Don't own a thing.

On first sight of Wayne Kellogg, Booth knew he didn't like the man. Why? He wasn't entirely sure, just blaming it on 'his gut.'

This case was already messing with him in more ways than one. There was being out in this heat, in the middle of nowhere. There was it hitting too close to home with it being Angela's sometimes boyfriend. Brennan had asked him to come out like she did.

And then there was that Sheriff Dawes in the mix and he just could not shake the feeling of knowing him. Down to the face, the accent, the damn cowboy hat. It was annoying.

He could have swore he'd know this guy had a brother, not a sister. And they were not ones to be in law enforcement.

Now this.

As he talked to the jackass, Booth found his annoyance with the man only grow.

He was 'an artist.' Which he was having a hard time buying. He seemed like the kind to suck off of other people's talents or gifts, not really having any of his own. Which, he supposed in a way connected to his Native American approach into getting drugs in a way.