At last his revenge would be complete. Loki stood over his brother's prone form, smiling.
"Where are your allies now, brother?" He held a hand towards the thunderer, obviously beginning to work a spell.
"Yo, Blitzen!" a voice cried in the distance. Loki glanced up to see Iron Man flying towards him, repulsors glowing as he prepared to fire. The trickster panicked and raced through the spell, adding another that would take both him and Thor back to Asgard. With a flash of light, they vanished. Tony fired. He swore when the smoke cleared, and he saw that the Asgardians were missing. Steve caught up with him a few minutes later.
"Where'd they go? What happened, Stark?" Tony flipped up his mask.
"I don't know. Loki kinda did his whole magic trick thing, and they're gone…I hope Thor's okay."

The two gods hurtled through the space between spaces, the rushing noise and the inexorable pulling of the portal making Loki's heart race. Part of him wondered how Thor was faring but he forced himself not to care. They landed somewhere on Asgard, where exactly, Loki was not sure. The sun was setting, and they were in a forested region. He glanced around searching for Thor. He couldn't see him. A low whimpering reached him from the underbrush. He stepped closer to investigate, and was both shocked and horrified to see Thor, but not the Thor he had battled earlier this afternoon.

He was now the Asgardian equivalent of a three-year-old. Wearing child-sized armor and a cape. Great. At least he didn't have Mjolnir.

Loki ran his hands over his slicked-back hair, completely at a loss for the first time in what seemed like forever. Sure, he had been a little shocked when he had woken out of a transmogrification spell to find that he had carried and given birth to an eight-legged foal. (He afterwards had sworn he would never do any more favors for Freya or Odin.)

But this...this was unexpected.

Thor stared up at him pitifully.
"I want mother!" he whimpered. Loki sighed.
"Well, Mother's not here right now, so you'll just have to deal with it." Loki snapped. Thor looked as though Loki had just slapped him. Loki roughly lifted the child out of the bushes and set him on his own two feet.
"Where are we?" Thor squeaked, staring wide-eyed at the surrounding trees. Loki rolled his eyes.
"We're in Asgard. But quite some distance away from the palace, I assure you. So, if you wish to return home in one piece, I suggest you listen to me." Thor nodded. He glanced around once more.
"It's dark. We camp?" he asked. Loki smirked.
"I'm the most dangerous thing in these woods, trust me. We're walking. Now, march." Loki glided through the trees at an easy pace. Thor watched his brother walk away, pausing for a moment. He almost decided that he'd stay right here, but he heard a twig snap somewhere in the distance, and he ran after Loki.
They walked for a while in silence. Loki's mind was reeling. How had his spell turned Thor into a child? It was supposed to kill him. Now he had to deal with a child-Thor, which was infinitely more irritating than the grown up version.
He wondered about the effects of the spell, and what exactly Thor remembered. Did he remember the battle on the Bifrost? Did he remember the fight on Stark Tower? His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a soft cry from behind him. He turned to see Thor sprawled across the ground. He stepped over to the child and picked him up and set him upright.
"What happened?" he asked, even though it was obvious Thor had tripped on an exposed tree root. He smiled slightly as he checked the boy for injuries. Thor rubbed his eyes sleepily with his fist.
"I'm tired…" he replied, close to tears, but he was making a good effort to be tough. Loki sensed this, and it helped cool his temper a little. Setting up camp was starting to sound like a good idea, though.
"Just a little farther." He started to walk on, but Thor didn't follow him. He glanced back and saw a large tear slip down the child's cheek. He went back, not out of pity (never that) but because he wanted to find somewhere to rest as well.
"Come here." He picked up his brother and started walking towards a place where he knew they could sleep in peace. Thor nodded mutely, resting his head on Loki's shoulder.
"Thank you, Loki." he muttered before drifting off to sleep.

They stopped to spend the night in a small cave near a small creek. Thor didn't even wake up when Loki set him down in a depression in the floor.
"He always was a heavy sleeper." Loki thought to himself. He pulled his own cloak from his shoulders and lay down across from the slumbering child. Tomorrow, he would figure something out. He had to get Thor back to his former state, but he needed to take him back to the palace. He shuddered when he imagined the All-Father's reaction to the fact that his favorite son and heir was reduced to a whimpering infant. That was one reunion he did not want to be a part of. Before he let sleep take him, he decided that until the spell wore off, he and Thor would stay here. They'd be safe, right?