Hello all. I found this in my folder. I don't think I had a story for it, so I'm sharing it now. I've been working on my fics and hope to get more stuff up soon and old stuff updated and finished!



He would never be called beautiful.

He would never be called handsome.

He would never be somebody's dream and least of all her's.

He would never be loved.

He would never be held.

He would never be cherished.

His life would pass unlived.

His hands would whither unheld.

His smile would disappear unsmiled.

Pursed lips and a hooked nose.

Scowling eyes and greasy hair.

Piercing eyes and stained fingers.

A loyal man.

A courageous soul.

A passionate man.

Intelligence and eloquence.

Love for always.

And a man condemned to be alone.

Thanks for reading!