Note: Dear potential reader. This is a good little story. It was my first attempt at writing and I will keep it in it's original form . I am a bit nostalgic. I wanted to add this note because some of you will see this first paragraph and not click any farther. The next chapters are better than this first chapter, and my writing improves. Guess what? My writing is still improving.

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Chapter 1

(We begin the story after Bella starts hanging out with Jacob, trying to get over Edward. This story happens before the cliff diving adventure.)

One night Bella is going to the reservation, they are having some sort of cook out with a neighboring tribe. Bella asked if she should bring anything. Jacob tells her she can bring some soda or chips.

Bella went to the store, and then to the res. It was nighttime. She got out of her truck and started to walk toward the campfire. All of a sudden she dropped into a hole, it was dark and she seemed to be floating. She also felt paralyzed and couldn't move. She screamed but no one heard her. She wondered where she was in the darkness. She called out for help. In her loneliness she thought about Edward and the rest of the Cullens, and how she will never see any of them again. After a few minutes passed she started to see light, as if there were a dimmer switch slowly turning the lights on around her. But it didn't get too bright, because it was nighttime. She saw a campfire in the distance, but felt disoriented like something wasn't right. The people who sat around the fire in the distance weren't her friends from LaPush. She got scared and decided to go back to her truck. She noticed that she's still carrying the bags from the store. Maybe she got confused and took a wrong turn somewhere. When she looked for her truck she couldn't find it. Bella started to hyperventilate. She was afraid to approach the men that she saw sitting around the fire, so she just sat down in the forest for a while to think.

All of a sudden a man with a gun began to walk towards her in the dark. Bella screamed. The man lowered the gun and called for his friends from the campfire to come over. Three other men came forward all carrying guns and a lantern. Bella finally got a good look at the men, they were dressed very strangely. Then she recognized one of them, it was Jasper, a very human Jasper, dressed in a confederate soilder uniform.

Then Bella fainted.