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Chapter twelve: Connect/Disconnect

Arthur woke up to the sun caressing his back and the smell of Earl Grey and crepês. Slowly he pealed open his eye lids and saw a tray on the nightstand. On it was a plate of black berry crepês with whip cream, a cup of his favorite tea and a small vase with a single red rose in it. It was so romantically, charmingly cliché that Arthur had to smile as he rolled off his stomach and onto his back. There was an immediate sharp pain in his backside and his smile broadened. It had been so long since he had felt that ache and he was glad to feel it again.

His hand lifted to his hair, running through the tangled, messy locks. It then traveled down the side of his face to his lips. They felt tender and swollen, probably red and bruised. His hand then made its way to his neck, lightly pressing against the hickeys and bite marks on his skin, instinctively knowing from past experience they would be there for a while. Then it went down his neck to his bruised collar bone and lower to rub his fingertips gently over his abused nipples. Last night had been the most passionate he had had in a while and he couldn't keep the smile off his face.

"Mon lapin, w'at are you smiling about?"

Arthur squeaked, blushing bright red at being found out. Francis stood, leaning against the door way to the bathroom, naked and a mischievous grin on his face. He tried to sit up but found it a lot more difficult than he had hoped. "Fr-Francis," he finally managed to choke out, "Wha-What are you-?"

"Come now, mon cher, why are you zo shy all of a sudden?" the French man teased his grin turning into a sexy smirk, "You weren't shy last night~."

"Shut up!" he snapped face blooming into the brightest red Francis had ever seen, "Jus…Just help me up!"

"Non, I don't think I will," the naked man chuckled striding over to where his lover lay, prompt up on his elbows, "Why don't I feed you, mon cher?"

"I…" Arthur gulped licking his suddenly dry lips, "I don't think that would be appropriate…"

"Shhh," he said picking up a fork, cutting the crepê and stabbing it with the fork, "Let me take care of you. Now open."

Hesitantly, the Brit opened his mouth and his husband innocently placed the food into his mouth. He waited for him to chew and swallow before giving him more. It went on like that for a while and Arthur was starting to relax a bit, happy to just let Francis feed him.

"Oops," the French man said as he "accidentally" got some black berry sauce and whip cream on the shorter male's cheek, " 'ere, let me get that." Francis leaned in, tongue flicking out and licking up the yummy food on his face.

"Fr-Francis!" Arthur gasped face exploding into a tomato again, "Wha-What…?"

"Shhh, mon amour," he whispered kissing his lips gently, "I know you're still uncomfortable…I promise to be gentle."

"That's not really…" the younger male trailed off as he felt his love's hands gently caress his sides, lips brushing across the hickeys on his neck then up ward and across his jaw, "…the-the poi…point…"

"Oh, zhen w'at iz?" he asked lips finding their way to his partner's, two puzzle pieces fitting together. Their tongues met in a slow, gentle dance that still managed to be erotic. Arthur moaned into the kiss, fingers tangling into the frog's long hair and tugging him closer. Soon they had to pull apart to breathe and the taller of the two began to sucking gently on the soft spots of his husband's neck, hands gently rubbing the indents of his waist.

"Francis," Arthur moaned his own lips finding his lover's neck, biting and sucking and marking, "Make love to me."

Both their insides jumped and they leaned in simultaneously, meeting half way for a passionate kiss. Arthur leaned back, pulling his husband down with him as his hands explored his back and the French man's hands massaged his stomach and thighs. "Mon pleasure, lapin," Francis said trailing kisses down his chest.

He paused to lick his nipple soothingly, thumb rubbing circles on his ribcage. Arthur moaned, back arching as pleasure raked down his spine.

God it felt so good…

Soon his lips moved lower, not without a disapproving whine from Arthur. "Ohonhon~" the older male chuckled pressing gentle kisses around his belly button, "Do want me to suck your nipples all night?"

Arthur just moaned, tossing his head back into the pillows. "Just make love to me…"

Francis chuckled again this time sitting up and reaching for the cup of tea.

"What are you-?" he was cut off by hot tea being poured into his navel, "Ah! What the bloody fuck-?" Once again he was cut off, this time by Francis leaning down, sucking and licking up the tea from the crevice. It soothed the sting brought on by the hot tea and made Arthur moan in pleasure.

"You like zhat mon amour?"

"Bloody fuck, yes!"

"Want more?"


Francis repeated the process until the tea was gone but continued to lick at his navel even when it was empty, just to make sure it didn't sting.

"Oh, Francis," the Brit moaned nails digging into his scalp, "Please…please fuck me…"

He smiled, head dipping down between his thighs.

Arthur felt a hot tongue at his entrance, the tip circling the hole and massaging it. He squealed, hands tightening in his hair when he felt that hot tongue push through the ring of muscles. "Oh fuck!" he exclaimed voice cracking, "Francis, Francis, please, I need your di –AH!" His words ended in a scream as that tongue hit a particularly sensitive spot.

He retracted his tongue, kissing his Brit's inner thigh before reaching into the drawer of their nightstand for the bottle of lube. "Ready?" the taller blonde asked getting a lust filled moan in response, Arthur's arms coming up to wrap around his neck. Francis popped open the cap, immediately smelling roses, and slicked up his dick. "You're still loose, mon lapin," he said kissing the tip of the Brit's nose, "but I'll still go slow."

"Thank you," Arthur gasped as his husband slowly pushed in, his walls clamping down on his hard member.

The French man groaned, burying his face in the crook of his love's neck. He panted softly, waiting for Arthur to adjust.

"Move," he growled digging his nails into Francis' shoulders. The older male obligated, starting to lazily thrust into him. Arthur mewled, neck arching as his hips rose to languidly meet his love's thrusts.

Francis groaned and wrapped his arms around the Brit's upper and lower back as they rocked against each other for what seemed like eternity. After what was really only thirty minutes, they both reached their climaxes. They called out each other's names as Arthur emptied his seed on their abdomens and Francis spilled his on his thighs and hips.

They laid together, Francis with his arms around his waist and his head over the quick beating heart of his lover. "Mon cher," he said kissing the skin over Arthur's heart, "I'm zo 'appy we've worked this out."

The shorter male smiled, entwining their fingers. "Me too," he rasped tilting the French man's face up and pecking his lips. He had never felt closer to Francis before, their fights and arguing seemed to have brought them closer together. United them.

Neither could be any happier as they slid beneath the soiled covers and shared soft, longing kisses.

Alfred trolled Facebook, nursing his rear end that throbbed dully. A resent status update caught his eye and he squinted at it.

Im Young Soo posted on Bella Mogens' wall


DAMN! You're a fucking bitch…won't ever share your motherfucking waffles…

30 minutes ago –Like –Comment

3 people like this

Alfred's eyebrow twitched feeling a little sick but he didn't know why. He clicked on Young Soo's name, going to his profile. His wall photo was of him and the track team, his profile picture one of him in a big puffy coat and building a snow man with his cousins. The blonde recognized the snow man that was still standing proudly outside Young Soo's house. He scrolled down to his recent postings.

Im Young Soo posted on Matthew William's wall


You're soooooo MOTHERFUCKING cute XD

Pregnancy really suits you sweetie I can't WAIT to buy you some baby clothes!

2 hours ago –Like –Comment

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Im Young Soo posted on Jett Christianson's wall

Omfg babe you look delicious in your profile picture

Message me ;)

6 days ago –Like –Comment

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The last one made his stomach twist and he felt like he was about to vomit. Why the fuck would he write that? Alfred clicked on Jett Christianson's name, going onto his profile. He saw this "Jett" was from Australia but lived in the city, he was on the swim team, he liked koalas, and he liked the Rolling Stones and U2. His wall photo was on him in the Outback surrounded by koalas, the one on his back glaring at the camera. The profile picture he had was of him shirtless, dripping wet and in front of a pool.

This "Jett" looked like a total douche. Why the fuck would Young Soo put something like that on a stranger's wall? Unless…? Realization dawned and Alfred ran to the bathroom, emptying his stomach into the toilet. Holy crap, they fucked, they fucked, they fucked! Tears poured from his eyes, dripping into the toilet with his vomit. Alfred touched his cheeks, shocked by his reaction. He didn't know why he was crying or why he felt sick when he thought about how he had sex with the Korean last night and, six days ago, that same Korean had had sex with another dude. He didn't know why and he didn't want to, all he could think was: Why would he do this to me?

Yo boi u wanna go partyin wit me ;)

-y da faq wud I wanna do tht

…wats wit the attitude?

-I dont got a attitude ur jus a bitch

WHOA! wat the fuk I do

-u kno wat u did…fukin slut

I am NOT a slut…where did u get tht fukin dum ass idea?!

-um…let me c…fb

Ur…kiddin me rite now…



Wat ever u saw is a fuking LIE

-oh rlly?!

-u posted on sum dudes wall how DELICIOUS he looked

-y the fuk didnt u tell me?!

…y wud I tell u

Ur not my bf Alfred

-ik im not ur bf I DON'T WANNA BE

-I jus don't wanna get AIDS




-not any more

Young Soo polished off his sixth beer, hiccupping and stumbling over to the cooler to get more. The convo he and Al had was still heavy on his mind. He couldn't believe they stopped being friends over a casual fuck the Korean had a week ago. A week ago! And it wasn't like he slept around all the fucking time, only occasionally, and he did get tested every six months! Why would he say something like that? After we…we… Tears started falling down his face and he tried to wipe them away but they just kept coming.

Arms suddenly wrapped around his waist and he turned, looking up at spiked blonde hair. "T-Tim?" he slurred swaying slightly due to drunkenness, but the taller boy's arms held him tightly and kept Young Soo's back pressed tightly to his front, "I-I thought you we-ere-."

"Bail," Tim said simply, bending down to nuzzle his neck, "Why are you crying, Young Soo?"

He shivered, feeling small and vulnerable as tears continued to pour from his eyes. "A-Alfred…called me a slut," the brunette hiccupped, being turned around so he was face to face with the other male, "He-He said that I have A-AIDS and he-he-he doesn't want to be fr-friends no mo-more…"

"It's ok, Young Soo," he said in a honey sweet voice, "Let's go someplace quiet and talk it out…"

Nodding, the Korean clutched the taller male's sleeve and followed him through the crowd, up a set of stairs. "Tha-Thanks for talkin' with me…" Young Soo mumbled leaning on is companion for support, the room begun to spin due to how many beers he had and he stumbled. Tim quickly caught him, guiding him to a deserted bedroom and keeping his arm around the brunette's waist.

Young Soo stumbled into the room, grabbing a dresser for support. "What…what we doing in here?" he asked looking at Tim's who seemed to wobble and blur in and out of focus. Alarm bells rung in his head but they were too far away, reduced to an annoying buzz that he tried to physically swat away.

"I'm giving you what you want," the blonde said stepping closer, his smile morphing into a demonic grin.

"What's…what do I want?" he balked squinting his eyes and attempting to focus. The alarm bells were growing louder and louder, turning into a painful migraine that made him want to vomit.

Tim stopped, demonic grin growing and stretching his face. "This," he growled and his fist slammed into the Korean's cheek.



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