Angel dropped the sword and ran over to Buffy to make sure that she was alright. There was a purple bruise that was already coming across her jaw, but Angel knew that it would be fine by tommarow night.
"Buffy..." he quietly whispered into her ear as Giles and Willow came running into the library hearing all the commotion.
"What the hell happened in here?!" Giles frantically said as looking at the now decapitated demon on the floor. "Is that the, um, Amorphous Demon?"
"Yeah, sure whatever, you want to call it, but it definitly does not go on the nice list in my book!" Buffy drawled as she came to in Angels lap.
Angel looked down into his lover's eyes to make sure that she was ok. Just as he was about to help her up off the floor, he noticed a small star on her neck.
"Giles, come here real quick. Sit still Buffy, Giles needs to check something." Angel frantically said as he tried to keep his voice down.
"What's wrong?" Giles came running into the destroyed library holding the ancient book of demons.
As Giles crouched down to where Buffy and Angel were laying he noticed the green star on her neck.
"Oh dear!" Giles said as he jumped up and ran over to an assortment of books laying on the only standing table in the room.
"Buffy, we may have a small problem to deal with before...." Giles was interupted by Kayla.
"Hey, whats up?" Kayla said calmly as she walked into the room.
Kayla slowly sauntered into the room wearing black leather pants and a green low cut top that had a chinese symbol on the front. Her long dark hair was pulled back into many little braids and then hung in a ponytail and the back of her neck. Around her neck she wore a necklace that had the same symbol that was now imprinted onto Buffy's neck.
"Kayla, might I ask you a small little question about your necklace?" Giles calmly asked as he gingerly helped Buffy up and into one of the comfortable leather seats at the library table.
"Sure, whats up?" Kayla said as she started to finger her star.
"That star that you always wear around your neck. What is it for?"
"Nothing." Kayla murmured as she turned around and ran out of the room with Buffy on her tail.
"Whoa horsey!" Buffy yelled as she hauled butt after Kayla. "Where do you think youre going?"
Just as Buffy jumped Kayla and threw her to the ground, Angel and Giles ran around the corner.
"Ok, one thing that Ive learned, is that when running when asked a question, usually leads to a guilty conscious. Sooo, whats uP?" Buffy said while grinning deviously and seriously wanting to punch her for something.
Once they got Kayla back in the library, Angel stood right behind her in case she should try anything. Buffy had gone in Giles' office to lay down on his desk and rest. Giles was sitting in a chair reading a book on the Starlay Cult and their rituals. Suddenly he jumped up and ran in his office and grabbed Buffy and told her to come here immediatly.
"Whatever that star on your neck is...well, its going to kill you!"Giles said before he spun on Kayla. "You knew her secret. What did you do? And if you dont tell me right now then Angel is going to hurt you!"
Angel stood behind her grinning, "Can I really?"
Kayla sat in her chair looking very nervous. "If I tell you, will you not hurt me?"
"Depends. What did you do?" Giles said.
"Ok, when I found that Buffy was a whatever-slayer thingy, I thought that, well, why dont I figure out what that is. I found this book about slayers and others things and there was this chant thing that would reveal a true slayer. So I did it. I dont know anything other than that. I swear!" Kayla explained as she slowly got up and retrieved the book from her bag.
The book was very old and had a torn leather cover. Angel walked over and took the book from her, continuing to watch her should she decide to scram. Giles took the book and very carefully laid it down on the table afraid it would disengrate before his eyes.
"You said you got this where?" Giles mumbled dusting it off.
"I never did say where I got it, ya old Brit!" Kayla said thrusting her hands on her hip with one of those teenage attitudes. "But, if ya really wanna know..."
"Oh bugger Buffy! You just had to find another friend with a brat-ly attitude!" Giles said exasperatingly while eyeing Kayla. "Just tell me where you got the book!"
"Fine. My mom. She had it on her desk with a pile of papers and some address in England, watchers' cabinent-er something?"
"The Watchers Council?!"
"Yeah! That was it! Howd you know that?"
"Ohh, whats your mother's name?"
"Caylie Royalin"
"Ms. Royalin! She's still part of the council! Wait, wasnt she the lady that always tested the slayers for that bloody sign of the immortal one?" Giles murmured to himself while pointlessly thumbing throuhg the pages.