Hi, I'm looking for one Twilight fanfiction. It's E/B and for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of it or the author. All I can say is that it was long, like over fifty chapters long. Bella and Edward were together and they were gonna get married and then Jake interfered, kidnapping Bella to "save her." This process had him taking her to a cabin and making her half werewolf so that she was still able to be warm and live forever. I'm guessing this makes her half-werewolf and she can later communicate with the Pack. There was also something about one other woman before her that was changed as well. She was the Chief's daughter and was later shunned after the Chief died.

As the story moves on and Edward and Bella get married, Bella finds out that she's pregnant. I'm pretty sure it was with twins. There were some problems with the Volturi as well and around the end she was kidnapped by the Volturi while still pregnant with Edward's kid(s). I recall one of the Volturi Brothers proposing using Bella as a means to pass on their genes since she could have children. She was later rescued by the Cullens, the Pack, and friends.

Not sure if that's enough. If it is and you have read it and know it, please, PLEASE reply. My memory's crap right now and I fell like I'm trying to grab smoke Your help would be much appreciated :)