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Chapter 19: UNTIL I DIE

Eren crawled out from where he had been sleeping, all the while covering his face with both hands in order to see in front of him.

"Captain Levi?!"

It was so very strange that a moment ago he could have sworn the night had been as calm as a summer evening, but now the Earth begged to differ. The wind was so strong that Eren couldn't even see beyond three feet in front of him. Even so, the German male did his best to navigate about the howling wind and snow covered ground. Unfortunately, the brunet's efforts of being careful failed when he stumbled and fell over onto his knees with both palms digging flat into the icy snow. Eren bit his lower lip as he quickly pulled himself back up, attempting to reheat his now freezing hands. As the German male span around however, he came to realize just what it was that had littered his path a few moments ago.

It was a foot sticking out of the snow.

No— it wasn't just a foot.

Eren immediately got onto his knees and began casting away the thickening layer of frost atop of the lifeless limb. Within seconds, the German male realized just who it was that had been buried by the thundering blizzard's precipitate.

It was Levi.

"Sir— Crap. Oh god… Sir! Sir!" panicked Eren, attempting to get the older man out of the layer of crystallized white as fast as possible.

Brushing aside as much of the flakes from Levi's immobilized body as he could, Eren realized that Levi's back was at least still eased against a tree trunk which had kept him upright. The man's head was hanging down quite low now, tilting to the side at a much too awkward angle. The younger man's fingers were freezing as he quickly surveyed the area around him.

They needed shelter.

No… That's not right.

Levi needed shelter.

Levi needed warmth.

Eren gritted his teeth as he stared down at the French soldier before him. Levi was pale… So very pale. And of course, the German male hadn't failed to notice the purple and blue tint that was now painting Humanity's Strongest's fingertips and lips. The brunet glared down at his hands, with scrunched brows, then back at his surroundings again.

There's no place to hide.

Eren knew that.

They weren't near a waterfall, so there would be no way to find some sort of cave to sneak in for the night. Nor was there time to build a barricade of wood and rocks. The resilient wind would most likely knock the weak structure down anyway… Not to mention, it would take too much time. And with the way the French soldier at his feet was looking, Levi could most likely be dead by then if he wasn't already.

The Captain would be dead.

The German male blinked.

Levi could die.


Because the stupid ex-shifter had let himself slip off the edge of an eighty percent safe proof shore rock.

Eren glared down at his feet as anger began to etch his vision, and tears began to form from frustration. Humanity's Strongest? Dying on a freelance expedition instead of during the war with titans? Pathetic. That's what they would all say… That's what the court Marshalls would most definitely say. And Eren knew it.

The brunet reached forward to take a hold of the front of Levi's shirt—only to flinch from contact. As long as Eren avoided skin to skin exchange, he could get by marginally well now, thanks to Levi's short hand holding sessions. He was sure of it. So when the German male had recoiled from his Captain, it hadn't been because his fear of touch had risen exponentially. No. It hadn't. The reason had been because Levi's clothes were frozen. Frozen stiff. As stiff as the apple crates made out of wood from the farmer's market.

If the Captain's clothes were in such a state already, then most likely the cotton material would have adhered to the older man's skin as well. Levi had been drenched in freezing water right before night had fallen, hadn't he? Eren let out a harsh curse. If the ex-shifter pulled at Levi's clothes, the older man could possibly lose a large amount of skin, and the brunet didn't want that. Levi could bleed to death if that were to happen. And if not, the older man could catch a disease from open wounds to infection.

The brunet took a deep breath as a thought began to form in his mind. A plan. A vision. However, the German male's face contorted in confliction as he continued to watch his Captain, unconscious and bare to Mother Nature's wrath.

There were many choices Eren could make, and he knew that all choices had a given outcome. Levi had told him that. Humanity's Strongest had drilled it into his head. The loss of Levi's squad had not been forgotten. It was still etched into the very heart of his memory. There were many possibilities. But no matter how many, the ex-shifter already understood that he would never choose any other options, save the one that would relinquish any of his comrades from the hands of death. The brunet had lost too many and for far too many times. Never again would he let his friends die. Especially not in this era free of titans. Especially not Levi, the very man that had saved him so many times.

Eren exhaled. He had to do it. And he had to do it alone. He had to kill it.

The brunet knew... Yes, he knew that he could let it live. Eren could let his fear live. He could choose to not kill it. Instead, he could choose to let it grow and manifest itself in his all too mortal body. And though the state of his build could develop and become worse, it could, in the end, remain untouched as well. It could be possible for the German male's condition to simply just stay put. Of course, the ex-shifter didn't know. Only time would tell. The brunet scowled. It was TIME that would tell. Something that Eren didn't have right now.

The German male was afraid.

What if Eren put too much on his shoulders and his condition simply worsened from the sudden abundance of stimuli? What if the challenge of saving his senior comrade only lead to him fleeing from the scene on instinct of survival even though Eren knew that he wouldn't necessarily die from fighting against his own fearful urges? Or could he? The worst scenario that the brunet could conjure up was him suffering from a panic attack. And although the German male could die from such a thing, he was sure that from his condition he would only pass out. But of course, passing out meant allowing for Levi to possibly die… Again.

This is it.

Eren exhaled.

This is the plan.

The brunet laid Levi down onto the ground, easing his arms and legs onto piles of higher snow and making the male look like a convulsing star fish. The brunet remembered seeing one of those in a page of one of the banned books Armin had been able to get his hands on in their distant childhood. Ah… That had been much too long ago.

Taking off his jacket, Eren covered Levi's unconscious body, tucking in the corners to help the man retain as much heat as possible. The brunet quickly scanned the area when his green orbs finally spotted a tree with rather excessively large roots. Without a second glance, Eren dashed over to the figure. The ex-shifter reached the wooden spindles at the base of the spruce which almost looked like giant sized spider webs. Eren was grateful, because the higher the roots stuck out from the ground the better to protect them in the night.

Quickly getting onto his knees between the junction of two of the titanic roots, the ex-shifter reached down into the ground and began digging—first removing all of the snow and then eventually meeting with dead leaves and other decaying matter that made up the soil for a good foot or two. Not even caring to dig with even depth, Eren began to create a concavity between the thick large roots that stuck out of the ground.

Eren couldn't keep track of the time. All he knew was that he had to hurry. The wind continued to pick up and it wasn't helping the German male much with his digging. Even so, Eren did his best to hunch over the ditch that he had created in order to keep the snow out as much as possible. When the ex-shifter found that his hands had finally finished, he realized that he could no longer feel his fingers which had been scraped raw from the hard earth.

Does it matter?

Eren's lips formed a thin line. Did he matter? No, Eren didn't. And the brunet knew that. But Eren needed to exist. He needed to survive for as long as he could so that Levi would make it. So that the French soldier could live on.

Eren blew hot breathes onto his fingers trying to heat them up so that they wouldn't stiffen. There was dirt all over them, so the German male wiped his icy fingers onto his white polo shirt. Eren would have wiped his hand on the snow, but they were much too stiff and numb already to come in contact with the soft white again. If Levi had been awake, he would have surely scolded him.

There's nothing to stop me from doing what I have to do.

The ex-shifter got up from where he had been kneeling and quickly spun around dashing towards Levi again. As the subordinate made it to his Captain's awkwardly laid out body, Eren leaned over the man and took hold of Levi's shoulders. The warmth that he should have felt from the body was most definitely absent at the moment. Eren's brows scrunched together anxiously.

He had to hurry up.

The brunet pulled Levi off from the ground and dangled one of his Captain's arms over his neck. The sensation was utterly repulsive to the German male, but the anxiety bubbling in Eren and the adrenaline that was making his pulse throb from Levi perishing was much too great, occupying the forefront of his mind. Even as the brunet felt his stomach flip, he clung to Levi's heaving body, clawing against his own internal instincts to let go and flee. Blinking away tears and trying his best to take in as much air as possible, Eren quickly wrapped his free arm around Levi's waist and began dragging the man across the snow covered forest ground.

When Eren had finally made it to the ditch that he had created, there was already a thin layer of snow littering the area. The brunet laid Levi against the left side of the ditch allowing for the unconscious man's shoulder to ease against one of the thick tangent roots as he kneeled again on the ball of his knees and dug a bit more to clear off the white flurry.

Without further pause, Eren took off the jacket that he had placed atop of his Captain earlier and laid it down into the ditch. It didn't cover much area, but it was the best that he could manage. Reaching over to Levi again, this time the brunet dragged his Captain over and into the ditch, doing his best to be gentle. Although, Eren was sure he failed. Once the Captain had finally made it atop of the jacket into the circumference of the hole, Eren paused for a second to catch his breath and calm his nerves down.





Eren wasn't even sure what was leaking on his face anymore—whether it was tears or sweat from his undying efforts.

The brunet took in another deep breath before he lunged forward to fix Levi's posture, making sure to place his Captain's limbs out of the ditch so that Levi looked like he was offering himself up to the skies. If Levi was already suffering from hypothermia then the best Eren could manage was to at least get the majority of the older man's blood circulating back to the core of Levi's body. The Captain's posture was absolutely ridiculous. If the French soldier's soul had already left his body and had been watching Eren, the older man would have most definitely killed his subordinate by now. Luckily, the ex-shifter didn't really care at the moment.

The brunet hovered over Levi's immobile frame for a second, hesitating. The German male gave one last look over Levi's body, sprawled uncomfortably in the half assed ditch that Eren had managed to somehow create with his human strength alone.

This is it, isn't it?

Eren's mouth had gone dry. This was his plan, wasn't it? Blinking, the brunet felt tears trickle down his cheek as he frantically unbuttoned his shirt, although not taking it off fully. Once all of the plastic holders had come off, Eren grabbed the wrinkled flaps of his polo and shaped it over Levi's frost bitten sides as the German male pressed his body against Levi's own, molding their frames together in one swoop. The brunet stayed like that for a good while shifting slightly to get better coverage as he felt the chilling air clawing on his back.

Sacrifice your pride.

Sacrifice your good relations.

Sacrifice yourself.

Isn't that what the brunet had told himself?

Eren shivered profusely with teeth clattering nonstop. His breaths came out short, though the subordinate was much too caught up in saving his superior to notice anymore. Just as Eren had hoped, Levi's clothes began to unstiffen from the warmth, expectantly dampening from the sudden source of heat. Another good while passed before Eren finally pulled away from the French soldier beneath him.

With ice-covered fingers, the brunet reached over to Levi's feet, taking off the man's boots. Eren was surprised to find that there was no water inside his Captain's footwear. The older man must have dried it before going to sleep because a good amount of liquid should have flowed into the concavity of the leather when they had been at the river. As the brunet plucked off Levi's knee high footwear, the German male thanked Levi's picky habits and placed the pair to the right side of the ditch against the tree's thick root.

Turning swiftly back to his Captain, Eren began unbuttoning the front of Levi's shirt as quickly as possible. Taking hold of the head soldier, Eren was able to yank off the older man's top, although not without a few casualties. Even though the German male had done his best to not injure the French man, Levi still lost a patch of skin here and there. Eren's face crinkled in worry as he saw the surfacing blood on Levi's pale flesh.

With good fortune, bleeding was only found on the older man's front and not back. It must have been because Levi had been leaning against the tree earlier when he passed out. And thus, the icy wind and snow hadn't had as much effect on the French man's shoulder blades.

Strange how nature worked its way around.

Once Levi's shirt came off, Eren quickly worked on getting the man's pants off as well. With a quick flick of hands and a few uncomfortably awkward tugs, the ex-shifter somehow made it through to where Levi simply laid limp on Eren's fluffy jacket with just plain white boxers. The brunet could see that Levi's shirt, having been taken off, was stained with blood most likely from the ripping of skin from earlier. Luckily, both the pants and shirt had atleast begun to turn flimsy no longer imitating the hard bark of foliage from having been frozen.

Quickly folding Levi's pants into a neat bundle, Eren tucked the brown khakis into one of Levi's dried boots, which was hiding away from the wind next to the protection of the tree's large angled roots. The ex-shifter turned his attention back to his Captain and realized that Levi's boxers also had patches of red on them. The brunet guessed that it was due to when he had been trying to yank off the French soldier's pants. Eren's body heat must have not reached far enough passed the thick cotton, thus the older man's underwear had still been stuck to Levi's skin when the subordinate had pulled at the older man's trousers.

The sudden stretch and tugging must have injured the Captain.

Eren's face turned to a scowl.

Damn it all…

The idea that Levi had become so very delicate made Eren's stomach lurch, adding to the sickening sensation already at the pit of the brunet's stomach. The subordinate pressed his lips together, doing his best to keep his breath even as he continued to work on the older man beneath him.

He couldn't give up.

No, Eren wouldn't give up!

The German male took off his own khaki pants.

They were a bit dirty, but they were dry and actually quite warm in comparison to Levi's own. The brunet placed them atop of Levi's torso doing his best to not get blood on it, but, at the same time, achieve in keeping the French male warm. It seemed Eren only accomplished the latter. With that completed, the brunet reached forward and pressed his chest against Levi's crotch.

Well, this is awkward…

Eren knew that ten years back he would have been a red as a tomato. But with a decade of surviving death, dirt, and blood, the brunet had come to care less and less in reacting like a blushing bride. Survival was priority and all of the ex-shifter's friends knew that by now. The German male had grown and become unrelenting in the goals as a soldier... and as Humanity's Hope.

Well... It seemed that Eren wasn't necessarily Humanity's Hope anymore.

The brunet wrapped his hands around Levi's thighs as he felt the material beneath him dissolve slowly. When the cotton shorts had become flexible enough, Eren quickly worked on getting them off of Levi as well. The brunet was sure that if the situation had been any different, Eren would most definitely have been thinking about whether or not he was committing a crime by undressing his superior in such a crude fashion. But fortunately, the stress along with the constant fear of not being fast enough to save Levi kept the ex-shifter from letting his mind drift from the single goal of reviving Humanity's Strongest.

Throwing Levi's boxers next to the French soldier's abandoned boots, Eren completely took off his own uniform and attempted to redress his higher up in his clothes- save the underwear because Eren knew he would need that.

Thank goodness Eren had longer limbs than Levi! The brunet's cuffs reached just far enough to where it covered up the older man's toes and fingers, although still having an additional material of two inches or so. Eren smiled reassuringly at that and folded the material over Levi's feet and hands, tucking it under the ball of the French man's joints. The brunet was about to button up his shirt and zip up his pants onto Levi when he ripped the skin on his right index finger accidentally from pulling on the zipper too hard. Eren cursed at the additional pain being added to his boat and instinctively pulled the injured finger into his mouth to stop the blood.

Damn it all...

His limbs were dying on him already. Eren's body was not necessarily as strong as when he was a titan but it was strong enough to take note of. The extreme change of temperatures, constant loss of limbs, and daily bruising had most definitely been healed by his titan powers in the past. However, the pain never ceased to be eased by his abilities to heal. And so Eren had gotten used to feeling pain, being dragged down by unknown forces that clung to his muscles, and tossed about by higher powers unknown to himself.

With a quick momentary suck, the German male spat out the crimson liquid mixed with spit onto the swirling snow behind him and turned back around to get a move on with his progress in preserving Levi's heat. However when Eren pulled his hand out of his mouth to quickly see the damage that had been done, he realized that there was an intense burning sensation on his finger. Eren immediately panicked. Could it be that Eren had been poisoned? Frantically looking down at his hand, Eren inspected his injured limb. The brunet hadn't even touched anything that could have possibly inject some sort of venom in his body. The ex-shifter was sure of it, unless while he had been digging too hard he had been bitten by-

This low churning…

A silent zing that didn't necessarily hurt, although was still very prominent… The brunet bit back the suddenly cold silence that was swallowing his mind. As the German male gaped down at his hand, he realized what this familiar sensation was. It was exactly like from when he turned into a titan. Eren blinked. But he was just human now. Eren was just human.

He swore it!

So then how…

Eren's injured index fingers didn't mend immediately like how it would have in the past to the brunet's surprise. Instead, Eren's saliva had hardened into a thin layer of honey like goo, protecting the ripped flesh and numbing the pain once the burning sensation had quelled. As Eren inspected the substance, he realized that, although his spit had little viscosity, the now golden substance on his finger, neither mushy or sticky, had adhered perfectly to his skin. It was almost like dried liquid glue. The kind that Armin's grandpa used to use to repair old books that had spinal damage.

Eren began to panic wondering just how this was all even possible. Could his titan powers be returning back from the amount of stress that he was receiving at the moment? What if Eren accidentally turned into a titan at this very moment from the strain?




The apprehension in the subordinate rose erratically as he searched his surroundings. If Eren turned into a titan and had control of his body, then the subordinate would no doubt use it to his best capabilities in getting Levi back to camp. However, what if Eren turned to a titan with no control? With Levi in such a weakened state who would kill him? Mikasa wasn't here. She was second best. Eren was sure that Jean and Connie could tag team and try to beat him down, but the insurance of their skills couldn't possibly kill off the fear that the brunet could possibly end them in such a state of insanity.

What should I do?

The subordinate swallowed. If he continued as he was now would he turn into a-

"The healing properties in your saliva are beyond extraordinary."

Eren froze. A distant voice was echoing. It was rebounding and filling up the crevices of the German male's jumbled thoughts.

"It's wonderful isn't it? And here I thought that the titan shifters had lost all their tributes."

Slowly, Eren could feel his memories clicking together like a puzzle.

"It's just hidden and sleeping deep within your body although I'm confident you will never be able to shift ever again."

The shadows of the clouds passed over momentarily as white flurries of snow continued to hit Eren's clattering body. Trying to conjure up to the best of his ability the recollection of the crazed scientist yapping away, Eren thought hard. He thought hard. So hard. Could he trust Hange? Hell, what in the world was he saying? Of course he could. But the question was, could he trust himself? Could he put faith in his memories? Could he truly believe that what he was recalling at this very moment truly real? And that he was not just hallucinating due to desperation and anxiety which made him recall false recollections?

Eren closed his eyes. If the German male as remembering correctly, this meant that he hadn't regained his powers necessarily. No. He was still human. Very human. He was still mortal. He could die.


Eren gazed at Levi who was sprawled on the ground, unarmed and completely vulnerable beneath him. Eren continued to stare at Levi's profile eyeing the patches of red contrasting against the older man's pale skin tinted a faint blue and purple here and there from the cold and past damage of the river.

But Eren now had an advantage if his memory was serving him right.

An advantage that he would use no doubt. Although the ex-shifter was confident that if Levi ever found out about this, he would surely slaughter him like a pig farmed for bacon. Even with that thought in mind though, the German male pulled forward with his judgments. What if there were side effects to Eren's abilities? What if it only worked on his own body and not others?

...so by collecting those samples I came to a final conclusion

If Hange had collected samples then most likely the crazy scientist had taken small vials of his saliva unknowingly. The thought made Eren grimace. Hange must have then proceeded to test it on... living things. If that were so, then that would mean that his advantage could work on Levi.

It should. No. It will.

It was true that Hange's speculations most of the time were strange and unnerving. However, her accuracy in observations of the world were most definitely. No matter what, if the eccentric wanted something, she would always find a means of getting her hands on it. Having spent ten years plus with her had most definitely allowed for the brunet to give her a good amount of trust and credentials. The brunet stared down at himself as the moonlight lit behind him, and the wind continued to howl on with untainted flakes of pure white passing by.

The German male had offered to pull Levi up from the river.

The older man had refused.

Levi was his Captain. Levi was Humanity's Strongest.

Eren blinked at the train of thought running through his head.

The brunet had offered to apologize.

The Captain had refused.

Levi was important. The man had to live.

Eren had offered his jacket.

Levi had refused.

Each and every time. It had been the same. It had been the same over and over and over... But not this time.

Eren couldn't do anything.

He was useless.


Without further hesitation, Eren leaned over the man working his way down from Levi's nape. The brunet opened his mouth as he spotted the first red patch of lost skin on Levi's neck. Pressing his open lips against the tender flesh, the ex-shifter sucked just momentarily before spitting the blood back out onto the pure fresh snow piling behind him. Eren quickly turned back around to lap at the area again cleaning it with his tongue as he pulled his jacket from under Levi around the man's arms, which were no longer outside the ditch but instead fitted neatly at Levi's sides.

The German male made sure to press his body against the French soldier so that the man would continue to receive heat as Eren worked on patching up his Captain's body as best as he could. The ex-shifter eventually finished with the wound at Levi's nape making sure his saliva had turned to that specific golden honey before moving onto the next spot.

You're just human, Eren.

Eren sucked and licked and cleaned. His hands were so dirty. And although he had done his best to clean it with Levi's blood stained shirt, he hadn't taken the time to thoroughly get the grime and dirt off his palms. Because of this, Eren decided to rely solely on his mouth. So it was Eren's tongue alone.

You're not going to back down now that you've taken the first step, are you?

The lurching in Eren hadn't stopped nor the trembles, although the brunet could no longer tell if it was from the cold or the utter repulsion he was feeling at the moment. The ex-shifter didn't find it very pleasant in tasting blood and dirt mixed together. Nor did Eren find comfort in pressing his body against Levi's own so profusely.

Breathe, Eren. Slowly

As the subordinate continued to work on the older man beneath him as effectively and fast as possible, Eren took note of the wind, which had begun to slowly die down. The younger man continued to work on the wound at his Captain's collar bone which trailed down to the older man's chest ending just at the peak of Levi's right nipple. Eren stuck his tongue out, flattening it across Levi's exposed torso to cover a larger amount of area and spread more saliva on the French man's firm chest. Eren couldn't believe that doing something so dirty could be so effective in such a situation.

I'm not going to smother you, Eren.

And yet he recalled of a time when his father was still alive and had been studying medicine at home. Although the brunet's memory was fuzzy, he was sure that he could recollect of his parents arguing over the topic of whether a dog's saliva actually had any beneficial healing properties. Eren grimaced at the thought of comparing himself to a dog. Well, it wasn't like he hadn't been compared to a canine before, right?

Eren gave Levi's nipple one last hard suck to finish it off as he watched his spit dry again on the French soldier's skin. Suddenly Levi stirred beneath him. Eren froze in place. Humanity's Strongest didn't awaken however, although Levi's lips parted slightly with inhalation becoming more erratic. Eren cursed at himself. The brunet hoped that he hadn't hurt the man further with his action—attempting to be gentler with the proceeding area above Levi's hip bone.

Before Eren leaned down again, the German male pulled the tails of his shirt, which Levi was wearing, together and buttoned it up. The point was to keep the older man warm. Hopefully, that would help Levi to some degree as Eren worked on the French man's lower region. The subordinate pulled down the pants that he had put on Levi just moments ago until it came just above the knee so that he could have better access to the man's thighs.

Eren knew that this was wrong on so many levels, but the brunet seriously didn't want Levi suffering any nasty infections… Not to mention, there had been a good amount of blood on the older man's underwear when he had taken it off. Without further ado, Eren stuck out his tongue and lapped at the older man's hip as gently as possible. Thank goodness his saliva worked as a numbing solution in addition to imitating a band-aid once it dried up. Levi just had to endure the first few seconds of pain. Although... Eren was sure that if Levi were awake, the man would have most definitely been cursing between his teeth over the German male's bold act.

The German male eventually made it past Levi's hip and into the older male's nether regions. Eren thanked the lords that Levi's dick was unharmed. The blood that had stained the older man's underwear had come from the area of creased flesh between Levi's thigh and balls. Eren cautiously spread the Captain's legs apart, though he had hesitated for a second. Eren wondered what others would say about him doing this. Even the ex-shifter's body was rebelling against him. His iron will of physical boundaries shook at his mind like a steel bar, telling him this was something he was not allowed to accomplish. Nor should he even attempt.

Would this make him the same as…

As when…

When Erwin had hurt him?

Without the other person's consent, was what he was doing the exact same thing as what the older blond had done to him? If Levi found out about Eren lapping at the older man's body like a dog, he would most likely be disgusted. He would be repulsed. Levi would hate the German male for life.


Or will he really?

Eren wasn't completely sure because this was a life and death situation. Compared to when Eren had stumbled into Erwin's office, he was confident that what the blond Commander had done could not be compared to what the brunet was doing at the moment.

Or... Or can it? Well…

Eren's brows scrunched together. The brunet had gotten this far hadn't he? If someone was going to do something, they might as well do it as good as they possibly can…


Eren's brows scrunched together. Was Eren right? Was he? But no one was there. No one was there to guide him. No one was there to help him choose… Everything about this was utterly… And suddenly so very appalling more so than it had been. But it had to be done. And with only Eren here, no one else could take his place and make this choice for him. If Levi found out about this and was truly and completely repulsed, then so be it. Eren had made his decision, hadn't he? The brunet was willing to be hated. To be ostracized and shoved away from the world. To be rejected by the very people he loved and cared for. As long as they continued to live on. As long as they could continue to move forward.

Eren's eyes blazed with a new found goal. He wouldn't stop now. He wouldn't.

With mouth opening, Eren bent Levi's knees into a weak M as he began working. He sucked gently, making sure to leave a thick trail of wetness behind for insurance as he pushed the older man's thighs apart even further. Eren needed better access, so he drew the pants Levi wore down a few inches lower as he continued to lap down on Levi's firm and smooth thighs. Suddenly the Captain began to shudder. Eren froze with mouth still on Levi's flesh. The French man began trembling. Weak at first and then strong and unnerving until finally the shudders evened out. Coming to the conclusion that Levi was not in pain nor awakening, Eren continued on, progressing forward.

The German male did his best to avoid Levi's genitals as much as possible as he worked around the older man's thighs. Of course, the ex-shifter definitely had a hard time since Levi's size was quite notable and took up quite a large amount of space. As the time passed, Eren could feel his Captain's flesh begin to warm up rather excessively. Finishing up lapping at the area just to the left of Levi's balls, suddenly Eren heard an audible moan being carried away by the wind.

Oh god…

Eren gave Levi one last quick suck before spitting dirt and blood onto the snow behind him again.

Oh god…

Oh goodness.

The brunet could feel a heavy flush painting his face like a fresh canvas as he moved himself away from Levi's nether regions and back up again. Eren was freezing, and he was sure that the amount of frostbite he had gained through the hours from which he had invested in Levi would no doubt show up later when they got back.

If we ever do.

Even with that thought in mind though, the German male couldn't erase the realization that he had made his superior moan. The sound was so very strange. So very unnerving.

So very—

With a quick move of hands, Eren pulled Levi's arms up so that they crossed over his body. Fixing his pants back on Levi, Eren noticed how the French Soldier's fists were balled up. Eren wondered why as he pressed his ear against the older man's chest, checking the French male's heart rate with his right ear. As Eren did his best to wrap the flaps of his fluffy jacket around himself and Levi, he pulled Levi's legs towards the older man's chest into a fetal position in order to cover up his superior's body more effectively. If anyone was passing by, they would have most definitely wondered if Eren had lost his mind being in such a position with Levi. Although Eren laid bare, save his underwear and the flaps of his jacket barely covering up his shoulders, the brunet hardly had the heart to care.

Even with the wind having died down, the ceaseless snow didn't stop falling. Nor did the air warm as Eren laid atop of the older man beneath him. It was true that, yes, Eren couldn't feel his legs and arms anymore. And it was most definitely true that, yes, perhaps Eren would be the one to die tonight in the blizzarding cold. The ex-shifter's cheeks were flushed and his head; light and airy now. His erratic breath, whether from panic or pain could no longer be distinguished.

Somehow… Someway… Levi will survive.

Eren closed his eyes as he buried his face into the nape of his superior. Carefully, Eren dragged one of Levi's hands out. Inspecting the closed fist silently, he noticed there was dry blood at the corners of his Captain's crumpled hand.


Levi's fingers…

They were bleeding too.

Eren was much too cold and tired to really do much anymore, really.

He knew that.

The younger man was at his limit.

Even so, slowly Eren blew hot air onto Levi's frozen fingers and massaged the vein and palm so that the Captain's hand would relax. With trembling effort, Eren was able to get the French soldier's hand open. As the ex-shifter exhaled a shuddering sigh, Eren opened his mouth to bring his Captain's finger in between his lips one by one. Eren sucked, lapping at the injured limbs with as much effort as he could muster all the while spitting the blood and dirt to the side away from them. Tears were surely trickling down Eren's face. Although, he could no longer feel such a sensation on his burning cheeks.

Even so, Eren smiled.

At least Levi's breathing is normally now.

At least Levi's warmer now.

Although Eren was aware that his superior was possibly running a fever at the moment, there wasn't much he could do anymore. The best Eren could muster was to keep the older man warm as possible and hydrated. Eren opened his eyes blinking a few times as he stared at their surroundings.


The wind had suddenly died without warning.

Damn it all...

Eren pulled away from Levi momentarily, although he could feel his muscles protesting and whining at the amount of effort he had to use just to mobilize himself a few inches. Eren made sure to re-zip the fluffy thick coat back up so that Levi could retain the heat that he had gained. The ex-shifter barely managed to crawl over to the side as he dragged himself with trembling arms forward taking a big chomp of fresh snow. The brunet crawled back to his unconscious superior.

God, Levi would kill me for this.

Eren grumbled to himself internally.

But hell, what did that matter at the moment?

The brunet brought both of his raw shaking hands onto his Captain's face as gently as possible, cupping the older man's rosy cheeks bitten by the cold though damp from sweat. Eren stared down at Levi's expressionless face, save the slight crinkle of brows which was most likely from the distress that his body was being put under. The ex-shifter's half lidded green orbs trailed down his Captain's face from his thin brows to the bridge of his nose and then to the chapped and cracked skin of the French soldier's lips.

Cautiously, Eren used his thumb to pry open Levi's mouth. Although hesitant, Eren pressed his lips against the older man's own letting the large amount of cold melted snow flow into the older man's own cautiously. When the younger man had only just a little bit left of cold liquid in his mouth, he stopped and spat the rest out onto the ground. Color seemed to be returning to his Captain's face luckily. Eren breathed harshly as he unzipped Levi's jacket again and pressed his body against the French man's own. The German male curled up against Levi's burning body.

If one of them wouldn't wake up tomorrow morning, the brunet prayed that it wasn't Humanity's Strongest.

Go to sleep, shitty brat.

Eren closed his eyes unconsciously nodding.

Yes sir...

Eren answered the distant memory without thought.

Yes... Sir...




Chapter 20 Preview:

So warm and wet.

Ah… Levi wanted more.

He needed more.

This wasn't enough.

This couldn't be enough.