This is kind of self explanatory. Basically, it's 20 prompts about Warehouse 13, including, fluff, angst, humor, adventure, pyka, B&W, the Warehouse gang, etc. Really any of these can be interpreted to be whatever the reader thinks of. Feel free to use them for inspiration, that's the only reason I'm posting these. Please review and let me know if these were at all useful, maybe I'll post some more. Enjoy!

1- Trouble- Claudia knew that Artie used trust her with the Warehouse for a day, but after he came back and saw what happened...

2- Welcome- Steve wasn't really sure about the Warehouse until he went on a few adventures with Claudia...

3- Hidden Talent- He hadn't even known she could dance; after watching her sweep gracefully across the room for what could have been hours, he couldn't help but...

4- Dreams- Deep down she knew they couldn't be together, but that couldn't stop her from dreaming.

5- Bashful- She had no idea why she had waited so long to tell him the name of her ferret.

6- Teasing- Claudia and Steve were teasing them for weeks after they came home from a case drenched in strawberry syrup and covered in sprinkles.

7- Gone- After she left, they both cried, not knowing the reason behind the tears.

8- Birthday- Myka wished Pete was always as happy as he had been when she gave him his birthday gifts.

9- Tired- Some days were so long there was no chance to sleep. The unpredictability of the job drew them closer together as the weeks grew to months, and this time Claudia was not letting them forget it.

10- Mischief- Steve always wondered what had happened on the day he found himself to be in the bronze sector.

11- Hurt- He had been there when she needed him most, so when she saw him lying there, she decided to return the favor.

12- Musical- "Hey, guys!" Sang Pete shakily as he burst into Artie's office. "I found out what the artifact does!"

13- Canine- Even though Trailer was above average, he wouldn't be a dog if he didn't do some of the things dogs do, even if it did make his masters exasperated.

14-Dress- They all gasped when she came down the stairs; she looked beautiful. But one of them couldn't keep their eyes off her.

15-Letter- She clutched the letter to her chest as they tried to snatch it from her. "Who's it from?" they asked. She just shook her head and blushed.

16-Mystery- Socks were disappearing from all around the B not one of them knew what was happening to them.

17-Dare- "I'll take you all out to lunch if one of you can beat me at chess," suggested Myka playfully.

18-Ice Cream- The little girl dropped her cone on the ground and started to cry when her mother told her she couldn't have another one. Claudia quickly gave up her ice cream cone and handed it to the girl with a smile. After she went away, Claudia turned back to Steve. "That was my favorite kind!"

19-Ocean- Swimming had never been one of his talents, but when everyone pushed him to give it a try, he gave in. It was a big mistake.

20-Sunset/The End- Sunsets always represented the end in movies, but this one seemed different. Maybe it represented the beginning of something new. Either way, Myka was there to share it with.