The last part in the last chapter was probably too obvious. So if you think you know already please don't tell anyone. Enjoy.

A lot has happened in three years since Naruto has entered Jump City. In the first year he discovered he had amazing luck in gambling. So for a while he went to every Arcade or Casino in Jump City. By the end of the first year Naruto was rich, to put it lightly. In the second year he found out that with enough concentration he could take away his fox features and look normal so he didn't have to use a Genjutsu to hide himself. The third year he bought a bookstore that had an apartment above it so he was fine with living in it. In actuality he liked to read from time to time and he found that working in a bookstore was peaceful. In his spare time he went to the training ground under his store. He had a lot of spare time to build it thankfully with the jutsu he knew.

Thanks to his training Naruto was now at Sannin Level, which is stronger than Kage back in his home village. He learned who his family was thanks to the Kyuubi and learned his fathers greatest jutsu, the Rasengan and the Hirashin. (A.N. I know he knows the Rasengan but he can know create one without a clone. He has also perfected it with his Wind Chakra) He can stay in Fox-Sage mode for at least a half hour and can turn into Kyuubi if he wanted to. This earned him the title of Fox Sage.

Right now Naruto is stacking away books as people read others and enjoy themselves. He smiled but had a strange feeling. Ever since he woke up he couldn't help but feel like something was going to happen today, something that will change his life. "Excuse me" said a voice behind him. Turning he saw a girl in a purple cloak. The hood was down so he could see what the person looked like. She has grey skin and violet hair and eyes. She also has a black gemstone on her forehead.

"Yes?" he replied with a smile.

"Do you have any books on spells?" she asked looking around.

"Yeah we do. Follow me" he said. She nodded and followed. On the way he decided to start a conversation "My name's Naruto, what's yours?"

"Raven" was all she said.

"Im guessing your new here seeing how I never saw you before in my shop"

"Your shop?" she repeated.

"Yeah. This is my bookshop. Here we are, enjoy" he said and went back to stacking books. Raven watched him leave for a moment. She was confused by his presence. It felt...odd. Like he was trying to hide himself. Shrugging her thoughts away she looked at the books with interest.

After half an hour Naruto suddenly sensed something strange. He walked outside and looked up only to see a green light fly over him and land in the distance creating an explosion. He didn't pay attention to the people exiting his store to see what happened. He just made sure that everybody was outside and locked up before going to see what happened. He noticed that the girl, Raven if remembered right, was flying towards the scene. He raised an eyebrow but didn't say anything as he continued to run.

Getting to the scene he found a girl around his age smashing random things. She had red hair, glowing green eyes, and, strangely enough, orange skin. She was wearing a suit that looked quite uncomfortable and what appeared to be handcuffs. He watched as she began to smash a pillar to a pizza restaurant. Naruto was about to intervene but stopped as a strange projectile hit her strange headpiece causing her to stop. She looked around and saw a boy with a cape standing on a car 'Isn't that Robin?' thought Naruto as he hid in an alley.

"Who are you?" Robin asked, almost demanded as he got into a fighting stance. Growling she jumped into the air and slammed her cuffed hands to the ground creating a crater. Thankfully Robin jumped away otherwise that would have hurt. As she tried to attack him Robin kept dodging analysing his opponent to find a weakness. Unfortunately he managed to get hit in the stomach throwing him into a wall.

'Might aswell help' thought Naruto as he concentrated his chakra. The next second his red chakra surrounded him and changed his appearance. He now had nine yellow tails tipped with white and fox ears with the same colour. His eyes are now blood red with slits instead of his ocean blue. His whisker marks deepened with his hair looking more feral. His canines grew to fangs and his nails turned to claws. Stretching slightly he ran out the alley at an incredible speed. Unknown to him Raven watched the whole thing with amazement and curiosity. Without warning Naruto punched the girl in the face which threw her into a wall. She growled and said something in a strange language that he didn't understand. She walked up to a car and, to his surprise, lifted it up with one foot. She kicked it into the air and slammed it making it head towards Naruto. Widening his eyes he quickly ducked and watched as the car crashed into a building. "Why do I get the feeling that if I get punched, its going to hurt?" he asked himself with a sweat drop.

"Probably because it will," answered Kyuubi "Kit look out!"

Turning Naruto was unable to dodge as the girl hit him in the face. He was thrown to the other side of the street and all he could say was "Ow"

"Told you," said Kyuubi with a smirk.

Just then he rolled out of the way as the girl created another crater into the ground. He was about to attack when Robin appeared with a staff slamming it into the girl's side. She flew into a car and Robin got into another stance "You shouldn't have done that" said Naruto.

"Why not?" asked Robin with a frown. Then his staff fell apart into pieces.

"That's why," said Naruto.

The girl cracked her neck and said something. She then jumped at Naruto and Robin but was hit in mid air by...a green ram? The ram then turned into a green boy with a purple and black uniform and mask. He was saluting to Robin as he said "Ex Doom Patrol member, BeastBoy sir! How can I help?" BeastBoy then widened his eyes "Wowzers, your Robin aren't you sir?" he asked still saluting. Naruto sweat dropped at this.

"You can start by not calling me sir," said Robin.

Naruto gained another sweat drop as he actually saw sparkles coming from BeastBoy's eyes "Let me just say that it's a real honour-" he got interrupted by Robin.

"BeastBoy was it?" asked Robin.

"Yes sir?" Robin just pointed to his left. Naruto and BeastBoy looked and got wide eyed as they saw the strange girl lift a bus and throw it at them. All three of them dodged but Naruto was surprised to see a large hooded man jump in front of the bus and catch it.

"Yo! Who here is messing up my neighbourhood!?" he shouted in annoyance. Looking at him Naruto could tell he was different. Mainly because he can see a red eye under the hood.

"She started it," said BeastBoy pointing to the girl.

Said girl slowly walked forward and slammed her hands to the ground. This time her handcuffs fell off due to too much damage. But it appeared that she had another pair under them. She raised her arms and her hands glowed green "That's not good" said Naruto. She fire off green energy bolts but it missed all of them. They each ran as she continued to fire energy bolts everywhere.

Eventually she stopped and was breathing heavily. They were each behind a bus and the hooded guy said "Girls gonna wreck the whole city"

"I wont let her" said Robin "I wont lose this fight!" he then ran from the bus towards the girl with Naruto, BeastBoy and the hooded guy following. They stopped however when a giant black raven appeared. From first glance Naruto knew it was made of a different kind of energy.

"Maybe...fighting isn't the answer" said a voice behind them. Turning they all saw a girl with a purple cloak.

"Raven?" asked Naruto. She nodded and let the giant raven disappear.

Looking Robin ordered "Stand down"

Whilst BeastBoy saluted, causing Naruto to sweat drop again, the hooded guy had a problem "What? You think you're the boss or something?"

"Just give me a chance," said Robin walking towards the girl. He made sure to go slow to show he wasn't going to attack but the girl was still defensive "Easy. My name is Robin and I don't want to hurt you. I just want to help" he said reached into his utility belt. She tensed and said something but Robin replied "Its okay, look" he pulled out a lock pick. Hesitantly she lowered her arms slightly as he started to pick the handcuffs lock. The glow disappeared from her eyes to reveal green. "There" said Robin as the handcuffs fell to the ground "Now maybe we can be-" he was cut off by the girl kissing him. This shocked everybody there.

Just as quickly she pushed him away and said in English "If you wished not to be destroyed, then leave me alone" with that she flew away leaving a stunned Robin and confused group behind.

After a few seconds of silence BeastBoy looked at everyone and said "So...Im BeastBoy, who are you?" but no one answered as they were too confused, especially Robin.

"Wonder who that girl was" said Naruto breaking the silence.

"Well, who ever she was the girls sure knows how to make an impression," said the big guy.

"I think we made a pretty good impression," said BeastBoy with a smile. "Crazy space girl is gone, the cities safe, mission accomplished. Right sir?" he said.

"Seriously, stop calling me that" ordered Robin.

"Then what do we call you? Traffic-Light?" asked Naruto. Raven couldn't help but giggle lightly. She stopped and was thankful no one heard, no one but Naruto as he held a smirk.

"Robin" was all Robin said.

BeastBoy saluted again saying "Roger"

"Looks like were done here, I appreciate the help" said Robin walking away.

Raven watched him walk away as she asked "Your going to track down the alien?"

"I have to find out if she's a threat" was all he said.

Naruto was about to walked away but chuckled when he heard the big guy say, "More like find out if she'll give him another kiss"

"Hey sir I mean Robin!" called BeastBoy but Robin stopped him.

"Sorry I just went solo. Im not really looking to join a team" he said before walking away.

Turning BeastBoy watched as the others began to walk away" You guy's wanna get a pizza?"

"I shouldn't" said Raven. She looked at Naruto as he changed back to normal.

"Much better" he said with a grin. He looked at Raven "Want to go read that book again?"

Usually she would have said no but for some reason she nodded and followed him.

(With BeastBoy)

"Just you and me then huh?" said BeastBoy walking along side the hooded guy. "Cool, I haven't really hung out with anyone since I quit the Doom Patrol. This is going to be fun, wanna play video games?" he then walked into the hooded guy but it felt like he hit metal.

The guy got angry and lowered his hood to reveal most of his face being mechanical "There, take a good long look! I had an accident and now Im a monster, all right? A Cyborg" he said loudly.

"Cyborg? Cool! Your like Robot-Man 2.0!" said an amazed BeastBoy.

"Your a weird little dude, you know that?" asked Cyborg rhetorically.

"Ha you called me dude" Cyborg just put his hood back up and walked away "Okay so...see you later...right dude?" Cyborg just kept walking "Dude?" Then all of a sudden a large shadow fell over the area. Looking up BeastBoy was wide-eyed "DUDE!" he shouted.

A large ship slowly flew over the city in a very dramatic way. It then shot a something into an island just off of the city "Looks like space girl has friends" said Cyborg.

"Or enemies" said Robin narrowing his eyes.

A blue light appeared onto of the strange object and a holographic image appeared of a giant man looking lizard "Nice...Lizard?" said Naruto.

The hologram spoke "People of Earth, we come to your planet hunting an escaped prisoner. A very dangerous prisoner. Do not interfere and we will only leave your city with minimal damage. But if you attempt to assist her, your" with that the image disappeared.

The object that fell to the island opened revealing a lot of lizard looking aliens "That's a big ship" said Cyborg.

"And those are some scary looking aliens" commented BeastBoy. The aliens jumped off the object and began to fly towards the city.

"I can only imagine what they would taste like over a fire," said Kyuubi.

'Your scaring me, you know that right?' thought Naruto with a sweat drop.

"They told us not to interfere," said Raven stepping forward.

As the aliens flew closer Cyborg looked towards Robin "Your still going after her, aren't you?" Robin just nodded.

"Can we come too?" asked a hopeful BeastBoy.

Robin smiled "I suppose we could team up, just this once" he said.

"You do know that even if you said no, I would have come anyway," said Naruto as he turned back into the fox version of himself. Robin just smiled anyway.

Naruto, Robin, BeastBoy, and Cyborg started walking away as Raven looked down and walked in a different direction. "You in?" asked Robin.

She looked up and looked away "Im not the hero type. Trust me. If you knew what I really am, you wouldn't want me around" even though she sounded emotionless to everyone Naruto heard the hint of sadness and loneliness in her voice.

He walked up to her and put a hand on her shoulder shocking her "I know how you feel. But trust me we want your help" he said with a kind smile.

'He knows how I feel? Impossible but...I'll help' she thought. Looking at Naruto she smiled and nodded.

In an alley, the five teens watched as the aliens destroyed random things looking for the alien girl. As the lizard aliens flew away Robin said, "Alright, we need someway to track-"

"She's near," said Raven cutting Robin off. Apart from Naruto they all looked at her. She shyly looked down and said "I-I sense things"

"She's right," said Naruto "I can sense her energy. She's near" the others shrugged and walked away but Raven was now really curious as to who this boy was. She decided to ask at another time.

"Let me see if I can pick up her scent," said BeastBoy turning into a green dog. More specifically a Bloodhound.

Naruto smirked at that 'I already have her scent but I'll give him that privilege'

Cyborg rolled up his right sleeve to reveal a mechanic arm "There's a sonic analyser built into my arm. Is she's around I'll hear it"

"Good" said Robin.

"I got her trail!" said BeastBoy turning back into a human.

"And I can hear her heartbeat" said Cyborg. They each then ran down the alley.

(In a Video store)

The teens looked at the hole that was now in the wall. You could easily tell the edges are very hot. Walking in they found the alien girl eating food. Naruto was impressed. That was as fast as he could eat ramen. "Those taste better without the wrapper"

The girl stopped eating and growled. Her hands glowed green in a threatening manner. "Its alright!" said Robin raising his hands to show he wasn't a threat "Were friends remember?" he asked hopefully.

"Friends?" she repeated as if it was the first time she ever heard it. In fact it was the first time she ever heard it "Why? For what purpose did you free me?" she asked.

"Just...trying to be nice" he said.

"Nice? We do not have this word on my planet" she said "Closest is Rutha, weak" she said narrowing her eyes.

"Well around here nice means nice" said Cyborg "And if you want us to keep being nice, you'd better tell us why the lizard king took you prisoner"

The girl stopped her eyes and hands glowing "Not prisoner. I am, prize," she said "The Gordanians deliver me to the citadel. To live out my days as their servant"

"And the citadel are?" asked Raven.

"Not...nice" she said.

Naruto narrowed his eyes at that, as Robin stepped towards her "Then your not going with them Not if I have anything to say about it" he said pointing to himself.

"Dont you mean we?" asked BeastBoy with Naruto nodding his head.

Before anyone could answer an explosion blew them all back. Looking they all saw it was the lizard alien, Gordanians like the girl said. "Seize her!" ordered one of the aliens.

The alien girl flew out of the building followed by a few Gordanians. Using her energy bolts she hit two but the final one flew up to her and smashed her towards the ground causing a large crater to form. Robin saw what happened as he defended against his alien and threw it to the alien above the girl. Both aliens got hit letting the girl get up. Cyborg held the weapon one of the aliens was holding as the alien grabbed him by the foot with its tail. Cyborg fell to the ground but quickly rolled away dodging the alien's attacks. But then the attacks hit him. As he came out of the smoke screen that formed it showed his entire body was mechanical save for a few parts. Jumping to the alien he destroyed its weapon and threw it at the others. Aliens began to fire at him and he couldn't dodge but BeastBoy saved him by turning into a pterodactyl and flying him away. As they flew the lamppost glowed black and lifted off the ground. Raven waved her hands that also glowed black and the lamppost followed her movements smashing into some flying aliens. A few aliens still ran at the teens but Naruto stopped them by using his favourite jutsu "Rasengan!" he shouted as the jutsu hit the aliens. Knowing they couldn't win the aliens all flew away.

"I believe your expression is, thanks," said the girl.

"No problem. Whats your name?" asked Naruto.

"In your language it would be StarFire" she said with a smile.

"My names Robin" said Robin.

"Im Naruto"


"The names BeastBoy!"

"Call me Cyborg" Cyborg looked at himself and groaned "Aw man my suit"

"So? You look way cooler without it," said BeastBoy giving a thumbs up.

"Yeah, like Im taking fashion advise for a guy in the goofy mask," said Cyborg.

"Goofy? My mask is cool, isn't it? Raven?" Cyborg, Raven, and Naruto all shook their heads. "But what about my secret identity?" he asked.

"What secret identity?" asked Raven "Your green"

"" he tried to say. In the end he gave up and took the mask off letting people see that has green hair.

"Now that we interfered" started Robin but StarFire finished.

"Trogar will strike harder" a blue light shown into the sky as the lizard alien, presumably Trogar, appeared.

"Fools!" he shouted, "The Earth scum were warned. Insolence will be punished. Your city shall be destroyed" with that he disappeared. The ship flew over the city and a weapon revealed itself charging.

"Great" commented Raven.

"So...after trashing the pizza place and a perfectly good video store, we've managed to make a humongous space gecko mad enough to vaporise our entire town!?" shouted/asked BeastBoy.

"Go team" said Cyborg sarcastically.

"All the fault is yours!" shouted StarFire pointing to Robin. "I commanded you leave me alone but you insisted on the being nice!" she shouted.

Naruto was amazed. Somehow StarFire used Iruka's Big Head Jutsu 'Ah memories' he thought.

Naruto was again amazed by Robin using the Jutsu aswell "My fault!? You blast me, kiss me" you could see the electricity shooting between them now "but you never stopped to mention that they have a gigantic particle weapon!?"

For some strange reason BeastBoy began to shout aswell as Cyborg. The only ones staying silent were Raven and Naruto. Getting a headache Raven rubbed her head and shouted "QUIET!" they all looked at her and she went back to being shy again "Uh Hi" she waved.

"Hello!" joked Naruto loudly as he waved to her. Raven smiled at that.

"Look" said Robin getting everyone's attention "It doesn't matter how we got into this mess. Were in it and we will get out of it together" Everybody nodded at Robin "Come on we've got a city to save"

(In the ship)

The Gordanians ran around the ship as the team appeared in a hallway through Raven's dark energy. BeastBoy shivered "That dark energy stuff gives me the-" he stopped at Raven's glare "I-I mean it's cool" he said giving two thumbs up.

"So what's gonna happen?" asked Cyborg.

"We have to get to the firing control's," said Robin.

"I agree but I think we could use a distraction for that" said Naruto.

"What did you have in mind?" asked Robin with a raised eyebrow.

"Leave that to me" he said whilst rubbing his hands together and grinning. Everybody just sweat dropped at that.

"Ok I dont want to know," said Robin "You and Raven go cause a distraction whilst we go take out the firing controls"

"Why do I have to go with him?" asked Raven.

"Why Raven you wound me with your words" said Naruto pretending to be hurt.

"If he gets in trouble you can teleport him someplace else to keep safe or to us" explained Robin. Raven nodded her head.

"Alright see you guys later" said Naruto with a wave as he started walking away. Raven ran to catch up with him "Why do you want to be by your self?" asked Naruto.

"You heard the kid" she said referring to BeastBoy "I dont exactly fit in"

Naruto put his hand on her shoulder "He's green, Cyborg's a cyborg, Robin looks like a traffic light" she smiled at that "StarFire's an alien, and Im a Fox Sage. Im guessing you're not from this world like me" she looked shocked at that "You'll fit in just fine" he smiled at her "You can go back if you want"

"Like Robin said. If you get in trouble I can teleport us someplace else" she replied.

Naruto stopped and looked at her. He smirked as he took out a three-pronged kunai with markings on it. Raven was about to ask what he was doing until he threw it towards the wall. Her eyes widened when he appeared where the kunai was in a yellow flash "Your not the only one that can teleport"

Raven just stood there with her mouth agape "" she asked.

"It's called the Hirashin. My father's greatest technique. From where Im from it earned him the name 'The Yellow Flash of the Leaf'" he said with a proud smile. He let his smile drop as he heard something but then smirked "Here comes some fun" he then took out a normal kunai and wrapped an exploding tag around the handle and threw it towards a door. As the door opened the tag exploded making the ship shake.

(With the others)

"Whatever he's doing it's working" said Robin as he looked around.

"I bring you apology," said StarFire from behind.

"Dont worry about it" said Robin with a smile "Im sorry I yelled to"

"And again you are nice. On my world only my Kinorfka had shown me such kindness" she said smiling.

"Well, things are different here" he said 'What the hell is a Kinorfka or whatever she said?' he thought.

"Uh guys," said BeastBoy "I think they know were here," said BeastBoy pointing to the Gordanians.

(With Naruto)

"What was that?" asked Raven looking at the damage.

"Exploding tag," said Naruto "A weak level one" this shocked Raven again.

"More are coming this way," said Raven.

"Good" Naruto looked around and his eyes landed on a giant safe "Wonder what's behind that"

He was about to create a Rasengan but was stopped when Raven said "I can just teleport us behind it. Im guessing you can't since you use that weapon of yours"

"Thanks" he said "And its called a kunai" She nodded and moved her hand. A giant raven made of energy surrounded the both of them and sunk into the ground. The raven appeared behind the safe and disappeared leaving Naruto and Raven. A light turned on inside the room letting both of them see what was in it. There wasn't anything but a large box with strange carvings on it. "Well this looks important"

"It does. I can feel a strange energy coming from within. But I don't know what it could be" said Raven staring at the box.

Naruto went up to it and knocked on random parts "Well there is definitely something inside" he said thinking for a second. Naruto then took out one of his three-pronged kunai. He put his hand over the seal on the kunai and concentrated his chakra taking the seal off the kunai. He then put his hand over the box and the seal stuck to it.

"What are you doing?" asked Raven.

"The seal on the kunai allows me to use Hirashin. I just took the seal off the kunai and put it on the box. Im going to send it to my shop to see what's inside" he explained. Then the box disappeared in a yellow flash "I take it you want to know what's inside aswell?" Raven just nodded her head "Ok then. After all this is over we can go back to my store to find out. Now to find the others" A raven went over the both of them and sunk into the ground.

(With Trogar)

"Lord Trogar" said one of the aliens "The weapon has reached full power"

"Then begin the firing sequence," ordered Trogar in his seat. The Gordanian pressed a few buttons and what looked like a timer began to count down "The Earth scum shall learn. It takes more than six juvenile heroes to defy the mighty Lord Trogar," he said standing up arrogantly.

Then all of a sudden the doors exploded revealing Robin and the others including Naruto and Raven "Were not six heroes, were one team" with that everybody attacked. BeastBoy turned into a kangaroo and kicked a few aliens. But one of them slammed into BeastBoy sending him into a wall. The same alien ran at BeastBoy with a raised fist but Raven appeared blocking the attack. The Gordanian kept hitting the shield Raven made and eventually smashed through. He was about to hit Raven until Naruto used a Rasengan to throw the alien away into a few others. Robin used the martial arts he knew to attack the alien but after a few hits he got caught and thrown.

"Robin!" exclaimed StarFire. Narrowing her eyes in anger her eyes and hands glowed green and she threw bolts of energy at her opponent. The attacks didn't do much damage as the alien jumped at StarFire sending her to the ground. She then punched the alien in the head and Cyborg appeared. They both tag teamed to defeat the Gordanian. But the alien punched both Cyborg and StarFire sending them both towards Robin. As he landed Cyborg's arm opened and then closed.

Robin saw this and got an idea "Can you rewire that arm into some sort of weapon?"

"I can try," said Cyborg.

Looking around the three of them saw they were surrounded "Get away from my friends!" shouted Raven from behind. "Azareth Metrion Zinthos!" she chanted. The next thing anybody knew was the control panel being destroyed causing the ship to crash land in the water. Naruto and the others looked around and saw the entire Gordanians unconscious. That is until one stood up and it just so happened to be Trogar. He stood up and glared at Raven, as she was the closest. As he glared his claws lengthened in a threatening manner. Raising his hand he swung it expecting it to hit the girl but was surprised when it hit Naruto. Large wounds appeared in his chest but Naruto looked like he didn't feel it.

He was about to swing again until a sonic blast hit him in the back effectively knocking him out. Everybody looked and saw Cyborg holding his right arm but it looked more like a cannon "Alright Im only going to say this once" said Cyborg "Booya!"

(The next morning)

Apart from StarFire they were all standing on the island watching the sunrise "That's quite a view," commented Raven with a smile.

Naruto was still confused "I still dont understand where those aliens went" everybody just ignored him though.

"Somebody should build a house out here," said Cyborg.

"Yeah. If you like sunshine, and the beach," said BeastBoy elbowing Raven gently.

"Your kinda a funny" said Raven with a small smile.

"You think Im funny?" there were stars in BeastBoy's eyes now making Naruto sweat drop "Dude! I know some jokes!"

"But your not as funny as Naruto" she finished with a twitching eyebrow. At this BeastBoy looked shocked and Naruto had a grin on face.

"Please," said a voice behind them. It was StarFire in new clothing. "I look nice?" she asked.

"Where did she get those clothes?" asked Naruto but everyone ignored him again.

"I thank you all for your bravery and help. And I wish to ask permission to remain here. Where the people are most strange but also most kind" as StarFire said this she looked away from Robin with a blush. Same with Robin.

"You dont need our permission," said Raven.

"But if you want our friendship, you got it" said Robin.

"Guess we all could use some friends" said Cyborg.

"Besides. We kinda made a good team," said BeastBoy.

Robin pulled out four circular devises "I thought we might want to keep in touch, so Cyborg and I designed these"

They each took one as Cyborg said "Made them out of my own circuits"

"When there's trouble you know who to call," said Robin.

"Doesn't this make us a team?" asked Naruto.

"I guess it does," replied Raven.

"So what's our team name?" asked BeastBoy.

They each thought about it until Kyuubi spoke "You all remind me of these Titan's I knew once"


"Yeah. Like teenage versions"

This gave Naruto an idea "How about...Teen Titans?"

"I like it" said Raven smiling at Naruto.

"It is nice," said StarFire.

"Cool name!" shouted BeastBoy.

"Sounds good," commented Cyborg.

"Looks like were the Teen Titans," said Robin.

(In Naruto's store, the same day)

Naruto and Raven walked into the bookstore. The others were designing a base for them all to live in. "So where's the box?" she asked.

"Down stairs" he said walking to a door.

Opening it he bit his thumb "What are you doing?" she asked freaked out slightly.

"There's a seal on the floor. Only my blood can activate it" with that he continued by spreading his blood. A seal revealed itself by glowing ad the floor seemed to transform into stairs. "Follow me" he said happily "Your the first person I have ever let down here"

"Your basement?"

"No. My training ground" she raised an eyebrow and was about to ask what he meant until she saw it. The room was massive. It looked like a wasteland and there was even a sky (A.N. Think of the training ground in Bleach)

"Whoa" was all she could say.

"There it is" said Naruto walking over to the box with Raven following. He inspected it for a moment and put his hand on top of it. Then all of a sudden the carvings on the box glowed. It opened but what they saw confused them both. It was a girl around his age sleeping. She had light purple hair and a dark purple ribbon tied around her neck. "Please tell me this isn't a coffin," said a freaked out Naruto.

"No she's alive," said Raven smirking at his scared expression.

"What's this?" he asked taking a jewel type object off of the girl. He looked at it and then at the girl but froze. Her eyes were open.

"Who are you?" she asked getting out of the box. She looked almost bored and tired at the same time. For some reason this brought back memories of Shikamaru. She was wearing a dark purple long sleeved dress that ended at her knees and white boots. Around her hair was a ribbon.

"Eh...My names Naruto" he said standing up.

"Im Raven" introduced Raven.

"What's your name?" asked Naruto.

"Are you both...human?" she asked tilting her head.

"What?" said Naruto confuced by the question.

"I hate you. Your human" was all she said.

'Ok she's practically my village and the opposite of it at the same time. They hated me for being a demon and she hates me for being human'

"Yeah even Im confuced"

Why do you hate humans? Aren't you one?" asked Raven.

The girl shook her head "Ok. Whats your name?" asked Naruto.

"Reverie Metherlence, but people call me Ren" was all she said.

"Seeing how you answered the question, I'll answer your question. Im not human and neither is she" said Naruto pointing to himself and Raven.

"Your not human?"

"No were not"

"How did you know Im not a human?" asked Raven surprised.

"I can sense your demonic energy. Were both half demons or Hanyou's"

"After all this is over, I want answers" was all Raven said.

'Why do I feel like I should be scared?' Naruto turned back to Ren "So you can trust us is you want"

Thinking it over Ren just nodded and followed them both leaving the training ground.

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