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~Story Extra~

Roxas and Axel returned quite late to The Castle That Never Was. They just simply lost track of time.

When they returned they were greeted by almost the entire Organization XIII except Xemnas, Saix, and Vexen as they felt they had no reason to take part in the recent antics of the members, though Saix made no move to stop them.

"So what did you guys do?"

"Where did you guys go?"

"Come on, come one. Tell us!"

They were plagued with questions.

"Um...we just went to an island and watched the sunset," Roxas answered, a little nervous due to being crowded by everyone.

"Is that it?" Larxene came forward, raising an eyebrow while frowning.

"Uh...why does it matter?"

"It just matters, so tell us!" Larxene venomously yelled at them.

Her yelling caused Roxas to flinch and hide behind Axel. Axel too was a little scared. He glanced at the blonde hiding behind him to see if it was okay. When Roxas nodded, probably only out of fear of being electrocuted by Larxene, Axel decided to say a little more.

"We also...shared a paopu and kissed, I guess," Axel said a little scared and curious as to why they wanted to know this.

"That's it?" This time Xigbar asked, a look of dread coming across his face.

"Yeah, that's it." Axel nodded.

The room resounded with several nobodies yelling "Damn it!"

"Huh?" Axel and Roxas looked at everyone confused.

"Looks like Lexaeus and Zexion get the money," grumbled Xigbar.

"What are you guys talking about?" Roxas asked, getting out from behind Axel.

This time Zexion answered from where he sat on a chair reading a book, "Xigbar came up with the idea to have everyone place bets on guesses as to what you guys were going to do when you went out today as we all knew that something would happen," He glanced at Axel's and Roxas's joined hands that they must have subconsciously joined. "Well, me and Lexaeus were spot on with what happened while the others..." Zexion sighed, "Well, you can see what they guessed on the betting board. He gestured with a slight tilt of the head to board in the corner of the room that had the names of the members that took part in the bet, their guess, and the amount of money that was bet by each nobody.

"Lady Luck must not be on my side today," Luxord looked down dejected. He had reason to, he had just lost 1200 munny.

"Damn, the rest of us thought you XXXXed or something," Xigbar grumbled.

"XIGBAR!" Both Axel and Roxas yelled, their blush reaching their ears. It was like Axel's hair was on their faces.

"Actually I betted that you guys were going around stabbing things," Xaldin said, but no one was listening as they all started to argue with each other.

Zexion sighed and took the munny pile on the betting booth and split it evenly between him and Lexaeus.

"All well that ends well and I'm 4800 munny richer," Zexion left the room, not wanting to be bothered any more by the ruckus of the rest of the organization.


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