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Naruto, Raven, and Ren were now sitting in Naruto's apartment above the store each drinking tea "So why were you in that coffin box thingy?" asked Naruto.

"I don't know," replied Ren emotionless.

"Ok. Why do you hate human's?"

"They use my kind as nothing more than weapon's" she said emotionless but Naruto and Raven could hear the slight bit of anger in her voice.

"What do you mean? Aren't you human?" asked Raven.

Ren shook her head and took off the ribbon around her hair. Once off Naruto and Raven could see a green gem of sorts on her head "I am an El-Dell Raid. This means that I can merge with a human to form a weapon. Where I come from people used us to win in wars and battles" Naruto clenched his fist. Memories of Zabuza and Haku came to his mind.

"Well I can promise you that no one here will treat you like a tool" said Naruto giving a smile. Ren looked at him and nodded but was still sceptical. Naruto turned to Raven "You said you wanted answers?"

"I do" she turned to look at him. Ren stayed silent to listen "You said that you're a Hanyou. How?"

"Well let's just say that I had a demon sealed into me and we merged three years ago. This made me into a Hanyou" he explained.

Raven nodded "Where are you from?"

"I come from the Village Hidden in the Leaves. It's in another dimension"

"How did you get here?"

"My sensei used a technique to send me here intending to kill me"

"Why?" asked Raven. Ren was also curious.

"Well whilst I was training I found out it was because he was under a Genjutsu. An illusion so he wasn't himself. I have no idea who did it but when I do Im going to hurt him or her" he said slamming his fist into his hand. Just then the beeper went off of Naruto and Raven's communicator's. It opened up letting them see Robin "Yeah?"

"The Chief of Police just called. There's a break in at the Jump City Bank. We'll meet you both there" with that the image faded. They closed their communicators and put them away.

"Looks like we need to leave" said Naruto looking at Raven who nodded.

"What about her?" she asked pointing to Ren.

Naruto looked at her "Well she can't come with us so she'll have to wait here. We'll be back Ren," he said to the girl as she just nodded.

(At Jump City Bank)

A man, no a creature made completely of stone smashed through the banks vault. He looked around and stepped forward but was stopped when a bird-a-rang flew into his head and bounced off. Looking around he saw four figures. It was the Teen Titans "Who or what are you suppose to be?" asked BeastBoy.

The creature just growled and didn't speak but he did pick up a large piece of wall and threw it at them "Titans go!" shouted Robin. BeastBoy was first by turning into an armadillo. He rolled up into a ball and launched himself at the creature. BeastBoy did hit him but bounced right off and turned back into his normal green self "What is this guy made of!? Stone!?"" shouted BeastBoy.

"Im going to say cinderblocks because that's what he looks like!" shouted Cyborg. The newly named Cinderblock growled more and ran at StarFire. He raised a fist and threw it at her but StarFire caught it, although with difficulty. As she held the fist with both hands, due to his size, Cinderblock was overpowering her. Robin intervened by using one of his exploding bird-a-rangs. The distracted Cinderblock enough for Star Fire to lift him and throw him towards Cyborg. Using his new Sonic Cannon Cyborg blasted Cinderblock into a wall.

"Did we get him?" asked BeastBoy.

Just as he finished that sentence Cinderblock got up and ran out of the bank carrying a...safe. "Im guessing no and is he really carrying a safe!?" shouted Cyborg as he and the others ran after Cinderblock. Thankfully Naruto, in his Fox Sage form, and Raven arrived on the scene and blocked him.

Growling he dropped the safe and smashed the ground. Grabbing a few large pieces of rock he threw them at Naruto and Raven. "Azareth Metrion Zinthos!" chanted Raven as the rock's glowed black and stopped in mid air. Waving her hands the rocks were thrown back at Cinderblock making him fall to his back. Without even waiting Naruto ran at the down Cinderblock whilst making his right fist into a flame. Slamming it into his head Cinderblock fell unconscious.

"What was that?!" shouted/asked BeastBoy in amazement.

"Its my Flame Fist Jutsu. Haven't really used it much" said Naruto.

"Now how are we suppose to move him?" asked Cyborg.

"Don't worry about it" said Robin as he walked away.

"I hate it when I barely do anything" grumbled Naruto turning into his normal self.

"You knocked him out though," said Raven. Naruto just grumbled again and was about to head back to his shop until he realised something.

"Hey guys!" he called to the others.

"Yeah?" said Cyborg.

"Are you still looking for people to help with the construction work?"


"Here's a free crew! Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu!" and with that about a thousand Naruto's appeared.

Cyborg's jaw fell to the floor. He picked it up and looked at the real Naruto...or the one he thinks is the real Naruto "And the reason you didn't tell me about this is?"

"I forgot?" Naruto sweat-dropped when he saw Cyborg's arm turn into his Sonic Cannon.

"I think you should run," said Raven smirking. Naruto just nodded and instead of nodding he used Hirashin.

"Damn it I hate it when he uses that" growled Cyborg.

(In Naruto's store)

In a flash of yellow Naruto appeared in his store. Looking around he noticed that some books have been paced on the shelves. Just then Ren walked by holding a few books "uh...hi?"

"Hello" she said putting books onto shelves.

"What are you doing?" asked Naruto.

"Putting books away"

"Ok why?" Ren just shrugged making Naruto sweat-drop again 'She is a very quiet person. Even Raven talks more than this' he thought, "Do you have any plans?"


"Ok then" he said. Then he got another idea "Hey how about you work here? You don't have a place to stay so you can stay with me and you can work here"

She thought about it and then said "Thank you"

"No problem. All you have to do is put books onto shelves or be at the cash register"

"Thank you" she said again.

"Your welcome" he said with a smile.

(A few weeks later, on the island)

Naruto, Raven, Robin, StarFire, BeastBoy, Cyborg, and Ren all stood outside a tall building in a shape of a T. Over the past few weeks Ren started to open up a lot more to Naruto and Raven. She was sceptical at first with the others but she now trusts them and they trust her. "How did it get finished so fast?" asked BeastBoy.

Cyborg answered, "Naruto over there used a LOT of clones. Because of the amount we were about...ah who am I kidding we were WAY above schedule" said Cyborg "I think we made a record of how fast we can build a tower"

BeastBoy turned to Naruto "How many clones did you make?"

Naruto thought about it for a second "Around five thousand. Give or take a few hundred"

Raven blushed thinking about the amount of Naruto's. She shook her head in confusion 'Why am I thinking like that?' she thought to herself. Thankfully nobody noticed the blushing or the fish that exploded out of the water because of her powers.

"Lets go inside!" shouted Cyborg "I'll give the tour" (A.N. You all know what the Tower looks like and if you dont then shame on you) "So what do you all think?"

"I love it!" shouted BeastBoy.

"I think it is very nice," said StarFire.

"She needs new words" whispered Naruto to Raven and Ren making them both smile "Its' great"

"Hey BeastBoy" said Cyborg "Check this out" he pressed a button and a giant TV appeared making the green boy gasp "And..." a game appeared onto the screen making BeastBoy faint.

"I think you broke him," said Robin smiling. Naruto was just laughing with StarFire giggling. Raven and Ren smiled at the scene.

"Hey Cyborg. How about a game until he wakes up?" asked Naruto pointing to BeastBoy.

"Your on!" he shouted putting a random game in. They both jumped on to the large couch and started playing. Naruto found out, during his first year, that because of his ninja skills and training he was undefeatable in any game. But thanks to Cyborg's computerised brain he was more of a challenge than others.

"You can't pass me!" shouted Cyborg. Naruto smiled evilly "You passed me!" StarFire was watching the TV with interest and Robin sat at one of the computers researching random things, not discount masks. Raven and Ren were playing a game of chess with neither one winning or losing. BeastBoy was still passed out on the floor mumbling something about tofu games...he's very random and strange isn't he?

As the day passed into night Naruto sat in his new room looking at his wall. For no reason he looked at his calendar and grinned 'Oh tomorrow is going to be fun' he thought laughing like a mad man scaring some of the other titans.

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