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Chapter Seven

Ivystar throws a moss-ball across the clearing, smiling as Shrewtail's three kits launch after it. They were born a moon ago, brightening almost every cat in WindClan's spirits. Except their mothers, Shrewtail has been growing more and more distant since she had her kits. Growing skinnier and scrawnier with every day, her milk has already dried up and Sweetpetal has been nursing her kits. Though with her kits coming any day now Shrewtail's kits were forced to start eating prey young. The largest kit, a black she-kit with midnight blue eyes pads over to Ivystar proudly. The moss-ball clamped in her jaws,

"Well done Hollykit!" Ivystar praises, before hooking up the moss-ball and throwing it again. A much smaller orange tabby tom with dark green eyes hares after it. His brother, a white tom with gray flecks and amber eyes hard on his paws. The orange tabby reaches it first but he trips over his tail causing the moss-ball to go flying. The white and gray tom kit jumps into the air, grasping the moss-ball with his paws.

"That was amazing Snowkit!" Hollykit exclaims rushing towards her brother,

"Not fair!" the orange tabby tom grumbles. Ivystar licks his forehead,

"Come on, Aspenkit. Lighten up!" she jokes, just as Meadowheart pads over.

"Come on little ones, I'm sure Ivystar has something she has to do. Let me tell you a story!" she suggests, Aspenkit's eyes brighten.

"Yes! You tell the best stories!" he exclaims, Meadowheart laughs. Ivystar shoots her friend and thankful look, Meadowheart's eyes twinkle and she pads away, three kits bouncing after her. Ivystar stretches and pads over to her own kits, Poppypaw and Harepaw.

"How's training going?" she questions, her kits look up from the rabbit they are sharing.

"Great! Morningblaze is amazing," Poppypaw mutters, Ivystar settles down beside her daughter.

"I'm sorry...for everything..." her voice cracks, Poppypaw's yellow eyes flash.

"Yeah right..." she mutters, Ivystar takes a deep breath.

"I really am and to make it up to both of you...I'm going to make you warriors." she explains, Harepaw's eyes grow wide, Poppypaw jumps to her paws.

"NOW!" she yowls, Ivystar suppresses a smile,

"No my little one, not now. You still have to pass the assessment," she reminds her daughter, adding. "Its on the moor," Poppypaw falters but she shakes out her fur.

"Okay! Let's go!" she exclaims dashing towards the gorse barrier,

"Wait!" Ivystar yowls but she can't help but laugh. "Poppypaw we need Rippleheart and Morningblaze!" she adds, Poppypaw skids to a halt.

"I knew that!" she exclaims, Harepaw rolls his blue eyes,

"Are you sure your not a kit?" he teases. Poppypaw pounces on him and they begin to tussle, Poppypaw comes out on top.

"Who's the kit now?" she yowls triumphantly,

"It doesn't matter. Now both of you go and find your mentors," Ivystar orders, the two apprentices nod before racing away. Ivystar watches them fondly, Harepaw is racing across the moor searching for WindClan's deputy. Poppypaw races towards the nearest tunnel entrance and dives in. Ivystar sighs before turning back to face the camp, she pads over to Quailheart, one of her senior warriors.

"Your in charge of camp, I'm going with Rippleheart and Morningblaze to asses Poppypaw and Harepaw's warrior skills." she explains, Quailheart dips his head.

"I'll protect the camp with my life," he promises. Ivystar nods, glancing towards the nursery. Sweetpetal is basking in the sun out front her white fur gleaming in the sunlight. Shrewtail is staring absently out of camp while her kits Hollykit, Snowkit and Aspenkit listen intently to Meadowheart, Loonflight and Talonstripe. Just then Poppypaw and Harepaw burst into camp their fur standing on end.

"What's wrong?" Ivystar demands rushing towards them, Poppypaw is panting her yellow eyes glowing with fear.

"Dog...Rippleheart and...Morningblaze...fought it off...but...Dewpaw...Dewpaw..." he collapses to the ground, Ivystar stares at him her black fur bristling.

"Lilybreeze! Sunstep! Birdtail! Dawnpaw! Fawnpaw! Come with me!" Ivystar orders not waiting for the cats to gather she bolts from the camp.

Fawnpaw catches up to her mentor first, her gray fur rippling in the wind, for such a young cat shes a very fast runner.

"He'll be okay!" she yowls over the roar of the wind, Ivystar just nods to her apprentice unable to speak.If the dog found Dewpaw first...he can't fight that well he's a medicine cat! The roar of the wind mixes with the unbearable sound of the gorge making Ivystar's ear drums almost burst. She can see Morningblaze and Rippleheart ahead, their fur caked with blood. Dewpaw's motionless shape is huddled beside them, there's no dog in sight. Ivystar's muscles groan but she wills them to go farther, just a little bit farther. She's almost to Dewpaw when she stumbles to the ground and everything turns red, then an unbearable voice pounds in her ears. You can't escape me Ivystar, I will always be here despite the fact you left me. My blood is still in WindClan, Poppypaw, Harepaw and Dewpaw carry it. You know as much as I do that Lionshadow isn't their real father. You know the truth and until you reveal it I will hurt every cat you love, one by one. Then the images of Harepaw, Poppypaw, Dewpaw, Meadowheart, Sweetpetal, Sweetpetal's future kits and even Jayfrost flash in her mind before Ivystar gives way to dizzying blackness.

Upon waking Ivystar groans, at first she's unsure exactly where she is. Then her eyes adjust and she realizes she lying in a feather lined nest in the medicine den. Harepaw, and Poppypaw are sleeping in nests to the right and left of her their flanks rising and falling. Willowflame is standing over the crumpled body of a gray tom cat and for a second Ivystar doesn't know who it is. Then it hits her: Dewpaw! My precious kit! Ivystar manages to get shakily to her paws, she crosses the sandy den reaching her kit. Dewpaw's eyes flicker open as though he senses her presence,

"Mom?" he struggles to look up at the black she-cat.

"Its okay little one, rest you'll be better soon." Ivystar soothes, Dewpaw shakes his head.

"Mom!" his yowl is suddenly desperate. "Mom!" he repeats, "I can see her!"

"Who?" Ivystar questions her blood turning cold. "Yes Willowflame is here" she adds stupidly.

"No mom! Its Honeypaw!" then his voice breaks and his breathing stops, Ivystar is silent for a moment then she breaks down in tears.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" she yowls so loudly she swears they can hear it all the way in ShadowClan. "No! Dewpaw! No! Not after Honeypaw!" she presses her nose into Dewpaw's sodden pelt. Poppypaw and Harepaw wake, joining their grieving mother. With a snarl Ivystar remembers the toms voice, I will never love you! Ever! And the truth will NEVER come out! But I will find you and I WILL kill you!


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