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History was being made. The laws of physics were being shattered. May and Jay were minding their own business. Mack was scribbling rapidly on yet another sheet of paper as the sisters played a card game, musing to themselves. May had on a plain pink T-shirt and a small purple skirt, along with knee-high pink socks and pink crocks. Jay was wearing a black T-shirt with the words "We're all mad here" written across the chest, as well as some knee-length black shorts. She also had her signature (for reals, I actually wear these every day) two Celtic pendants, one metal and one rock, as well as a small leather bracelet with a tiny metal Celtic cross on it. Mack was wearing his normal grey sanatorium outfit consisting of a T-shirt and sweatpants, and his ever-present headphones, picking at the stitches on the right side of his mouth absently. "I hear a rumbling." May said nervously, looking around. Jay looked up. "It's either one of our victims coming for revenge or God has a tummy ache." She said calmly, looking back down and reshuffling her hand.

The door burst open, and a horde of zombies poured through. "Or that." She added, putting her cards down on the table and pulling out a sharpened pencil. Mack backed up with them as the zombies moaned and shuffled closer, jaws working. "Please tell me there's a window behind us." May whispered, and her sister turned, stepping away from them and glancing at the wall. "As a matter of fact there is." She said musingly, and Mack reached behind him, feeling glass. He immediately yanked it open and pushed his tiny boss out, hearing her yelp as she fell a couple stories and bounced across the yard slightly. He reached for Jay at the same time the zombies did, and there was a moment of tug-of-war between secretary and undead.

"MINE!" he bellowed, the sound startling them and making them let go, the unexpected give sending both him and Jay tumbling out of the window. "Why those little bastards! MY SOUL EATER COLLECTION IS IN THERE!" Jay howled, struggling against both her sister and Mack as they dragged her away, grunting as she writhed. "It's not worth it! It's suicide!" Mack yelled desperately, digging his heels in as Jay began defying all known laws of physics and started dragging him and May back towards the house. "They're zombies! I'm sure all they're interested in is the Hellsing stuff! Ghouls n' all!" May shouted, and Jay immediately stopped. "Oh…okay." She turned and began marching away smartly, Mack and her sister following with sighs of relief. She suddenly stopped and they both crashed into her back. "THAT'S EVEN WORSE!" she shrieked, turning and beginning to pelt back into the house. There was a sudden blast of light and sound, and all three were blown back as the house exploded in a towering pillar of flames. "Must've found the fun-fun room." May murmured, shaking her head.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Jay yelled, kneeling and pounding the ground with her fists. May blinked, and then joined her, and Mack sighed, shaking his head with a thin frown on his face. "They were just explosives. We can buy more." He said soothingly, and they both paused. "Flamethrowers, grenade launchers, machine guns, shotguns, I'm sure we can buy some more." He added, patting both their shoulders as they stopped screaming. "I'm good then." Jay said, standing up and brushing herself off. May nodded, sticking a popsicle that had fallen out of her pocket into her mouth. They all waltzed away with a skip in their steps, and stopped when they came to a city. "Historically in zombie apocalypses the survivors gather in a large, boarded up place with very few entrances and exits and lots and lots of dark corners and twisting hallways." Jay mused, looking around. "Like that!" she said, pointing to a mall ahead of them. Mack and May nodded, and they went in, seeing nobody around.

May hopped over to the desk, grabbing the huge feather pen the secretary used to write out things and chasing Jay around the lobby, tying to tickle her with it. Mack peered out the window, seeing many different zombie hordes of varying sizes approaching the mall. "Uh…" he said worriedly, pulling away to see May on top of Jay, shoving the feather in her face and demanding she sneeze. Jay stopped fighting her off and May stopped yelling, both looking at their secretary in curiosity. "There's a whole bunch of zombies coming this way, and they're going to break in about right…now." He said, looking at a clock on the wall. Without further ado, the zombie hordes burst in, mouths working as moans and groans filled the air, stumbling towards their meal. Jay chucked her pencil at one, and it stuck in his leg as he paused, looking down at the wooden projectile, then continued onward, hobbling a little. Jay gulped, backing away with her sister and Mack, who was calmly searching himself for something other than a pair of headphones. "In the words of the great King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table…" May said nervously, fumbling a door handle behind her.

"RUN AWAY!" she screeched, slamming it open as her sister and Mack tumbled in behind her, jumping as the zombies lunged and slamming the door closed. "What she said." Jay muttered weakly, jabbing her finger up in the air from her prone position on the cold concrete floor. Mack nodded, holding the door shut as the zombies slammed their hands on it repeatedly, moaning in frustration. Jay got to her feet, helping her sister as they pushed a few crates against the door, pinning it down so their secretary could scramble over the top and sit behind them, panting and catching his breath. They all looked around curiously, seeing nothing but flickering lights and more crates. They walked in further, hoping to find some sort of weapon, or even better an exit. "BOO!" Jay screeched, jumping at her sister suddenly, making her scream and scamper away as Jay collapsed on the ground, laughing. Mack sighed, going off to find his wayward boss. He stopped, seeing May rocking to herself on the ground, right at the feet of a very pissed-looking teenager.

"Hmm…" he said thoughtfully, edging closer experimentally. The girl pointed accusingly at May. "Who the hell just bumped into me?!" she shrieked, fuming. Jay poked her head around Mack, having caught up. "Oh, greetings fellow member of the apocalypse." She said, flashing the girl the live long and prosper sign. "Wha?" she asked, scratching her head. Jay bent down, dragging the inanimate body of her trembling sister away. "In case this has escaped notice, there are a whole bunch of zombies above us at this very moment. These situations are normally called apocalyptic, are they not?" she asked, dropping May and sticking her hand out. "I'm Jay, this is my little sister May, and this is our secretary Mack. You?" The girl took her hand, shaking it once. "Coral Hellia. You can call me Cor." She said firmly, and Jay nodded. They studied each other for a moment, and Jay grinned.

Cor had long straight hair in three braids, pink and purple, and her eyes were a bright purple with green stripes, as well as unusual pupils, cat-slitted, but in both directions like a cross. Unnoticed by May and Mack until now, she also had wings, black ones with pink highlights. She had a twelve inch tattoo of a Celtic cross on the inside of her right arm, exposed by the backless top she was wearing. Her leather pants were tight, and had many holsters strapped across them, filled with (Jay quickly counted) 48 throwing blades, with 4 small axes and 14 throwing stars into the mix. She also had a six-foot long wazakashi strapped diagonally across her back. "Well, nice to have another knife psycho on the team." She said after a moment, grin widening as May edged closer, drawn in by her favorite color. (Which is pink, if you haven't guessed.) Cor grinned back, and they exchanged in a moment of wordless psychoticness. "So what's someone with some many weapons doing down here?" Mack asked, pulling out a juice pack and beginning to drink.

"My boss Daeth is signing off on some of the stuff and setting up some computers." She said, leading the way deeper into the bowels of the basement. Jay and her sister blinked, following as Cor opened a door, blue glow spreading out into the darkened chamber. A man was sitting at a desk, fiddling with a keyboard. He was wearing a dark red, nearly black trench coat, a pair of fleck-tarn urban cameo pants, a dark, nearly black green turtleneck, and a maroon fedora. His feet, which were sprawled underneath the desk, were covered in a pair of black work boots, with silver tipped toes and steel underneath, covered in Celtic crosses. He looked to be very tall, almost if not more than six feet, scruffy dark black hair and a training beard, and looked to be athletic and muscled, but not overly so. Jay and her sister looked down, seeing he was left-handed and had two tattoos on his arms, the one on his right forearm reading in dark greenish black letters "In me only death shall my enemies find", the one on his left forearm being a runic sword symbol and the words "In me true allies find hope and sanctuary" emblazoned on it.

Jay's previous grin returned, seeing how many weapons he carried on and by his person. He had 2 semi-automatic pistols on each inside ankle and three throwing knives on each ankle on the outside, 2 45 caliber 1911pistols on holsters strapped to his hips, and 2 custom made semi-auto pistols that looked capable to take out an engine block on shoulder holsters. He also seemed to have two custom-made Bowie knifes that poked through a hole in his trench coat, as well as a short sword strapped across his back. There was a M1A rifle leaning against his chair, looking ready to go, as well as an unassuming-looking burlap bag. He looked up, and turquoise eyes sharpened at the appearance of visitors. "Coral you-" He blinked, seeing May, Jay, and Mack. "Please tell me we're not getting sued again, you almost bankrupted us last time...wait a tick, nether of them are injured!" He squinted at May and Jay, then nodded. "Uh sorry miss, mam…wait another tick, they're too young to be mall executives!" He then pulled out a 1911 eleven and pointed it at Mack. "So who are you and why have you kidnapped the two girls and brought them here?!"

Jay and her sister quickly stepped forward to explain. "Nah, he's awesome, he didn't kidnap us." May said, jumping up and high-fiving Mack with a grin. "They found me in a small, dark corner in a maze they were thrown in to starve to death a while back." Mack said in a dignified way, adjusting his headphones and nervously picking at the thread by the side of his mouth. "He works for us. Our secretary. He pays the bills, writes the contracts, and does our homework." Jay said happily, grinning at Mack. "Oh, we're May and Jay, and that's Mack. If anyone from Hellsing or Soul Eater has spoken of us, they got it all wrong." Jay said, holding out her hand along with her sister and Mack. Daeth shook all their hands, looking confused. "How'd you get into that mess?" he asked, referring to the maze comment, and they grinned slyly at each other. "Well…" Jay said, bringing out a video camera.

About ten minutes later…

"Whoa..." Cor said, watching May and Jay taunt a raging Heinkel. "I see then…" Daeth muttered, stroking his chin. "Well, with survival rates as high as yours, I'd be insane to turn such promising recruits down." He said, shaking May, Jay, and Mack's hands again. "Now then…" he said, turning to the wall and throwing open a secret door. "Get some weapons and let's go kill some zombies." May and Jay's faces lit up like kids at Christmas and they dived in, cackling. Mack facepalmed, shaking his head. "Sir, I just got them weaned off of artillery." He reprimanded Daeth. "We were going to start on explosives this week and now…" he moaned, but was cut off by a large explosion. "DIBS ON THE GRENADE LAUNCHER! DIBS ON THE GRENADE LAUNCHER!" Jay squealed, and there was a muffled crash. "NO ITS MINE!" May shrieked, and there was another explosion. Mack sighed heavily, shaking his head.

"Okay, you can have five of the handguns, two of the shotguns, and I get the grenade launcher and one of everything else. Clear?" Jay barked, and they heard May's sigh of agreement. They came out, with Jay holding an M-79 grenade launcher, with one pistol and one shotgun strapped to her hips, and May holding a shotgun, with the other slung across her back and five pistols strapped across her body. Mack went in the room and came out with a pair of AR-15 style rifles in hand. "Let's go kill things!" Jay cackled, jumping up and down and clapping her hands.

Meanwhile, on the third floor of the mall…

Jamie Shikimura peeked out from the GameStop door. No zombies, although they were moaning and groaning on the floor below, peering in bewilderment at the escalators and trying (and failing) to climb up the slippery metal. She bit her lip, yanking some of her short black hair, streaked with neon blue and green behind her ear. Her sky blue eyes raked the stores around her, looking for a weapon. She cautiously slid out of the GameStop, tiptoeing over to the Dojo nearby, passing an aquarium with sharks and other large fishes drifting about in it. She knocked before stepping in, because she wanted to alert any survivors hiding within that she was not a zombie and most certainly did not want her head taken off by a shotgun or some other weapon. She brightened, seeing an old pipe lying on the ground, swept into a corner by some careless janitor. As she was picking it up, she paused, seeing another female standing in the shadows, also picking something up. "Hello?" she asked, and the person stiffened. "Are you a zombie?" she asked, pulling out a katana in a razor-quick motion. "No. My name's Jamie Shikimura. Who are you?" she asked, and the other girl stepped forward.

"I'm Emmaline, and this is Didem." She pointed to another girl, one who was nervously fiddling with a huge cleaver. Her dark brown hair slightly covered her face, and hazel eyes peered out from her curtain of bangs at the newest survivor. She looked like she had been wearing a belly dancer outfit before escaping to the mall, and had now changed into more appropriate black pants and a grey T-shirt. Emmaline had long blonde hair with slight curls, and very pale skin that accented her blue-grey eyes, hidden behind her glasses. A pistol handle was sticking out of her pocket, and she had the aforementioned katana in hand. Jamie shook hands with them both, noticing as they took in her tight fitting shirt and loose cargo pants, along with her combat boots. "Anybody else?" Jamie asked, and they both shook their heads.

On the ground floor of the mall…

"Go away!" Tom shouted in frustration, covering his ears with his hands. The door to his office buckled and bulged, and he gritted his teeth as the familiar voice said "I really wish you'd let us in." He growled under his breath, pushing another desk against the door. "NO!" the zombie sighed. "I mean, I speak for all of us when I say I understand. You might hesitate to this demand, but I mean, c'mon, FYI, YOU'RE ALL GOING TO DIE SCREAMING! All we want to do is eat your brains." Tom quickly backed away, grabbing a shotgun. "Shut up!" The leader banged against the door again. "It's not unreasonable, I mean nobody's gonna eat your eyes." Tom rolled aforesaid eyes, shaking his head. "Bob, give it up. I'm not opening the door." He growled. "We're at an impasse here, maybe we could compromise?" The zombie asked meekly, and Tom sighed again. This was going to be a long, long apocalypse.

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