Connor was three beers into his evening by the time Murphy got to the bar, and feeling a might bit anxious by his brother's lack of appearance. Usually Murphy was at the bar before Connor if they went their separate ways after a game, but now it was almost an hour and a half since they trounced the Shamrocks, and his dark side was nowhere to be seen.

The rest of the players hadn't seen him since the game either, and Rocco was doing his best to distract Connor from his brother's absence.

As he drained the last dregs of his beer with the intent of going to look for his brother's dead carcass in a gutter somewhere between here and the arena, a resounding cheer rose through the room as Murphy finally joined them. His brother wound his way to the bar, uncharacteristically quiet but still graciously accepting the congratulations and pats on the back for another shutout as he made his way to Connor's side. Murph didn't look like himself at all.

"Where ye been?" he asked as Murph slid onto his usual stool. His brother nodded at Doc who was already executing an expert pour of Guinness. "'ve been 'ere almost two hours."

"Don't tell me ye was worried," Murphy gave him a hard time, his eyes trained on the bar top.

"Oy. Maybe I was, ye rat bastard." Connor's eyes narrowed as he looked his brother over, taking in his drawn look. Murphy brooded on a good day, but something had him in tight knots. "What happened t'ye? Get mugged on t'T?"

Still avoiding eye contact, Murphy thanked Doc as a beer appeared before him. "Sometin' like dat," he confessed as he took a long sip from his glass, before reaching for one of Conn's cigarettes.

As he lit it, the brunette that caught Connor outside of the arena came and stood next to Murphy as she ordered a drink from Doc.

"Hey Murphy."

He nodded at her, his eyes trained on his glass. "Hey Karen, ye catch t'game?"

Karen. That's right. Connor nodded at her before sipping his beer.

"Always," she purred, eyes on the fair haired brother.

Murphy was sure there wasn't an inch of Karen was not pressed against Trick as she pretended to be absorbed in every word he had to say. Though the defenseman missed it, Karen's eyes slid to Connor every chance she had to ensure he heard their too loud of a conversation in the corner booth.

"You know how hard it is to keep a MacManus out of the box," Trick teased over his shoulder, making Murphy choke on his mouthful of beer. He liked Trick, he really did. The man usually kept Murphy's crease clean and clear. But Trick was denser than a barge full of bricks. He had to have realized both he and Connor have already been in Karen's box. On more than one occasion in Conn's case.

Murphy finally pulled his brooding head out of his ass and yanked his sour gaze from the bar top. He looked around the room, realizing he hadn't heard Connor trying out his interrogation skills in a while.

Blinking Murphy turned on the stool, bracing his arms on the bar behind him, looking for his other half.

"Hey Roc, " he called to his shaggy side kick.

"'S'up?" Rocco slurred.

Murphy hazarded a glance to the bar stool to his left. Roc's eyes were fresh donut glazed, and his soft face looked as if it was about to slide away. "Seen Conn?"

Rocco straightened up and scanned the thinning crowd. "Not in a while," he admitted, like the baby sitter who couldn't remember if he left the baby in the bath or put the kid to bed.

With a nod, Murphy slapped him on the back and downed the last of his beer.

"Prolly wandered out for a smoke." Rocco was silent for a second, his eyes still flicking around the room. "You seen Karen?" he asked innocently.

Murphy quickly stood and searched for the woman. He found Trick still in the corner booth but short one female attachment. "Shit," Murph swore.

"Maybe she went to the john," Rocco tried.

"Yeah," Murphy replied snidely. "I'm sure dat's where she went." He should have paid better attention to Conn and steered him away from the human leech whose name he could never remember. The woman was dead set on sinking her claws into Connor and with each fuck fest it became harder for her to take the hint he wasn't interested.

After a game as tough as tonight's, Conn was going to be looking for a little tension relief. And Karen always seemed to pop up at those times. "Shit," Murphy cursed again, before heading to the bathrooms.

Rocco watched him disappear down the dark hallway only to return a few minutes later without his brother. He stormed toward the back room, one Doc used for storage and found the door unlocked.

"Mother fucker," Murphy muttered under his breath as he turned the handle.

She found herself pushed against the hard edge of the dusty pool table. A demanding mouth against hers as she fisted her fingers through his hair. Her nails scraped against skin, drawing a hiss against her lips.

"What's the matter?" she teased. "Not one for a little pain?" she challenged. "Thought you played hockey."

Teeth tugged at her lip, silencing her as they tightened, almost to the point of splitting her lip. She couldn't stop the whimper that spilled forth, drawing a chuckle from her assailant. His hands worked under her shirt, pulling it from her body as his teeth left a line of red marks down her throat, over her shoulder. Placing a hand on the side of the table, she pushed herself up to sit on the edge hooking her feet around his thighs, tucking them above the back of his knees as he loosened her bra. His fingers slipped the straps from her arms before reaching for the turgid buds begging for his attention. He ran his thumbs over them, gently toying with them. Her head flipped backward, whimpering as her hands gripped his arms. Connor moved lower, his mouth now on her stomach, making her muscles twitch below his tickling stubble.

He made short work of her jeans. "Up," he growled against her skin. She balanced herself up on her hands so he could tug her pants down her legs. As he tossed them to the side, his mouth crashed back on hers. She growled as her hands wandered over his back.

"Hey, Conn," Murphy called as the door opened, light spilling into the room. "Roc-"

Whatever his brother was going to say got caught in his throat as he watched Connor move to his knees in front of her. Instead of leaving, Murphy stepped into the room, shutting the door quietly behind him, flicking the light over the table on, leaving the rest of the room dark.

The sudden glare of light from the other side of her eyelids startled her into opening her eyes directly into the source. Wincing, she closed her eyes again and turned her head from the brightness. When she opened them again, she focused on the figure moving through the black of the room. He passed in front of the window, his silhouette outlined by the city lights behind him.

She knew whom it was before he moved into the light. "Murphy," she smiled.

"Dana," he replied, his voice rough as he circled the table. He hadn't seen the red head come in the bar. It had been a while since he had seen her at all. She was a BU student getting her master's in some useless field he couldn't remember to save his ass. Last they saw each other, she was working on something big for school.

Guess she was taking a study break.

And she smiled at Murphy as his brother pushed her panties to the side, attacking her clit with his talented mouth. Murph watched as her lips parted to allow a soft cry to escape, and although she tried to keep her eyes on him, her eyes closed against the sensations of Connor's tongue and fingers against her.

A hand hooked around her neck as lips slid against hers, though Connor's tongue was still drawing obscene patterns around her sex. Dana moaned in Murphy's mouth as his tongue twirled around hers. His fingers moved up into her hair, tightening as he felt his brother shift beside his hip, standing.

"Not enough women out dere, ye got t'steal mine?" Connor teased.

Murphy opened just one eye and looked at him. "Looked like ye could use a hand," he joked. "'Sides, she doesn't seem to mind much," he gestured toward the redhead leaning into his touch.

"'Supposed not," Connor admitted, giving the girl a good, hard look. Her dark red hair spread around her shoulders, curled around his brothers arm, laying across his tattoo. Her lips were parted and swollen, begging to have his cock between them. Connor was hard pressed to choose his favorite part of sex, but he had to admit how much he loved watching a girl down on her knees, lips stretched around his cock, with his thick fingers tangled in her hair as he fucked her mouth.

Connor dragged his thoughts back to the present and refocused on the girl currently in front of him. Murphy was kissing her neck, but Connor yanked her to her feet. With a gentle hand on her shoulder, he pushed her down, his other hand cupping her cheek. His blue eyes never leaving big brown ones as she reached to place a hand on either side of his zipper. The hand on her cheek moved to the back of her neck, pulling her face towards his straining cock.

Always seemingly in sync, the brothers both freed themselves from their sweaters, tossing them out of the way as Dana reached for Conn's belt buckle. Murphy leaned a hip against the pool table, watching the girl slide the well worn leather from the confines of the buckle, flicking it open slowly, making Murphy's dick twitch in envy. Her fingers worked the button and zipper of his pants, pushing them from his hips. Conn's fingers found their way under her chin, tilting her face to look up at him as she reached for the soft cloth of his shorts and pulled them to the floor.

She laid her parted lips against the underside of his cock, his head brushing against the end of her nose. With lips, tongue, and a touch of teeth, Dana traced every inch of his cock before finally allowing it to slip between her lips. One hand fisted at the bottom of his hard-on, guiding it in her mouth she slowly worked his whole thing into her mouth, allowing it to brush the back of her throat. She hummed around him as her empty hand was collected and pressed to Murphy's lower abdomen. Though she couldn't turn her head to look, she felt her way, and found him hot, hard and ready against her palm. She timed her hand's movements with that of her mouth, pumping both men with the same rhythm.

Murphy wasn't going to push his luck by asking for head; her hand was more than good enough. He was lucky his brother hadn't tossed his ass out the door by now. This wasn't something they did often at all. In the tight quarters of their loft, they had seen each other completely bare, hard and flaccid in hand and, on more than one occasion, been present when one of them fucked the daylights out of some girl while the other did nothing but pretend to sleep. But sharing the same woman was something they had only tried one other time, shortly after they arrived in Boston.

Abruptly Connor hooked his hands under the girl's arms and pulled her into a standing position, crushing his mouth against hers. He crowded her against the table before turning her to lean forward, her breasts across the felt of the table, her nipples scraping on the fabric.

Dana sighed as he used his feet to kick her legs apart. Swiftly he was filling her from behind, her nails scraping at the green table top looking for purchase as he fucked her roughly, blindly, with no set rhythm. Some strokes were deep and hard; others were little just shallow dickings with no rhyme or rhythm. He was driving her nuts, and she pushed herself up on her elbows and hazarded a look back over her shoulder at him.

Connor's movements did nothing to sate the fire in her body; if anything, it was driving her higher, sending the flames into a scorching heat. His thumb joined the chorus, brushing over her clit, searching for her peak. Dana let out a yelp, her face pressed to the table as he found it. And with that he was gone, his cock, his warmth, everything was gone from behind her.

"Up," she heard him bark behind her. She stood, assuming he was talking to her, and was surprised to find a fully naked Murphy moving to lay on the table, leaning back on his elbows.

Connor grabbed Dana in this little power play of his and kissed her firm and fast before pushing her towards his brother. "Get on'im."

She stumbled just a little, her hands landing on the side of the table. As she steadied herself, Connor's hands landed on her hips again. With a tug on her panties, they quickly fell away to the floor just before he boosted her onto the table.

Dana's sex clenched as Connor's hand landed hard on her ass, encouraging her toward his brother. Crawling, she settled her knees on either side of Murphy's hips and carefully guided him into her. She sighed as he touched bottom, reaching where even his own brother hadn't touched with his hardest strokes.

Dana would be lying if she told anyone she hadn't thought of Murphy MacManus between her thighs a time or two. But it was Connor that snuck into her dreams and daydreams alike.

She felt her muscles grip tighter at that thought, Murphy's hands on her hips, dragging her closer to him as he arched off the table. "Fuck, girl," he mumbled " Do dat again."

Dana sat up and flexed herself around him again, making his eyes close briefly and his brow pucker. His fingers flexed around her. "Pretty lil pussy," he muttered almost to himself, staring where their bodies were linked, before yanking her down for a soul searing kiss.

Their bodies soon found a steady satisfying rhythm they both could live with, their concentration focused on the other, and they missed Connor moving onto the table. He pushed at Dana's upper back, pressing her tight against his little brother's chest. Conn rocked back onto his heels and watched where his other half's cock split her wide. She was deliciously spread, pink, wet, and gorgeous around Murphy.

Licking his lips, hand around his hard cock, Connor stared at her perfectly puckered asshole. It had been a while since he had been balls deep in a woman's ass, but he couldn't remember wanting it nearly as badly as he wanted it now.

He spit in his hand, rubbing the saliva to mix with traces of her sweet slick still clinging to his skin. He leaned forward, placing his knees between Murphy's. Connor's empty hand cupped her hip, before rubbing the tip of his thumb across her anus. Dana hissed and whined, the movements of her hips hitching and stuttering to a stop. She flashed to look back at Connor, her eyes narrowed, trying to read his mind, though he wasn't interested in looking at her face.

"Das it," he muttered to her, feeling her clench at his finger. Pushing forward, his hand around his cock, his thumb sitting on the head. His other hand slid up her back to her shoulder. "Juss relax girl," Connor cooed, his eyes focused on the tip of his cock poised to breach her ass. Dana whined and squirmed against Murphy, trying to sit up. But Connor's hand on her shoulder blade kept her place. "It'll be 'right."

"No," she whined, looking over her shoulder, watching his narrow-eyed focus on her.

"Aye, yessssss," Murphy growled, through clenched teeth, his hands fisting in hair on either side of her head, bringing her face back to look at him. "Let'im in, eirigh. I can feel how much ye want'im in yer tiny ass."

Connor pressed a little harder against her, and with a harsh hiss from between her lips, her body gave way to his steady assault. As if he had flipped a switch, her body tensed, she was shock still with tiny trembles in her muscle under Connor's hand. He heard Murphy grumble something about her being a dirty girl and then heard a muffled scream, a sound that under other circumstances might make his stomach drop. But now it made Connor's balls clench, and his cock twitch as he watched and felt her body tremble, her fingers digging into Murphy's shoulders before she hitched her hips against him in an irregular pattern, dislodging Connor for the moment. Murph's hands gripped her waist tight, dragging her over his cock, controlling her movements as he found his release deep inside her. He cursed in several languages, and Connor was certain if he could see Murphy's face, his eyes would be crossed.

As Dana's hands landed on the table on either side of Murphy's shoulders, Connor let go of his cock and hooked his fingers around her hips, drawing her up on her knees. This effectively freed Murphy from within her. Dana voiced her displeasure of the loss with a whine that quickly turned into a moan as Connor took his brother's spot, deep in her still trembling quim.

She was mind-numbingly tight around him. Connor's forehead rested on her shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. He slowly started to fuck her, his hands tight on her hips. He had intended on fucking her cunt just enough to coat his dick with enough wetness to get him past her ass, but the way she was clenching him, drawing him in, he was staying where he was. He'd catch her ass another night.

One hand still on the table, Dana snuck another in his hair as he bit the back column of her neck just below her hairline. She growled and bucked into him as he began to screw her senseless.

Neither of them noticed Murphy slipping out from under them. He crawled from beneath the pair, reaching for his shorts and jeans. He watched his brother wrap the girl's long auburn hair around his fist. Connor tugged at her, curving her back into a smooth bow until her fingers barely brushed the felt of the table. Dana's eyes were closed as she struggled to find a balance between the pull of her hair and her now throbbing knees, pressed hard onto the fabric covered stone table top.

Murph lit a cigarette, his eyes riveted to the pair on the table as Connor took little pity on the girl and made her bend further into his whim. Pulling the cigarette from his lips, Murphy blew smoke at the ceiling before taking two steps forward, leaning down, his face level with her pussy that was now located enticingly close to the edge of the table. With one well timed flick of his tongue, he stroked across her clit as his fingers pinched one ruddy nipple. Dana exploded at the unexpected stimulus, keening enough to be heard over all the noise in the bar on the other side of the locked door.

Murphy stood back and grabbed his sweater as the girl collapsed to the table top, hands barely catching her before she went over the edge. Connor's hands landed on the far sides of hers gripping tightly while impaling her with a series of hard thrusts until he stilled behind her. The vein on his forehead stood out against the flush of his face as he groaned out his own release, collapsing on the girl, pressing her hard against the felt.

With a smug grin, Murphy yanked his shirt over his head as he reached for the door. He hit the light off and walked back to the bar. After that, he definitely needed another drink.

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