Eli groaned as she sat up in her bed. She turned her head to her alarm that read 4:00am, one thing she would always swear by was that she hated mornings….. Well…. No it wasn't exactly that she hated mornings (Don't get her wrong though, it sucked getting up any time before 8:00am) it was more along the lines of the fact that she hated where she had to go. High school… The Bain of her existence, everything she hated could almost be summed up in that one word. No it wasn't that she hated learning, oh no Eli loved to read, write, and do biology experiments. Her teachers were also quite nice, it really was a shame that so few students ever bothered to talk and get to know their teachers. They really are great people. In fact it had gotten her out of a few mishaps with homework. And tests(Not that she ever purposely didn't do her homework it was more along the lines that Belle's dog Lucky had developed a taste for Eli's homework….. I'll leave it up to you to guess how that came about….) No it wasn't the school work that she hated but the students. Or to be exact the "Cool People" such as jocks, cheerleaders, and those random people who tended to ride on the coattails of those they thought were cool. Now Eli knew that there were some Jocks and some cheerleaders who weren't all bad. But at the same time those were the people who would turn the other cheek when they saw someone getting bullied for fear of making their own friends mad. Those people were not the bullies but they in a way were just as bad.

Eli yawned and stretched before getting up to turn off her alarm. She then went to her closet to put on some cloths. She always wore sweat pants, a t-shirt and a baggy sweatshirt. It was all Eli ever wore, even when she was forced to dress up nicely she always at least packed a sweatshirt. The reason for this was because she was very self-conscious about her appearance. Over the last couple years Eli had grown, she was now 17 and in 11th grade. Her raven hair was down to her waist, her pail skin became even paler to the point it could rival the color of snow, (to her dismay, no matter how much she went outside it seemed that she never got any darker!), her lips had filled out slightly and their red color had changed from a strawberry red to a blood red. Her eyes had changed from light brown to a dark rich chocolate brown. But the biggest change had to be her body; she was 5 foot 6 inches with a lot of curves and a nice sized chest. The reason why Eli was so self-conscious was mainly because of Belle and her parents. You see when Eli began to grow she also began to show curves (as is natural for some people), for some reason this made Belle poke fun at her endlessly. Then when Eli's chest began to grow Belle only got worse. Eli wasn't really sure why, she compared herself to other people and she seemed like a normal girl…. Nothing seemed amiss other than the fact she was a bit curvier than the other girls in high school, her chest was slightly larger and that she did have slightly bigger hips. Belle would make fun of her endlessly about her body and appearance. She even managed to get her parents in on it as well. She would always state how Eli's hips and thighs were bigger than her own and their mothers and how Eli's chest seemed to always take up so much room. Her mother and father over time began to agree with Belle. At first they used to say that Eli was only changing and that it was natural but it seemed that Belle's words little by little over time began to get to them. Because soon they began to tell Eli that she should work out more and that she should eat less. It got to the point that they would hide food in their closet and state that only they and Belle were allowed to go in their room to eat it. Belle remembered when they first started doing that…..

Eli's Memory

Eli's mother had gotten a really huge box of sun chips. Eli loved sun chips, especially the sour cream flavored. Belle also loved sun chips as well, except she loved the basil flavored. The huge box had both flavors of sun chips. Eli's mother had put the box on top of the fridge. Well later that day Belle went over and opened the box taking out a bag of basil flavored sun chips she walked off to her room and ate them. Eli seeing that Belle had eaten a bag went over and grabbed a bag of sour cream sun chips and ate them while she did her homework. Well the next day Eli woke up to find the box of sun chips gone. She didn't notice until a little after lunch time but when she asked her mother about it all she got was an angry response.

"Yes, I hid them from you. I can't believe it, one day in the house and already you stole some sun chips! You need to learn some self-control so that you can lose some weight!" Eli's mother was yelling and pointing a finger at the top of the fridge where the box of chips used to be.

Eli was at a loss on what to say, she hated it when her mom got angry at her. It always made her body lock up and her mouth to become dry. "B-But I….."

"No buts! I forbid you from eating any of those sun chips. I bought those for Belle, your father, and myself." Eli's mother quickly cut Eli off before she could say anything. "I'm doing this for your own good Eli, you really need to lose weight. Your school even sent home a letter saying that you are obese."

Now to explain that letter, yes the school had sent a letter to Eli's house saying that she was obese. This thrilled Belle who grabbed the letter and ran to their parents. Belle even went as far as to hang it on the fridge. When Eli tried to take it down Belle complained saying in a surgery sweet voice, that the reason she wanted the letter to be there, was to help Eli stay motivated in her goal to lose weight. Eli's mother quickly agreed with Belle saying that it was a sweet thing for a sister to do. Well a week later the school sent another letter apologizing, saying that they had gotten the weights mixed up and that Eli was in fact her perfect weight and size. However no matter how many times she showed her mother and her father they simply ignored her. Then when she took down the first letter on the fridge and put up the second one that the school sent. In its place, the next day it was gone. She later found out that it mysteriously had gotten chewed up by Belle's pet dog Lucky…..

Needless to say that after that Eli always wore sweatshirts over her cloths. She also hated wearing shorts and would only ever wear capris on hot days. Eli had also developed a habit of never being the first person to ever open any food or the last person to finish any food. It was a habit that had saved her a lot of grief that was for sure. Her family had also gotten into a habit of always going out to eat without her. They would go for Chinese food and then ice cream later, always seeming to forget to ask Eli if she might want to go. After a while Eli began to get used to it and in truth began to expect it. It just became another part of her life.

End of Memory

Eli changed out of her pajamas and brushed out her long hair, before putting it into a tight bun on her head. She never wore her hair down; Belle had taken a liking to pulling it if she ever saw it down. Eli knew that if she told her parents they wouldn't do anything so she simply decided to save herself grief and just put it up. Once she was done she headed down stairs and poured herself a bowl of cereal and a cup of orange juice. She began to read the back of the box when she heard Belle wake up. Eli was slightly shocked when she heard Belle begin to move around. Eli quickly looked at the kitchen wall to see that it was 5:10am. Belle never woke up until 6:30pm and that was hard enough to get her to do, for her to wake up before then was nothing short of a miracle. Eli heard Belle walk to her parent's room and began to bang on the door. Then there was a lot of mumbled voices and tired yawns. From what Eli could understand Belle wanted her hair done a special way today and needed help doing it. Their mother never being able to say no to Belle had agreed last night to help her do it in the morning. Eli seeing that everyone was going to get up early today, quickly finished her cereal; she grabbed her book bag and brushed her teeth before putting on her shoes and running out the door to walk to school. The reason why Eli always had to wake up so early was because she walked 7 miles to school. Belle was allowed to wake up late because their mother or their father always drove her to school each day. They used to both be driven to school but one day someone asked Belle if Eli was her sister and this caused Belle to deny it profusely. When that person brought up the fact that they came in the same car Belle immediately said that Eli was just a kid that her mom saw walking to school and decided to give a ride to out of pity. A week later from that incident Eli's mother told her that she would have to walk to school from then on. She said that it was because she wanted Eli to lose weight and that it would be great exercise for her. Belle had somehow convinced their parents that Eli need to lose weight by walking to school. Eli didn't argue she simply nodded her head and went up to her room to cry silently.

Eli had to take a lot of breaks between the 7 mile walk. Her heart would sometimes give her trouble if she walked to fast to school. This was another reason why she had to leave so early for school the walk took her longer than normal due to her weak heart. Eli arrived at school just in time to see her parents pull up in the car with Belle. Eli ignored them and quickly walked into the school. Class started officially at 7:15am, it was 7:13 Eli was a little later than usual… All of a sudden Eli felt a hard shove in her back she turned around to see Belle push past her and run to class. Eli simply sighed; this was Belles way of saying not to go near her at school. Eli quickly ran to class and sat down just before the bell rang. The teacher gave her a questioning look before starting the lesion.

The rest of the day went normal for Eli. She went to her classes and then went to lunch were she sat alone at a table in the corner then she went to the library and got another book to read. Over all it was a pretty good day. That was until school let out….. Eli began her walk home when all of a sudden someone blocked her path, she looked up to find Tom the school team football player with three of his "followers" behind him. Tom was a handsome guy with chiseled features and large broad chest; he had girls falling for him left and right. Eli had even heard some girls compare him to Greek gods, those comments always made her laugh. Eli would admit he was good looking sure and the best team football player to boot, but underneath all of that he was nothing but a jerk.

"Where you going Stutter?" Tom sneered down at Eli, he had a good two feet on her.

Eli sighed, "W-What d-do you want Tom?" Eli's stutter had lessened over the years but she still tended to stutter in the beginning of her sentences.

"Awww…. Don't be like that Stutter! W-W-W-W-What I want is simply to come over and say hi!" Tom mocked Eli with an over exaggerated Stutter.

"A-All you ever do is annoy me. C-Can't you go and harass someone else?" Eli looked at her feet wishing that they would just go away. But they never did and she knew that.

"Why would I do that when I have you around stutter?" Tom smiled down at Eli and quickly knocked the books she was carrying out of her hands. Eli sighed this was normal routine, Tom would knock her books out of her hands and then he and his goonies would have a good laugh. She bent down to get her books so she wasn't prepared for when her backpack was quickly snatched off her back. She looked up to see Tom going through her stuff.

"Just as I thought! Boring person, boring stuff. It looks like you really have no life after all, huh stutter?" Tom was looking at the book Eli just checked out today while he said this.

"A-Are you done yet Tom?" Eli once again sighed, she had to get home and write a paper and Tom was taking up precious time.

"Oh? Have somewhere to be Stutter? Or is my company just not good enough for you?" Tom's goons laughed behind him.

"I-I'm not in the mood today Tom. C-Can you just give me my stuff back and let me go home?" Eli was truly annoyed now, it would take her around an hour and 45 minutes to get home and with Tom eating her time that research paper would take her forever now.

"You mean this stuff?" Tom heled up Eli's backpack which was now unzipped and wide open. He then threw it in a spiral patterninto the woods that were next to the sidewalk. Eli watched as all her pens, pencils, papers, and note books flew all around the woods. "Oops, I dropped it."

Eli's eyes grew wide, "T-Tom why would you do that?" She began to run towards the woods where her bag was thrown when her shoulder was grabbed and she was pulled back.

"Wow, wow, wow. I'm not done with you Stutter. I didn't give you permission to leave, now did I?" Tom squeezed his grip on Eli's shoulder to the point it began to bruise.

"W-What else do you want Tom? I-I have to go collect my stuff since some gigantic goon decided to throw it into the woods." Eli knew that insulting him was a bad idea but she had just about enough!

"Who are you calling a goon!? Huh? Stutter!?" Tom spun Eli around until she was facing him. I was then that he spotted the one thing Eli held most dear. "Why do you always have this with you?" Tom grabbed Eli's necklace and yanked it off her throat. He then examined it in his hand. "It's a stupid little bell why on earth would you wear this?"

Eli's eyes widened and her breath became short, "G-Give that back!" She jumped up to grab it from Toms hand.

"Oh ho! Look at that! Looks like this means a lot to you doesn't it little Stutter?" Tom yanked the bell out of Eli's reach while laughing.

"I-I'm being serious Tom give that back!" Eli was truly in a panic now; her pupils were even beginning to dilate.

"Hmmm, tell me stutter how much does this bell mean to you?" Tom began to throw the bell and the red ribbon it was connected to back and forth between his hands.

"I-Its mine Tom give it back!" Eli was reaching for it but Tom would simply jump away from her.

"That's not what I asked Stutter." Tom began to throw the bell high into the air now and began to catch it by the ribbon whenever it fell. "You better hurry up and answer me before I accidently drop your precious little trinket."

Eli grit her teeth, as much as she hated answering Tom she couldn't let anything happen to her necklace. "I-It was a gift given to me by a dear friend."

Tom burst out into laughter, "Oh Stutter that is rich! You having a friend? Yah right! There is no none that bothers to hang out with a no none like you!" Tom began to examine the Bell again, "But then again maybe it really was from a friend of yours. Would explain why it's such a cheap trinket."

Eli grit her teeth when Tom called her necklace cheap, "F-For your information that necklace and bell were not cheap! T-The person who gave it to me gave up quite a lot to give me that bell!"

"Really? Well then I wonder what you would do if I broke your little necklace?" Tom grinned and clenched the necklace in his fist before walking to the edge of the woods and picking up a fist size rock.

Eli began to hyperventilate, he wouldn't!? A cruel smile crossed Toms face and Eli immediately knew that he would. "N-No!" Eli launched herself at Tom only to be grabbed by two of Tom's followers.

"Oh, a little bit of a fight? Wow this trinket must really mean a lot to you. Which also means that you will probably be sad when I break it right?" Tom reached the rock high above his head and was about to bring it smashing down when a voice behind Eli stopped him.

"What would you kids be doing over here?" The new voice made Tom freeze and quickly throw the rock on the ground.

"Oh, Coach! Hey, how are you doing!?" Tom looked at the Coach and nodded smiling.

"I'm doing quite well Tom, now are you going to tell me what you are all doing over here?"

"This? Oh, we were just helping Eli…. Up! Yah, she fell and we were walking buy so we all decided to help her up." Tom quickly made up the story since two of his guys had their arms looped through mine.

"Oh, well that was really nice of you boys." The Coach smiled at the boys before adding, "But I didn't know that you were into jewelry Tom."

"Tom turned red in the face before quickly mumbling, "No Eli seemed to have dropped this. I was just giving it back to her." Tom quickly handed the necklace to Eli.

"Oh, well once again you boys have impressed me with your kindness. Now why don't you young men go on your way and I will make sure that Eli here is taken care of." Coach looked pointedly at the boys who immediately nodded and walked off.

Eli immediately clutched the bell to her chest and took a deep breath of relief. She had never been so scared in her life. The bell that Splendorman gave to her meant everything in the world to her. Had anything happened to it she wasn't sure what she would have done! Eli examined the bell thoroughly making sure there were no scratches or dents in it. Eli as about to walk off herself when the Coach's voice stopped her, "I know they weren't helping you up and I know that you didn't drop your necklace."

Eli stopped and spun around to look at the football coach in shock.

"I know what they were doing, and I just wanted to tell you to please try and stay out of there way. Tom is our best player so I can't punish him or kick him off the team. You being around him will only bring trouble for the football team and in the process the school." Eli was about to open her mouth in protest when the Coach interrupted her, "I'm not saying that you go off looking for his attention, all I'm saying is that Tom is the only thing keeping our football team afloat and if he goes down the whole school goes with him. Think about it do you really want to be responsible for that?" The Coach didn't wait for an answer but instead began to briskly walk away from Eli into the other direction.

Eli simply watched him go with sad eyes. It seemed that the world was against her at times. She quickly shrugged it off and went into the woods where he stuff had been thrown. It was everywhere! She didn't even know where to begin! It took Eli around 3 hours to find everything and that was after searching around on her hands and knees. She was just about to zipper her backpack when she saw a piece of paper stuck to a tree It was a little stick figure that seemed to be surrounded by a bunch of little stick trees…..

"Hmmm… I-I must have drawn this a while ago if I don't even remember it." Eli quickly snatched it off the tree without a second thought. "A-All well, even if I don't remember it, it's still not good to litter. I-I must have doodled it on a day that I was really tired. I-I have got to get more sleep, I'm starting to forget when I do things again.….." Eli walked off not seeing the strange tall figure watching her from the woods…..

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