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He sat alone in his cell jet black hair was covering his eyes. The orange prison robes made him look somewhat like his father, except he wasn't half as jolly, half as innocent.

He was laying on his bed, facing the wall so no one could see him cry. Not that it mattered much now, it was all lost, he was lost since the day he lost her…

Then the flashback started agin, feeling so real he could basically smell the cold winter air.

When he walked up to the house there was a gun on the floor in front of the door. It was still smoking, so it had been used recently, but the owner had run. The door was burst open, and when he walked in, he saw her.

Sam. She was always there for him and he wished he was there for her that day but there had been a ghost attack and he left her to save the town once agin, twelve years after the asteroid. He had recently married the owner of the violet gaze that drove him crazy. They had only lived together for five months… And now she was here, bleeding, the love of his life.

She was crying, pain or sadness he didn't know, all he knew was that she was too weak to move, and an ambulance wouldn't come fast enough.

He stayed with her for what seemed like hours then. And now felt like seconds, but even if it had been a year, he would have felt like it wasn't enough, after all, she was the love of his life.

"Kiss it better, Danny" she whispered with a smile, making a reference to the local joke they had since high school, since once Danny tried breaking up with her "to protect her" and her response was simply "you're Danny Phantom, you'll just kiss it better".

That seemed so long ago…

He tried to laugh at her joke, but her eyes showed so much pain "I'm not ready to watch you go" She faked another smile, and kissed him, "It's not your fault, Danny," he started sobbing and so did she, "I'm sorry" she added, and handed him a paper she had on the pocket, he read it and his heart fell, Sam was pregnant. He cried harder.

"You didn't know, Danny, you couldn't have stopped it" She said soothingly. Now it seemed bizarre to him, how she was dying and still was the one comforting him

Her hands were cold, and looked really pale, her black hair made her look white as snow, but her purple lipstick was still intact. Danny kissed her face.
"Everything will be alright.
Just don't close your eyes" he begged as she started drifting.

"I love yo" she said softly, the -u- getting lost as she closed her eyes. Her face looked peaceful and dream like, but for the first time Danny didn't admire her from his side of the bed as the sun peeked out the window. Everything became blurry, he only remembered calling Tucker, not what he told him. What he did know was that once looking at Sam became too hard his gaze was fixed on the gun and one only thought invaded his troubled mind, "I'll avenge my lover tonight"


Danny was wearing a black tux as he cried his heart out at Sam's funeral when Valerie walked up to him.

He felt an adrenaline rush as she spoke. Again, he couldn't remember correctly, but the message was obvious. "we found him", and so his old schoolfriend, and police chief guided him to the station. He would have wanted to take the case in his hands but, in Tucker's words, "Valerie was better getting her emotions out of it"

He still had the gun he saw on the ground the day Sam... died, through. And it was loaded.

He looked at the man, he was only some years younger. And looked much like him, through he had red hair and green eyes. He was skawny, and innocent looking. If only he was such thing.

Danny looked at him, the moment their eyes met his turned green. He felt so much hate towards that man, he was ready to make him go through the same he was going through, but that was impossible, no one could ever understand what was happening to him. He doubted a man like him, a killer could love like he had. Like he still loved Sam.

He and Sam were going to be a family. They were going to grow old together, look at eachother's laughter lines and tease each other forever. No one could understand it.

He reached for the gun when Valerie let him into the cell.

He felt its metal through his fingers and he took it out, showing it to the prisioner, who recognized the weapon as his, but said nothing. He looked down.

"I'm Sorry" he whispered, and Danny felt his insides boil with rage.

"You killed my wife." he answered.

"I know, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to."

"She was pregnant, you know…"

"I wouldn't have known"

"Barely three months."

"I already said I'm sorry."

Danny started laughing after the exchange, and pointed the gun at the prisioner's head.

Then the coward dared to beg for forgiveness. He could never forgive something like that.
And his rage grew inside.

"Please I had no idea it was your wife Mr. Phantom" said the man.

Sam would've considered those as some shitty last words.

Everyday Jazz came to talk to him, he would never say much, he liked her better when she acted like a psycologist. Now she was a psychiatrist. No one would've believed he knew the difference, but it was obvious when his sister's eyes filled with fear when he glared at her. His parents came around sometimes, but they just stared at him. His mother brought him treats, through. A bad dog sent to a shelter, he once called it, and she cried as she left. and Tucker only on holidays, he was the mayor so he didn't have much free time, but his visits were the worse, as he came to check that he had no escape from his high security cell.

He had never tried escaping, but they didn't care.

They couldn't forgive him.

And now he was here, 25 to life, without Sam in his arms, and what was worse, he still hadn't brought her back by shooting that bullet to his heart.

Hours after shooting him he realized that was what Dan would've done, he wasn't Danny when he did it he was consumed by hate he was acting like Vlad.
Every day he remembered things about her which made his heart ache by the thought of never eating her vegan food agin, hearing her laugh…

He held on to her memory, even id that was all it was, a memory.

He was forced out of his pain when the room's temperature fell down and he felt the cold breath down his through, followed by the electric shock he got each time he used his powers.

Then a ghost appeared, she had black hair and pale purple skin her silhouette surrounded by a purple glow. She looked at the halfa with a sad grin and little ectoplasmic tears in her violet eyes.

"Danny" she said so silently it sounded like a whisper. His eyes widened as he recognized her. Her purple aura lighting the room.

"Sam" answered Danny standing up and wiping his tears with his sleeve, and walking towards her floating body,

"We missed you" whispered Sam, placing a hand on his cheek.

He looked at her before he noticed a little ghost boy next to Sam, it was barely a toddler, but you could tell he was related to Danny, as he looked almost like him in ghost form, except his eyes were the same neon lilac as his mother's.

The next day they found Danny dead because of trying to do a full transformation, people thought he had gone crazy and since he refused to talk to anyone they dismissed it as that, assuming he had committed suicide by using his powers.

And maybe he was mad, maybe he had imagined Sam that night.

Maybe she was indeed there, as a ghost.

Not that it mattered, in the end, even as a dead man,

he couldn't be forgiven.

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