(Scar's POV)

Waking up in shed in the middle of the woods was actually completely normal to me now. I may "live with" my uncle but I don't actually live in the same house.

When I got caught by the police and moved here, my uncle didn't want to take me in…Jackass. Though to be honest, I didn't want to stay with him. Immediately when he found out that he might get a chance at my parent's money, his attitude toward my arrival changed. As soon as the cops left he set some "rules":

I had to live in the shed he had out in the woods with the little cot he had out there. This meant he didn't have to see me at all throughout the day.

I had to get my own food (cafeteria food is free). So he didn't have to pay extra money on me.

I had to find my own ride to and from school. I just walked most of the time since it was only 5 or so miles, but sometimes I hitched a ride with stoner Dave. Don't ask…

I could not go into his house unless someone came over that expected to see me. I felt like Harry flippin Potter at this point.

The last rule was I had to shower at school. So I ended up showering after everybody leaves of I get there early and do it in the morning.

I got out of my cot and started to get dressed for the day. I pulled on a pair of black jeans and my black long sleeved Bon Jovi "This is it" shirt, then pulled on the army boots my brother gave me. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail then started to head out the door. As walked past the mirror I caught sight of my necklace.

I got the necklace when I was 5 years old from my baby brother, Sebastian. He used to wear it, but I got it when he passed at the age of 4. It was almost like a locket, except it was flat and silver and could open up to show three pictures instead of two. The picture on the left was of my mother, the one on the right was my father, and the last picture in the middle had Sebastian getting a piggyback ride from Luke.

Luke had been killed in action a few weeks later. I was given a dog tag that I attached to the chain that held the locket. When my parents died I got their wedding rings and attached those, too. The necklace is all I have to remember my family by.

I looked at my appearance in the mirror and sighed. It's amazing how many scars a shirt can cover. And before anyone asks, no, I didn't cut myself, Someone else did that for me.

My looks have always been described as slightly exotic for one main reason. My father was a Cherokee Indian and my mother was French. It is kind of a weird mixture that gave me lightly tanned skin and dark hair, but dark blue eyes and some more angular features from my mother's side.

I looked at the clock and groaned, if I didn't catch Dave than I would be late for school. I rushed out the door and followed the dirt path that lead to the road. As I ran, I thought about why I even still went to school. I have always been good at things, but I didn't find out I had an Eidetic memory until I was 4. Though, by that time I had memorized all the book Luke got in preparation for the army, which had mainly battle strategies and combat moves.

I had also memorized my Father's entire library, which consisted of medical books, cooking books, books on astronomy, chemistry, math, engineering, and anything else you can name. When I learned about my memory I began to absorb as much information as was possible. Still didn't help when push came to shove, I thought bitterly.

I zoned back in just in time to see Dave heading down the road in his pickup truck. I knew he wouldn't stop, so I did what I always do. I crouched down and waited for his car to get to the correct distance, and then I jumped. I leaped straight into the bed of a moving truck. I know that it isn't safe, but it is my only way to school.

I realize after a while that the real reason I go to school is to escape the boredom. I would just end up sitting around my shed and doing nothing, or maybe I would try to leave again. I knew that I couldn't leave because my uncle would call it in. He wouldn't want to lose the chance to get his grubby little pig hand on my parents' money. Last time I left, there was no one to call it in.

Dave looked back at me and smiled when he saw me standing in his truck. After he smiled he just turned back around and kept driving, like this was nothing out of the ordinary. Sometime I honestly think he believes that I am a hallucination.

As we near the school, my thought process takes a turn towards the new kids. From what I have seen they are almost like outcasts. I don't even understand why, because from what I have gotten from Emmet, they all seem to be rather nice. I don't even think the other students understand it either. They just don't ever go near them. It's almost like they are scared.

I think back to the rest of the Cullen family and stop on the girls. Why do they have to be SO attractive? I could have gotten along fine this year without the hormones, thanks. I'm gona have to be careful around them. They all look mysterious and mischievous, which, from my previous experience, has not always ended well for me.

Dave pulls up to school and I catch a glimpse of a silver Volvo and a red BMW M3. Oh my god. What I would give to be under the hood of either of those masterpieces.

I see the whole Cullen family pile out from those two cars and grin as they start to laugh at Emmet for something he said. What a strange family, I thought curiously, Maybe I should sit with them at lunch. And with that last thought I hopped out of the truck and made my way into the school, preparing myself for another boring day in Forks. Boy was I wrong.

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