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Shipper: Lily Evans P.& James Potter I

Genre: Romance

Rated: K

Lily didn't know what to think. She knew that she had developed strong feelings for James Potter. But didn't know what to do. It was unbelievable. When, lately, she looked at him, she started to feel like butterflies in her stomach.

That's not a good sign. – she thought.

Of course she had notice that he was more mature on that last year that they we're spending at Hogwarts. At first, Lily couldn't believe it, but in the course of the time she knew that he was really changed. Well, not totally of course. He was always going to be the same cocky, but he was more mature, that's for sure.

Lily didn't know why he became like this. But she liked it. Oh yeah, she really really really liked it although she tried to push away this kind of thoughts.

"Hey, Evans!" , she heard a voice behind here. It was him. She could recognize his voice hundred miles away.

"What do you want, Potter? " , Lily tried to be rude, but her lately attempts weren't being very successful.

James laughed. Then he messed up his dark hair and sat next to her. Lily tried to control her breathing.

"Get out of here, Potter. This is the library and I don't want to lose my patience with you right here or Madam Pince kick as out. "

"I know" , he said, "But I have to ask you something."

Was he going to ask her out? Lily didn't remember the last time he asked her out. Maybe last month? Two months ago? She didn't know it. But the answer was no in that times, of course and he, impressively, stopped ask her out. But now… Well, maybe he just wanted to ask something about a lesson that he lost.

"Ask." , she simply said.

James took a deep breath and the words came out of his mouth, nervously. He was prepared to a "no".

"Do you go out with me, Evans? Next trip to Hogsmeade."

Lily's heart stopped, then became betting again much quickly.

James was waiting for her answer with a smile on his face and watching every move of her. But she wasn't moving. Lily, simply, couldn't find her voice.

When she found it, coughed a little and tried to maintain the posture.

"Why me, Potter?"

"That isn't a yes or a no." , he smiled.

Oh, Merlin, what a perfect smile.- Lily thought and the asked again:

"Why me?"

He approached his face to hers a little and whispered:

"Because you're the most fantastic girl I've ever knew."

She tried to give a loud laugh, but the sound of it was a bit weird.

"You don't even know every girl in this planet, Potter."

He shrugged.

"I don't have to. You are the one."

Lily coughed again and her cheeks became a little blushed.

"All right then, Potter."

"All right what?" , he asked with his eyes shining with the expectation.

Lily looked to her feet and said very quickly.

"I'll go with you."

What the hell that you've done to me, Potter?! – she thought surprised.

James couldn't believe it. She said yes. She really had say yes. He started to feel such a huge happiness.

Lily stood up, caught her book, trying to hide her blushed face on it and said:

"Don't be late, Potter, I don't like to wait."

He laughed hard.

"Nah, I'm to anxious to be late, believe me." , he blinked to her. Then he stood up, and give a fast kiss in Lily's cheek.

He started to walk to the library exit.

"See you Saturday, Lily." , he call her Lily. For the first time.

"See you Saturday, Pot… I mean, James." , and she call him James. For the first and not the last time.