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Teaching couldn't be too hard, right?

Headmaster Longbottom was elated when he came in, asking for the job. He was hired on the spot. The Great Harry Potter, working as the Defence Against the Dark Arts professor? It was a dream come true.

'The Great Harry Potter'…that was something he was never able to forget.

While his fame had slowly dwindled, it never completely went away. Half the time he couldn't walks down the streets of a wizarding place without being stopped and asked for an autograph.

The 'Great' Harry Potter that had let people die for him, that's all he ever saw himself as. He wanted to be Harry again, just Harry.

He'd been attacked on his way out of the castle when he went to ask for the job.

Well…attack might have been overstating it, but, just as he stepped outside, he found a pair of arms wrapped tightly around him.

"Harry! You came for the job, didn't you?!"

Harry laughed a bit, and hugged Luna back. She was one person that hadn't changed, and he was glad for that. Not even the war had had much of an impact on her. Her marriage issues had put a damper on her spirits for a little while, but she'd bounced back. She was still as bubbly and friendly as she had been oh so many years ago.

"Yeah, seems like I'm the newest professor here, now. I got the job right away, actually."

She squeezed him tighter, humming, "Wonderful! I look forward to working with you, Professor Potter. Your name sounds more like a Herbology Professor's name…"

Harry laughed again, "Yeah, but that job's already taken, I'll be teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts."

"I know, I know," Luna stuck her tongue out at him after pulling back from the hug, "But still, you get the point that I was making."

He nodded, "Yeah, I do. You'll need to let go of me eventually though, Luna."

Luna nodded, and pulled back, "Sorry about that, I just…got excited."

"You have a habit of doing that."

Luna poked his nose, "Shush, you. Anyways, I was just sorting things out here, about my own job. Are you busy now?"

Harry shook his head, "No, I'm not busy at all, why do you ask?"

Luna jumped a bit, excitedly, still humming, "Let's go to my place! You know, talking about things helps make them easier on you, that's why I stayed with my dad for a while after my divorce, he helped me sort my feelings out."

Harry licked his lips thoughtfully, and then nodded, "Yeah, I guess that's true. And you were a big help last time we talked."

"Then let's go!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the castle, and towards Hogsmeade.

Once they got to Luna's house, Luna led Harry into the kitchen.

"Tea is in that drawer," she pointed to one of the drawers, then to a cupboard, "And cups are there. You pick the kind of tea, I'll be right back."

She dashed out of the room without another word, and Harry went over to start making their tea.

He got the cups out okay, but he must have opened the wrong drawer for the tea bags, since, when he opened it, a Pygmy Puff hopped out of it, landing on his hand.

He couldn't help but laugh a bit, of course Luna would have a Pygmy Puff in her drawer. She probably had a bunch of creatures living throughout her entire house.

He put the Pygmy Puff on his shoulder, and opened a different drawer. The tea bags were in that one, but, wow, she had quite the collection.

Blueberry, chocolate, Canadian maple, caramel, mint, eggnog, banana? Where did she get these things? He shook his head, and pulled out two apple flavoured tea bags, they sounded interesting.

He filled the cups with boiling water, putting the tea bags in them.

A few minutes later, when the tea was ready, Luna came back, taking her tea cup. She took the Pygmy Puff off of his shoulder as well, putting it down in a box in the corner before sitting down at the table. She had let her hair free, while it had been in a ponytail earlier; she was also wearing different clothes, a t-shirt and jeans, not the robes she was in before. She looked…nice, beautiful, even.

Harry sat down with her, and Luna smiled at him, while sipping her tea, "So, Harry, it might be a touchy subject, but we should talk about Ginny, I think. Why she left you, and everything. What went wrong and how to make your next relationship, if you ever have one, better."

Luna was always the type to get straight to the point, no matter what. Yeah, it had been a while since the divorce, but it was still a touchy subject, for sure. But she was right, may as well talk about it now, with her. Luna was always able to keep him in high spirits; she was the best person to talk to.

"Well…I don't know what went wrong, honestly. I mean…I gave her everything, I loved her, I love the kids, I always helped her with whatever she needed help with. I have no idea."

"I think I have one," Luna stated simply, and Harry raised an eyebrow at her.

"Well, you see, it's quite simple really. Have you seen the Spiderman movies? Or read the comic books?"

"Uh…yeah, why?" Harry was getting more confused the more she talked.

"Well…Ginny is Mary Jane, and not only because of the hair. Mary Jane Watson was in love with Spiderman. She fell in love with Peter Parker afterwards, but she fell in love with Spiderman. Ginny fell in love with the Boy Who Lived. I mean, she heard all these stories about the boy who defeated Voldemort, and then she met you, and you saved her life, and other people's lives, and kept doing good, but over time…things changed, Voldemort was gone forever, and now you're…not the Boy Who Lived anymore. Rolf must have been there to console her, and…yeah."

It was a lot to take in, but…Luna was right. From the first time he met her, Ginny was shy around him; the second time he saw her she actually ran out of the room. It was a little girl's crush evolving as she got closer to her idol, she didn't love Harry, she loved Harry Potter.

Luna wasn't done talking though, and she reached over to put one of her hands on top of Harry's, "What you need is a Gwen Stacy. You need somebody that falls in love with you, with Harry, like m-…Mrs. Potter number two."

Was Luna blushing? Harry could barely remember ever seeing her blush, but her cheeks were turning a bright red colour. Why was that?

"Mrs. Potter number two? Luna, you're rushing things, I don't think now is the time to be thinking about getting married again, nowhere near it. But you are right, I need somebody that falls in love with just Harry, not Harry Potter. I'm not Harry Potter anymore, now I'm just Harry. Let's hope I can find a nice girl."

Luna's eyes kept looking…different as he spoke, like she was thinking about different things as he kept speaking, he couldn't tell what the emotions were though, but it seemed like there was a variety of them going on.

She nodded, "Yeah, let's hope so, I'll even help you look, when it comes time to it. Personally, I think 'just Harry' is wonderful, he's been my best friend for a long time, actually, even if I've just been another one of his friends."

"You've never been just another friend, Luna. You've always been different," he smiled at her as he sipped his tea.