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Today was a very special day for Naruto because it was his favourite. No it wasn't his Birthday, for reasons left alone, and no it wasn't Christmas like everybody loves. No...It was April Fool's Day. Everybody woke up and left their rooms only to find a letter taped to their doors. They all met in the kitchen and nobody, but Raven and Ren, noticed that Naruto was gone "You guy's get a letter too?" asked Robin getting a nod from everybody "I can't open mine for some reason"

"So only mine opened?" asked BeastBoy holding a piece of paper.

"What does yours say?" asked Cyborg.

"Mine only has the number one and say's 'Be prepared'" said BeastBoy "And a weird little Naruto at the bottom of the page" They looked and saw a small drawing of Naruto sticking his tongue out.

"What does that mean?" asked Robin.

"I don't know," said BeastBoy looking at the paper.

"Mine opens" said Raven.

"As does mine" said Ren showing her piece of paper along with Raven and StarFire.

"Then what does yours say?" asked BeastBoy.

"'Don't worry and...Bring popcorn'?" said a confuced Raven.

"It also has a small picture of Naruto on the bottom" said Ren. They looked and saw a drawing of Naruto with a grin on his face holding a sign saying 'Dont worry'

"I wonder where he went," said Robin.

"I'll go find him," said BeastBoy turning into a bloodhound. He started sniffing around and then walked out the room. The second the closed they all heard a yelp so they ran to see what it was. What they saw made Cyborg and Robin fall down with laughter, StarFire to giggle, and Raven and Ren to smile. It was BeastBoy hanging upside down from the roof with a pie smashed into his face.

There was a note tagged to his arm so Robin took it and read "'April Fool's' I forgot it was today"

Cyborg went up to BeastBoy and untied him making him fall to the floor with an 'oomph' When he stood back up BeastBoy growled "This means war"

"Ten dollars says Naruto wins," said Cyborg getting ten dollars from everyone but BeastBoy and Naruto.

Naruto walked out of the shadows "So it's a war is it BeastBoy?"

The green Titan glared at Naruto "Oh it is and I will win because I am the best prankster there is" he said.

Naruto chuckled "Well see about that" he turned to Robin and Cyborg "Originally I was going to go after the three of you but now its just BeastBoy. Your letters just said that you were next that's all" The letters opened and they looked. Naruto was right, all it said was 'Your next' also with a mini-Naruto drawing. Naruto looked at BeastBoy "Why don't we make this interesting?"

"What do you mean?"

"How about if I win do everything that the rest of us says," said Naruto with an evil grin.

"For how long?"

"Two weeks"

"Fine! Same to you if I win!" shouted BeastBoy.

Naruto looked at the rest of the Titans and Ren, she isn't a Titan but she does live with them "You guy's can be the judges"

"Done" they all said walking back into the living room at turned the security camera's on "We'll watch from here so we can see everything you do"

BeastBoy looked at Naruto "Why don't we use rounds? Like if I win, I win round one"

"Ok we'll use three rounds" They both shook hands "May the best prankster win," grinned Naruto.

(Round One)

BeastBoy slowly down a hall with a balloon full of water in his hand. As he walked he felt like he was being followed. Behind him Naruto followed from the shadows 'Ah I missed this' he thought.

"Yeah I did enjoy watching you prank everyone back in the village," said Kyuubi.

BeastBoy turned around but didn't see anything so he continued walking. Naruto, as quietly as he could, walked right behind the Green Teen. When he was close enough he made a few hand signs and whispered as quietly as he could "Seal" and a seal appeared on BeastBoy's back. Thinking he felt something BeastBoy turned around again but still didn't see anything especially Naruto as he was still behind BeastBoy. Whilst he was distracted Naruto put down a bottle of special water that he use t work on "Yoo-hoo" said Naruto getting the Titans attention. Seeing who it was BeastBoy instantly threw the balloon but Naruto just side stepped letting the balloon hit the bottle.

"Damn I missed," mumbled BeastBoy.

Naruto grinned and made a hand sign saying "Spark" What BeastBoy didn't know was that the seal on his back let off a spark creating a small flame in his clothes. With his work done Naruto disappeared into the shadows as soon as he saw BeastBoy smell smoke.

"Is someone having a barbeque?" he questioned until he felt an immense heat coming from his back. Looking at the window he saw his reflection and screamed when he saw the flames. He stopped, dropped, and rolled around on the floor but it was spreading the flames. He then remembered the bottle of water he knocked over a few minutes ago and quickly jumped to the spot where he saw it was still damp. The flames died down and he sighed in relief.

However the relief went away when Naruto came back into the room "Oh there's the bottle of pink dye" BeastBoy's eyes widened. Looking at his hands he took off the gloves and saw his hands were pink. He screamed again as he ran away.

(With Titans)

Cyborg, Robin, and StarFire were all laughing and rolling around on the floor whilst Raven and Ren smiled amusingly, they even giggled slightly "Ok I think it was obvious who won that round" said Cyborg.

They each looked at each other and said at the same time "Naruto" A scoreboard appeared on the TV and it showd Naruto with one point and BeastBoy with none.

(Round Two)

Naruto walked into Cyborg's room thinking he could find something that would help him. After a few minutes he saw a strange looking device about the size of his hand. Looking at the side of it he saw a small red button. Thinking it was safe he pressed and jumped slightly when the top of it produced electricity. He looked at it again and saw a label on it, it read 'Taser' It was then that he realised what it was "Oh a taser! I was wondering what it was"

BeastBoy suddenly appeared behind Naruto shouting "Boo!"

Naruto shouted and turned. Without thinking he used the taser on BeastBoy, shocking him. Naruto let go of the button after a second and BeastBoy fell unconscious with a twitch in random places "Jeez BeastBoy you shouldn't scare me like that"

(With Titans)

"Great" muttered Cyborg "My room is going to smell burnt BeastBoy for weeks"

"Naruto wins that round? Even though it was an accident," asked Robin getting nods from everyone.

(Round 3)

BeastBoy walked into an empty room with another balloon in his hand. But this time it was filled with pudding that he found in his room. When he saw nothing he was about to turn around until he heard a noise. Turning he followed the noise to a corner and saw a small vent. So he changed into a small green mouse and went through it. It only led him to the next room but he managed to find Naruto because of this "God Im thankful BeastBoy hasn't turned into a dog or something other wise he would have found me" he said disappearing in a yellow flash. BeastBoy entered the room and grinned.

"Thank you Naruto for that idea" he said to himself as he turned into a bloodhound. Using his nose he found Naruto's scent easily so he followed it. This time it led him to the room he was just in. The second he entered the door shut behind him and a few seals glowed on the wall. BeastBoy tried to change back but found he couldn't.

"You can't change," said Naruto "I used a few seals. It's called a Preservation Seal. As long as something is in here then it won't age or change for a set amount of time" Naruto grinned and it made BeastBoy nervous. He then showed he had a canister in his hands "This is for you" he said dropping the can and disappearing in another yellow flash. The second the canister hit the ground a strange green smoke escaped from it and because of BeastBoy's now enhanced sense of smell, he could smell the instant it came out. It was a stink bomb and apparently a strong one at that. For the next hour BeastBoy was dieing.

(With Titans)

Everybody was now laughing, well Raven and Ren were giggling. Cyborg wiped his tears away "Ok we have a winner!"

Naruto walked in grinning, "I win," he said.

"What should we do about BeastBoy?" asked Cyborg.

"Well for one thing I think we should where hazmat suits around him for a while" said Naruto.

"Where's the hose? It will take a while for him to smell normal again"

"I don't know where the hose is but what I do know is that he's our slave for the next two weeks" grinned Naruto making the others grin apart from Raven and Ren who just smiled. For some reason BeastBoy shivered and was scared about what is going to happen.

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