Wow…so many volunteers…anyway, hey, hi, wazzup, Jay and May are back. Mack too I suppose, but since he isn't real he doesn't get to say hi.

Mack: Hey! No fair!

Quiet you.

Mack: But-

No buts. Go entertain May.

Mack: Yes boss.

May: Yay! :3

Anyway, welcome to the next chapter of madness. Now we come to the reason you all signed up for this and are reading this, gore! Fight scenes! HEHEEHHAHAHAHEHAHAHEHAHEAHAH!*evil laugh pose* Well, I ain't got much more than that. Let's get our psycho on.

The Mall, somewhere about the time of 1;27 AM in the first "quadrant of extermination"…

"Head shot! Head shot! And look! Another head shot!" Jay cackled insanely, firing rapidly and running in circles as Didem and Jamie hacked and bashed in the extra zombies that she somehow missed. (Probably because she only blew out their legs, thus making them easier targets) Didem panted, jerking her cleaver out of a zombie head as Jay clicked a tiny button on her leather bracelet. "Hey Mack, are we winning?" There was a moment of silence, and then Mack answered. "Sorry boss, but Cor's team is leading with fifty headshots from her, twenty three from May, and eight from Dan with at least 70 kills for the whole team. Next is me and Emmaline, with-" Jay clicked it off. "Don't care. We need to kill more things guys, we're losing!" she squealed to the other two, reloading her shotgun rapidly and then scampering out the office door as they followed, hearing much psychotic laughter and gunshots coming from the other quadrants of the floor.

The Mall, somewhere about the time of 1;19 AM in the second "quadrant of extermination"…

"DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!" Daeth roared, the entire line of zombies exploding in fountains of gore and blood and other icky fluids as Mya and Lavender guarded his back, Lavender chopping the zombies to bits as Mya let loose with Kiwi, igniting the zombies and the diced pieces that Lavender left, along with her boss. Pretty soon all that was left was blood spattered survivors (read, exterminators) and heaps of scattered zombie bits and pieces with a lot more of the sticky red gunk smeared liberally all over the lobby. (Oh, not putting the more sensitive people off their lunches, am I? Suckers. *evil grin*) Suddenly the front door pushed open, and a man about Daeth's age walked through, then stopped dead in his tracks as he took in the sight of Daeth, who was reloading his guns, Mya, who was busily igniting a small potted plant with Kiwi, and Lavender, who was cleaning her blade off, pushing down his pitch-black glasses as he peered at them.

He was wearing what seemed to be a black version of Alucard's normal wear, although the hat was smaller and the glasses (as mentioned) were black, and his skin was pale. He had light brown hair and red eyes, and combat boots on his feet. He also seemed to have a twin-bladed scythe slung incongruously over his back. "Mother of god, what did I miss and why didn't I come here sooner?" he asked the room at large with a slightly insane grin, and the girls and Daeth looked at each other suspiciously. "We were killing zombies. What's the name of our newest survivor?" Daeth asked, and the man grinned. "Jack Helllscythe, vampire and informant extraordinaire. What about you guys?" he said with a grin, and Daeth shrugged. "Red Daeth, and that's one of my coworkers Lavender, and this is another survivor by the name of Mya. We're part of a larger group that is currently wreaking havoc on the first floor." Daeth explained, and Jack nodded slowly.

"Mkay. Hey, about-" he started, but the wristwatch Mack had given Daeth for group kill tracking beeped, and he turned it on as the secretary started talking. "Daeth, how's your team doing? Boss and her people are wiping out the hordes so much we keep having to move over. Your second is also kinda a problem, we're getting a lot of screaming coming from her quadrant and I'm practically having to tie boss down so she doesn't go berserk-protective-sister-rage just in case." Mack said rapidly, and Daeth blinked. "Uh, not bad, we got a new guy by the name of Jack Helllscythe. Can he tag along, it'd be nice to have another helping hand. Other than that, the lobby's clear and we're heading towards the next batch I guess." He said calmly, and the communicator beeped again. "Right."

The Mall, somewhere about the time of 1;19 AM in the second "quadrant of extermination"…

May giggled, shooting a zombie that had poked its head above the fridge she was perched on, Dan peering down at it concernedly as Cor busily decimated the hordes trying to pour through, leaving the children safely perched on one of the office's fridges, May with shotgun in hand and pistols in holsters. Dan had asked for one, but reluctantly put it back after admitting he probably couldn't shoot it. the zombies were screeching, which apparently was not good, as Cor had a worried expression on her face as she chopped them up repeatedly, backing slowly into the room as the rotting undead forced their way through the doors. "MOVE!" she roared, and May hopped down as Dan held a hand out for her, catching her and putting her on her feet as they both blushed slightly, then scampered backwards as Cor staggered almost on top of them, bleeding heavily from her shoulder.

She almost swore, but caught sight of the innocent eight and nine year olds and though better of it. "GET OUT!" she commanded, and they quickly ran for the door opposite, and Dan opened it cautiously, seeing no zombies and pulling May after him as she peered at Cor worriedly. The woman quickly chopped off a few zombie heads, then slammed the door shut, panting as the younger pair stared at her wound with huge eyes. "C'mon kids. Let's get out of here." She rasped, and they nodded, following behind her as the door buckled and sagged. Suddenly it burst open, and the children shrieked in fear. She scooped up May, and was about to do the same with Dan as he suddenly collapsed, a zombie clinging to his leg as he gave a wail of fear.

May screamed his name, wiggling frantically as Cor's face hardened with rage and she started hacking blindly at the undead, dropping May as she staggered to her feet and began shooting, avoiding the terrified boy as he whimpered loudly. Suddenly a sneakier zombie lunged forward, pinning him to the ground as its rotting jaws clamped around his neck, biting hard as his scream and May's echoed down the empty hallway. Cor turned without pause, tucking May under her arm as she sprinted away without a second, cursing loudly all the way. May didn't hear her, screaming and crying as only a heartbroken eight-year-old could.

The Mall, somewhere about the time of 1;39 AM in the fourth "quadrant of extermination"…

Mack stopped firing, seeing Jay ascend the escalator in a sprint as Jamie and Didem followed, stepping aside for them as they ran up and then following, blood smearing their clothing liberally. Emmaline shrugged and they both followed, heading up the cold metal that had been roughened by the fire slick May and her sister had created previously, climbing around the pop machine to sprawl on benches, exhausted. Despite Daeth's team efforts, the lobby was once again full of zombies, and he saw a flash of dark red as the man himself and his two teammates skirted the walls, shooting sporadically at the zombies as a larger man with a wonky scythe hacked his way through the direct middle, laughing hysterically as he made it to the escalator and jumped to the next floor, waiting for the others as they climbed it instead. "Now all we need is Cor and her team…" Jay said nervously, and her secretary gulped.

"She'll be fine." He said quickly, and the others looked at him askance. "You have not seen the face of true horror unless you've seen boss in a fit of sisterly rage." He said with a superstitious shudder, and they all looked at the teen as she paced nervously, muttering to herself. Everyone, even Daeth and Jack, edged away slightly with a gulp. Jamie came up and put a hand on her shoulder. "Chill, Dan's out there too, I'm just as worried." She said soothingly, and Jay nodded distractedly. Suddenly Cor ran through a door, May tucked under her arm as she dodged zombies and jumped, landing safely on the railing as Mack breathed a sigh of relief, wiping his brow and thanking sweet mercy Jay wasn't going to go sis-berserker. Then everyone froze. Cor was wounded in the arm, and May was the only one with her. Jamie sat back with a whump, staring off into space. "Dan…where's my brother?" she asked faintly, and Cor closed her eyes, clenching her fingers on the wound to staunch the blood flow. "Nothing either of us could do. Kid got pulled under and bitten before we could pull him back out." she said softly, and Jamie blinked rapidly, tears falling down her face.

Jay's face had gone blank as she knelt in front of her sister, watching her sniffle. May latched onto her elder's leg with a wail, sobbing rapidly as the brunette patted the top of her head mechanically, eyes still distant and far away. Mack watched apprehensively, shuffling his feet a little and easing the shotgun and pistols away from the pair in case Jay did snap. Everyone watched with a similar air of anticipation, except for Jamie, who was being soothed by Didem and Emmaline as she sobbed. "Mack, socket wrench." He twitched at her voice, icily controlled and calm as she held out a hand. He rummaged in his pockets for a few seconds, then looked in his backpack as Jay's eyes shifted away from her sobbing little sister, watching him flatly as he finally found it, gulping once and then placing it in her hand as her fingers closed around the weapon.

She stood as her sister sniffled a little, wiping at her eyes and rocking a little as Mack knelt to gingerly wrap an arm around her shoulders. Jay turned, walking stiffly towards the pop machine with icy silence and control that was somehow more terrifying and horrific than screeching and charging, shifting the socket wrench slightly in her hand before sliding around the makeshift blockade, descending the stairs in equal silence. Mack blinked, as if realizing something, and quickly plugged May's ears as he visibly braced himself. There was a moment of silence, and then Jay's ear-shattering roar of rage echoed up to them. "DAMN YOU ZOMBIE BLEEEEEEP-BLEEP-BLEEPY-BLEEP BLEEPERS BLEEP BLLLEEEEEEEPPPPPP!" There was a series of crunches, thuds, and gruesome squishes as everyone except Mack and May bent over the rails, and then wished they hadn't.

"Woah…I've seen some violent things in my time but…" Daeth muttered, pushing a hand under his hat to run it through his hair as Cor nodded blankly, mouth hanging slightly. Lavender covered her eyes slightly, but still was unable to peel them away from the sight in front of her. Mya squeezed Kiwi tightly, eyes wide as she swallowed hard. Didem watched with huge eyes as Jamie held both hands over her mouth, looking sick, and Emmaline unconsciously rubbed her throat at a particularly spectacular headshot with a gulp. Jack whistled low under his breath, pulling out a slip of paper and writing on it. "Note…to…self…don't make this lady's little sister sad." He muttered as he wrote, then replaced it and watched as Jay continued her rampage of berserker sisterly rage.

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