probably the funniest thing ever. Cyborg and Robin were the only ones who had ever been, so they both had to teach Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy. Those pictures all hanging in all of their bedrooms.

Ninety-seven – They all have their own rituals after nightmares. Robin will either train or seek out Starfire. Raven will mediate, read, or seek shelter in Beast Boy's room. Cyborg will work in the garage, or barge into his best friend's room. Beast Boy will either go flying, go talk to Raven, or curl up on his best friend's chest in various cat forms. Starfire will go cook something or curl up with Robin until she falls back asleep.

Ninety-eight – Raven and Beast Boy have battles over the thermostat all the time. Between Beast Boy's preference towards warmer weather, and Raven's preference for the cold, the other three have gotten used to the varying room temperatures.

Ninety-nine - They all bond with each other in different ways. Robin and Beast Boy go hiking or climbing, Starfire and Raven go shopping. Cyborg teaches Raven about cars, and Beast Boy will teach Starfire how to draw.

One Hundred - Years later, when all of them are sitting around together, the sounds of children filling in the silence around them, they'll all look at each other and smile, knowing everything is good.