He was my life. We spent one night together, and I took his sole. Through my self torture, I realized that I had to kill him. The one day that I feared the most arrived. I went to his mansion, the one place I knew I would never return. He was there, waiting. He fought his last fight, for I knew that I had to kill him. We fought with swords. Then his sole returned, but I still had to kill him. So in my deep river of sadness, I kissed him one last time, and told him I loved him. Then with tears in my eyes, I stabbed him. As he looked up at me with those puppy dog eyes, I mouthed that I was sorry. He then vanished into a pile of dust. I fell down crying, but had to remain strong. I got back to my feet, and walked out of the one place I felt the safest. The place where I killed my boyfriend, the Vampire.