Chapter twenty

Harry saw Severus and Draco standing near the glass doors that lead to the large back garden where all their guests were mingling about.

'Seems everyone is ready.'

'We've just been waiting for you Potter,' Draco smirked.

'I had to make sure I look good. Anyway, are my two husbands ready to give me to another man?'

'Not something we want, but something that is necessary,' Severus joined hands with Harry, then Draco did and the three men walked outside where all the guests hurried to take their seats. Once Severus and Draco had escorted Harry to the front, Severus kissed Harry first, then Draco before the sat down. Harry saw the surprised looks on his friends faces, he just smiled then turned to face Charlie who looked nervous.

'Relax mate, it's not like a normal marriage.'

'It's still a marriage Harry. Let's just get this over with.'

'Oh I'm hurt Charlie,' Harry's hand went over his heart and his face fell as if he was heartbroken making Charlie scowl but everyone else laugh. Harry grinned wickedly, 'Wait until tonight, you are going to have a good time, that I can guarantee,' Harry licked his lips before he faced Kingsley, 'Let's do this.'

Kingsley performed a nice but simple ceremony, but unlike Harry, Severus and Draco's wedding, a golden rope wrapped around Harry and Charlie's joined hands, it showed that the binding contract has been fulfilled. When Kingsley announced them to be bonded partners, Harry stepped up to Charlie, rubbed his body against the dragon handler's body then kissed him, it was wet, hot and hungry.

'I'm not sure how I feel about the father of my child kissing another man,' Severus said when the kiss seemed to go on and on.

'You don't mind Harry kissing me Sev.'

'You're different Draco, you're part of our family, now we have another to share with. I think that kiss is going overboard Harry, pull it back.'

Harry released Charlie's lips, smirked at the lust filled look on Charlie's face, then he turned to Severus.

'Sorry Sev.'

'This is the most unusual wedding ceremony I've ever performed, actually, one of them and they all involved Harry,' Kingsley shook his head.

'Yeah, you marry me to Sev, then me to Draco now me to Charlie, what fun.'

'So all this is real Harry, not some big joke George planned or anything?' Neville asked looking unsure.

'It's all real Neville and Severus is pregnant with our child, Charlie will fall pregnant sometime tonight,' Harry gazed at Charlie then his eyes dipped and took in every inch of him, 'Since I have to do this at least you've got a body there Charlie.'

'I don't think any of us want to hear that Harry,' Minerva said then she hugged him, 'Even though this is very unusual, congratulations.'

'Thanks, it is unusual but we'll make it work, Sev is good at that,' Harry smiled over at his older husband.

'Yes, I'm sure you will but the contract is fulfilled, now you lot have to get used to sharing your lives. I'm not sure if I feel sorry for you or envy you,' Kingsley said.

'Definitely envy, we have a lot of fun Kingsley, Charlie's about to find out exactly how much fun we have.'

'Yes, I'm sure he is, but I think the rest of the guest want to congratulate the couple,' Kingsley moved away from Harry and Charlie, he joined the staff of Hogwarts.

'When Severus explained all this I was not sure if someone had cursed him or not.' Minerva said.

'He's a very different man that what we have seen over the years. Do you think this is the way Severus really is or he changed when this three way relationship started?'' Kingsley asked.

'I believe Severus always had this side to him, he could never show it before.' Minerva said as she stared at Severus who had his arm around Harry and to Minerva it looked like Severus was protecting what was his.

After speaking with his friends Harry walked over to Severus who was sitting at one of the tables.

'It's strange to think I have to share my life with another man, one I don't love,' Harry sighed then put his hand over Severus' stomach.

'Yes, it would be, Draco and I do know that this had to happen so we'll make the best of it Harry.''

'I could see you looked concerned before,' Harry moved and sat on Severus' lap, 'You mean the world to me Sev, you and Draco do, but you are worried aren't you?''

'I think it is natural, Charlie is a very nice man, he also has a very nice body by the look of him.''

'You know things like looks doesn't concern me Sev, I love you and Draco, Charlie I like, so we'll shag and see how it goes. Hey for all I know you might enjoy being with him.'

Severus could see Harry was concerned now, 'I might, but not as much as I do with you and Draco. We will make this work, if Charlie doesn't fit in with us, then he has his own place and his own life, we'll be the three of us again. If it works with Charlie then there might be times we pair up if we want that type of night. Let's just see how this goes before either of us worry too much.''

'Charlie's a nice bloke but he is so different to us, so I'm not sure how this will go. But later, you're fine with staying here with Draco.'

'Yes, we're fine and it helps you, one you might need assistance and two your power, we can't be far away in case you get upset. Now why don't you go spend some time with your friends, I'm sure you missed them.'

'I did but your part of my life now and I like being with you. Hard to believe isn't it Sev. At Hogwarts I tried to avoid you as much as possible, now I hate being away from you.'

'You've let yourself become dependent on me which I do understand, but I do not mind. You needed someone to take the lead for a while, someone that could make the decisions for you until you are ready to take control of your life again. So much has been riding on your young shoulders for most of your life, you knew everyone was looking towards you to save them, that is a lot to put on someone you're age. Albus and I spoke quite a few times about your state of mind, if everything might finally get too much for you, mainly because of your age. But no matter what was thrown at you, you came through it and strong as well. Right now your power is making you a little unsure of yourself, it's also turned you into a hermit, but it is something we understand. But tonight even though this marriage had to happen, it's a celebration, so why don't you go enjoy yourself, let yourself enjoy this night, it actually might do you good.'

Harry smiled at Severus then kissed him very tenderly, 'Yeah, it might, thanks Sev,' Harry got up off Severus lap and joined some of his friends who were talking to Draco and some of his friends. Harry smiled at the group because he realised that some Slytherin's, some Gryffindor's, some Ravenclaw's and some Hufflepuff's were actually getting on. It seems his relationship with Draco and Severus has united the four houses of Hogwarts that had loathed each other for hundreds of years, to Harry it told him that his relationship with the two Slytherin's has helped change how some students will be, that maybe one day there will be no animosity between the four houses of Hogwarts, they will be friendly which is what the four founders originally wanted, now it might finally happen. Harry still had trouble believing how his life had turned out, that he was married and not just to one person but to three other men and he was about to be a father. If anyone told him this was going to be his life a year ago he would have told them they needed to be admitted to the mind damaged ward at St Mungo's. Now as Harry looked around, as Severus, Draco and Charlie he realised this was the life for him, so different from everyone else, but having a different life to everyone has always been the way with Harry, so really this was how his life was supposed to play out, different from others, perfect for him.

The end: