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Summary: Tohru's chosen…
Rating: T
Author's notes/Warning(s): KyoxTohru. One-side YukixTohru. Yuki's POV (third person). Slightly based on moment(s) in Episode 26. This drabble's style is a little bit fragmented and contains a touch of stream of consciousness. Also, this drabble is for Saku again—she wanted Kyo/Tohru for her drabble winnings. I will not be continuing this most likely, so don't ask me (unless you're Saku; I'd consider it only if she asked).


One Small Mercy
By Yo's Subordinate
Finished 5/28/13; Posted to ff dot net 8.13.13

WC: approx. 315


Cracking silent groans only he could hear, the sound of his heart cleaving in two and then shattering beyond repair—she made her choice in the downpour that day, in those heart breaking moments. She was quaking in fear, sapped of all her strength, even as she held the cat's ugliness in her arms. The soul-less look in her eyes before that…he couldn't stand seeing it. He would never cause her to cry in such a way. Never.

Yuki went after the foolish cat for Tohru. He knew who she'd choose in the end. Kagura didn't have to say a word, but maybe he wouldn't have gone if Kagura hadn't said anything.

Yuki didn't breathe for that single moment she held the cat in her arms, his heart lodged in his throat. They were frozen in time. All three of them. The monstrous gray-brown mass of misshaped flesh he'd pinned down, that she'd held onto for dear life—they were soaked to the bone—eventually transformed into Kyo's human shape. Bare chested, drenched, orange mop of hair, crimson eyes…The cat embraced Tohru like he'd never get to hold her again, and then he turned into his small orange cat form. Tohru held him again the same way. Like the world was ending and they were dying and they would never see each other again, not even in heaven. Yuki hated the sight with everything in him. It was torturous, those moments.

Tohru accepted Kyo. Yuki wished he could cry, wished he could disappear, but he didn't. Turn and run away, that's what his mind screamed. But he stayed even as the sky finally cleared and the sun shone down upon them.

They gave me one small mercy, Yuki thought to himself as they began walking back to Shigure's. They didn't kiss in front of me.

The rat wouldn't have been able to hold himself together if they had.