"Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal: The Shining Adventure"

Chapter 1 – The Bright Start:

This story is my version of the 2nd Generation Pokemon Games, and sequel to my "Pokémon Red, Green, Blue and Yellow: The First Legend". Storyline wise, the events happen 3 years after the Red, Green, Blue and Yellow fanfiction. I hope you all give this fanfiction a chance. I hope you enjoy this story.

At New Bark Town:

"I'm done waiting! I'm off to my journey!" A dark haired boy spoke to himself, getting off his bed. He had a cocky grin spread on his face, his golden eyes reflecting the sunshine that entered the window. He quickly opened his wardrobe and dressed up: he wore a yellow t-shirt, put on a pair of yellow shorts, which had a pair of black stripes on the side, and, over the t-shirt, he dressed a red and white sweater. He took a black cap which had a yellow stripe in the middle and put it on his head. He turned it backwards, making a spiky-bang of hair come out. He put on a pair of goggles and brought them up onto his forehead, making them reflect the sunlight. He grabbed a pool cue and a skateboard, shoed in his dark sneakers, and dashed out of his rooms down the stairs... Tripping in the first two steps. Slapstick sounds could be heard by the adult woman in the living room, who was drinking tea. She sighed, laughing lowly when her son landed on the final step. "Ouch..."

"Finally leaving, Gold?" She joked, as Gold stood up and cleaned his shorts from the dust gathered on by the fall.

"And no trying on stopping me this time! I'm already 13, I'm old enough to go." He spoke, pointing at her. She giggled, confusing him.

"I never tried to stop you. You just thought I did."

Gold sweatdropped, a vein popping out on his forehead. "Oi, oi, now you tell me."

"Of course," she looked at the cup of tea. "It will be a lot quieter." She spoke, with a smile, but with sad eyes. Gold then decided to stay again, but he then understood that what he thought were signs weren't signs at all. He closed his eyes and compressed the pool cue, saving it inside his bag, along with the skateboard.

"Oi." He called, making the woman look at him with a puzzled look. He seemed serious. "You're going to be ok, right?"

She laughed, making him sweatdrop. "Why that all of a sudden? You're talking like I'm going to die if you leave. Don't worry about me, Gold. Go on, you're free to go." She sipped her tea again and smiled at Gold. Gold seemed a bit embarrassed and walked, passing by her. "Goodbye. Next time you see me, I'll be the champion of Johto."

"I'm looking forward to that." She answered, waving goodbye. He passed through the opened door and closed it behind him, grinning and making a 'V' sign with his fingers at his mom before doing so.

"Ok, the hardest part is over. Now, where should I go...?" He looked around, spotting the famous Professor Elm's Laboratory. He decided there was the best place to start, since Professor Elm was kind and could give him a Pokémon to begin with. He quickly moved towards the lab and knocked. There was no response. Thinking that something could be wrong, he slowly opened the door.

"One moment please!" Gold sweatdropped, seeing the famous Professor Elm carrying a big amount of boxes, all piled up in a giant mountain on stuff. He seemed to be panicking, his knees shaking, almost hitting each other.

He sighed. "You need help, prof?"

"Yes, please!"

Gold took half the pile and followed the instructions the professor gave out. The two of them ended it quickly.

"Thank you very much, boy."

"It's Gold for ya." Gold informed with a smirk, rubbing his index finger underneath his nose.

"Very well then, Gold. Why are you here?" Professor Elm asked with a smile, curious. Gold grinned in reply.

"I heard you hand out Pokémons to adventure starters, and since I'm one of those, I guess I should start here."

"I see, I see." The professor answered, moving towards a capsule-like machine. He typed in a code, opening the capsule, showing Gold three Poké Balls. He looked curious, so he approached the machine, gazing at the red and white balls.

Little did they know that they were being spied on by a red headed boy, with silver-grey eyes, red shoulder-lengthened hair with a pointed tip on the top. He was wearing purplish-blue pants, black shoes with red stockings, and a black jacket with red thick outlines, including a left breast pocket.

Professor Elm and Gold were unnoticed of this, and so proceeded talking.

"Since you'll be starting your adventure, I'll offer you one and only one Pokémon. Which one do you want?"

Gold stared at the three Poké Balls, seeing the reflections of the inner Pokémons on the red surface. They all seemed strong, but a little flame caught his attention.

"I choose this one!" He shouted, taking the Poké Ball containing the Fire-type Pokémon.

"Ah! I see you've picked Cyndaquil. He will suit you best." Professor Elm spoke, meaning every word. Gold smiled and decided to open the Poké Ball.

"Ok! Let's go! Cyndaquil!" The Poké Ball opened, letting out the little yellow and blue Pokémon out. When he saw Gold, the four spots on his back ignited, letting out a furious flame out. Gold hugged him, making sure not to touch the flames. Cundaquil seemed happy as well, since he extinguished the flames on his back. Professor Elm chuckled when seeing the two of them already getting along.

"I see he likes you."

"And I like him. Why and how shouldn't I?" Gold replied, putting Cyndaquil on top of his head.

"Umm, Gold, would you mind doing me another favor?"

"Sure, what is it Prof?" Gold asked, as Cyndaquil extinguished the flames, listening to the Professor.

"A colleague of mine should have come to discuss with me about something he found, but I think he might have got lost on the way here from Pallet Town."

"Pallet Town? That's a bit far, isn't it?" Gold knew about Pallet Town. He knew about it due to his idol being originated from there, the previous Champion of the Indigo League.

"Exactly. He is a bit stubborn sometimes, and refused when I offered him a map with directions. I guess that's what age makes." Professor Elm guessed. "Would you mind go and guide him here? He must be near Cherrygroove City."

"Sure thing, prof!" Gold agreed, leaving the lab after saving Cyndaquil's Poké Ball in his pocket. He quickly took out his skateboard from the bag and stood on it. He adjusted his goggles over his eyes and dashed off at amazing speed. Cyndaquil almost flew away, but holding onto his Trainer's head and using his flames to push himself down was enough to make him stay down. Skateboarding, it took less than three minutes to arrive at Cherrygroove City. Gold stepped on his skate and it jumped into his hand. He decided to walk from then on. He left the city (it isn't really big at all, people), but then he bumped into someone. It was the red headed boy. Gold didn't know that he had been spying professor Elm, but that wasn't the matter now.

"Hey!" Gold yelled. "Watch it!"

"Piss off." The red headed spoke, not turning to Gold.

"That's it!" Gold spoke angry. "Prepare yourself for a Pokémon battle!"

The boy glanced at Gold and then turned, showing his cold expression. "If that will shut you up..." He took a Poké Ball from his inner pocket. "Then you don't know who you're messing with."

"I must be messing with a newbie! Cyndaquil, let's go!"

"Cynda!" The little Pokémon jumped off Gold's head, landing in the middle of them, spurting out the flame on his back.

"Totodile, destroy him!" The red headed threw the Poké Ball, making it open up and letting out the little blue Pokémon. Gold had heard about them, how Totodiles are usually jolly and happy, but this one seemed angry, glaring at Totodile with no apparent reason.


"Toto-Toto-Dile!" The two spoke to each other, confusing Gold, but not the silver eyed one.

"They know each other?"

"Of course. After all, they were together no more than 5 minutes ago." A malicious grin appeared on Gold's opponent, and Totodile grinned as well, showing the same kind of emotion.

"This is the Totodile that was in Prof Elm's lab?!"


"But Prof Elm would never give a Pokémon to a jerk like you!"

"Who said that he did?"

That sentence confused Gold. But, nevertheless, this wasn't the time to back off. "Cyndaquil, let's go, Tackle!"

"Cynda!" Cyndaquil ran towards Totodile, ready to attack.

"Scratch." Totodile's claws began to glow white and grew out shortly. Totodile then scratched Cyndaquil's face, pushing him away. Cyndaquil landed on his back, rubbing the scratch mark with his paws. "Tail Whip."

"Toto!" Totodile jumped and spun, hitting Cyndaquil with his tail, shoving the mouse away.


"Smokescreen, let's go!" Gold spoke, and Chndaquil turned to Totodile, releasing a black smoke cloud from his mouth, making Totodile blind to his surroundings. "Tackle!"

"Cyndaquil!" Cyndaquil quickly dashed and hit Totodile's body, making him jump out of the smoke cloud, which disappeared shortly after that.

"Water Gun!"


Totodile released a spiral of water from his opened mouth at Cyndaquil, while the fire Pokémon opened his mouth and released multiple golden star shaped projectiles from his little mouth. The stream of stars made a rainbow-like trajectory, not colliding with the water attack. They both got hit, pushed away, near fainting.


"Toto-! To?" Gold withdrew Cyndaquil.

"One more attack and both our Pokémons faint, no matter who attacks. It's a tie."

"Humph! Giving up, uh?" The red headed withdrew his Pokémon and turned around, proceeding in his track. Gold couldn't stand his attitude, but then noticed something fall from his pocket. He quickly snatched it and read the letters imprinted.


The red headed turned around, surprised. "How do you know my-?" He then saw the grey handkerchief in Gold's hands, quickly taking it away. "Give that back."

"Sorry for you dropping it." Gold spoke sarcastically, sticking out his tongue. Of course, the silver eyed didn't back down.

"You have no idea who you're messing with." He spoke, turning away again, disappearing out of Gold's sight in a minute. Gold sighed and returned to Cherrygroove City, healing Cyndaquil in the Poké Center. Cyndaquil sweatdropped by seeing Gold trying to get a date with Nurse Joy and getting shot down so quickly. Mostly because she already had a boyfriend, but I digress.

He quickly searched around the area, finding an old man in a lab coat, who seemed to be lost. After some pointless bickering, Gold managed to convince the old man to follow him to New Bark Town.

"Good morning, Professor Oak!" Professor Elm spoke, as Gold and Prof Oak entered the lab. "Thank you Gold."

"It was a piece of cake, don't worry about that." Gold informed, rubbing his finger underneath his nose. professor Oak laughed, calling his attention. "What?"

"I know someone quite similar to you."

"What do you mean, Prof Oak?"

"You're basically the extreme version of him." Professor Oak didn't go into much detail. "I wonder why he's still there?"

"Who? Where? What?" Gold was starting to become confused, but decided to shrug it off.

"Never mind." Professor Oak chuckled. "Elm, have you completed it?"

"I made three of them, but one was, well..." Elm was embarrassed to speak. "Stolen."

"What?!" Gold and Professor Oak spoke in unison, surprised.

"Wait, what are we talking about now?" Gold asked, noticing he wasn't understanding the subject in matter.

"A Pokédex." Professor Oak put it bluntly, but only confused Gold even more.

"A Pokédex is more or less like a camera-encyclopedia of Pokémon, which you can use to analyze and do all sorts of things." Professor Elm explained, making Gold put his fist over his palm, meaning he understood the explanation. "A boy with red hair came here and stole both the grey Pokédex and the Totodile I had."

"Wait... I know that guy!"

"Who is it?!" Professor Elm asked.

"Well, I'm not really sure, but I think his name is Silver. We battled right before I met up with Prof Oak!"

"Gold, you have to stop him then! The Pokédex is an important piece of equipment!" Elm spoke with seriousness, making Gold grin.

"You can count on me!" Gold answered, making a thumbs up and winking.

"Elm, I think Gold should have his own Pokédex. After all, this might turn into a long journey." Professor Oak spoke, hinting off Professor Elm to give Gold one of the remaining Pokédexes. After all, Professor Oak had passed through something similar in the past.

"Ok." Professor Elm handed Gold the amber-colored Pokédex. "I'm counting on you, Gold."

"Don't sweat, doc!" Well, the last word actually made Elm sweatdrop, since he is a 'Professor' and not a 'Doctor'.

Gold dashed off the Lab and jumped, quickly taking his Skateboard out of his bag and putting it under his feet. He landed, dashing at high speed towards Cherrygroove City. Elm and Oak looked at him until he disappeared from their sight (Oak's was quicker though). They turned to each other. Elm had a worried look, while Oak was chuckling.

"Oi, you think it was a good idea to..."

"He reminds me of a boy that had an amazing adventure by having the Pokédex by his side. Every kid should have an adventure like that. Now, let's return to the true reason why I came here: about this egg."

"Oh, right this way."

"Excuse me." A female voice called the attention of both Professors, making them turn to the origin of it. "I came here to get a Pokémon."

"I do have one, but I'm not sure it would be your first choice. The other two were already taken."

"Is it Chikorita?"


"Precisely the one I wanted."

"In that case, please enter."

Pokémons of the Day:

Cyndaquil - Cyndaquil is capable of defending itself by using the fire on its back. The fire grows more powerful as the Cyndaquil becomes more angry or defensive. Cyndaquil is also able to expel obscuring smoke to lower the accuracy of its opponent.

Totodile - Despite their small size, Totodile are very powerful, especially when underwater. Totodile have a very large set of jaws for a Pokémon its size, just a playful nip can be painful. It can also bite with ice cold fangs.

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