Hello everyone, I hope you like this fanfic.

Chapter 1

Zero and Obito are identical twin brothers. There are close brothers. The only difference is that Zero doesn't wear googles like Obito does.

Right now both kids are running to the Entrance Ceremony because there late.

They finally get there. And both sign glad for not being late. Kakashi signs expecting this and both boys glare at Kakashi.

"Here I think you'll be needing these", Rin says giving them the Ninja Academy Entrance Papers.

"Thank you!", Obito and Zero say Bowing to Rin.

Zero sees Anko and they glare at each other.

"Loser!", Anko says.

"Dango freak!", Zero says making Anko angry.

"What dud you call me", Anko says angrily.

"You heard me!", Zero says and Anko tackles Zero and they begin fighting.

"Here we go again", Asume said signing.

"It's quite cute and they make a good pair", Kurenai said.

"I wonder when they'll start dating?", Rin says happily and both Zero and Anko stand up straight hearing what they said and there blushing.

"We don't like each other we hate each other!", both say at the same time. They both look at each other.

"Stop copying me!", they both say and Obito is laughing at his twin's misfortune.

Zero feels someone patting his back and he turns to see his best friend Kaname Uchiha. (Couldn't come up with a good name)

"I feel sorry for you, who knows maybe when you guys start dating you may find Anko's nice side", Kaname whispered in Zero's ear making him blush.

"What was that?", Anko says curious of what there talking about.

"Nothing!", Kaname says not wanting Anko to attack him.

"This is gonna be a long day", Kakashi thinks.


Zero, Anko and Kaname are sitting next to each other.

Anko and Zero are grumbling because they have to sit next to each other.

Both Zero and Anko are glaring at each other. Kaname laughs to himself.

"This is gonna be a long few years until graduation", Kaname thinks.

3 years later.

"I'm happy that I'm a genin but why was I paired with her?!", Zero says sitting next to Anko. The two are 12 years old.

Anko's eye twitches.

"I see you two are getting along", Orochimaru said sitting in front of them.

"What ever you say weird sensei", Zero said and Orochimaru chuckles.

"Eheheheh. You're an interesting one Zero", Orochimaru thinks smiling.

"Sensei. Why was I paired up with him?", Anko said pointing to Zero.

"Why you!", Zero says angrily but Orochimaru stops him.

"So tell me what your likes, dislikes, hobbies and dreams. I'll go first. My name is Orochimaru. My likes are favorite food eggs and favorite animal is a snake. my hobby is creating new techniques. No dislikes. Your turn", Orochimaru said pointing to Anko.

"My name is Anko Mitarashi! My likes are Dango, sweat bean soup. My dislikes are spicy foods and I hate Zero! My Hobby is tea ceremonies. My dream is to be the strongest Kunoichi in the village", Anko said.

"Now your turn", Orochimaru said pointing at Zero.

"My name is Zero Uchiha. My likes are my brother Obito, mom, dad, the uchiha clan and my best friend Kaname. My dislikes are people who hurt my family and especially my twin brother and Anko! My Hobby is taking walks and think while watching the clouds go by. My dream, no what I want most in the world is my brother to be safe", Zero said. Anko and Orochimaru are surprised hearing the last line.

"Ok you two get ready, before you can become genin you must do the bell test. You have to take away my two bells", Orochimaru said.

"What?! Another test?!", both Zero and Anko yell.

Orochimaru smirks at there reactions.