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Chapter One: Birthday

"DUDE! COME ON!" Alfred's outraged roar filled the house, making the tea set shake. Arthur –the seventeen year old's "mother" –looked up at the ceiling above his head.

"Is he with that same boy?"

Francis looked up from his paper to send his husband a don't-do-anything-stupid look. "Oui 'e iz, mon amour," he said going back to reading his French newspaper.

"Always him…the bloody git," the Brit mumbled as if his son's friend had just committed treason, he brought the tea cup to his lips and stared angrily at the brew.

"Arthur, don't," Francis warned just as they heard another roar filled with curse words, "'e iz a teenager going crazy because of hormones and sexual frustration. Cut 'im zome slack, hm? Surely you're not zo old as to forget those time, Artie~?"

"I am not old you bloody frog!" he snapped glaring daggers, "That's completely different! And don't call me that!"

"'ow zo?"

"For starters: back then we didn't know we needed protection. Now we know and there's a good chance our children could get knocked up! I don't want to be grandparents, Francis."

"Then you really would be old, love," the Frenchman teased and his husband socked him in the arm, "Ow! Ok maybe I deserved that. Alfred may be…unique but that doesn't make 'im stupid, mon cher, he won't get pregnant."

Arthur sighed, seeing the level headedness in Francis's statement, "I see your point but I'll be worried if Alfred starts cleaning his sheets…"

"Won't we all?" his husband teased pecking the Brit's lips.

"…But then again who says he'll be bottoming?" Arthur mused taking a bite of scone and scrunching up his nose at the thought, "In that case Young Soo's mother can clean the sheets."

Francis chuckled, wrapping his arms around his husband and nuzzling into the Brit's neck, "If 'e iz 'is father's son 'e'll definitely be bottoming." Arthur tried to hit him, struggling desperately but Francis had his lover's arms successfully pinned to his sides.

"You're an arse, frog legs," he huffed turning his head so instead of Francis capturing his lips in a kiss, the Frenchman got a mouthful of cheek.

"Arthur, mon amour, ne me refusez vos lèvres," (Arthur, my love, don't deny me your lips) Francis pouted sticking out his bottom lip for good measure.

"I don't have a bloody clue what you're saying," he deadpanned rolling his eyes in annoyance.

"I think you can catch the gist of it," Francis said laughing quietly to himself. Arthur turned his head, lifting his arms back up, one cupped Francis's face while the other pulled the elastic from his hair. His husband's long blonde hair fell around his face and the Brit ran his fingers through it before pressing their lips together. Arthur sighed into the kiss as their tongues tasted familiar territory. He was pulled into his husband's lap, hands caressing his waist and rubbing circles in the soft tissue of his neck.

The Brit's hand snuck under Francis's t-shirt, his fingertips gently tracing the outline of his abs. Francis hummed in pleasure, his hand slowly unbuttoning his husband's grey plaid shirt. The Brit mewled in anticipation, fingers digging into the other's scalp and his hips grinding down into the Frenchman's. Just then there was the undeniable sound of glass shattering somewhere upstairs. Arthur half sighed half screamed in anger and frustration, laying his head on his partner's shoulder.

"How come this always happens in my house?" he exclaimed as Francis gently stroked the back of his love's head and lower back, comforting him.


Alfred gripped the back of Young Soo's hair and threw him across the room. "You motherfucking bastard!" he snarled lunging across the room at the Korean.

"You fucking paranoid pussy!" Young Soo hissed landing a punch to Alfred's jaw, "I didn't fucking cheat, you just fucking suck!" The blonde kicked his friend in the stomach, punching him in the shoulder. They wrestled and fought on Alfred's bed, yelling curses the entire time. Suddenly he was pulled away, despite his kicking and screaming.

"God damn it Alfred, cut it out!" his dad yelled throwing him onto the floor, "You broke a glass? Again? How many times do I have to tell you to cut this kind of nonsense out?"

"DAD, he fucking cheated! On a videogame!" he exclaimed trying to get through to his dad how extreme this situation was, "How can you expect me not to be fucking pissed?!"

"You can feel however you want," Arthur snapped picking up the shards of glass, "Just don't ruin my bloody house. And watch your language!" The blonde teen stared at Young Soo furiously, as if it was all his fault. Finally, Arthur stood up and sighed before closing the door as he left.

"This is all your fault you fucker," Alfred hissed at Young Soo who was laying on his bed, prompt up on his elbows.

The other laughed, "Come on Alfie don't be a sore loser~." He grimaced at the nickname, falling onto his beanbag chair and refusing to pay any attention to one of his best friends. "Ugh, don't be like that," Young Soo groaned falling back on the bed with a huff, "You're seriously acting like a fucking three year old."

"Piss. Off," he replied through clenched teeth, he was going to hit the bastard again he swore to God…

"Come on~" his lips were suddenly up against Alfred's ear, his voice a low, seductive hum, "Don't be like that, there are much nicer ways to get sore. This isn't one of them." He bit the inside of his cheek, fighting off the urge to throw his head back and moan.

He loved the feeling of Young Soo's hot breath and equally hot voice against his skin. It made his body prickle with goose bumps and he pushed the other's face away. It was bad to dangle temptation in front of him because he'd damn well take it. Young Soo chuckled, his tongue flicking out across the blonde's cheek teasingly. He hissed pushing the Korean's face away.

"I'm not gay, bastard!" he snapped his lips pulling back in an odd sneer; he was tired of people assuming he was gay just because his dads were. Alfred played baseball and football, was good at videogames and was one of the most popular guys in school. He was invited to all the parties, all the girls wanted him. He wasn't gay!

"I never said you were," Young Soo chuckled laying back down on his bed, "Oh, by the way, didn't you say it was someone's birthday or whatever?"

Alfred thought about it, he knew it was someone's but he couldn't remember who's exactly, "I can't remember." The dark haired teen reached beneath the bed and pulled out Alfred's secret stash of Coca Cola.

"Your dads?" he suggested throwing Al a can before taking one, popping the top and chugging down some of the caffeinated drink.

Alfred shook his head, opening his can, "No theirs is in October and on the 14th."

"Well, who's is only three days before yours?" Al shrugged checking the calendar on his iPhone where he put basically everything. Young Soo's and Natasha's birthdays were in August, his Papa's was ten days after Al's, there was only…

"Motherfuck!" he exclaimed running over and throwing his door open.

"YO DAD, PAPA! COME UP HERE!" he called running a hand through his hair nervously, "Oh man, oh man, oh man!"

"What?" Young Soo asked looking at the blonde worriedly as he hid the Coke back under the bed, "Alfred, what is it?" He shook his head, pacing nervously, five minutes later after constant anxious glances from the Korean his parents came up looking vaguely annoyed.

"Alfred," Francis sighed leaning against his wall, "w'at iz it?"

"Did you dudes know it was Mattie's birthday?!" he practically yelled biting at his thumb nail. Silence fell as he saw both of his parents' reactions. Both of their eyes widened, Francis inhaled sharply and Arthur swore under his breath.

"…how could you forget his birthday you bloody frog?" Arthur snapped at his husband, running his hand through his messy hair, "Oh bloody hell…!"

"Moi?!" he snapped back, "You're the spacey one, tea bag sucker!"

"DUDES!" Alfred interrupted waving his arms above his head frantically, "What are we gonna do?!"

"Your Papa and I will handle it," Arthur said gripping his son's shoulders in a comforting manner, "you just stay in here."

"Where is he anyway?" Young Soo butted in from where he sat against the blonde's head board.

"Gilbert took 'im out to see that new James Bond movie," Francis said, "Oh mon dieu! 'e said it was for 'is birthday but I didn't realize 'e meant…" Arthur shook his head with a scowl and a sigh.

"Francis can you make Mattie his favorite food and maybe a cake? I'll go out and get some presents."

"Ok," Alfred said collapsing down by his friend's feet.

"Arthur, mon amour, you're so good at planning," Francis complimented with a sultry wink and a smirk.

"Shut up you French bastard," the Brit snapped in response but he still blushed and his eyes still twinkled, "Just go do what you're supposed to!" Francis chuckled following closely behind his husband.

Young Soo suddenly laughed, "Your dads are adorable!"

"Shut up!" he snapped his arm covering his eyes. The dark haired teen laughed again.

"Chill, dude, 姚大妈 and 伊万大叔 are the same," he said referring to his Aunt Yao and Uncle Ivan. Alfred grunted something in response, letting Young Soo use his stomach as a foot rest.


Matthew giggled, sliding his hand up Gilbert's tight, black t-shirt and pressing him up against the side of his Volkswagen Tiguan. They were in the parking lot, the movie they had seen just ended. They weren't concerned with being seen in this position; Gilbert looked really young for his age, on the surface he looked twenty four maybe twenty six.

"Gil, that was a great movie," the blonde purred licking his bottom lip in the way he knew Gilbert liked, "Thank you for taking me."

Gilbert smiled, heat pooling in his abdomen. He loved how confident Matthew had become when they were alone together; together he loved that word, drastically different from the quiet, timid boy he was around everyone else. With the German, Matthew was simply Matthew and Gilbert was simply Gilbert.

"No problem, Birdie," Gilbert said watching as the teen's eye lids fell half-mast and he hummed in response to the nickname, "It vas my pleasure, I am awesome remember? I do awesome zings."

"Really?" the blonde asked his voice low, sexy, "I didn't know you got off so easy."

Gilbert blushed at the implication of those words, his throat going dry. He opened his mouth to say something but soon forgot as Matthew's hand slid higher up his torso and pressed their bodies close together. The younger male's knee was between his legs, their hips close together and Matthew's hand trapped between their bodies.

"Mmm, I can see I was right~" Matthew hummed, rubbing his thigh against the albino's straining cock and getting a quiet moan for his efforts, "Want me to take care of that for you, baby?"

With Matthew talking that way, sounding so wanton, it's not that hard for Gilbert's body to flare up and for his cock to form a tent in his faded jeans that become painfully tight. Gilbert groaned in agony and pleasure, his head falling back and thumping against the car as he let Matthew have his wicked way with him. The shorter male let his fingers dance across the albino's scar; it was a scar he had never shown anyone, one that Matthew hadn't noticed the first time they had fucked. It was big –Gilbert couldn't figure out how the teen had missed it but he had –starting from the top of his left pectoral, going down on an angle to the bottom of his right ribcage.

Matthew liked how it felt beneath the tips of his fingers, especially how it looked, making Gilbert seem like some gladiator or ancient warrior. "I feel like I'm unwrapping my birthday present," he whispered tweaking the albino's nipple, "Will you be my awesome birthday present Gil~?"

His eyes drifted closed as his boyfriend's hands roamed his body, mouth hanging open. All he was thinking about was how good it felt. How perfectly amazing it was. "Ja," his voice cracked as Matthew took away his hands, his entire body mourning their loss. Gilbert's eyes cracked open and he saw Matthew smiling and biting his lip, the younger male reached up to untie the red, black and yellow plaid scarf that was around his neck. Matthew took the scarf and tied it to the belt loop of his skinny jeans, dangerously close to his fine ass.

He frowned, faking annoyance, "Zat's my awesomest scarf."

The teen giggled playfully, his glasses glinting in the crude parking garage lighting. "Well, you're just going to have to come and get it then," he said an evil glint in his eyes as he flicked the iron cross that hung around Gil's neck.

The fire that ran through his veins flared up, consuming every vital part of him. In a sudden, almost desperate, movement the German grabbed his lover's shoulders and pulled him in for a violent smash of lips. Their teeth clashed before their lips melded together, perfect like puzzle pieces, and their tongues stroked each other's. It was frenzied and gentle in a way that didn't feel odd at all. Not odd but one hundred percent natural and familiar.

The short blonde melted into the kiss, goose bumps rising on his arms despite the sweater he wore. His hands caressed Gilbert's cheek and neck; he moved his fingers up to touch the small scar on his forehead. A scar normally hidden by his short bangs. "You…you're so scarred," Matthew panted, pulling away for air.

"I alvays got in trouble as a kid," he said with a rueful smile, he pointed to his forehead, "I got zis when I fell out of a tree." Matthew wanted to ask about the one on his chest but quickly chickened out.

"You're stupid," he scolded furiously pressing their lips back together. His hands snaked around the albino's waist and slid into his back pockets, giving his ass a gentle squeeze. Gilbert's tongue tasted the delicacy that was Matthew's mouth, his right hand cupping the teen's ass cheek. His little lover purred, shifting closer and his left hand traced the curve of his waist before sliding along his hip to seemingly cup his second firm cheek. In reality he was trying to get his scarf.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Matthew tsked laughing breathlessly and pulling his hand away, "It's not going to be that easy, mon cher."

"You're so sexy vhen you speak French," he said smiling a lopsided toothy smile that he knew made the boy melt. Matthew's heart skipped a beat and he blushed, Damn him!

"Flattery will get you nowhere," he lied trying to keep his voice as monotone as possible. Gilbert couldn't help but smirk smugly at him. BOO-YAH! I'm so awesome!

His eyebrow twitched when he saw him smirk. No way was he going to lose! "But if you want to keep that hand busy…" Matthew grabbed his left hand –the one not with a firm grip on his ass –and held it between his legs. He gasped when he felt that hand on his half hard member.

Gilbert moaned rubbing the steadying growing erection, his own painful. The German was already painfully hard as he desperately searched for blissful friction. His lover sucked on his Adam's apple, hands running up and down his chest. Suddenly Matthew pulled away, detaching their bodies. "M-Ma-Birdie, wha-?" the sixteen –now seventeen –year old placed his finger over Gilbert's lips, effectively cutting him off.

"I have to get home, it's already pretty late. Can't be smelling of sex, now, can I?" he said with a sadistic smirk. Despite having a semi hard on and a cute blush all over his face, Matthew sashayed over to the passenger's side and slid in.

He was so fucking hot! Gilbert had to take several calming breathes in order to climb in his seat and drive.

They sat in silence for a while before the younger male was suddenly stuck with a fabulous idea. An incredible, ingenious idea. "Hey, Gil, can I plug in my iPod?" he asked making sure his voice was sweet and shy, not sadistic and erotic like his thoughts actually were, he fluttered his eyelashes, "I think I found a song you'd like."

Gilbert smiled pleasantly, although it was a little forced since his boner was just starting to slowly die down. His boyfriend's musical tastes were so varied that there was a good chance that there would be. "Sure," he said with a small shrug, "why not?" Matthew smiled happily, like he just won the lottery, before he plugged in his iPod and turned on the AUX. The song started out with some electro type beat that wasn't all that bad and Gilbert found his head bobbing along to it, a movement that had Matthew chuckling.

Then the guy started singing, his voice low and sweet as it he was reminiscing a lovely memory.

"She said he's so sweet

I wanna lick the wrapper."

His eyes widened at the words, looking at Matthew from beneath his lashes. The teen was smiling and mouthing along with the lyrics. Gilbert looked away, back at the road and gulped. Mein Gott…

Soon Matthew's angel like voice blended with the lyrics.

"Cute lil' mama had a swag like mine

She even wear her hair down her back like mine

I make her feel right when it's wrong

Like lyin'."

His sweet voice, mixed with the sexiness of the lyrics… Dear God, it was irresistible and hot desire curled in his gut. "Matthew-," he looked over and his words died in his throat. Matthew was dancing in his seat with the window down and the music blasting. The wind made his shaggy hair curl at the ends, lifting them, as he swayed his body and moved his arms above his head. His body was…the way it was moving…it was sexy. Like way, way sexy. His hips moved gracefully and slowly, his arms bent above his head and twisting in time with his hips.

Mother. Fucking. Gott.

"And that's when she~

She licked me like a lollipop

Like a lollipop~"

"Birdie," he rasped, "Vhat are you doing?"

Matthew cocked his head, stopping his dancing long enough to look the German right in the eye and give him a shit eating grin, "Enjoying myself, mon amant allemand impressionnant." (my awesome German lover)

Fuck. Him. "You're doing zis on purpose aren't you?" he said, it wasn't really a question but Matthew still smiled, shrugged and continued his Come-Hither dance. Matthew was going to kill him one day, he was a natural born tease and Gilbert was one hundred percent sure he was going to die because of a bad case of blue balls. Thankfully the song ended and the younger male dissolved in a fit of giggles as his lover shifted in his seat. Gott damn it! A hard on was not a good thing to drive with.

A new, moderate beat started that would otherwise be soothing if not for the display he had just witnessed. Now this familiar pop song only brought him an aching, pleasurable sense of dread.

"Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey"

Gilbert almost banged his head against the steering wheel in pure, raw sexual frustration as Matthew started dancing again. This time it was slower, more calculating as he swung his hips, unbuckling his belt for more room, he pushed himself to the edge of his seat and crossed his legs at one point; he arched his back, running his hand down his neck before leaning back until the top of his head brushed the seat. His hand stopped above his heart as he looked seductively over the rims of his glasses at his boyfriend, eyes fogged with lust as he bit his lip and smirked. Mein Gott, I'm done, the albino thought turning his eyes back to the road and white knuckling the wheel.

"Ok now he was close

Tried to domesticate ya

But you're an animal

Baby, it's in your nature

Just let me liberate ya"

Matthew pouted when Gilbert wasn't looking. Why the fuck wasn't he doing anything to him? Giving him a hand job at the moment would be the polite thing to do… Perhaps it was the French blood in him that made him so horny but, then again, it was also his birthday. Either his family forgot or they had remembered when he was out and was planning something half assed. He deserved a really good present from Gilbert to make his seventeenth birthday seem like it wasn't a total depressing failure. He wanted a hand job. From his boyfriend. Now. But instead of coming right out and saying it –where would be the fun in that? –he had started this intricate came of let's-seduce-the-regularly-horny-German-who-just-n ow-decided-to-be-an-inconciderate-prude. Mon dieu…

"I know you want it

But you're a good girl

The way you grab me

Must wanna get nasty

Go ahead, get at me"

The teen grinned evilly and slid his hand slowly up Gilbert's thigh, feeling his fingers brush the other's manhood as he placed his lips against his ear and sang along. Only he sang in French.

"Qu'est-ce qu'ils font rêves (What do they make dreams for)

Quand vous avez obtenu ce jean sur (When you got them jeans on)

Que devons-nous la vapeur pour (What do we need steam for)

Vous la chienne la plus chaude dans cet endroit!" (You the hottest bitch in this place)

Gilbert groaned, groaning louder when a tongue flicked out to trace the shell of his ear before pulling away. "Matthew, meine Liebe, you're killing me," he managed to say passed clenched teeth. The seventeen year old giggled, hiding the pleased smirk behind his hand.


Beep, beep.

Matthew looked out his window to the car next to theirs; they were both waiting for the red light to turn green. The car was stuffed with people; the driver had his head and arm out the window and a cocky smirk on his face. "Hey, cutie~" the stranger crooned, his accent strange but not awful, "My name's Matthias! What's your name, sweet thang~?" He had wild, spiked blonde hair, blue eyes and Matthew could tell by his arms that he was muscular, strong. The seventeen year old could see he had on a red t-shirt, maybe jeans, a ring on a chain around his neck and a lollipop in his mouth. He's kinda, sorta attractive. Not my cup of tea but defiantly not ugly.

His lips quirked up, immediately finding the man absolutely ridiculous, "Matthew. Now why would be asking someone like little ol' me for their name?" He could hear Gilbert's sharp intake of breath and feel his shock. God, if he didn't need to look at this stranger's face…he'd love, love to see Gilbert gaping right now.

The man's grinned brightened, "WHOA! We almost have the same name!"

Matthew really couldn't help but laugh and flick his bangs out of his face, propelled forward by Gilbert's reaction. He wouldn't notice him. Fine. Then Matthew would make him so fucking jealous he'd have no choice but to give him the attention he craved oh-so-desperately. "I suppose we do, what's it to ya, honey~?" Matthew could feel his boyfriend's eyes in the back of his head and almost smiled evilly. Calm down, Mattie. Get your head in the game!

"I saw you dancing," Matthias said smiling flirtatiously, "You got some killer moves. A smokin' bod too."

"Can't say you're sore on the eyes either," he responded in a tone he usually saved for Gilbert, "You're très beau." (very good looking)

"You're French!" Matthias exclaimed in awe, his eyes glittering in excitement, "Damn that's sexy. I only know Danish which sucks ass!"

"Really? Let me hear some."

What the hell is Birdie doing? Gilbert thought watching the interaction with a scowl. The albino was aware that he was crazy jealous and, sometimes, possessive; they were traits he fought to keep under control but this. No. Hell no, he wasn't ok with this. This Matthias guy was obviously flirting, he just didn't know if Matthew was aware but then he used that voice and he knew the teen was. So many emotions flared up at this realization, so many ugly and dangerous questions.

What if Matthew didn't want him because he was too old? He wasn't an old man but he was sure up there in years.

What if Matthew was tired of his arrogance? Gilbert didn't even look into why he was that, it would be sure to drudge up some fucked up emotional baggage.

What if Matthew fell for someone else? He was extremely irresistible if you got to know him well enough.

What if Matthew realized…how wonderful he was? He would be less dependent on Gil and go to sow his wild oats or something.

What is Matthew realized…that his awesomeness was greater than Gilbert's? Would he determine that the albino was inadequate? Creepy? Demonic? Not worth his time? Would he regret handing over his virginity and every other time they made love?

How long was this fucking red light?!

"Dine øjne er smukke."

"What does that mean?"

"Your eyes are beautiful."

Matthew giggled at the comment, blushing cutely. He looked over his shoulder briefly, giving into the temptation to see his lover's beautiful face screwed up into a jealous scowl. Instead he found Gilbert tapping the steering wheel angrily, glaring at the traffic light as if it was the bane of his existence. He pressed his lips together, his heart falling. He's not even looking at me…

He turned back around to see the Dane looking over his shoulder and into his own vehicle, his bottom lip sticking out into a pout. Oh…my… Matthias turned back around, blushing sheepishly when he noticed Matthew looking. An understanding smile flitted across his face and he jerked his head in his partner's direction. Their smiles turned into ones of understanding and brotherhood; why not help a guy out with making his lover jealous?

"So who's that in the car with you?" Matthew asked sticking his upper body out of the window so he could get a better look in the car and making sure his voice was loud enough so the passengers in the other car could hear him, "Are they your little brothers? That's so sweet of you to drive them around!" The one in the front seat's eye twitched and he looked up, glaring slightly at the teen and the Dane. Ah…so he was his target. He had really blonde, blonde hair and big dull blue eyes, he was short and fragile looking. Like a bird. He could easily pass for fifteen or sixteen years old.

"Maybe," the Dane said immediately latching onto what he was doing, "Would it make me seem irresistible if they were?"

"Of course!"

"Yeah, they're totally my brothers!" he smirked smiling toothily at this fellow conspirator. Matthew's eyes shown in victory as the blonde boy closed the book he had been reading and glared up at Matthias.

"Matthias," he said in a detached, cold monotone, "I think you should get back in the car. The light will be turning any minute-."

"Lillebror, big brother is talking with a really delicious guy," Matthias said his own eyes glinting in victory, "don't interrupt." The smaller male looked up at Matthias with a pained look starting to creep into his facial expression.

"Matthias…p-please…" the younger boy's breath caught and he quickly tried to cover it up by clearing his throat, "Can we…please ju-just get back in the car…"

Matthias faked an irritated sigh despite the smile that no one except Matthew could see, "Ja, ja, fint, Lukas. Maybe I'll see you around Matthew."

"Oui, maybe."

"Can I get a good bye kiss, gorgeous?" Matthew could hear Gilbert's whiplash as he stared at them with wide eyes, he couldn't see but he knew it was true due to the Dane's smirk. Lukas's eyes widened and he gaped, hands fisting in the loose fabric of his pants; Matthew couldn't help but smirk then.

"Oui, je suis désolé!" (Yes, I'm sorry) he apologized chuckling slightly, "I'm French after all. What Frenchman leaves without at least a good bye kiss?"

"Maybe I'll even let you have my lollipop as a souvenir?"

Matthew really did laugh at this because if was sounded so insane, he did watch though as he flipped it around in his mouth so that the Dane had the end of the stick between his teeth. He smiled thankfully at the stranger and leaned in close to lick at the lollipop. "Mhm, butterscotch," he mumbled appreciatively, leaning in closer to put the whole thing in his mouth. Predictably, Gilbert grabbed his companion by the back of his sweater and yanked him back into the vehicle with a quiet possessive growl that sent desire up his spine. At the same time he was pulled in, Matthias was grabbed by the hair and yanked back into the proper position in the driver's seat. They shared a look of pure happiness.

They were going to get laid~!

As they drove away Matthew looked up and all the desire in his body left him. Gilbert looked absolutely pissed and…and hurt. No…that wasn't what he wanted! He wanted Gil to be jealous, sure, but not hurt! He didn't want to cause him any pain that Gilbert didn't want. He opened his mouth to apologize, to say anything to the other man, but nothing came out and that's how they ended up sitting in a tense silence all the way to Matthew's house.

They walked to the front door but remained silent, not touching each other at all.

"Go to backyard."

Matthew jumped; squealing in a rather undignified manner as his boyfriend suddenly spoke. Gilbert pointed at a note tapped to the door, his face cold and blank. "T-That's strange," he said as they walked to the backyard, the lights were on, I wonder what…?

As soon as they opened the tall, seven foot tall, gate they were overwhelmed with a surprising number of people yelling, "Happy birthday, Mattie!"

The backyard was lite by tikki torches and there was a table filled with pancakes, Canadian bacon, hamburgers, hot dogs, wurst, lasagna, pizza, curly fries, pasta salad, tacos, calamari and snails. He knew there was a cake and one or two presents. But…this…it was perfect! To him it was so perfect with the Christmas lights on the fence and gutters, everyone smiling and clapping and drinking booze and pop.

Francis and Antonio was cheering wildly while Arthur clapped in a more composed fashion as Lovino clapped as he glared, the couple's two kids were there. Both were clapping lazily but still looking happy to be at a party. Feli was clapping and jumping up and down while Ludwig held their youngest, clapped and was constantly telling his heavily pregnant husband to be careful. Their kids clapped too, obviously happy for him, the oldest son –who was Matthew's age –mouthed "booze" at him and wagged his eyebrows. Matthew had to laugh at that and gave a brief nod. Yao and Ivan were there with Mei –who was furiously clapping –and her girlfriend, Lein –who was trying to get her to calm down –and Leon who clapped but Matthew couldn't tell if he was upset or glad to be there. Then there was Yao's nephew Young Soo who was standing by Alfred, they were whistling at him and whooping. Carlos Machado was there clapping heartily and casting brief glares toward Alfred every so often but looking happy none the less. Lastly there was Yao's cousin Kiku and his husband Hercules. Kiku clapped modestly while Hercules's did so lazily –but then again everything he did was a lazy movement of some kind, the Greek had a sleeping ten month old in the crook of his arm and a sleeping cat on his head while their fraternal twins bickered as they clapped.

It was chaos. A mix of little kids, teens and their parents all in one back yard with the occasional pet darting between legs and lots and lots of noise. Yes it was chaos, sweet beautiful chaos that Matthew adored. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO!" Alfred yelled sounding close to tears, Carlos shook his head in disgust but Matthew laughed. It was touching to know his brother cared.

"Joyeux anniversaire mon bébé! Vous êtes si vieux, vous faites papa tellement fier! Vous êtes presque un homme sur le point de se diriger dans le monde et sème ta avènerons! Bientôt, vous serez comme un de mes colombes, quitter le nid, être libre mon bébé et rendent les femmes et les hommes du monde entier reconnaissent votre beauté!" (Happy birthday my baby! You're so old, you make papa so proud! You're almost a man, about to head into the world and sow your wild oats! Soon you will be like one of my doves, leaving the nest, be free my baby and make women and men around the world recognize your beauty!)

Arthur coughed, glaring the sobbing Frenchman that clung to his arm, "Uh…y-yes, happy birthday, lad."

It may not have been the greatest or most ideal but damn.

Did Matthew love it.

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