The Game Was Rigged

From the day of my birth I was doomed. I had a destiny to fulfill. A fate I never wanted. I was a young girl in love. I was a daughter of a Prince. Yet, I did not know the hard life I was to endure.

I fell in love with Daniel. My father would have accepted it. My mother, I knew, would fight me on every turn. I couldn't tell anybody. In the end it didn't matter. He died. My mother crushed his heart. There's no coming back from that.

She got her wish. I was to become the next queen. I was supposed to be loved by all. I was the one who would make people bow before me.

But I felt no peace. I felt no joy. My heart died with Daniel. So I decided to use another tactic. I called upon Rumplestilskin. The Dark One. He used me too. I casted a curse but I had to make the ultimate sacrifice. I had to kill my beloved father.

I did as expected and I paid dearly. For 28 years that sleepy town was under my command. It was my victory and still I was destined to lose.

I lost everyone whoever mattered and I'm alone. I lay here dying after battling Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. At least Henry is safe. I made the sacrifice. I put my life on the line for him.

His face was the last one I recalled. I will no longer see my son again. This is it. My destiny fulfilled. I've loved and lost. I was the perfect pawn. I fulfilled the role of the villain. My life has been one huge rollercoaster. I guess what I wanted never mattered. The game was rigged from the beginning.

Now I can sleep for eternity.