Hello friends! I finally got up to posting the first chapter of a story I wrote last year. Mostly because a certain someone, *cough cough Suzie*, has reminded me multiple times to post it. Warning, this is a yaoi fanfic that contains language, a few violent actions, and one little part that is a little extra yaoi-ish (if you know what I mean). So now I present you with the story! Disclaimer- I do not own D. Gray-man.

I never wanted to live the way my father did. It was weird and it didn't seem right to me. To love more

than one person at a time kinda scared me. You would never really know who you loved at a certain

time or know if they really loved you back. But I just can't stand seeing them both together. I love

them. Him, and him. It's not just a meager crush, but true love. it's worse because they're my best

friends and I see them all the time. I then didn't realize that their future relationship would involve me

and my actions. Not realizing I would cause them pain and misery. It was all me... Yu Kanda.


I turned on the water, trying to get it hot. I had just come back to the dorm after working. I shared a

dorm with my lover, who is in his last year of college here. Even though I don't go, especially because

I'm in my last year of high school, I some jobs here after school to help pay for college, while balancing

my school work. I undressed and stepped into the shower. Enjoying the warmth cascade from my

head, to my neck, and then fall down my back. What I didn'y realize was that a very sneaky usagi came

home and snuck in here. He surprised me in the shower, but I loved when he did that. Placing his cool

hands on my warm body he kissed me on the lips gently and whispered, "I've missedyou my little snow

angel." snow angel was his cute nickname for me because of my hair and that my birthday is on

Christmas. "I've missed you too Lavi," I replied. we proceeded in kissing, getting more physical, but

romantic at the same time. His tongue danced past my teeth, commencing in a waltz with mine. I could

tell he had a few breath mints before he came, knowing how to correctly add affect to the already

great make out session. After a few more minutes in the shower, we both got out and got undressed.

My thoughts raced about everything I loved about Lavi. His gorgeous red hair, his magnificent green

eye, that sexy eye patch of his... the sense that I felt sfe with him, that he would never leave my side

no matter what. I thought of this as I curled up next to him and bed, and as I slowly faded into sleep, I

realized just how lucky I was to have him.

There we go! Finally finished the first chapter! Just so you know, I have it all written out, so I won't make any complaints about having writer's block. I have no clue when I'll be able to post the next chapters, because I have homework and I get distracted really easily, so yeah... But I hoped you all enjoyed it and make sure to reply, reply, reply! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts about it so far! Oh and that part about Kanda's dad, I made up. I have no clue what his dad would be like, so I made it up so it would give way to what is going on in the story. I also have other fanfics posted, two of which are DGM. The first one is I Dare Yu which is the first one I ever wrote :) And the second one is called After All These Years, which isn't complete, but I'm writing the next chapter now. So feel free to check those out, and I hope you guys come back to read the next chapter! Stay awesome! dgraymaniac out XD