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AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is just the beginning of a multi-chapter fanfiction I plan to write. It will focus on Huna. It might be a while before I write the next chapter though, since I'm currently working on a different fanfiction, so this one will probably stay just this until I finish that other one, and I still need an idea for the next chapter of this one before I can continue it.

It was a sunny day, and Luna Lovegood was on her way down to feed the thestrals. She had packed her bag full of pieces of meat for them, and she skipped down to the usual clearing. She smiled when she got there, watching them for a moment, they were walking around and taking care of their young. They truly were majestic creatures, too bad they were so vastly misunderstood.

She walked over towards them, pulling out some meat, and started feeding them.

It was a while later that Harry showed up, not looking too happy. Luna gave one more piece of meat to a baby thestral before walking over to him, smiling softly, "Hey Harry. What's wrong?"

Harry looked at her, and a small smile appeared on his lips, "Don't worry about it, Luna. It's just…Voldemort, and I'm pretty sure that Draco helping him, but nobody believes me, and then there's the Half-Blood Prince book… It's not really worth talking about it though, because talking won't really help it much."

Luna nodded thoughtfully, "Right, I guess that's true…but, for the record, I believe you. Let's just get your mind off of that."

Luna pulled out a piece of meat from her bag, and put it in Harry's hands, then grabbed his arm, pulling him towards the thestrals, "Feeding the thestrals always helps take my mind off of things, maybe it'll work that way with you too."

Harry smiled, amused by Luna's eagerness, "We'll see." Harry walked to the thestrals with her, and then Luna pointed at a nearby thestral, "That one still needs to be fed."

Harry nodded, walking over to the thestral that Luna pointed to, starting to feed it, and Luna knelt down by a baby thestral, giving it some meat to eat, and she pet it as it ate. Luna looked up at Harry, smiling as she watched him feeding the thestral. He was so good with them, so kind and gentle. Luna looked away when she noticed his gaze turning towards her, not wanting to be caught, and she went back to focusing on feeding the baby.

A while later, once all of the thestrals had been fed, Luna sat down against a tree near the middle of the clearing, and Harry joined her, sitting next to her, which made Luna smile, then she said "So, did that help, Harry?"

He nodded, smiling, "Yeah, thanks. It didn't completely get my mind off of things, but it helped."

Luna smiled wider, "Good, very good, but what else can we do to get it off of your mind?"

She tapped her shin thoughtfully, and she got one idea, something she'd wanted to do for quite a while, but how would he react? It could go two ways, one, he's okay with it, and two, their friendship is ruined, was it worth it? She looked at him, and he was watching her with interest, and…something else, but Luna couldn't quite put her finger on what it was.

"Harry, do you trust me? And do you promise not to freak out?" She asked him softly.

He raised an eyebrow, "Yeah, and yeah, why?"

Then she went for it. She shuffled closer to him, leaning her head in and shutting her eyes, pressing her lips to his softly. She felt him tense up, and almost pulled back, but then he relaxed, kissing her back softly, and sliding his arms around her, pulling her closer. Her arms slid around his neck, and she kept kissing him until she had to pull back to catch her breath, her silvery eyes looking into his green eyes, and she smiled.

He smiled back, still surprised that she had kissed him, although he didn't complain. He mumbled, "That worked…"

She smiled wider, "Great. That was what I was going for, although, honestly, I had other reasons why I kissed you, like, for example, wanting to."

He leaned in and kissed her softly, then pulled back, "Sorry, but I have to go. I'll see you around."

She smiled, then moved her arms away from around him, "Yeah, see you around, Harry."

He got up, and then walked off, waving at her as he did so, and she waved back.

The next day, Hedwig brought Harry a letter at breakfast. It was a red envelope, and had a gold wax seal and Harry was written in cursive on the front. He opened it, not sure who it was from, and it read:

Dear Harry,

I liked the time we spent together yesterday with the thestrals. I think they enjoyed it too. We should spend more time together like that.

Love, Luna

P.S. The thestrals told me to tell you that they think you are very nice, and friendly, and handsome, and not to forget a good kisser.

P.P.S. Some of that may have been my own thoughts.

P.P.P.S. If you ever need to get your mind off of things, just find me.

Harry smiled as he read the letter, and then put it in his robes. He had considered the idea of kissing her again, as it was a pretty nice kiss, but it never happened, because later that day Ginny Weasley kissed him for the first time, and that led to him dating Ginny, and marrying her, not Luna.

Harry eventually forgot that he had even kissed Luna, but Luna never forgot her first kiss, that wonderful kiss with that wonderful boy.