"Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal: The Shining Adventure"

Chapter 19 – Grand War of Johto:

I apologize once again for chapter 18 being so rushed, I'lkl probably rewrite it sometime soon. But, to compensate, here is a brand new chapter ^^

Gold used his Poké Gear in order to contact Ruby.


'Yes? Gold, what happened?!'

'Team Rocket has taken control over Ho-Oh!'

'Well, there aren't any good news on this side either… Archer and Petrel took control over Lugia.'


'Silver and Eusine tried to fight them off, but it was no good. Lugia defeated them both in half a second.'

'Let's meet up at the Poké Center of Ecruteak City!'

Ruby agreed and turned off the Poké Gear. He glanced over at Silver and Eusine, who were angry for losing and failing.

"Damn…" Silver spoke, clashing his fist against the wall of the cavern. "I can't even stop two damn executives from controlling a Legendary Pokémon."

"You're saying that like it's simpler than it is." Ruby tried to cheer up his friend, but knew it wouldn't be that simple. "Gold asked us to g to Ecruteak City's Poké Center. Is your Murkrow able to fly?"

"I guess so. Let's go. Eusine, don't stay behind."

Silver, Ruby and Eusine flew back to Ecruteak City, and entered the Poké Center, finding Gold, Crystal, Morty, and the five Kimono girls. Silver asked the Nurse to heal his Pokémons, and they began to talk while that happened.

"Team Rocket took over Ho-Oh and Lugia… The two grand Legendary Pokémons of Johto." Morty informed.

"But who are those two anyway? I mean, sure, they seem powerful-"

"They are powerful." Silver interrupted Gold.

"S-Sure… But why go all the trouble to dominate those two instead of the classic of stealing others' Pokémons? I mean, that would have the exact same result."

"Not exactly the same." Crystal noted. "After all, if you knew that a villainous Team had in their possession two amazingly strong Pokémons, wouldn't it strike much more fear onto the population instead of just stealing around some Pokémons."

"Not to mention that if they dominate Ho-Oh and Lugia, they'll have a natural control over the two Legendary Trios." Morty informed, making the little group of travelers look at him, confused.

Ruby decided to speak for all of them. "Legendary Trios?"

"You see, Ho-Oh has a natural control over the Legendary Trio of Johto, the three Beasts, Raikou, Entei and Suicune." Eusine explained, having some knowledge about the matter in question.

"As for Lugia, it has a natural control over the Legendary Trio of Kanto, the three Elemental Birds, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres." Morty added. "As so, they get 8 Pokémons for the prize of two."

"How are they all connected?" Crystal wondered.

"You see, the Burned Tower has its history." Morty was ready to explain. "A long time ago, before the Tower was destroyed, during one night, a thunderstorm approached. One of the thunders struck the tower, making it burn. Everyone fled, except for three Pokémons who sadly died. The rain and storm managed to extinguish the fire, and then, Ho-Oh flew by and used its powers in order to give life back to these three Pokémons. It is unknown if they were already Raikou, Entei and Suicune, but it is certain that they represent the three events related to the Tower: Raikou represents the thunder, Entei represents the fire, and Suicune the storm that extinguished it."

"All that is gret, but where are they going?" Ruby's question was the key question of the moment. Morty and Eusine had no idea, but Zuki, the Kimono Girl holding an Umbreon, had an idea.

"Maybe they're heading to the Frontier that separates Johto with Kanto." The Trainers all looked at her. "If you want to reunite Lugia with its trio, you should probably go to the frontier, right? So you can summon Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres from Kanto and Raikou, Entei and Suicune from Johto at the same time."

"That's it!" Gold jumped, startling everyone. "Let's go! There's no time to lose!"

"But how are we going to defeat them, genius?" Silver asked, feeling that Gold was just a bit too reckless.

"Maybe using Legendary Pokémons ourselves." Gold spoke, leaving the Poké Center, making everyone sweatdrop. Crystal, Silver, Ruby, Morty, Eusine and the Kimono Girls followed him and facepalmed when seeing what he was trying to do.

"OIIIIII! RAIKOU! ENTEI! SUICUNE! WE NEED YOUR HELP!" Gold was actually trying to call the three Legendary Beasts.

"Gold, are you seriously thinking that calling for them will work?!"Ruby asked, feeling like he was talking to an idiot.

"Um, yeah. Why do you think I'm doing it?" Who knew! He was talking to an idiot!

"You're doing it wrong." One of the Kimono Girls, Sayo, approached Gold, followed by the other Girls. The eeveelutions followed them as well.

"You have to dance in order to summon the beasts." Naoko added, as the girls and their respective eeveelutions made a circle formation. Gold and the others were puzzled by this, mainly because the girls began dancing in a traditional Japanese dance, chanting some sort of melody.

"Almighty protectors of Johto, I beg of thee, please heed our cry.

Fast as lightning, violent like fire, graceful alike the wind, and bring us victory in this fight.

We beseech thee, grace our humble fame.

But first, we shall call out thy names,

Raikou, Entei and Suicune!"

Gold, Silver and Crystal's eyes began to glow yellow, red and blue respectively, but the shine disappeared quickly. Three distinct roars echoed throughout the area.

"Well, who knew?" Zuki's words made all the others sweatdrop. They did that not knowing it would work, but it worked either way.

Raikou, Entei and Suicune dashed towards Ecruteak City, and landing on top of the Tower, roaring to mark their presence. They leaped onto the central area, where Gold and the others were.

Gold approached Raikou, Silver approached Entei, and Crystal approached Suicune.

"We need your help." Gold spoke, simple and clean, drawing his pool cue out of his bag.

The three beasts nodded and lowered their bodies, saying that Gold, Silver and Crystal were allowed to ride on their backs. Gold hopped onto Raikou, Silver onto Entei, and Crystal onto Suicune.

"We'll be back!" Gold warned. "We're going to save Johto!" he concluded, as the Three Legendary Beasts dashed away, running towards the frontier between Kanto and Johto.

Ruby's eyes reflected the image of the three of them leaving the area, as he thought of what he could do. He didn't have any Pokémons, but he knew he had to help them somehow.

"Morty, go to Violet City!" Ruby ran towards the Poké Center.

"Eh? Why?" Morty asked, confused.

"You'll know when you get there!" Ruby answered, entering the building.

-Phone Call to Jasmine-

'Ruby? What's the matter? You look pale.'

'Jasmine, give me the numbers of all the Johto Gym Leaders! There's no time to explain!'

'O-Of course!'

Meanwhile, near New Bark Town, Lugia and Ho-Oh encountered, making the Executives unite in a single group once again.

"Everything is going according to plan." Archer spoke through the communicator, so Ariana and Proton would hear his statement.

"Not so fast!"

"Eh?!" the four Executives looked up and saw Raikou in a descendant leap, approaching Ho-Oh. On his back was Gold, who was ready to jump. Gold hopped off Raikou and landed on Ho-OH's back, while Raikou landed on a nearby rock formation.

Gold showed off his skills with the Pool Cue, trying to intimidate Proton and Ariana.

"Are you really trying to scare us?" Proton asked, approaching Gold.

"Not really, I'm just trying to distract you." Gold grinned, as little wings popped out of his back. Togetic was attached to his back. Togetic flew up, carrying her Trainer. "Raikou-Aniki, Thunder, maximum drive!"


Raikou's body became surrounded in yellow electricity. It then fired a large bolt of yellow electricity from its body at Ho-Oh, electrocuting it, and hurting Proton and Ariana partially.

"Entei, Eruption!"

Archer and Petrel turned around and saw Silver approaching them on Entei's back. Entei landed on a tall rock formation and its eyes flashed red. IT then roared loudly. "ENTEEEEEEIIIIII!" The ground beneath Lugia began to crack, revealing a red glow between the fissures. Then, a large geyseir of fire beamed up from the fissures and hit Lugia from under beneath, pushing it up a bit, damaging it.

"Suicune, Blizzard!"

Suicune landed on yet another rock formation and howled, its voice echoing throughout the area. Then, a strong blizzard ran throughout the area, making Ho-OH and Lugia both fall against the ground of the deserted area. The Executives were ok though. They jumped out of the Legendary Masters and the giant birds spread their wings, prepared to follow commands.

The Three Legendary Beasts all rested on small mountains. Gold landed on Raikou's back once again, and Togetic let go of his back.

"Typhlosion! Electabuzz! Aipom! Mantine! Hitmonlee! Gligar! Sudowoodo!"

"Meganium! Jynx! Azumarill! Xatu! Misdreavous! Hitmonchan! Rhydon! Blissey!"

"Feraligatr! Magmar! Sneasel! Murkrow! Magneton! Hitmontop! Pupitar! Ursaring!"

The three Trainers opened all their Poké Balls and Special Poké Balls in order to let out all their followers.

"Gligar, Poison Sting! Use Shadow Ball, Togetic!"

Gligar and Togetic both flew up, ready to attack Ho-Oh and Lugia respectively. Gligar fired multiple purple darts from his mouth at Ho-Oh, while Togetic created and fired a purple and black energy orb against Lugia.

"Ho-Oh, Gust!" Archer commanded, and Ho-Oh flapped its wings, destroying the attacks easily.

"Rhydon, Horn Drill!" Crystal thought a One hit KO attack would do the trick. Rhydon's horn spun like a drill and his body became surrounded by light blue, spiraling streaks of energy. He jumped, aiming towards Lugia.

"Psychic!" Petrel decided to be the one commanding Lugia. Lugia's eyes began to glow bright blue and Rhydon became outlined in the same color. He was then thrown away via telekinesis, slamming him against the ground. "Again!"


Jynx, Blissey, Misdreavous, Xatu, Murkrow and Togetic all used the same attack as Lugia, trying to beat it in a head-on confrontation. But Lugia was far too powerful and easily beat them all.

Gold, Silver and Crystal all jumped out of their respective Legendary Beast and decided to use Physical Attacks.

"Wild Charge!"

"Flare Blitz!"


Raikou ran at the opponents, and its body became surrounded by yellow electricity, its body looking gold and white.

Entei charged at the opponents, and as it did, it left behind a trail of orange fire. The fire then reached Entei and circled around its body until completely covering Entei's body like a fiery aura. As it ran, it left behind a trail of orange fire.

Suicune's eyes began to glow blue and water surrounded its body. Then, the water extended, turning into a horizontal column. He ran through the water from the inside the column.

"Ho-Oh, Brave Bird!"

"Lugia, Dragon Rush!"

Ho-Oh flew straight into the air and its body became surrounded in red fire. He then flew straight at the opponents and the fire around its body turned into a light blue aura.

Lugia released a dragon-shaped light blue energy that covered its body.

The Tower Duo collided with the members of the Legendary Beats Trio, all at full force, resulting in a massive explosion. The three beasts fell down, worrying the three Trainers, while the two birds came out of the cloud of smoke victorious.

"It seems that we won." Archer spoke with a malicious grin.

"Not so fast! Ariados, String Shot!"

Everybody searched for the origin of the sound, and they looked up, seeing the Gym Leader of Azalea Town, Bugsy, flying with the help of a Noctowl, and a not so far away Ariados released multiple strong streamsof white silk, tying up Ho-Oh and Lugia to one another. They struggled in order to get out of the string. Bugsy landed nearby the three Trainers.

"Bugsy? What are you doing here?" Gold asked, surprised to see the Gym Leader.

"A boy named Ruby asked me to come and help you out."

"R-Ruby?" Gold asked, completely forgetting about Ruby for some moments there. "But whose Noctowl is that? I doubt it's yours."

"Oh, as for that…"

"Pidgeot!" Everybody looked up again, seeing another coupl of figures approaching. It was Flakner on his Pidgeot. "Hurricane!"

"Pijo!" his wings glowed light blue and he flapped them, releasing a powerful gust of wind, raisingmultiple rock boulders, that hit Lugia and Ho-OH.

"Scizor! Ledian!" Bugsy sent in his Pokémons as well, while Noctowl joined in with his Trainer again. "Metal Claw! Meteor Punch!"



Scizor swiftly jumped from rock to rock, and when he reached Lugia, his claws flashed white and became made out of steel, and he slashed Lugia twice. Ledian flew towards Ho-Oh and punched it multiple times at a fast rate.

Ho-OH and Lugia broke the String Shot and were ready to continue! But other allies were about to arrive.

"Dodrio!" a Dodrio, carrying Whitney and Morty, ran up towards the Legendary Duo.

"Miltank, let's go!"

"Gengar, follow my commands!"

They sent in their aces in order to help the battle.

"Focus Blast!"

"Shadow Ball!"



Miltank formed an orange orb between her hands and she fired it towards Ho-Oh, Gengar created and fired a purple and black energy orb between his hands against Lugia, Pidgeot flapped his wings creating a gust of wind, and Scizor opened his claws, releasing multiple golden star projectiles. The attacks did little damage, but it could be noticed.

"Sudowoodo, Rock Slide!"

"Azumarill, Ice Beam!"

"Murkrow, Dark Pulse!"

Sudowoodo created ripples around him and fired multiple boulders from them, heavily damaging the Legendary Duo. Azumarill released multiple light blue beams from her mouth,but making little to no damage. Murkrow flapped his wings twice and then opened his mouth, releasing a dark beam of circles against Lugia, doing some visible damage.

"Lugia, Hydro Pump!"

"Ho-Oh, Fire Blast!"

Lugia released a strong jet of water from its mouth, while Ho-Oh fired a pink orb from its mouth.

"Aipom, Protect!" Gold put Aipom on the point of his pool cue and started spinning, he then threw Aipom towards the attacks.

"Ei-pa!" Aipom's body began to low green and a barrier-shield of the same color formed around him, and the attacks were reduced to nothing when they collided against the shield. Xatu then flew and caught Aipom, bringing him back safely.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake, alarming everyone. Then, a Steelix came out of the ground, carrying the remaining 4 Gym Leaders! Jasmine, Chuck, Pryce and Clair jumped off the serpentine shaped Pokémon.

"Poliwrath, let's Rumble!"

"Piloswine, help us!"

"Kingdra, bring us victory!"

Kingdra entered a nearby lake, so she had an environment she could stay in.

"Let's finish this, Petrel!"

"Alright, Archer! Aeroblast!"

"Sacred Fire!"

Lugia opened its mouth and released a thick whirlwind-like stream, while Ho-Oh fired a rose-gold colored flame from his beak.

"Minna! Ikusou!" (Everyone! Let's go!) Gold spoke, commanding the attack.

"HHMMM!" (Yes!) The remaining identities agreed.

"Pidgeot, Hurricane!"

"Scizor, Bug Buzz!"

"Miltank, Hyper Beam!"

"Gengar, Night Shade!"

"Poliwrath, Bubblebeam!"

"Steelix, Flash Cannon!"

"Piloswne, Ice Beam!"

"Kingdra, Dragon Breath!"

The Pokémons released their most powerful attack, which combined in asingle stream. The attacks collided against Aeroblast and Scared Fire, extinguishing them, but makingno damage.

"Raikou, Thunder!"

"Entei, Eruption!"

"Suicune, Blizzard!"

Gold, Silver and Crystal entered the action as well. Raikou's body became surrounded in yellow electricity. It then fired a large bolt of yellow electricity from its body, Entei's eyes flashed red and it then roared loudly, making the ground beneath begin to crack, revealing a red glow between the fissures, making a large geyser of fire beam up from the fissures, and Suicune howled making a strong blizzard run throughout the area. The attacks all hit Ho-OH and Lugia, damaging them heavily.




The three starter Pokémons stepped forward, making their trainers wonder what they were doing.




They unlocked the ultimate type moves. Typhlosion hunched over and released a powerful stream of fire from the flames on his back at the opponents. Feraligatr released a powerful stream of water from his mouth at the opponents. Finally, Meganium released two beams of energy from in between the flower on her neck and her skin at the opponents. The three attacks mixed into a single stream, which collided against both Lugia and Ho-Oh, astonishing all the Trainers, creating an explosion that knocked them out of the control of Team Rocket.

Ruby then came, followed by some police members (there's police in the Pokémon world?!), and they finally took away the Team Rocket Executives for good. But what is happening next? Was this really the end of Team Rocket?

Pokémons of the Day:

Noctowl - Noctowl is a nocturnal Pokémon. It has exceptional hearing and eyesight, can fly silently, and can turn its heads at a 180° angle to increase its intellect.

Dodrio - Each head has its own working brain and distinct personality, representing and expressing sorrow, anger and joy respectively. Despite being separate, it has the innate ability to use all three of its brains to collect data, formulate and then execute complex plans and strategies. However, on occasion it may over think and analyze a situation, causing itself to be immobilized and unable to carry out any action whatsoever. Being separate individuals on the same body, the heads are well known to squabble with one another. Often they will continue to bicker until they, or at least one of the heads gets to eat. This satisfies the other two heads, quelling them and temporarily ending their infighting. Another adaption it has acquired is the ability to have at least one head alert at all times. While two are asleep, one will stand guard and look out for any approaching enemies. Extreme caution is advised when all three heads are facing separate directions. It is in this state that it is the most dangerous, and going near it may result in a severe pecking. Along with its three heads, it has three sets of hearts and lungs as well. This allows it to efficiently oxygenate and pump blood throughout its body, thus giving it increased endurance to run vast distances without rest.

Scizor - Scizor's claws are as hard as steel, and are strong enough to crush any hard object. They can be opened and closed like jaws, and are patterned with black, eyespots with yellow "pupils." It will raise its claws and wave them around to scare off predators or foes, giving it the appearance of having three heads. Scizor is incapable of flight, instead quickly flapping its wings to regulate its body temperature.

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